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Where else are Spartans to go when they are done with training in the War Games or just getting back from a mission with Spartan Ops. So come, relax and take a load off at the Infinity lounge. Talk with other spartans and share a few drinks. Get good food while you can. We'll post daily special and new awesome meals. Want something new to eat or drink, make a suggestion via a pm. We welcome all people who serve on the UNSC Infinity. Still have your weapons, don't worry, we have weapon lockers for your weapons.
The Infinity Lounge Rules

1. Follow all rules of the UNSC
2. Follow all rules of Gaia TOS
3. Keep the Fighting to War Games (Use these {} when entering the War Games)
4. Enjoy yourself dang it!! We fight to save lives and make sure we come home safely.
5. If you're on duty, free soda and coffee. Off duty limited to 12 drinks.
6. There will be at least two Spartan Bouncers on duty.
7. Post at least 3 times a day. Semi-let thread. At least 4-5 sentences a post.

(Note: Please!! If you're gonna be gone for a peiod a time. Please let me know via pm.)
The Spartan Profile

All Profiles will be sent to me via pm. And I will reply back with a confirmation code and I will post your profile with it as well.

Name of Spartan:
Rank of Spartan: (All of US military Branches will work)
Spartan Code Name/ Number:
Fireteam Name:
Spartan Pic: (Pic must be from your service record on Halowaypoint.com)
Confirmation code:
Spartan Profiles pg.1

Name of Spartan:Remy Stryder
Rank of Spartan: UNSC AF Colonel
Spartan Code Name/ Number: Silencer/ S043
Fireteam Name: Silent
Spartan Pic:
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Confirmation code:

Name of Spartan: Giselle St. Claire (prefers to be called by her last name)
Rank of Spartan: Captain
Spartan Code Name/ Number: Naida/ S311
Fireteam Name: Tempest
Spartan Pic:
User Image
Confirmation code: 585-43-389

Name of Spartan: Aitan
Rank of Spartan: ONI
Spartan Code Name/ Number: KELEV
Fireteam Name: Jericho
Spartan Pic: https://spartans.svc.halowaypoint.com/players/DisparateGrunt/h4/spartans/fullbody?target=large
Confirmation code: 423-09-092
Spartan Profiles pg.2
The Inifinity Lounge Menu


Classic Hamburger 4cr
Steak & Eggs 4cr
Grilled Steak with Mushrooms & onions 5cr
Shrimp Fried Rice 5cr
Pork Fried Rice 5cr
Shrimp with Lobster sauce (Your choice of rice) 6cr
Pizza (Your choice of toppings) 5cr
Steamed Lobster with Shrimp 8cr
16oz top Sirloin with baked potatoe 8cr
Soup 4cr

Daily Special: Chicken Cordon Bleu with two sides of your choice. 6cr


Beer on Tap 3cr
Beer of your choice 3cr
Rum (your choice) n Coke 4cr
Scotch 4cr
Bloody Mary 4cr
Gin 4cr
Long Island Ice tea 4cr
Lemonade 3cr
Soda 2cr
Water 1cr

Daily Special: Jack & Coke 3cr
Infinity Lounge Voluntary Work

(All jobs are voluntary. If you would like to help please send a pm. All jobs have been approved by ONI & UNSC)

Owner: Col. Stryder

Co- Owner:

Inventory Stock Management:

Bartender 1:

Bartender 2:

Bartender 3:

Bouncer 1:

Bouncer 2:

Bouncer 3:

Bouncer 4:
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Remy walked into his Lounge after a day in the War Games. Always wanting to stay on top of things and keeping his skills up was important to him and his fellow Spartans. He was surprised the UNSC allowed this. But it was a good idea for Spartans and some of the non-Spartans to hang out. You get to know a lot of people when you work with them for so long. New fireteams come in everyday and you lose a lot of good men and women out there. Fighting the convenant was fun and all. But it does have its toll. Remy walked back to the lockers and put his weapons away and got the place ready for his fellow Spartans and friends to show up to relax.
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Remy set and put his guns away from a long day of fighting. So far the covenant has been held back. The Infinity is holding and stable. Which is good. He was glad to hit up some training in the War Games before everything took place. He stretched out and relaxed behind the counter pouring himself a glass of cold water. He sighed in relief and grinned. Silent team did it's best today. Helpping Crimison team push back the Cov. He turned on the friers and walked into the cooler and grabbed some eggs and a steak. "Good ol' protein for the body." He said to himself, chuckling a bit.
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St. Claire sighed inwardly as her rigid body was stripped of her drilled on armor, it was a fascinating feeling to say the least. That is, having such heavy pieces of protective covering finally being lifted away so her frame felt as if it were floating. The day was far to early for her to turn in, so she did what any other SPARTAN IV would do. Go to the lounge.

The dark haired woman pulled her matted mane back into a small pony tail at the back of her head, as of now her medium length hair was barely long enough to be bound. If it weren't for the b*****d Elite with the Plasma Sword some time ago, she thought, her hair would be much longer and half of her left eye brow would still be in tact. But she didn't complain, in fact she loved the scars. To her it was a form of story telling as well as a map of her life, anything that was worth telling about her was writ on her lithe frame.

But that wasn't to say she didn't like hearing them, which was why she loved going to the Lounge. There had always been a story to hear there, something interesting, exciting or dangerous. It had always fascinated her. The lounge wasn't all that filled at the moment, it was normal for her to be in before everyone, she was consistently early.

"Protein does a body good. Da?" The 'Mutt' as she called herself had a unique accent, seeing as there was a lick of Russian and a touch of French. The Captain was raised american but spent a lot of time with her grandparents who were mixed Russian and German. The french last name came from her father. Needless to say she picked up the odd syntax from both families influence. "The usual please Maestro..." St. Claire chuckled a bit, the usual was what he was holding in his hands. Steak and eggs and as a drink, Lemonade with some sweet Maraschino Cherries if she was lucky.

It was nice to see that this place was up and running fine, if she ever had the time she would help out. but her schedule was always weird and out of wack. So she never really pursued it.
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Remy looked at her when she came and smiled. Notice some scaring on her. But so did he. Remy had been around since he was a Spartan 3. But it was good to see how things have change. For the good he hope. He set the items down on the counter and got her drink.

"You're in luck young lady. I've got two bottles left of cherries. Here you go." Remy spoke putting at least 3 cherries into the lemonade and handing her the drink.

Remy went back to the grill and began cooking up some steaks and eggs. He liked his over easy. Took some time to cook, but well worth it in the end.
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XXXXX"Yes! Thank you sir..." She exclaimed as bits of her Russian came through, the woman was extremely tired and was ready to just sit down to a nice meal. Of course she hardly ate, only because her usual diet consisted of high fiber and high calorie related foods. Even if she was a SPARTAN she was still only a SPARTAN IV. Nothing like the other three series' before her. St. Claire made damn sure her body retained its rigidity, for to her, the body was the ultimate weapon.

XXXXXAs soon as the lemonade had touched the counter she reached forward for the cold cup and took a quick sip, the yellow liquid was sweet with a subtle tangy punch to it. Some how it was always perfect here. "Hows business today Colonel?" She asked making a little small talk to pass the time as her food was cooking.
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Remy looked at her and then back at the grill. Chuckled a bit before he spoke."It goes Captain. Slow, but its fine. I know everyone is out on the field or training all the time. Still hoping some of us make it back in one piece. It's tough to see friends go. Anways, How do you like your steak n eggs?"

Remy looked at her again, fixing his plate. He waited a few moments for her reply before he put her food down on the grill. It has been a while since his break. Lucky he was given a few days off to run the Lounge.
Aitan strode down the cold hallways of infinity, his eyes narrowed. His pace was slow but nearly impossible to hear despite the fact he was wearing the MJOLNIR armor. Scratches and small burn marks painted the otherwise colorless armor though his skin remained untouched by any indications of battle. The tan skin gave the appearance someone of middle eastern heritage though he never brought that up. His eyes however were abnormal. Purple in color with a subtle hint of yellow should one get a closer look, indicating implants. His white hair didn't do him any good when it came to standing out either. Slightly longer than regulations allowed, it seemed that the higher ups let it slide.

"I wonder where the hell..."
His face lit up as he smiled turning down a hallway leading him to the lounge.
"this damn ship is too big. I wonder if anyone ever found this place~"

Aitan paused at the door for a moment and looked at it with a frown. It seemed to not work until he raised his fist to hit it. A second later the doors slid open with a slight hiss, his purple eyes glowing yellow for a split second before he walked in. He was pleasantly surprised to find other people there and immediately recognized their ranks.

Swallowing, he strode up to the counter and took a seat raising his hand to motion as a casual hello. He then turned and scanned the woman sitting two seats down from him and nodded his head~ "ma'am...sir." He turned his attention to the colonel. "So, what would you recommend for a man in need of a drink?" He smiled, leaning onto the table folding his arms. His motions were fluid in the armor as if it was his own skin.
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Remy looked at the new Spartan that walked into the lounge. He nodded at the gentleman. He gave him a menu. "This is what I have to offer. I'm Col. Stryder. I'm a Spartan III and I run this little place. So please let me know if you want anything." Remy spoke looking at him and began eating his food.

Remy has been almost all over the ship. This is the first time he has seen this Spartan. Though the Inifinity has been getting new Spartans in all the time. Remy pushed it off the side and waited on the young man to see what he wanted.

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