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Jacklyn Cross

Stepping out of the cab, the woman pays and exchanges a few words with the bored cabby. "So, this is the number I can reach you at if I need a ride out of here?"

"Thass righ', Lady." He slurs, staring at her chest.

Rolling her eyes, the woman steps back and slams the cab door. Watching the disgusting man turn around and drive away, the short haired brunette looks up at the Inn before her. Yes... she was sure the answers that she needed would be found here. Glancing back at the vanishing yellow cab, she shakes her head.

"I'd rather be wrong and stay the night rather than have to call on that guy again..." Walking up to the front, she pauses. There were many kinds of energies in this place... what was going on here? Becoming dizzy for a moment, the woman gives her head a shake. No! This was no place to be weak.

Smiling, she runs her fingers over the "S.I." on the side of her bags. She would find her this time... after so many many tries. "Don't worry, Papa. I'll find her."
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Fashionable Lunatic

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Yawning the blue haired man came downstairs wearing a light green shirt and khaki dress pants. Running a hand through his hair he then adjusted the tie of his katana, smiling to himself as he went into the lounge and looked around, seeing someone out on the porch through the window.

With a smirk he went into the kitchen and began to cook up a meal for himself, the smell of cooking steak and roasting potatoes sure to lure the person inside. With those cooking he made to boil some corn on the cob. Just in case the new person was also hungry he prepared enough for two, then cracked open the kitchen window.
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Jacklyn Cross

Lifting her head, the woman hears a window open. A person! So there was life around here. She hadn't noticed the smell of food... she was more interested in the people here. Picking up her bags again, the woman hurries inside. Pausing in the Lounge, she turns in a full circle... yes. Yes the spirit vapors she had tracked all the way here was all over this place.

Grinning wide, the woman goes into the bar area next. This part was much less traveled... but honestly, why would any spirit care to be around food and drink? For most that would just be a sad reminder of what they could no longer have... Setting her bags on the floor at the bar, the woman takes a seat.

Her grin fades slowly to a small frown. Whoever was here, was not in this room. But she was unwilling to explore further... this was a place of business, and who knew who far customers were allowed to go?

After a small mental debate, she clears her throat... her voice held an odd accent. "Allo?"
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Fashionable Lunatic

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Hearing a voice he smiled to himself and pushed out the door, his meal in hand. He'd left the extras in the kitchen as to avoid seeming presumptuous. "Hello hello! Welcome to the Rosewood Saber! What can I get you miss?" Sebastian looked over to the young woman and smiled, setting his plate down and picking at his potatoes.

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Jacklyn Cross

Giving a bright charming smile, the woman's large hazel eyes fix the man with a firm stare. "Allo! I was wondering. Is this place haunted, per chance?" ... ever straight to the point. "I'm looking for someone, but they're not alive. You see." Even if he said no, the woman would stick around... there was a chance she would see her herself, or that someone else had. Not everyone could.

Upon smelling the food, there was a rumble in her stomach. However, her expression did not waver. It was as if the woman hadn't noticed at all... which was close to the truth. She had just barely noticed it.
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Fashionable Lunatic

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Her question brought a brow up as he looked around a moment. Rubbing the back of his neck the man mused to himself a moment, being sensitive to such things he was surprised he didn't see anything. "I've felt the presence of a few beings, but I can't see them. So I'd say yes." He replied, then began to cut up his steak and had a few bites.

"You another exorcist?" Sebastian inquired curiously, though she didn't look the part, he knew that appearances could be deceiving.
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Jacklyn Cross

Clapping her hands together, the woman grins brightly. "Excellent! I'm sure she's-" She stops and seemed to freeze at his question. Her grin fades and is replaced by an emotionless stare. "No. I don't care much for them. Most don't take the time to discern between a harmless spirit and some rampaging BEAST." Crossing her arms, the woman leans back in her seat and closes her hazel eyes.

"I'm looking for my sister. She's 21 years older than I am... but should only look 19 or so..."
Shaking her head, she lifts her eyes back to the man, smiling brightly once more. "Could I possibly get a raspberry blackberry lemonade? If you have any, that is."
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Fashionable Lunatic

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He nodded understandably. "I see, well the one around here is a good man, please don't get too upset should you encounter him. I see him talking to thin air on occasion. At least when he isn't studying beneath that Angel woman who's around." Upon hearing her request for a rather strange type of lemonade he grinned.

"I don't have any, but I'm sure I can whip some up." Nodding he took another bite of his steak and went into the kitchen. It wasn't long before he returned and set down the beverage before her. "I wish you the best of luck in your search. I'm Sebastian, if you need anything else just ask."
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Jacklyn Cross

Nodding, the woman leans against the counter, her eyes roaming the area. An exorcist, huh... well. As long as he didn't try to get rid of her sister just because of what she was... she would have no problem with him. "Thank you." Hearing his name, she nods.

"My name is Jacklyn. Jacklyn Cross. Of Spiritus Incorporated." She laughs, reaching up toe fluff the back of her short, dark brown hair. Her face held scars... but Jacklyn couldn't care one bit less. "Do you know if there is available lodging? I would rather not have to call that Cabby again to get back into town... he was a vile little man."
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"Pleasure Jacklyn, and yes, there should be. Thing is, I don't have the keys. The Owner does and he's been rather busy with his children lately." Sebastian replied apologetically, though personally he was a touch irked, having been unable to get a hold of Andrew thus far to remedy this little problem. Sure the man might have trust issues, but Sebastian had been around for quite some time now, and hoped this might garner some points as far as handling larger jobs was concerned.

"The couches are open to all though, if you need anything to make yourself more comfortable, please just ask. I'll do everything in my ability to take care of your needs."
Damion handed the man money. The man checked the money and then nodded before handing him some keys. Then he walked away and Damion was the proud new owner of a house. But this wasn't just any house. This was a house in the little trade stop where the Rosewood Inn was located and it just happened to have a clear line of sight to the tavern.

It was too far away to be any kind of use for direct intervention but it would do for observation. He didn't think there would be any need to lob shells at the building. No, he was here for Dreamer. He knew Dreamer had friends so some passive observation of those who visited seemed justified. Damion did not know that Cloud and his buddy were in the area, though.

It took a couple hours to set up the servailance gear. That consisted of a simple camera with a good ability to zoom in over long ranges, another with night vision, a digital recorder and modem to access the Internet by. The OP would dump its findings into the SOFT database for safe keeping.

Then Damion decided he was famished and that he would visit the tavern.

He parked his Humvee at the tavern and hopped out, then swaggered through the enterance. He was dressed in camo fatigue pants, olive drab shirt and a much loved jacket that looked to be made out of leather. It did a lot to compliment his muscular bulk, making him look rather imposing. He wore a pair of fingerless black gloves over his hands and some heavy boots that looked to have seen a lot of action over the years. Aside from that, the only other really telling bit of clothing was a ring on his right hand and a jade bracelet on his left wrist.

Clothing aside, Damion also came armed and apparently wasn't worried who saw it. Holstered on his right thigh was a very, very large device that looked vaguely like a pistol. It was actually a light magazine fed shotgun. Opposate of that was a great dagger in a shieth that looked celtic in design. The way he carried himself suggested he didn't need them anyway.

There was one more thing that went with him and that was resting on his shoulder. It was a small creature, barely as big as an average cat with antique golden skin and eyes that seemed to dance between deep forest green and royal blue. It looked very much like an exceptionally small dragon with its tail wrapped around the back Damion's neck.
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The woman rolled over onto her side, her elbow curled over her face. The sun was up high in the air again. Did these windows ever have any shade? A quick hiss and she was starting to push herself up. Same room again, she felt like she was trapped in here for weeks, even though it had been a few days. The hang over she had from feeding from Cloud was making her a lovely headache to start of her lazy morning. Steele eyes wandered over to the corner of the room, quite the gentlemen he was for being a p***k. Dreamer smiled at Cloud for a minute, at least while he was asleep she could stand him. After their talk the other night she was still feeling a little bitter about him.

Her feet leaned on the floor, toes stretching across the cold wood. "********.." She murmured to herself, cracking her neck and knuckles next. It seemed she was stuck in the same clothes, she knew she had to go back to the Underworld to get more. Dreamer slipped on her pants, considering a black T-shirt and her underwear had been her night clothing. She bit her lips as she sneaked past him, trying hard not to make a noise as she slipped on her combat boots. Dreamer looked in the mirror for a moment, pulling her hair into a high pony tail, the pivoting to grab her weapons next. Though usually she would bee seen with two, a third one leaned against the wall. She pinned the two to her sides and held onto the third one. "Nice to see you again Bliss." Kanami had made sure to pick it up for her. Dreamer didn't quite explain to Cloud she might be on the verge of getting mauled by Damion.

Just in case the fight arose the extra weapon was nice to have. She was old fashioned with the blades, she didn't favor any firearms, except when absolutely having to make them. Again she sneaked across the room, leaning her hand on the door, she looked at him once more. "I'm sorry.." She whispered, after hearing his story she didn't want Cloud to get involved. Even though she knew when he was going to wake up, he would not be happy. Something was downstairs, maybe Sebastian? Dreamer never really got to apologize to him, taking a breath she decided to head down and see what it was, what she saw made her freeze. There was no hiding from him, no ducking, he'd know. Dreamer stood in the doorway and stared at him for a moment. "I see you'd finally made your way here."

✖ D R E A M E R ✖
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Hilarious Prophet

>Some things, just never die.<

A soft glow started to merge out of the dark eluded corner as the young looking thin figure stares silently, a chilling, fleeting feeling arose inside of him, seeming to stir from his core.
He spoke out quietly as to not cause any attention to himself as he stared at a man who now has entered the building, his fleeting feeling must be derived from this being, that was so well equipped. He could do nothing but stare, keeping note of his entire movements, but suddenly his attention was distracted only slightly as his gaze shot to Dreamer who had a very shocked looking expression on her face.

There was something strangely interesting about this, but he felt it best not to interact, and watch.
He clutched Clouds sword closely to him, gripping it with a tense feeling, along with Clouds bag next to him on the couch. He felt it best overall not to do nothing, and let things unfold and wait for Cloud to come down so he can take his opinion on the matter, but this fleeting feeling, nothing could shake it, nothing.

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