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"There will always be monsters and criminals in the world - but what they are is less is less important than who they are. Men can be monsters, the same as anything else," Micah shrugged. He had spent several years hunting and killing lawbreakers and their ilk, and had long since learned that innocent blood was the hardest sort to wash away. In today's world, one had to be certain of what they were hunting; simply assuming based on race or background was no longer enough.

"If you want a place to wet your sword, I'd suggest Sigil. Millions of inhabitants, and from what I've heard.. the city has more than its fair share of real monstrosities, moreso now than ever with the economic troubles in the city," the psychic said, his voice growing grave. He had spent a few months in Sigil prior to returning to his wife after his extended absence in the depths of the void. The city was as cosmopolitan as they came, but there was darkness there, hiding in the highest towers and in the deepest sewers. It wasn't a place Micah wished to visit again; the potential for danger around every corner was simply too much now that he was married.
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'Sigil is a dark place." Dayman said this and no more of the floating isle. For now, it was closed off from the various other communities due to a rupture in it's door manipulation technology, something with portals or what not. It wasn't Dayman's area of expertise to know how to work the doors, for he simply needed such tele-transportational conduits to continue on his own journey to rid the world of darkness, the low-men, and the always lurking Nightman. Sigil, however, was a place Dayman had hunted in only twice. Once to destroy a family of changelings who were feeding off anything that moved within an area known only as the Slums. The other, to stalk and kill a shape shifting being known only as Gregora, a mult-limbed monstrosity that had gathered the limbs of others to reshape it's own. On both occasions of battle Dayman had nearly lost his life, and on both he had emerged from the rubble (in the first instance quite literally) victorious.

Dayman smiled, releasing his anger to dwell on better times. "It'd be nice to say that we can always have a cause to kill someone or something, but sometimes a soldier does what he must, regardless of who is in the crossfire. You look like a man who understands this. And in truth," He sighed then, sipping at his now lukewarm water before continuing, "I am the Boogeyman. I am the monster of the night for those who dwell in darkness. And I accept that fully. Because that's what soldiers do. That's what knights of the Blazing Sun do. Sometimes if you don't carry a blind eye for your reason, you go crazy Micah. You go batshit insane because what you thought was right is now spit back in your face as wrong. I refuse this logic. And thus I continue."

Then Dayman stared dead into Rune's face, finger raised to show he meant business.

"And in this continuance, I have sworn to slay all vampires. All were-kin. All low men of the Nightman. I thank you for your kindness, but outside of this place, outside of this walled enclosure...I am not a man, but a Slayer."

"I hope you both can respect that."
Rune frowned slightly at the man's continued stubbornness, but knew better than to try and sway him from it. People with that sort of conviction were not swayed from their path by something so small as a talking-to - and in a way she admired him for that. It took courage to be so sure of something, even if she didn't entirely agree with that. With a small sigh, Rune turned her gaze upwards and pecked her husband lightly on the lips. "I'm going to go to bed." She murmured, giving his long tresses an affectionate tug before drawing away from him.
She turned her gaze back to Dayman and inclined her head in a small bow. "It was nice to meet you, Dayman. I hope you return sometime." With that she turned and headed for her bedroom leaving the door open a crack for Micah to follow when he was ready. She had taken to sleeping in the infirmary most nights... but it would be nice to curl up with her husband again, at least for tonight.
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(( D: ackkk. i'm so sorry i just ghosted for a while. i didn't have much in the way of computer access this weekend. unfortunately, i have register for school this week online, and i don't know when i'll be computer-jacked for that. anyways, i'll catch up and then post later today.))
Looking at the rather crude Iron signpost, Seishi's nose twitched in curiosity.
"The Wendigo, hm?" a wry smile made its way on to her face.
She had done what she tended to do, following her nose. The amethyst eyed woman had been in the area and caught on to a faintly familiar scent. It had brought her to... a tree. With a doorknob, ironically.
Seishi rubbed her neck, wondering if she should even go in but really, she could use a drink or two. Or five. A small grin made its way on to her face and she opened the door, descending the staircase into the bar.
Rune was puttering around the main room as per usual, and was also as usual not wearing what most would call an 'outfit'. As the other day, she had on one of her husband's dress-shirts, barely buttoned over a set of undergarments.
She looked up as she heard the door open and close, and was about to give her usual greeting to newcomers, but when she saw who exactly had walked into the door her jaw hung slack for a moment. Then, recovering herself, she bounded across the room and threw her arms around the taller woman's neck in a big bear hug. "Seishi!!"
Softly chuckling, she wrapped her arms around the familiar woman, taking her the achingly familiar scent.
"It's good to see you again, Rune. You haven't changed one bit!" Her grin widened, very glad that she had decided to go on her gut feeling. "How are you nowadays? It's been, what...three years? Four? I lost count."
Rune chuckled sheepishly, releasing the woman after a long while and rubbing at the back of her head. "I don't even know anymore. I lost count." Her smiled faltered slightly at the question of how she'd been doing, but she still seemed to remain cheerful. "I've been... complicated. It's been complicated." She said after a moment, but shrugged her shoulders and brushed it off with a laugh. "What about you? How have you been? Can I get you a drink?"
Seishi nodded eagerly, "A gin and tonic, please." and looked around the bar, it gave off a nice feeling. Something she could easily get used to.
"Things have calmed down with me quite a bit over the past year, thank goodness. A girl can take only so many people hunting her before she just throws up her hands and fakes her death." she grinned, her canines glinting in the light. "As for complicated, is everything okay? Anything I can do?" her eyes narrowed, she felt worry fester in the bottom of her gut. Complicated was never good.
Rune nodded at her friend's request, and moved behind the bar to make the drink, placing it on the counter with a slice of lime on the rim. At Seishi's question she winced slightly, running her fingers through her long white hair. "I... got myself in a bit of trouble with a man and... it's gone farther than I thought it would." She nodded over to a door next to the fireplace. "Some people involved with him found Sky... he's in there." There was a heavy tinge of sadness to her voice when she spoke, but she shook her head quickly and pulled down a bottle of Jack for herself, taking off the cap and having a long drink. That had been Rune's policy lately - just don't think too much about it.
She squeezed the lime, mixing it in to the clear drink and sipped, enjoying the smell of the herbs and juniper. The mention of Rune's child being in danger, or the possibility of danger, made her gut clench. Seishi knew the feeling well, too well, and knew how bad the consequences could be.
"Is it working itself out or have things come to a stalemate?" she mentally stumbled a few seconds after she spoke, "Only if you want to speak of it. If not, we can find more pleasant things to discuss."
A wry grin made its way on to her face as she thought that over, "Or, rather...attempt to find more pleasant things to discuss. You and I have always dealt with complications."
Rune chuckled softly and took another, slower drink of the whiskey. "Aye, I suppose we have." She tapped her fingers on the countertop for a moment, then sighed and shook her head. "It's rather at a stalemate I'm afraid. I've lost my only way of contacting Patrick - the man I mentioned - and the men who did this to Sky..." She trailed off, shaking her head. "I have no idea where they are. Hell, I haven't even got an idea of WHO they are, or how they are connected to any of this. they just showed up and demanded I hand over the ring Patrick gave to me..." She halted again, at the mention of the ring, and took another gulp of whiskey. That was part of why she wanted to talk to Patrick, aside from Sky. How could he not have told her what exactly that was?
"Aah..." now that she definitely understood, the frustration involved with someone important being MIA....it was enough to make a person make some rash decisions if they didn't have the mind to stay calm.
"Just tell me if there's anything I can do to help, you know how we like to work. But only if you give me the go ahead. I don't want to end up getting involved only to make it more complicated for you." By we...she meant herself and Artemis, someone that Rune probably hadn't seen in a while. Unless his travels and jobs brought him into the area.
"I really do hope things turn out for the best. I hate situations like this. Stuck between a rock and a hard place."

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