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Rune rolled her eyes slightly and walked over to the table where the creature was waging its epic battle, and quite simply grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and yanked him (and possibly the raccoon as well, depending on how good a grip it had at the time) out from under the table. For such a small woman, she was surprisingly strong. "That's quite enough of that." She said sternly, giving the creature a slight glare. After all, she was fine with the destruction of her furniture - she drew the line when the creature began inviting harm on himself.
The creature started when he felt her hand in his fur and jumped with a loud thunk as he hit his head on the underside of the table. He didn't try to fight her, but he did come out dragging his claws and snapping at the raccoon was it escaped. When it was clear he wasn't going to catch it, he snorted, clearing his nose of fur and dust. Panting, he sat back and looked up at her like he was waiting for something. After a moment, he showed her a vague image of her chasing the raccoon, presenting it as a question. Maybe she wanted a turn. Meanwhile, the giant black and white furry rat glared out at him, mostly unharmed, but mightily displeased.
Rune chuckled, setting the creature down on the ground and sending him the idea of 'no'. Then an image of the wounds on his face, trying to express concern over their healing, and that raccoon scratches weren't going to help them out.
She knelt down in front of the table and locked her gaze with the raccoon. It took several minutes, but finally the furry creature scampered out from under the table and up onto Rune's arm - though it took a moment to turn and hiss aggressively at its former attacker. Rune merely shook her head again, then trotted back up the stairs with the animal and released it out the door, where it sauntered off into the woods with a definite air of irritation in its gait.
The creature just looked away, unconcerned about his face, though there were a few new scratches, and a nick in one of his ears. He watched as she lured the stupid thing out and glared at her back as she walked away with his fun tucked in her arms. He was going to eat that! Sighing, he flopped down on the floor and started licking at his paw-hand, which was bothering him now that the fun left him with nothing else to think about. The stupid rodent had bitten him. It wasn't too bad, but it was oozing and beginning to matt the fur, and it throbbed like before.
Rune closed the door and headed back down the stairs to the main room. She noticed the creature licking at his paw, but said nothing about it - yet. Instead she headed into the kitchen, and before long returned with a plate, holding a thick, quite large steak. She was sure she'd just robbed the creature of his dinner, so she thought she'd make it up to him. She had cooked it - a little. It was barely warm in the middle and still plenty bloody, but she had taken the liberty of adding some seasoning to it just for the hell of it. Who knew, the creature might like it.
She placed the plate down on the floor in front of him and scratched lightly behind his undamaged ear before sending him an image of his paw, bandaged and clean, as a question.
The creature looked up without raising his head and watched her pass back through the room. He couldn't decide if she was upset or not, but he prepared to relocate rapidly if she was. Then she returned with a plate full of amazing and he forgot all about running away. His ears stood straight up as they usually did when he was interested in something, and he watched her with a wide eyed stare. As soon as the food was on the ground, he pounced for it, but pulled up short when he smelled the spices. He pulled back and stared at it like he didn't know what to do with it before hesitantly sniffing at it. It didn't smell bad anyway, but it was different. He turned his head to the side to get a good close look at it from one side, then turned the other way and repeated the process. When it seemed safe, he gave it an experimental lick. Having appropriately assessed the food and deemed it tasty, he tore off a strip of it and swallowed it whole before answering her question with a very general affirmative.
Rune chuckled softly at the creature's scrutiny of his meal, but when he gave an answer in the affirmative, Rune retrieved her medicine bag and settled down next to him, pulling his injured paw over to her while he enjoyed his food. She made quick work of the relatively minor wound, and with the help of some damp cloths and her usual accouterments, before long a nice clean bandage was wrapped tightly around the bite.
She reached over again to scratch at the creature's ear, when she noticed something that until now she had overlooked. engraved into the collar around his neck was a word, 'Tryan'. "Tryan?" She murmured, moving the collar to see it a bit better. She nudged him mentally, asking something along the lines of 'name'?
At first, the creature didn't react except to twitch an ear, but then a moment later, he seemed to really hear what she'd said and he jumped away from her in surprise. A flood of memories rushed through his head in an unorganized mess and without even meaning to, he acknowledged his name. He watched her warily, but there was no point in denying his name if she already knew it. He glanced sideways at his food, but for the moment just stood where he was and watched her, waiting to see what she would do or say next.
Rune was surprised at his jumping up, blinking a few times. She sent him an image of the collar around his neck, specifically his name written on it, to show him that THAT was how she'd learned his name. She patted the floor next to her in invitation, and nodded to his still unfinished dinner. She hadn't meant to startle him.
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[[Damn, I'll not be able to roleplay here neither tomorrow nor yesterday; I'll be taking a road trip. Eh, I think I'll have my character shortly leave the inne, only to maybe return later.]]

Rene, who had been biding her time at the adjoining table, with a book in her lap and an iPod blasting the song Holy Diver, as sung by Dio, in her ear, finally reared herself up from her reverie, only to notice three other patrons. 'Gah,' she mused, 'I really ought to get going; this little item won't get itself done, to be certain...' And with that, she descended one last time to her lodging, quickly throwing her belongings in her rucksack, with haphazard haste. Returning to the parlour, she set her roomkey at the front desk, exiting out the front entrance as sleathily and clandestinely as she arrived. 'I might be back, everyone,' she explained, half-audibly, as she crept forth, hoping to attend to some important matters.
The creature glanced over at the oblivious patron who'd entirely missed his haphazard chase and watched for a moment as she left before returning his attention to Rune. He didn't recognize the symbols she showed him, but it was obviously his name written in a language he didn't know. He hesitated a moment, but then shuffled forward and rejoined her sitting on the floor. So she knew his name, that didn't mean anything, no big deal. He tried to convince himself that he didn't care, that it didn't matter, but he couldn't help being a little paranoid about it.
Rune smiled as he took his spot by her side again, stroking his wings comfortingly before pointing again to his dinner. He had seemed to be in a relatively good mood before, hopefully she could get him back to that. She thought for a moment on what might make him happy, and after a moment she sent him an image of water and soap - offering him a bath. She had no idea when he'd last had one.
His ears twitched back when she touched his wing and he gave her another sideways look, but after a moment, he relaxed somewhat. As for the bath idea, his only response was something equivalent or similar to "huh?" He seemed to be supremely confused by what she was suggesting, which itself spoke volumes about the last time he'd had a bath.
Rune laughed out loud at his question, then pointed again to his steak, giving him a thought along the lines of 'finish your dinner'. She didn't want to interrupt his meal, but no doubt he could use a bath. He did kind of smell.
Once he was done, she got up and indicated he should follow her, towards the back of the room and through the door to the hallway full of room. She stopped at her own and opened the door, leading him inside. Her room wasn't any different from any of the others, the same decoration and size. She led him through a door at the side of the room however, into her bathroom. She went over to the bathtub on the side wall (a fairly plain affair, if rather on the large side) and drew back the shower curtain, turning one of the knobs to start the water running from the shower head. She kept it at a pleasantly warm sort of temperature - she didn't want to frighten him with water that was too hot, or annoy him with too cold.
He just looked at her like he thought she was weird when she laughed, but followed where she led. The sound of the shower startled him, and he jumped slightly again, hissing right back at it until he realized it was just water. Then he was just downright fascinated. He sniffed at one of the streams of water before cautiously putting his nose under it. It was like rain, except warm! He looked up at her as if to say, "okay... now what?" He didn't wait for an answer though, since it was fairly obvious to him that she intended him to get wet. It was the strangest purification ritual he'd ever seen, but he couldn't really blame her, even if he had enough of his memories and thought power to consider such things.

He poked his nose under the water again, then his head, then awkwardly climbed over the edge and sat in the tub getting soaked. Generally speaking, he enjoyed rain, but this was not normal rain, and he didn't have the room to play in it like when it rained outside, so this was a little less fun, but he supposed it wasn't so bad. He didn't notice the tinge of the water running off him and down the drain, or the bits of fur that he began to shed.

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