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(( He got me into this so I could freely write and if he wants me to leave him alone, he would tell me Jayden. I miss you & I miss Role-playing with everybody- Sorry to hear about your friend Ruby... ))
[ I bet Brennan misses you and would love to see you're writing again. And Ty.]
(( I miss him too, and would love to just TALK to him but he refuses... Now. ROLE PLAY ROLE PLAY ROLE PLAY!!!! ))

Ps- "Your* Not You're.
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Name: Damien Job: Bartender

Her face was starting to go rosey red to match her temper, and he watched as she moved her hands with her words. It was truely entertaining the way different women talked to people. There were those who waved their hands, much like this girl here, or there were silent mumblers, and then you get the loud talkative ones. He could tell that she had been holding it in for a while, and as he let her vent, he took a sip of his coffee he had poured himself earlier and continued to watch her. When she was finished he placed the cup down and laughed softly.

"Don't like being alone, I'm guessing." He was grinnning as he got up and began to prepare a coffee for her, trying to make her feel a little more at ease.

"Don't worry abut that stuff. Let me handle it, You just... Uh... Try to relax." He smiled warmly at her and placed the warm regular coffee in front of her.
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<><><> Ruby Halliwell <><><>

His attempts at cheering her up and calming her down worked like a charm as she took a sip from the cup. It was a welcome warmth that felt perfect for her hell right now, she could feel, when she swallowed, how the heat traveled downward. As if in protest, her stomach growled loudly, as if to say it was being forgotten.

"I'm sorry I snapped on you... I'm still so new her, and now nobody is here but me and you. Thanks for the coffee." She could feel her cheeks heating up as her stomach growled once more.

"So, are you the owner here?" Ruby was trying to forget her stomach and get to know the new stranger in her midst.
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Name: Damien Job: Bartender

The sounds of her stomach gumbling just reminded him of how hungry he was. He had been so busy trying to get everything in order behind the bar that he completely forgot about feeding himself. Spinning around he made his way to the kitchen and walked to the stove, turning it on. Opening the fridge he began to hunt for something to cook.

He could hear the woman following suit and heard as she took a seat on the counter top. Looking up be was about to tell her that it be dangerous sitting there, hell she culd have fallen, broken something and then it would have been the owner's head on the line. Instead he watched her as she looked around the place, as if she had never been in the kitchen.

She opened the different compartments that the small place offered to her, and searched in curiosity. Finding the cuttlery, she began to inspect it, as if to see if it was clean or not. When she began to run her finger along the cabinets, he turned back around rolling his eyes, and took out eggs.

Damien cracked two and dropped the contents from inside, in the pan. The smell wofted into his nostrils, and almost made his mouth water. Opening the drawer to his left, he grabbed a spatula and stood next to the stove, waiting to flip the eggs.

Looking over he saw that the girl was watching him now, and seemed curious about what he was doing.

"It's quite alright, snapping on a stranger is a great way to get honest feed back, right?" Smiling, He nodded to her cup.

"No problem and by the way, no I don't own the tavern. I think the owner is on some sort of vacation or something. Not too sure. I just work here. I'm the bartender"

Turning back to the stove he flipped the ready engs gently and easily to their other sides.

"What's your name, by the way?"
((role play maybe later? I have to go shopping --> BEING FORCED <--- Nice post though! <3))
LoudSilence 8D
((role play maybe later? I have to go shopping --& BEING FORCED <--- Nice post though! <3))

["Forced the shop" Lmfao. You have such a hard life. razz forced to do what you love.]
(( Sadness. I came back- had some trouble with life and my now-ex-gf; and its a ghost town in here. crying ))

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There was still water left over on her chin from the stream she had just drank. The path in front of her was wide and leading to a large castle-type place, not that she was paying any attention to where she was going. Litty stuck out her tiny tongue and began to attempt to lick the water off her face, creating her own small game of the task. Her giggle rang out as her small feet began to chase the path while her tongue was still attempting the impossible goal.

Litty came to a halt, her attention caught by the couple in front of her, seeming to have a private moment. She stared up at them with her wide brown eyes, burning in curiosity and the fun she had been having before.

“Watchya doin?” Litty stared, unmoving and folded her hands behind her back.

((Mind if I join? I'm Julie ))

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