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Vice looked down at the creature next to him and reached down to scratch him behind the ears in an attempt to get him to calm the Hell down. He turned his gaze back to the woman as she spoke, his expression becoming more and more irritated as she went on. "Lady, I've got no clue what in the Hell you're talking about. I can direct you to the next town over and that's about it."
At that he picked up his bottle of whiskey again, forgoing a glass and instead taking a pull right from the bottle.
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...wow, what an a**. "...jeez, who shoved a pole up your rump?" it asked, bearing some frustration too, "You could have just said 'No, I don't' and not make a complete jerk of yourself."

Calm down. Calm down. At least it's something. "...I can tell you're stressed or something, so is there anyone else I can talk with? I'd rather not instigate either of us." It really did hate conflict, trying to avoid it any possibility.

Its eyes drifted a tad downward, noticing the...creature...thing. It didn't surprise it though, these sort abominations were common back home. "...er, hi..." it said toward the...thing, unsure if it could talk back or not.
The creature looked up at Vice, aware of what he was trying to do if not his attitude about it... and didn't really care. He tossed his head irritably and turned his attention back to the... other-thing. When he noticed it-her-it-whatever looking at him, he ducked his head but glared right back at her.

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(( Yea, noticed you were a tad at stalemate. Commerce RPs suck when it's 1 on1 :v

Also, can't respond for a bit. Being forced to move furniture, aaaaaugh ))
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Vice snorted, as if to say 'like I care what you think of my manners,' and plonked himself down on the floor again, pouring the last of his bottle of whiskey into the creature's bowl. He was doing it mostly to try and deter the thing from attacking the newcomer - he didn't want to have to clean up the mess. "Sorry, no one but me for the moment, guess you're stuck."
Really, he wished Rune would show the Hell up already. He'd yet to interrogate her over some recent events that he was none-too-pleased over.
The creature repositioned so he could slurp up his whisky and watch the stranger at the same time. He did not trust anyone that looked like that. It never occurred to him that it was extraordinarily hypocritical, or that it was prejudiced. After a long moment, he gave Vice another mental 'nudge' and presented him with his view of things. It was mostly image, but there were hints of what he felt and thought about her too. He didn't like what he was seeing, thought she/it/whatever was unnatural, and wanted to know what exactly it was that he was seeing.
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(( Aaand back. Jeez, why are the softest things always the heaviest? ))

The fluid just sighed, seeing it wasn't going to get anywhere with this guy. "...alright, fine. Wasn't planning on going anywhere else anyway." Taking note in the large selection of beverages, it popped the question, "...could I at least get something to drink? Non-alcoholic, preferably?" Why a living liquid would ask for something to drink was an enigma.

Knowing the lack of progress on Vice, it turned its attention towards the little creature-monster-thing for the time being. Seems less than pleased with me...territorial? ...no, just unfamiliar. Maybe it just needs something to distinguish with... Acting on such, the blue being extended its hand slowly for the thing to get a whiff of, adding a warm smile... and then noticed the lovely, new blue arm it had.

...what the hell?! It quickly pulled back in fear of itself, carefully studying the rest of the body for similar discrepancies. As Eiffel 65 would say, she's blue (dabba dee dabba die). All she could do was look in horror at her melted image. What the hell happened to me?! Why am I see-through?! Why am I naked?! Up until that point she had felt entirely normal. Now however, she was having a panic-attack, racking her mess of a brain over how she turned into this gelatinous freak and backing up into the wall in her mini fit.
Vice was about to get up to get the new girl-thing her drink, but then... she seemed to have kind of a freakout. "Er..." Vice blinked, then again began to look around desperately for some form of help. Seriously, did he have to deal with this? It wasn't even his freaking bar. "You okay...?" He asked lamely, though the girl didn't seem to be in the mood to answer any questions at the moment.
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"No!" the jello girl almost yelled back, trembling all over...though it looked more like rippling. She was a bit too preoccupied with her own scathing thoughts to say why though. The events of the day or so ago were slideshowing through her head, as she tried to calm down and deduce what in god's name could have melted her, since she sure as hell wasn't like this before.

Okay. Stay calm. Interview...exploring a little...that one room...black out...dangling above some noxious liquid...sharp pain...then black out
She seemed a lot more calm now, with her mind on other matters. ...the sharp pain! The liquid stuff! ...maybe... I don't know... I need more details...

Oh, right, him. "...I think I'm fine now...confused as hell, but fine..." She started pacing around a little, to help get her mind rolling along. As she did so, she started mumbling about whatever theory was crossing her mind at the moment.

"...transference of matter..."
The in-all-actuality-not-so-small-probably-160lb-mountain-lion-sized creature, stood and stared at the girl-thing in surprise. He didn't have any more whisky anyway, so he turned his full attention on her. His large ears stood straight up, and his pale gray eyes were wide as he watched her, like a curious cat watching a mouse it might decide to pounce on at any minute. There seemed to be something wrong with it, but he couldn't tell what. Nothing had happened. Why was she so upset? Then again, she was a blob and weird and unnatural and all sorts of weird. He looked back at Vice and suggested that he get the girl a drink. Clearly she could benefit from some of that tasty tasty whisky he had.
Vice watched as the girl started to mutter to herself, and seemed to write her off as a lost cause because all he did was turn back to the table, and his pitifully empty whiskey bottle. He noted the creature's comment but returned a somewhat curt brushoff, indicating that he didn't agree with its assessment before he simply toppled back to stretch out on the pillows around him, scratching light at a few scars just visible under the collar of his loosely opened button-down shirt.

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