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The Wendigo Bar and Inn

It's not the usual place to find an Inn, surely. It's not even the usual place to find any kind of building - the edge of a thick wood, quite far from any town. Quite far from most customers as well. The only thing that marks any sort of entrance is an old, wrought-iron signpost that proudly states the name of the tavern in swooping letters burned into a roughly cut plaque of wood, that has been left in the shape of whatever tree it was taken from.
The post will likely cause confusion to any passerby as there isn't any building to pair it with - just a tree that seems a bit too large to match with the rest of the wood around it. Then it would click into place as what might be taken as a natural deformity of the tree proves to have a doorknob. Upon opening this until now unnoticed door, one would find a surprisingly well-made staircase leading down into the earth, with a rail that seems to be growing right out of the wall.
The room it leads into is an odd mixture of old and new styles, of luxury and poverty. Welcome to the Wendigo Inn - enjoy your stay.

Table of Contents
1.Introduction (You Are Here)
4.Banned List
In spite of the somewhat foreboding name, the Wendigo Bar is a fairly comfortable looking place, even upon first inspection. It might cause one to wonder why such a well-kept little bar would be given the name of a malicious spirit.

The Bar
The bar area is the first place you encounter in the Wendigo, as it is the room that the entryway staircase empties into. There are a few small windows in the ceiling that let in a small amount of natural light from above, but with the light having to filter through the forest canopy before reaching the ground, even at midday this light is quite weak. Most of the lighting in the bar comes from a number of old fashioned lanterns along the walls. The floor is made of smooth stone slabs placed tightly together, and is covered in thick, cushy, mismatched pillows in lieu of actual seating. That's right - the only actual chairs in the bar area are five stools along the bar counter. The rest of furnishing in the room consists of low tables surrounded by these pillows. The bar counter itself is an oddity, a wooden construction that seems to go down into the very earth beneath it. It has rows of candles going along either side of it for additional lighting, and the shelves behind it are stocked with any kind of liquor the denizens could ask for.

The Lounge
The Lounge isn't so much another room as it is the back half of the bar room, furthest from the entrance. This portion of the inn is again marked by pillows, though they are even more abundant here, and some of them are much larger, able to seat three or four people at a time. Several of these larger pillows are set up in a semi-circle around a recess in the back wall, which upon further inspection would prove to be a fireplace, with a chimney that leads up and out of the ground above.

The Kitchen

A door behind the bar counter leads into the Inn's small kitchen. It has all of the amenities - stove, range, refrigerator, freezer, even a sink (though who knows how they get the water for it). The only thing unusual for a kitchen is the large generator in one corner, which powers all of the appliances. How did you think they got electricity down here?

The Infirmary
On the right of the fireplace in the lounge is another door that leads into a room thick with the smell of herbs and woodsmoke. Four cots - that like the railing on the stairwell seem to grow right from the wall - line the left side of the room, covered in thick, comfortable quilts and pillows. Each has a stand to hang IV bags from beside it, but that is the only similarity between this tiny clinic and any other hospital you'll visit. The right wall is covered in shelving, which is full of jars containing all manner of plant specimen, and a few containing pastes, liquids, and various other concoctions labeled things like 'pain' and 'anesthetic.' At the very back of the room is a tiny wood stove and a stack of kettles, apparently for creating the medicines on these shelves.

The Rooms

To the left of the fireplace is a second door, this one opening into a long hallway lined with doors. These are the bedrooms available to those who need a place to stay for the night. They are furnished much like the rest of the building, with stone floors, pillows for seating, and a huge pillow piled with fluffy blankets and still more pillows on top of that standing in for the bed. Apparently the owner likes pillows.

OOC Rules

To clarify - These are the rules that apply to the role players. Breaking these rules can result in a warning or BAN. There aren't any excuses for breaking these.
1. Literacy is a must. You CAN use asterisks or the equivalent if you must, but paragraph format is strongly encouraged.
2. Actually enter the building in a post, don't just start talking like you popped in out of nowhere (this really goes along with Rule #1).
3. Separate OOC from IC please. This is a role play, so please keep what happens to you in real life separate from your character.
4. Separate actions from speech. I don't care how you do it, just do it.
5. No godmoding. This won't be tolerated.
6. Cut your towers. Please do not quote more than 5 times. I won't be incredibly harsh on this, but if I start having to scroll just to get to the end of a single post, I'll warn you.
7. This is NOT an extended role play. Please try to wrap up the day for your character at the same time it wraps up for you.
8. For the love of God, DON'T ADVERTISE YOUR s**t IN HERE. If you want to become an affiliate, PM me.
9. If you want a fight, please, PM me for permission FIRST.

IC Rules:

Again, to clarify - These rules apply to role play characters. While breaking them will no doubt piss Rune off quite a bit, it will not result in a ban or warning. These rules are just in the spirit of the role play, and breaking them can actually make things more interesting.
1. Rune owns this bar - You will listen to her.
2. No fighting in bar or inn - take all fights outside.
3. Treat all of the employees with respect.
4. Don't break s**t.
5. Staff have to be attentive to customers - otherwise Rune will have your hide.

In Addition
I have also written a guide on what I expect from the people I roleplay with. I'm not going to make it required reading per se, but if you aren't playing within the guidelines I've set in it I will ask you to fix your behavior per the guide or leave the thread. I don't mean to be a bad guy but I've gotten really sick of having people ruin my roleplays in ways that I couldn't possibly outline in a simple set of rules. The link to the guide is below - read it if you like, but if you don't, remember that these are the de facto rules for RP style in this thread, and if you break them it has the same effect as breaking the OOC rules.
How NOT to RP
Banned List

None yet

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Rune entered the main room of the building cursing mildly under her breath, wrestling with the IV stand she was trying to force down the staircase without having to dip it below the head-height of its recipient. Said patient was strapped to her back in a carrier rather too small for him - a young boy about the age of seven, who seemed to be quite unconscious. He was much darker in coloration than the fair skinned and haired Rune, with two tiny horns poking out of his hair just above his temples.Two IV lines ran from his little arms and up to two bags on the stand in his guardian's hand, one containing a glucose solution, and the other blood.
Rune finally managed to wrestle the stand down the narrow staircase and huffed quietly under her breath before continuing her journey to the infirmary, dodging the pillows on the floor as she went. Now unhindered by the constraints of the staircase, she moved with surprising ease. After all, as young as the boy on her back was, Rune was a very small woman. One wouldn't expect her to be able to carry the little one quite so thoughtlessly. Once inside the small medicine room she placed the stand in her grasp next to one of the cots, and relieved herself of her burden by unstrapping the little boy and placing him on the corresponding bed. After smoothing his hair (as best she could anyway, the boy's horns always ensured his hair would be somewhat untidy), she covered him over with the blankets and went back into the main room. She left the door to the infirmary open though, in the vain hope that the child would wake and require consoling.
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Lost in thought, or maybe just wanting to find a quiet place away from the rowdy, disturbing, and smutty city she had left early this morning, a woman's figure crossed through the thickly forested area.

Dressed almost-plainly, a grey and white hooded sweater with the hood drawn up around her ears, and the sleeves pushed up. Dark blue jeans and a pair of running sneakers. Anastasia looked around, wondering where the building could be. The forest looked empty, besides all of the trees, but Annie had come this far and at this hour of night, she wasn't going back.

"Maybe it's like the little elf house on the cookie packages. Maybe it's in a tree." Annie said, jokingly to nobody. Looking around the trees, gentle fingers brushing the bark and low-hanging branches. The fifth or fourth tree, along with being larger around than any other tree in sight, had an little-bitty knobby bit.

"You've got to be kidding..." Annie murmured. But she wasn't about to trek back now. She sighed and turned the knob, and wonder of all wonders, the tree opened and presented her with stairs. Annie adjusted the knapsack on her back and stepped into the tree, closing the door behind her as she descended the stairs.

((hello~ sorry if this is huge... it looks huge in quick reply. D: ))
((Hah hah, no worries Chiyo, it's perfect))

Rune looked up, surprised to see someone already in the room with her. This was probably the most out-of-the-way place she'd ever made, and yet it was the one to get its first customer the fastest. Life's funny that way, she supposed.
"Hello there Miss." She said with a soft smile and a slight bow, an action that looked rather odd one a woman with enough piercings and leather to make her look like she ought to be on the back of a motorcycle. "Welcome to the Wendigo. Can I get you anything?" Where the girl's attire was rather plain, Rune's was... eccentric, I suppose you could say. She had on a rough pair of jeans and a bra - the only thing passing for a 'top' was a heavy and worn leather jacket that looked a few sizes too large for her. The white hair and red eyes only added more strangeness to her appearance. If she was the owner of a bar, one would expect it to be a grungy truck stop, not a strange little fairy hole in a tree.
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Annie blinked at the bar owner's... lack of clothing, so it seemed, but shrugged. Not the strangest thing she had ever seen.

"Um, yeah." Annie said, not unkindly. "Something to drink would be really nice, actually. Tea... or water, maybe?"

The woman, looking young at maybe twenty or so, stretched out her arms and finally put her hood down. Short brown hair just barely covered long, pointed ears, spotted with a few piercings.

"Ermm, since I kind of got kicked out of my apartment, I might be staying here a while. I'm Anastasia." Annie said, blushing sheepishly.

Stupid landlords.
Rune nodded and gave another soft smile, moving behind the bar counter and pulling down a mug from one of the cabinets. Then, as an afterthought, the grabbed a second one as well. "I can do tea. Any preference on flavor?" In the meantime she started up the hot water pot (there were only so many electronics the bar could run on a generator, a second stove was out of the question) and took down a packet of Chai tea for herself.
Rune didn't look much older than her guest, maybe a year or two, but she held herself like someone with far more years behind her. Then again, the slight points to both her ears and her canines hinted that appearance wasn't a very accurate gauge of her age. "If that's the case, Miss Ana, then you're in luck. Room an board here are free, so as long as you don't break anything you'll be welcome. I can give you the key to one of the rooms if you like." She paused for a moment, then gave another bow. "Excuse me, poor form on my part. My name is rune Verdante."
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Annie bit her lip for a moment, thinking. "Ermm... ooh. Oolong, maybe? If not, anything's fine." She said, smiling.

When the barkeeper mentioned the rooms, Annie grinned, sighing in relief. "Oh, really? Awesome. That would actually help a lot..." She said, her smile fading.

"Damned landlord kicked me out because he apparently has a thing against elves." Annie frowned, chewing on a bit of a hangnail. "And doesn't even take a moment to realize I'm only, like, one-fourth elf... stupid ears are harder to breed out than the Asian gene."

She blinked, looking back up again. "Never mind about that. I'm happy to have found this place, Rune. Very cozy, actually." Annie said, looking around the room dreamily. It was warm and smelled like a campfire, sans smoke.
Rune raised an eyebrow. "Really? Huh, odd to hear about such prejudice in this day and age. Particularly against elves - there aren't all that many races that find them particularly offensive." She brushed her long white hair behind one pointed ear and smiled. "No worries about that here though, you're among kin."
She took down a packet of the requested Oolong and placed it in one of the mugs, offering that to her guest while pouring her own mug of Chai. She took a tray out from under the bar and placed it on the counter - it held a small pitcher of milk, another of cream, and small pots of sugar and honey. "Help yourself." She said, nodding to the tray. She fixed her own tea with what most would consider rather excessive amounts of both milk and sugar, even for Chai.
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Annie nodded, then sat down. "It was weird, but apparently an elf killed his wife in a home invasion... not exactly sure how that's my problem, but..." She sighed, looking a bit deflated.

She brightened slightly when Rune handed her the mug. Annie grabbed the bag by the tag and swirled it as it steeped. She poured in a rather excessive amount of cream, and two spoons of honey.

Annie smiled, sipping at the tea. It reminded her of summer nights long gone, when her sisters would catch fireflies and, without their parents knowing, release them into the bedroom, watching the glow as they fell asleep.
Rune smiled slightly as the girl picked up her tea, and she sipped at her own mug, tipping her head thoughtfully at the girl's words. "Mm... I suppose I can sympathize somewhat with the man, though it was unfair of him to take out his anger on you." She took another slow sip of her drink, then glanced at the watch on her wrist and winced slightly. "Excuse me, Ana, I have something that needs tending to tonight. I'm sorry to run out on you so suddenly, but here." She pulled a large ring of keys from under the bar counter and pushed one across the counter to the girl. "Just through that door," She said, pointing to the one on the left of the fireplace, "you'll find the guest rooms. Just find the one with the same number as the key."
She gave an apologetic smile as she straightened up behind the counter. "I'll try to be around a bit more than I was tonight, I hope the room is to your liking." With that she bowed again and picked up her tea, then disappeared across the room and behind the door on the opposite side of the fireplace from the one she had directed Ana to, closing it behind her. It was time to refresh her little ward's IV bags.

((sorry to poof so quick, but I just noticed the time and I really have to get to bed. I was kinda late on opening this place up - I'll get online earlier from now on so there will be more time to RP. Hope to see you again!))
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Annie nodded. She had sympathized with the man at first as well, but any and all compassion that she may have had for him flew away when he noticed the points in her ears and kicked her out.

"Oh, it's no problem. I'll see you in the morning, then." Annie said quietly, brushing a slightly curly piece of hair away from her face. Her fingers wrapped around the key that Rune had slid across the counter, and sipped on her tea more.

She made a face. Too much cream, she was feeling a bit sick to her stomach now. Annie noticed a door behind the bar, and figuring it was the kitchen, stood up and entered it.

She tossed away the tea bag and rinsed her cup, unable to locate the dish soap to actually wash it. Annie left the kitchen, and not wanting to be alone in the main room much longer, went through the door on the left, looking for her room.

((no problem! good night~ c: ))

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