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He ducked his head when he heard his name, and narrowed his eyes, glaring at her suspiciously. He wasn't so sure he liked her as much as he initially thought he did. She had mentioned Rune though, and he decided to try showing her his memory of the woman, the way he showed Rune memories and thoughts. She was taller in his mind than she really was, and pretty, but a little scary.
A pleasant tingle ran down Seishi's spine as she smiled, a warm feeling entered her mind and spread to her belly, a friendly feeling. Using this link he had created with her, she did her best to convey a feeling of friendliness. She really was harmless, unless those dear to her were threatened.
The way he acted reminded her of her son when he was young....her smile widened and bowed her head to him, exposing her neck in a friendly manner. Attempting to convey that she was of no threat to him.
Though there were no actual words involved, and his mind was generally chaotic and disorganized, his next "thought" to her said clearly, yeah right. Even as he 'said' it though, he relaxed noticeably and after a few moments, he sighed dramatically and dropped his squirrel in front of her like he was being forced to make a peace offering, and just found it to be a big bother. it was at least somewhat clear that, while he didn't take her at her word, he had at least decided that they had a temporary truce.
Seishi smiled widely, pleased at the progress that had been made. "Now...what had Rune said...." she needed to give him something... and suddenly the lightbulb in her mind exploded.
Smoothly standing to her feet, she bowed low and held out her hand in a motion that she hoped he under stood as "just one moment!" and she excitedly moved over to the bar, pulling down a shallow bowl and perused the alcohols behind it.
"Balvenie....Talisker...Macallan..." Seishi bit her lip as she still couldn't find what she wanted. Her fingers stopped over a familiar bottle and pulled it out, walking back over to Tryan with the bowl and bottle.
Sitting on the floor a suitable distance away from him, to keep him comfortable, she pulled out the bottle and took off the top. "Lagavulin, made near where I grew up. I tend to keep with Gin and Vodka but... I thought this might suit you."
Slowly, she poured the Scotch Whiskey into the shallow bowl to a reasonable height, set the bottle down and scooted back, taking the squirrel with her.
Tryan watched her go, ears pricked up again, and slowly started inching forward. He stopped when he saw her returning though and watched with growing excitement as she poured him a tasty, tasty bowl of awesome. His tail twitched beside him in anticipation, and he shifted his weight impatiently, but didn't actually move any closer. He glanced down at the bowl, then up at Seishi, and just waited for several long moments. Just as it began to seem as if he was waiting for something specific to happen, he finally got up and went just close enough to snag the bowl with a claw. He dragged it back a few feet by the rim, sat back on his haunches, and slurped up half of the drink in one long go.
Seishi smirked a little, her theory was proving right so far, only the best people enjoyed whiskeys. Seishi scooted back a little to give him room and looked around the bar from her spot, pulling a pillow over to sit on. She hoped that was enough of an offering to smooth things out between them a little bit more.
He watched her make herself comfortable as he sat with his whisky, having slowed down but by no means stopped, he would probably be finished with the whole bowl in just a few minutes. When he was, he just continued to sit and stare at Seishi. There was nothing else in the room of any interest to him, so he had nothing else to look at, and there was no use trying to explore any more, he'd already explored this place to half to death. So he waited for her to do something interesting.
Seishi smiled and stood, holding the squirrel. She was about to head back to the kitchen and paused, looking back at him as she held it out with an open palm, "How do you like it? Raw or cooked?"
She thought about her question for a moment, then tapped her forehead as she realized he couldn't exactly understand her question. Setting the squirrel down, she walked into the kitchen and looked around. Her smile widened as she found a cutting board and a very sharp knife.
Walking back out to where the squirrel was, she kept a good amount of space between her and Tryan before placing the squirrel on the cutting board and methodically began to skin it.
Tryan shifted his weight again and watched her move about with intense curiosity. Finally, he started to shuffle closer, to see what she was doing. He watched her handle the knife, curious, confused, and wary all at the same time. He couldn't for the life of him figure out what she wanted with the squirrel's fur. Or with a furless squirrel for that matter. It seemed like way too much trouble.
Standing up, he circled around her, getting a better look at her and what she was doing. On his second time around, he paused by her side and leaned in to sniff at her. He craned his neck and inched closer little by little until he was just close enough to give her a big, long lick on the side of her face with his rough, cat-like, black tongue. Nope... she definitely didn't have any fur. He skittered away again just incase she wasn't fond of being touched by not-cat-not-bird-not-mans. It never occurred to him that she may not mind, as long as it didn't involve him licking her.

Seishi's smile widened and she looked over at him, blowing some air on him in a playful manner. She wasn't exactly human, much like most people here. She responded to not-humans much better than humans because of instinct, especially if they were using gesture and action instead of words.
Much like Tryan.
She continued to skin the squirrel and once it was finished, she set it aside and began to take the meat off the bones, placing the small morsels on a plate. Once all the good parts of the squirell had been removed, she scooted the plate over to Tryan cautiously and stood with the knife and cutting board to go wash up in the kitchen.
Tryan jumped a little in surprise, snorted at her, and stared at her in shock. He directed his attention to the plate, sniffing at it, and eying it closely before gingerly picking up a piece and swallowing it whole. Moments later, he had cleared the plate of his snack and licked up every trace of it. It was a small enough plate that, even with his irregular, narrow teeth, he could manage to pick it up and trotted after her. He found her in the kitchen and put the plate at her feet, a 'trick' Rune had taught him.
He looked up at Seishi, watching her wash the dishes, and considering her strange behavior with the squirrel. Suddenly, he came up next to her and leaned against her side, pressing the side of his face into her side and looked up at her. His next thought at her clearly asked, Cold?
Seishi smiled and picked the plate up, washing it along with the rest of the utensils, silently thanking him. Once she had finished and was drying her hands, she felt his head on her side and looked down. Cautiously she reached down and gently pet the top of his head, hopefully it wouldn't scare him off.
Really she wanted to kiss his head but she figured that would be a little too far for the moment. He was so cute!
Her head tilted slightly at his question and shook her head, responding with an image of a pair of nimble hands.
She preferred to stay in practice, just in case it was needed in the future.
Then, on a silly whim, she pictured him with a scarf made of the squirrel pelt, showing it to him. Technically, she could do it. Once it was dried.
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bic: No? Her answer was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard of. He sighed, confused, and moved away. Well... if she wasn't cold. While the next idea she sent him was easy enough to understand, for someone who didn't have a coat, to him, the thought of carrying around a scarf of dead squirrels only seemed bothersome. He replied with a very vague, general sense to the contrary. He wasn't interested. He left the room, on a hunt for something else in the cupboards behind the bar, what he could reach anyway.

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