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The Shadow of Ragnarok Military Installtion & Bar & Inn

The Ragnar Quadrant Space & Planet Battle Fleet

Post 1: Aim
Post 2: Open to Attack?
Post 3: Rules
Post 4: Member list, Banned List, Allies
Post 5: Description
Post 6: About Battle Tower Ragnarok & the Dark Castle
Post 7: Battle Tower Ragnarok Defenses & The Dark Castle Defenses
Post 8: Alignment
Post 9: Army/Organization
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Rules of the Tavern

The following is a list of the rules for patrons of the tavern. More will be added as time goes on and Necessity demands it.

(1.) You will folloow ALL GAIA RULES, TOS, AND MY RULES OR ELSE!!

(2.) NO Cybering.

(3.) Fighting is allowed, even if it results in a death or not.

(4.) Keep the quotes down. There will be a maximum of four quotes per quote tower. Anything more than that and your post may be under my submission to be deleted.

(5.) No page stretching. If I catch anyone page stretching for any reason at all, you will be told to leave and banned automatically.


(7.) There will be no bumping, spamming, flamming, and no one better quote the first page at all.

(8.) There Are Tenders! No One Behind the Bar Except Employees!!!

(9.) Para Intros are fine, but keep it down to semi or one line for the rest of us, since the room Will usually have a good number of people in it.

(10.) RP only! Cut the OOC down please!

(11.) IF you attack someone in the tavern, The whole tavern carries the right to attack you back, in a gang bang fashion, and style is the tavern's choice.

(12.) Attacking a Staff Member of the Tavern Carries the Death Sentence!

(13.) Do not Hassle the Employees.

(14.) No Open Room Sex! Keep it in IM's.

(15.) We ask you to please Respect the Tenders and other Employees.

Sparring Facility Rules:

(1.) Sparring means no Death Blows!
(2.) The Facility is Melee combat only, No Magiks at all. The Facility Negates Magiks Being used, so it is kinda pointless to try.

Heaven may be running on empty yet the devil rides


There is one set of rules that is going to apply for the whole entire thread. The rules are as follows.

1. Follow the T.O.S.

The Gaia moderators and admin have fewer reigns over what happens in the OM, but all of the rules outlined in the Gaia Online Terms of Service apply here. They really aren't that hard to follow so please do abide by them and help give this guild a good reputation.

2. Read the First Post

I cannot stress this enough. More than any other, the first post of a thread will usually be more helpful and informative than the others. The thread creator WILL have put enough information in the first post for you to understand the purpose and atmosphere of that location.

3. Read the Last Post

This is also a highly advisable thing. A good lot of the time, you won't be alone in a thread. Make sure you read the last few posts made in a thread in case something significant is happening in that place. One such thing is that it's annoying if your character walks into a room, sits his bum on the couch, and kicks back when someone else is in the very same area creating a tornado or something. So again, make sure you know what's happening, where it's happening, and when it's happening.


Quote towers, quotes which have one or multiple quotes in them, can stretch a page and make it almost painful to read the thread. For this reason, you may have no more than three quotes in a quote tower, meaning the outer most quote box can only have two quote boxes inside of it. However, in a post you may have as many quotes as you need as long as they are quoted in such a way as they don't build up and cause the page to stretch.

5. Introductions

It's understandable that newer members to the guild and Gaia in general may be anxious to get involved. This is a nice thing to see but it's a bad idea to take it too far. If you want to make friends with people you don't know, you're pretty much inevitably going to have to have a little patience, with more or less depending on whether people find you amiable or not. This is not an elitist guild, so everyone should be able to find a place in this guild. This means that you should not so hastily treat everyone as if they are automatically your pal just because you're in the guild. It's common to want to add people, so I've noticed, to your friends list. This is one way to very quickly get on a crew member's bad side. Not only is it just disrespectful in nature to try to be so familiar with a new person, but it can be quite unnerving and/or upsetting to a crew member if he or she feels that he or she is being manipulated unwillingly in the favor of someone else. You'll be able to make friends in time, and you'll be able to talk familiarly in time if you're a really good friend. So don't rush it and let people get to know you gradually.

6. Enjoyment

Above all else, Battle Tower Ragnarok is a role-playing guild form of recreation. Presumably, people RP here to have fun and interact with other people. You should not be afraid interact with other characters in a friendly manner. In a way, the RP is a partial escape from reality so you can use your imagination to do things you normally wouldn't be able to. It's certainly expected that you'll have problems which will bring your mood down IRL, but please try not to let it weigh down the rest of the guild. I'm sure people and friends you have in the guild would be happy to cheer you up but please don't take out your anger on other guild members by bringing up something completely unrelated. If you feel that you can't do that, then please wait until you feel better before interacting with the others.

-This is PG-14.
-No bumping, flaming, spamming, or advertisements of any kind.
-You can swear but don't go over board.
-No Godmodding.
-No Cybering.
-Follow Gaia TOS and mine.
-Drama is everywhere you go, but in here please try not to take it overboard.
-Please do not post one line sentences, try to be creative.
-The minimum number of sentences that will be allowed per post is three.
-No Killing, but fighting is okay unless it is an enemy. If you create NPCs you are allowed to do with them as you please.
-No Chat Speak.
-No *...*, -...-, or ~...~ for actions.
-Please use "..." when speaking IC (In Character.)
-Please use ((...))when speaking OOC (Out Of Character.)
-No Avatars for appearances.
-Please don't join then leave. That is extremely rude and disrespectful.
-Need active to semi-active members.
-This is a Long Term RP.
-Oh and the most important rule is to have fun!!!
-We know we all hate the rules. But they are not as harsh as others.

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Fighting Rules

Disobeying the rules will get you Blacklisted after three warnings.

1. No god-moding, or any such stuff. I really shouldn't have to say this.

2. You will only be allowed to use what you state on your character profile in battle. If you do not claim that your character has such and such magic attack, they cannot use it.

The AMP (Anti Munch Project) Rules

Anti Munch Project Terms

The Original AMP Rules

Especially annoying when using NPCs, as NPCs don't get to argue about munch.

A: Three hundred seventy of my trained assassin gymnasts crest the hill, sight you, and rush toward you.

B: Luckily, I have three hundred sixty-nine bullets in my chain gun! I quickly mow them all down, each taking a single bullet to the head, and peg the last one with a rock in the sternum.

Far, far too prevalent. They try to carry something from one RP into another, just because they're in the same sub-forum.

A: Given that this RP's technology base is medieval, I happily drive my cart to the market to buy some maggot-ridden meat.

B: Too late! I already got there in my Gundam and blew up everything with my insanely overpowered weapons! And don't start whining, because my Gundam's already pre-approved in the "This Is Not a Medieval Technology Base RP" thread.

Baghdad Bobbit:
An advanced (or is that "degraded"?) form of Puppetmaster and Aimbotter combined. These people soon become bored of anybody with a lick of skill, and wander off in a huff because the RP will take too long for their precious, precious time.

A: I fire at the stationary target, hitting twice but missing with my remaining four rounds.

B: I get tired of your realistic RPing style and poke you in the neck, collapsing your trachea. You die writhing in torment.

Boa Constrictor:
Threads that have a long list of rules that prevent any characters except their own from roleplaying in that thread. No example will be given here, since that would be suggesting rules that shouldn't be used at all, and used separately these rules would be fine.
Boa Constrictors most commonly like to ban most forms of magic, guns, NPCs, technology, 'special' abilities etc. The result is, as I said, a thread in which very few characters can venture.
I do emphasise that threads should have whichever rules they want, within fairness to other roleplayers. Lists of rules which prevent too much are too, let's face it, n00bish.

Not exactly munch, per se, but it does get annoying. They manage to turn seemingly coherent RP into a mad ramble about totally unrelated things. Which is not to say that adding a little insight in the middle of an RP is bad; but try to make it only a few lines, three at the most, as anything else just distracts from the current events taking place.

A: In the middle of the intense shootout, I dash across the narrow alley, ducking and weaving in hopes to avoid getting hit. I'm unsuccessful; two bullets peg me in the shoulder, throwing me back into a Dumpster.

B: The bullets make me think back to my days as a youth, when I had to melt down tin soldiers to use as musket balls against the Redcoats... or was it redskins? I can't remember. Anyway, I had to walk uphill all three ways to school and back, running from glaciers all the while. It was torture, lemme tell ya. And then there's the story of how I met my first wife...

Gaseous Snake:
A combination of McFly and Lucky Irishmen. They will often attempt to alter the RP right after the fairly playing RPer has made a post that will see the Snake's demise. They are not, however, as desperate as McFlys in what they change.

A: I walk to the door and open it.

B: Being a fellow with a bit of foresight, I hooked that doorknob to a car battery an hour ago. You're thrown across the room.

A rather broad term, basically covering a character/roleplayer who can overcome any situation. They will often have flashy powers, ignore just about anything you say and do, and somehow manage to be completely unaware of their own unfairness (otherwise known as stupidity).

A: Now that you're strapped to the end of a naval cannon, I fire it.

B: Whoosh! I nimbly dodge, somehow forgetting the fact that I'm restrained by three-hundred-pound chain!

These are intensely annoying for thread creators. They are often members of that thread, also. These are the people that take over a thread they are roleplaying in, and either add things in, or perform actions that affect everyone roleplaying in the thread.
(Real example)

A: Ok! Our base is under attack and we have to defend it!

B: *Goes and activates the base's self destruct* Everybody run you have three minutes!

So named after such things as the xenomorphs from Aliens, the Klendathu bugs from Starship Troopers (which both use hives), and the teeming hoardes they generally are. These hoardes are always fearless, tireless, will battle until dead, and quite often have some excessive weapons and/or armour. Alternate names are Beehivers or Ants.
Basically, it's the guys who have too many NPCs.

A: *He silently approached the enemy position, knowing himself to be outnumbered yet confident enough in his ability*

B: *The camp was over ten thousand strong and each man was alert and ready, watching the perimeter for intruders*

Most likely people attempting to emulate Solid Snake or some other cheesy spy-novel hero. They never run out of weapons or ammo, or anything else that leads to them being victorious.

A: You're all out of ammo for all five of your Ingram submachine guns. Since you're buck-naked, I know I can now safely step into the open and begin returning fire.

B: Ha! Little did you know, I have twelve shuriken hidden within my pubic hair!

Declining in numbers now, these will alter situations (and usually first posts) drastically to give them an advantage in roleplay.

A: Ha! Now that the force field is down, I run inside your evil lair!

B: Um... um... there's also a super-secret second force field which causes you to die instantly! I just didn't say anything about it because... um... I had to do my laundry! Not because I just thought of it now! Honestly!

Not a lot of those running around here, thank goodness... that's more of a DnD-style paper game issue. Their own strength:weakness ratio is off the charts.

A: I've successfully broken into the facility which gave you your incredibly 1337 power armor. Now I pull up the file on it. What does it say about weak points?

B: The metal of my armor is... um... allergic to praying mantis urine.

Miss Cleo:
They use Out of Character knowledge to their own advantage.

A: ((OOC: There's a secret switch hidden in the lamp.))

B: I suddenly think to myself-- why not check the lamp for hidden switches? Call me now for your free reading!

The people who quite readily attack others' threads, but then stop all attacks on their own thread.

A: They attacked us! Let's go and get them!

B: *Deletes any posts related to an attack and/or bitches to a moderator*

Oblivious Oaf:
People who don't explain how what they are using, works. Now this is fine to an extent; you're not expected to know the exact functioning procedure for a gravity-spewing railgun, but at least give a vague idea behind the mechanism because at times it can help your opponent to formulate an adequate response.

A: Haha my ultra shield deflects any projectile weapon

B: ((Dude, how does that work? I need some info))

A: ((Ahhhhh uhhhhhh.......it....uses......some... weird substance... that like... does something... and then it like... just deflects all projectiles! ))

Luckily rare. (And no relation to me. I think) They manage, somehow, to be completely contradictory in their posts.

A: I'm a farmer with a shotgun.

B: I'm a black hole which emits blinding pulses of visible light!

Another overly common occurrence. They basically take control of others' characters, often to extremes. It is usually ok to make tiny little changes to another person's character; for example if your own character launches a fireball at a tree, it is safe to assume that other characters will probably watch the tree get hit, and thus you can comment on that.
Depending upon the extent to which they puppetmaster, this is not necessarily a form of munching.

A: I step carefully into the room, peering around for occupants.

B: Suddenly a dragon pokes you in the eye. You run screaming from the room, whereafter you go home, make a pickle sandwich, and call your mother to cry about how she ruined your life.

They can magically 'spawn' anything. Having a character which can retreive things from pocket dimensions is not an excuse, unless said pocket dimension has a previously listed inventory which can be checked.

A: My character is wearing a form of armour only vulnerable to a drop of water from a holy well in South Dakota.

B: *He pulls out the vial of water from a holy well in South Dakota* "I don't know why I always carried this, but I knew it would come in useful one day."

Another prevalent problem. They are akin to a McFly, but rather than trying to be an a*****e OOC, they try to be one IC instead. Their characters change their mind, thus causing an annoyance, but not necessarily munching.

A: You chose the blue pill? Ooh, tough luck.

B: Red! I said red!
Don't go pulling that "I can read your previous post" mind game crap, either!

Shoe elf:
Pretty obvious.

A: ((OOC: Well, gotta go to bed. Big neurosurgery test tomorrow.))

B: Ho, ho, ho! Now that the loser's gone to bed, I can strap his character to a cross and peg him with rotten fruit!

One of the worst we have to deal with.

A: I walk to the door and step outside.

B: Suddenly, twelve men grab you, carry you off to my secret lair in Tibet, and torture you for weeks. When you finally die from the agony, we bury you in the frozen wastes. Hundreds of years later, arhcaeologists discover your frozen body and try to determine if you're another Lucy.

The knowledge downloaders, the omniscient Billy Joe-Bobs. [Also known as Zoicites]

A: My character was raised by a gang leader in the harsh conditions of a slum. From this, he learned to wield small firearms fairly effectively and has limited driving abilities.

B: My character was born on a remote jungle island and can fly or drive anything and use any gun with perfect aim.

Sometimes allowed in certain RPs. If the RP isn't specifically about invincible deities and such, a simple rule is that if the strengths aren't counterbalanced with relatively equivalent weaknesses (or if the reasoning behind the phenomenal cosmic powers isn't eloquently and appropriately explained), you're dealing with a twink.

A: A punch coming, eh? Well, seeing as you're a seven-year-old child and I'm riding in a twenty-meter mecha, I won't bother dodging.

B: Fooled you! I have the power to DESTROY EVERYTHING when I punch it! I'm just like an X-Man, and therefore require you to suspend all logic when RPing with me! Oh, and I have the power to steal your girlfriend, too.
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Fighting Arenas

In order to determine who gets to choose the battlefield, one, six sided dice must be rolled by both combatants. The highest number gets to choose. In an event that both challengers roll the same number, they must roll again. After three rolls with the same number, I will get to choose what battlefield that we will fight upon.

-This battlefield consists of a vast forest located over a field of wide, level elevation, the trees varying in size and species. It is early Spring and vibrant blossoms adorn the trees. To the Eastern border of the forest is a rocky, mountainous cliff-side overlooking the lush green sea of leaves.

-This battlefield lies on an immense lake, frozen over from the past Winter. As Winter begins to fade to Spring, the ice is weakened, however still thick enough to balance and maneuver with caution. The terrain is slippery and unstable, often breaking into smaller and smaller blocks the less combatants exercise caution in their actions.

-This battlefield consists of a rolling plains area. The elevation is relatively level, completely surrounding the arena. Short trees and shrubs are sparsely laid across the landscape. The lush grass reaches to the lower-shin of the combatants and sways freely in the wind. The arena is a favored area for grazing animal’s herds.

-This battlefield lies deep within a labyrinth of volcanic caverns. Large stone stalactites line the roof of the caverns, as well as stalagmites on the ground. Sparse remnants of abandoned mining operations are visible. Tremors and minimal eruptions often interrupt battles, adding to the danger risked by the combatants.

More Arenas Coming Soon!!
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Openings for Employment. Employee's needed!

The Following is a list of the opening's for Employment at the Tavern.

(1.) Barkeeps/Wait Staff: (6 Positions Available...Night and Day Shifts) Requirements: Need to be Friendly, Prompt, and get drink orders right.

(2.) Entertainers: (2 Positions Available..Night and Day Shifts) Requirements: Be able to entertain! Also, need to be good with a crowd and Friendly.

(3.) Guards/Bouncers: (6 Positions Available...Night and Day Shifts) Must Pass Screening Test.

(4.) Cooks: (5 Positions Available...Night and Day Shifts) Requirements: Needs to be able to cook and be friendly as well.

As a side note right now, if you are going to be working for me you are required to post no less that 5 times a week IC (in character) and be active as well. If you cannot follow this one simple rule, your position will be stripped from you and given to someone else. Thank you.
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Current Employees of the Tavern

Current list of Employees

Death Unknown

General Manager:

Assistant General Manager(s):

Bar Manager:

Assistant Bar Manager(s):

Head Barkeeps:

Barkeeps/Wait Staff:

Head Bouncer:





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Tavern Description


Heaven may be running on empty yet the devil rides

About Planet Ragnarok

Planet: Ragnarok

Position in system:

Diameter (km): 12,104

Rotation Period (hours): 12 (length of day and night)

Atmosphere: 37% Oxygen, 59% Hydrogen, 3% Radon, 1% Trace Gasses

Inhabited: Yes

Sentient Life: Yes

About Battle Tower Ragnarok & the Dark Castle


User Image

Location: Middle of a mountainious region on the planet Ragnarok.
Area cleared around the tower: 30 miles
Name: Battle Tower Ragnarok
Height of tower: 200 stories high
Tower Description: Picture posted at the top of the page.
Tower Defenses: Ok, to start things off first we are going to talk about the power sources for the tower and its surrounding elements that need some kind of power in order to be operated the way that they are. There are two main sources of energy that run through the base and the tower itself and they are electricity and plasma. The electricity is used to power and operate the rotating gun turrets that are placed on the wall along with the electrical fence that sits atop the walls and the entrance doors to the compound. The spotlights that are located on each and every guard tower are also powered by electricity. The only things that are capable of harnessing the power of the stable plasma are the weapons that are plasma based along with the invisible high density plasma E.M.P. dampener shield that covers the whole entire tower. The E.M.P. dampener shield allows any E.M.P. activity directed towards the tower not to disrupt any electrical systems within the fortress itself.

Located in the middle of the floor on the first floor inside of the control room, is a plasma ion generator that powers the whole entire tower itself. The generator gets its energy from the sky as it collects and harnesses the power of positive and negative ions, which it then turns into plasma. Surrounding the generator and all the way up to the top of the tower is a chamber that was made to hold the ions and keep them from running wild around the inside of the tower. As the ions run through the chamber and to the generator, halfway down they are sent through a stabilizing process so that the generator can process them and turn them into plasma energy, which can then be used for any form of energy. Underneath the tower there is 6 different rooms with the same kind of generator within the tower itself.

Next to these generators are large turbines that are constantly running due to the electricity that is being brought to them via the tower generator. 3 of these underground generators are constantly running the defenses of the base, while the other three are on standby. The reason that they are on standby is because in case of a power failure or outage of one of the three running generators, their power can be transferred over to the standby generators and turbines via a series of high density power lines that are capable of carrying the amount of voltage necessary to do the transfer.

At the very top of the spire there is a helicopter pad that holds 2 Black Hawk’s and 2 Apache Helicopters. On the four sides of the spire that stick out, there are a set of rail guns that are placed 20 yards apart starting from the top of the spire all the way down to the bottom of it. Half way up the spire on the four sides that are protruding and under the rail guns, there is a large bay door. Behind these bay doors are where a series of assault mechs and gundam are kept. This is also where they are repaired at and go for armor fitting and restocking. Each bay can hold up to 4 mechs and/or gundams. The tower is protected is by a series of other base defenses that will be established below in the defenses area.

Underground Facilities
This underground facility is 4 miles x 4 miles and includes the following. There are also only two entrances into this underground facility. Also is the room that is 1 mile x 1 mile and this is where all dark matter relations are taken care of. Each factory is operated by a cold fusion generator and two sets of turbines. In a days time of 24 hours each plant produces the number of each type of variants.

1 dark matter processing plant- 500 chips & 100lbs of dark matter
User Image
20 gundam factories- 200 varied gundams
20 aircraft factories- 200 varied aircraft
20 mech factories- 200 varied mechs
20 armor factories- 200 varied armors
20 siege factories- 200 varied artilleries
20 war factories- 200 varied war vehicles

Hell burns by angel turns her pillow to the cooler side

Heaven may be running on empty yet the devil rides

Ragnarok's Defense System

Defensive & Offensive Walls

Location: The perimeter of the base
Sections: 4
Height of the walls: 30 feet high
Formation of the walls: Square
Length of walls per section: 1 mile long
Composition of walls: Non-conductive metals that are adamant and reinforced with 5 feet of lead.
Wall defensive operations: At the top of the walls is a series of metal barbed wires that are interconnected with each other and then electrified with 3,000,000 volts of pure electric energy. Located on each section of the wall and spaced exactly 30 yards from each other are armored, 360 degree rotating turrets that can shoot in all directions. These turreted gatling guns are never open to friendly fire. Standing at the four entrances to enter the base fortress are 2 30 foot tall heavy assault mechs.

Defensive & Offensive Double Air locked Doors

Location: In the exact middle of each walled section.
Doors per wall: 2
Doors altogether: 8
Height of the double doors: 25 feet high
Composition of the double air locked doors: Made of non-conductive metals that are adamant and reinforced with 20 feet of lead.
Double Air locked door defenses and operations: Just like the walls the double air locked doors have a series of metal barbed wires that are electrified with 3,000,000 volts of pure electric energy. The only way to get into these doors is by confirmation from one of the four guard towers that is on opposite sides of both the doors. These four guard towers are the same exact height as the wall itself.

Guard Towers

Locations: Corners of the walls and 4 placed at each set of double airlocked door
Number of Towers: 20
Height: 30 feet
Distance from each other: Unknown
LOS (Line Of Sight): 200 yards
Armor Infrastructure: Titanium nickel alloy steel
Armor Outer Structure: Various metallurgic, adamant materials, and reinforced with 10 feet of lead
Personnel: 3
Weapons: 3 pair of binoculars, 3 Beretta M92F/FS (M9 Pistol), 1 M88 .50 PIP Sniper Rifles, 1 M-14 Sniper Rifles, and 2 AT4 Anti-Tank Rockets.
Power Source: Electric
Misc: 2 2 million watt halogen spotlights


Locations: 25 yards out from the walled perimeter
Number of Bunkers: 24
Depth in Ground: 5 feet
Distance from each other: 30 yards
LOS (Line Of Sight): 100 yards
Armor Structure: Various metallurgic, adamant materials, and reinforced with 10 feet of lead
Number of ports: 2
Personnel: 2
Weapons: 1 pair of binoculars, 2 .50 caliber machine guns, 2 AT4 Anti-Tank Rockets, 2 Ingram SMG Series, 2 Colt M16 Rifles/M4 Series, and 2 Colt Government M1911A1.
Power Source: None

Main Control Room

Floor: 1st
Room: Main Control Room
Infrastructure: The walls are made from various metallurgic and adamant materials, and are reinforced with 50 feet of thick solid lead.
Personnel: Unknown
Inside Defense System: When entering the doors to the control room you must present a retinal scan of your right eye and a complete scan of your right hand for identification purposes and safety measures. Once inside there are motion detectors setup in the corners of the main hallway as well as in the main room and the secondary armory. The room on the right is the main control room and the room on the left is a secondary armory. In the main hallway, a motion detected sensor laser makes complete rotations of 360 degrees every 5 minutes. It also has a video surveillance camera attached to it that is invisible to the naked eye.
It will only fire if the control room, the main armory, and the secondary armory are broken into without authorized access If it is shot at or senses an intruder, it will give the person a warning, before the whole base is placed on lockdown. The main control room has 10 mainframe computers that are all connected to one large server. There is a 100 foot by 100 foot wide screen panel built into the far right northern wall and is offset by 10 smaller screens which as act as surveillance cameras, a radar system, motion sensor scanners, defense grid system, and other various signals.
Power Source: Plasma and Electric

Floor: 2nd
Room: First and Secondary Armory (stationed right across from each other)
Infrastructure: Same as 1st floor
Personnel: None
Inside Defense System: Same as the main control room
Power Source: Electric

Located on various parts of the land within the walls are Anti-Air batteries and a series of SAM sites to destroy any and all enemy air attacks. Also located on various parts of the island are 10 underground missile silos, each one holding one missile. All missile silos are always on standby.
Silo 1: One Class A fully armed Nuclear Warhead
Silos 2 & 3: One fully armed 20 megaton Thermonuclear Warhead
Silos 4, 5, & 6: One fully armed Electromagnetic Pulse Warhead
Silos 7 & 8: One fully armed Class A MIRV (Missile Interception Reentry Vehicle)
Silos 9 & 10: One fully armed Class A THAAD Missile (Theater High Altitude Area Defense Missile)

Located 50 yards east away from the battle fortress is a series of 7 different runways and 7 different hangars each housing a different set of aircraft. Each hangar corresponds with each runway. There are also 2 different helicopter pads supporting two different types of helicopters.

Hangar & Runway 1: Six B-2 Stealth Bombers, M1097 Avenger, and a RQ-1 Predator.
Hangars 2-6 & Runways 2-6: A squadron of 6 F-14s.
Hangar 7 & Runway 7: Six F-22s.
Helicopter Pad 1: 2 Black Hawk Helos
Helicopter Pad 2: 2 Black Hawk Helos
Helicopter Pad 3: 2 Apache Helos
Helicopter Pad 4: 2 Apache Helos
Helicopter Pad 5: 2 Apache Helos

Located 1 mile offshore is a large battle sea lab that houses a large naval fleet and has its own defense system.

Armored Vehicle Facility

Location: 50 yards north away from the battle fortress
Personnel: Unknown
Infrastructure and outer structure: Non-conductive metals that are adamant and reinforced with 5 feet of lead.
Power source: Electrical
Defenses: 4 sentry guns and 4 anti air batteries

Hummers without weapons: 8
Hummers with 50 .cal machine guns: 8
Trucks: Unknown
Ammunition Trucks: Unknown
Bulldozers: Unknown and various
Cranes: Unknown and various
Mining Equipment: Unknown and various
Patriot Missile Vehicles: 6
MFB's (Mobile Field Base Units): 15 (travels in groups of 3) The Mobile Field Base is a combination electronic command center and field repair facility. With extended storage and transport capability, it is the ideal companion for any unit operating behind enemy lines.

The Dark Castle Defenses

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Located on the right side of the castle there is an air-defense radio tower. There are 4 androids that run this tower. This is where the mechs check in where they get commands from, and one of the other places where they are tracked from. The missile silos can also be controlled from here as well as the tower. The tower is 15 stories high and has an air defense radar system that sits on top of it. The radar will pick up the slightest movement of any and everything. If this tower were ever destroyed, everything that the tower controlled could be controlled from within the castle in one of the five hidden secret rooms.

Along side of the dark castle were a series of different defenses for the castle itself. The castle was composed of a highly non conductive adamant metal and were reinforced with 100 inches of lead. On the outside of the castle the perimeter is marked by 12 anti-air missile launcher pods, three on each side. They are placed 20 yards from each other and 40 yards from the castle. These are not your normal average anti-air guns, in fact they have 6 launcher pods which hold 6 heat seeking scatter shot missiles. The way that these missiles work, is that once a heat source has been located and the targets coordinates sent to the main computer of one of the six pods the missile is launched. Once it gets a distance of 5-10 yards from the target, a front casing drops off of it as a series of steel balls are shot from it, acting like a claymore. After the steel balls are shot from it, it continues to follow its target until it gets close enough to either strike the target head on or at least clip it. Once this happens the scatter shot missile explodes into the target. These launcher pods can be used for either or land targets.

Located in between each anti-air missile launcher pod and near the corners of the castle, there are 15 energy powered prism towers. These towers get their energy via the underground energy storage facility and they have a line of sight for 500 yards. These towers stand 25 feet high and are highly effective and highly efficient as well. As the enemy nears the base, the towers let loose from the tops of them a devastating and chaotic particle beam. These particle beams can cut through almost every and any kind of armor. The towers can also be linked together to form a massive and powerful beam that can be directed at one individual target, but if the towers are not being linked together, they can take out individual targets independently. Even if one prism tower is destroyed the effectiveness of the particle beams does not change and neither does the linkage.

Built into the walls of the castle there are 3 rows of three types of weapons systems. These rows and weapons would be placed on all four walls of the castle and they are retractable to move in and out of the sides of the castle. The first and top row would contain 6 .50 caliber high velocity gatling guns. These gatlings guns could move in an up and down motion and side to side motion. The slugs that are used in these high velocity gatling guns were specialized .50 caliber slugs. Not only were they made of depleted uranium and were armor piercing as well, but they were also composed of medium trace amounts of dark matter. Once the bullet proceeded beyond the armor it would rest inside the target and within 5 seconds of resting it would start to collapse in on itself as it started to destructively compact its target until it was absolutely nothing at all.

The second row would consist of 6 heavy large diamond cutter laser cannons that could pierce through any kind of armor, had a maximum effective range of 800 yards. These bad boys were powered by 2 300XL power plants. The laser beam would travel at 5000 feet per second and would sear and tear through anything that was in its way including anything that was reinforced with any amount of thickness of lead. If all 6 laser cannons were to be concentrated in one area they could generate heat equivalent to the sun and whatever the 6 beams hit at once would not stand a chance.

The last and finally bottom row would consist of 6 heavy ballistic gauss rifle cannons that fired 100 rounds per second in short bursts. Just like the .50 caliber high velocity gatling guns, these cannons ran on 2 300XL power plants and had the capability to fire up and down and from side to side. If all 6 cannons were aimed at the same target in the same area, they could easily take it down with no problem at all. When fired at different areas of the same target they would prove to still be effective, but would take more time to bring it down.

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<Quadrant Admiral Nitemare>

Ragnar Quadrant
2 stars
27 Planets
7 Inhabitable Planets
1 Neutron Star
1 Repair Station

Repair Stations: Ragnar-Zeta 15

Space Battle Fleet
Ark Royal- Class Escort Battle Cruiser
Battle Cruiser Daedalus
Battleships- Dogma, Fenrir, Ithica, and Omega
Northampton- Class Stealth Frigate
Oberth- Class Space Destroyer
Space Station Toxic Waste

On Surface Battle Fleet

B-2 Stealth Bombers
Black Hawk Helos
M1097 Avenger
RQ-1 Predator
Apache Helos
F-15C Active

Armored Personnel Carriers

Yellow Jacket
Sinister Urge



Heavy Dark Angel Ostego Undead


Harasser Missile Tank
Bulldog Medium Tank
Striker Light Tank

Hell burns by angel turns her pillow to the cooler side
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Tri Alliance
The Von Helson Elite Guard
Von Helson Elite Guard Theta - Alpha Complex: Our Business is Retribution
Von Helson Elite Guard - Doomed Ruins: City of Sins
The Order of Gaian Commanders
The S.K.A. (Sadistic Killers Associated)
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