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Rune smiled, continuing to bedeck the tree with all manner of kitsch. "Well, in that I am immortal, yes. But I don't have 'forms' - this is just me. I was born an immortal. I aged until a certain point and then just sort of... stopped. My son downstairs stopped rather later than I did, it's different for everyone I suppose." She laughed and raised a hand to indicate her height. "If I were to go about choosing forms for myself I'd at least have gone for the average female height."
Smiling, Seishi nodded. "It's similar with us as well. I'm rather short for my kind as well, most females are around 5'10". I've been stuck at 5'7" since...well... a long, long time ago." sighing happily, she sipped some more coffee."...I should make some mulled cider..."
Abruptly, a pair of legs were sticking out from the ceiling.

And then a torso. And arms. Leading up to a neck, and then a head as a man dropped down into the middle of the bar, blue haired and wearing an eye-patch.

"There we are," Micah said, brushing off an bit of excess dirt from his shoulder that had gotten stuck on him when he'd phased through the ground and into the bar. Another neat trick developed by his psychic powers - the ability to become ephemeral and pass through solid matter.

Looking around, the half-dragon's eyes immediately caught on Rune and he offered a smile and a wave, making his way towards her. He didn't seem to notice the Christmas decor - until he had met Rune, he didn't even know what Christmas was, so the decorations didn't really spark up any particular feeling or memory in his mind like it would for others.
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Russel's brow lifted in obviously-piqued interest. 'This certainly ins't the Birmingham branch of the Alester Crowley coven...' he mused silently to himself, as he took a handful of ornaments in his palm, scattering them about the pine needles. Now firmly on the ground, he added his own two cents, "you were born immortal? Of immortal parents? Bloody fascinating, that must be....that is, you two must have experienced quite a bit in your respective lives! The knowledge that you'll not age, that you'll not grow direly ill, that you'll not ever fade into the black, cosmic oblivion of energy one day.....quite fascinating. O, how my former fellow-members--nay, my fifteen year old self--would gush and gape in awe, were they to know of a living, breathing, immortal being!" Half conversing and half musing aloud, he further commented, "what Providence hath caused me to come across this fascinating, charmed establishment, of no intention whatsoever?" Noting the sudden, transparent entrance of the male figure, he was once again taken aback. What psycokinetic prowess! Even his former-coven leader couldn't have dreamed of passing through solid matter, let alone the novice dark magician himself; indeed, in comparison to the powers they summoned, his fellow-coven members could be likened to praddling primary grade school students to the world of dark magicks.
Rune smiled as her husband made is rather unusual entrance, then wrapped her arms around his waist tightly when he moved to greet her, nuzzling into his chest. She rather hoped he wouldn't notice the blood packs she'd discarded earlier - she didn't want him to worry.
Seishi hid her small smile as Rune's significant other made his way in to the bar. They were so cute! Blinking, she stared down at the mug in her hands. It was empty. Crap. She made her way back over to the pot of coffee and poured herself another cup.
Rune smiled wryly at Russel's enthusiasm. "Some of us might argue that we've experienced more than we'd like." She said softly. "It's really... not as much as everyone makes it out to be. Maybe I take it for granted but... really. I'm still just a person..."
Micah wrapped his arms around Rune in a tight embrace, squeezing her to him for a long moment before loosening his hold, his hands resting comfortably on her hips.

"Sorry about the wait - the job was a bit bigger than the employer originally described," Micah explained - which was true. He had since given up taking blood money or fighting for his income, and now provided enchanting or psychic services as a means to fund any projects the couple might have. Even though Rune had built up an impressive amount of money to live on in her long life, Micah still liked to work - it kept him from going stircrazy, as a half-dragon his instinct erred towards wanderlust more often than not. He had to do some sort of work, if only to keep him busy while Rune ran the establishment.

"I missed you," he offered softly, leaning down to kiss her quickly. He had grown more open over the years, but he still wasn't a big fan of public displays of affection, it seemed.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Taking up another handful of ornaments and garnering them about the pine tree once more, he watched as the couple warmly greeted one another. As the last circular bulb--a glass bulb with a curious died-paint design--was set on the tree, Russel waved the long, almond-brown locks from his face, from his green eyes in particular, and made his way towards Seishi. "Would you mind if I had a cup, as well?" he asked her.
"I missed you too, love." She murmured, returning his kiss. She had learned not to be put off by his stand-offish nature in public. He more than made up for it when they were alone - it was unlikely that anyone would believe the degree to which Micah could go to mush when strange eyes weren't on him.
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At Rune's relatively-nonchalant response, he briefly scratched his chin before he said in return, "I can imagine you've become....well, the wiser, I should say, for all you've seen? Hm, I suppose 'tis something one would get used to...a bit of a stretch to fathom, quite frankly, as immortality is not exactly something one comes across very oft in the city streets."
Seishi grinned and nodded, getting another mug down and poured in some more coffee. "You're normally a tea kind of person. Are you sure you want coffee? I can make tea for you if you'd like." she walked into the back and came out with some sugar and cream for him, just in case he liked it with his coffee.
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"Thank you," he said with a friendly nod, as he coddled the warm, smooth-textured mug in either hand. At Seishi's offer, he shook his head and said, "thank you, but 'tisn't a problem. I do love myself a cup of tea, but I appreciate the bold, dark aroma of coffee almost as much. O, is that cream?" And with that, he poured a few drops of cream in before whiffing the beverage with satisfaction and taking a hearty swig.
"So, what have you been up to lately, Russel?" she questioned, sipping at her coffee. Every once in a while she would glance around at the lights and decorations, a childish happiness filling her for the first time in a while. Her eyes sparkled with mischief, remembering what it was like back home at this time of the year.
Micah smiled contently, but he also looked a bit tired. He had spent a lot of time on the last job. The owner had wanted a building to be have enchantments built into the very construction, for protection and warding. That was a complex job on its own, but the building in question had been a tower. Which meant a lot of magic had to be worked, and it required a constant detail to make sure nothing overlapped or interfered as each level was built up and to see that the enchantments interlocked and left no magical "gaps" to be exploited. The two week project quickly became a five week one.

The psion wasn't particularly happy, but the pay had been worth it.

"I'll let you get on with decorating, I'll just go take a seat. We can talk when you're free, love," he offered, leaning down to kiss her again before retreating to a chair, collapsing into it with a slouch and a yawn. It was rare for the half-dragon to ever show any sort of signs of tiring or even exertion, but he had done a significant amount of magical work in the past few weeks, and such efforts were tiring, even for one as magically-inclined as Micah.

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