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Looking up as he heard someone else shuffle into the bar room his eyes lit up at the sight of a familiar face. "Blodwyn!" He called out, sure he was having a good time chatting it up with Alexei, but she was always more than welcome here.

Waving to her he then went about scooping up the payments that were left scattered about the bar. Returning to his seat by the large bear he kept his gaze on the two of them, though kept an ear out for further orders.

Then came Alexei's mention of Ursa major and minor and he laughed heartily. "Of course! Those are two of the most recognisable constellations in the winter sky. And of course Orion and Cygnus the swan. Then there's Cassiopia the queen in the stars, among many others." Sebastian was very pleased to find someone whom had such an interest in his field of knowledge.


It seemed he'd overlooked someone, and for this he was very apologetic. "Sorry sir, I can't give out rooms. I'm still trying to nail down the owner to fix that."
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Damien Linton

Damien made his way just outside the entrance, giving out a deep sigh, Damien decided to walk out to the river, as he did he noticed an purple animal, well sorta like one, "Hello there." Damien asked out loud

Lost in the unknown. Cursed by the unknown

-(OOC: Horrible post I know, I'm sorry, not feeling the mood to RP at the moment but I'll fight it if you want to rp still. Wow, need to read post carefully, sorry changed it up abit. )-
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There ain't a thing that you can do that's gonna ruin my night
[But there's just something about-]
This dizzy dreamer and her bleeding little blue boy
Licking your fingers like you're done
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The girl woke from a dead sleep eyes filled with blood while jumping nearly three feet in the air from the sound of a gun breaking through the ceiling. A growl rumbled her lips as she fell back on the sofa while turning her gaze to Virgil. "Hair trigger...?!" She stood and shifted herself behind him, poking him in the sides with a scowl on her face. "You woke me...thaaaanks."

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And you've decided there is so much more than me. [Oh]
And baby honestly it's harder breathing next to you--I shake

I brought a gun

and as the preacher tried to stop me-
Hold my heart it's beating for you anyway...
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Just as she was about to head for the door she watched the red packet fall into her hands. Dreamer's eyes lingered to Cloud, "What...so you want me to live off packets? Or is this a once type of thing." She grinned at him. Holding the packet in one hand, she steadied herself to the bed, "Go on, explain...before I find a better reason.. to walk out."

✖ D R E A M E R ✖
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Forcing herself to smile to her friend, the Elf takes a seat. He seemed to be conversing with someone, so the woman just took a moment to relax in her seat. She was becoming stressed again... and usually when that happened, she did something extremely stupid or her health would begin to fail due to not caring for herself properly.

At the moment, she couldn't afford either. The next time she ran into the amateur Voodoo-ist, she needed to do a blood sacrifice. Closing those acidic green eyes, Blodwyn smiles a bit. She could kill for her brother's help about now... but she was also glad that Sebastian had no clue as to what she was planning. The woman would probably get an earful from her friend.
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Misty Naomi Onitsuka

Κάνετε κάθε πράξη της ζωής σας σαν ήταν τελευταία σας.


Misty blinked softly, her fingers drifting through her indigo hair as she looked up at the man. "Hello." She said simply, managing a light smile in the process before glancing back to the river. "Needed some air too?" She asked lightly, her silver eyes glancing back to the man out of the corner of her eye.


Fox Demon Form

Do every act of your life as if it were your last.
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"Orion too was a great warrior from what Alexei understands..." He looked to Sebastian and smiled which was an altogether frightening sight considering his rows of razor sharp teeth. "I respect strength you see?" Alexei laughed as he looked outside and sighed happily. "I think I will have a cigar and make stargaze for now. Za vas Sebastian." Standing to his full height Alexei left the book on the counter for the time being before slipping outside to finally have his smoke.
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Kuronue fixed the blue-haired belatedly polite man with a flat stare. He jerked a thumb at the hole in the ceiling. "You mean to tell me you can shoot holes in the floors, but ya can't pay fer a room?" Voice rose higher with every word, but he calmed with a sharp, sudden breath. Wait. Wasn't worth it, right? Wouldn't work to get kicked out before he'd even landed a bed. Besides, he'd be here soon.

He better be here soon.

"Fine." Kuronue resigned himself to sulking on the countertop in the meantime, chin in hand, sack of gold tightly clutched in the other. He watched patrons disinterestedly, gaze glazed with thoughts of-- other things.
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                                          τøđąxxxxxx xxx xx x x x

                                              ►►►IT'S JUST A PHYSIOLOGICAL REACTION
                                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU CALL THIS LOVE? IT'S ONLY CHEMISTRY

                                                    Toda didn't give two shits about much anything. He was tired, you see. Tired of camping out in the middle of nowhere, confused and perplexed and pretending to be Indiana Jones when, really, he was just that annoying queer guy who belonged in the top apartment, always playing classical music too loud. You know, the guy with the poodle named Snookums and a dozen different allergies. The guy who looks at your girlfriend and thinks, "oh my god that outfit is so last season" rather than "damn, woman, nice tits."

                                                    Yeah. He was that guy, only a bit (though not much) more manly. And a bit homophobic. Closet-case? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. The author sure as hell doesn't. Toda sure as hell isn't revealing, either, too busy storming in after batboy to drop haughtily in the next stool over. That tall form was covered in dust and he needed a bath that didn't result in freeze-your-balls-off river water, fighting the local fish to protect the remaining dignity dangling between legs. Or perhaps, given the temperature of that godawful stream, more along the lines of mercilessly shriveled.

                                                    Clear enough picture? Not quite-- not until you feel his pain. The misery in that stare cast flatly from hazel eyes, fixed through the thin lenses of dingy glasses to rest on Kuronue with all the displeasure of a sopping fat cat not used to being dumped in the bath. Blond hair was everywhere and he'd lost the tie ages ago.

                                                    Somewhere, a monkey was using it a self pleasuring device. Somewhere.

                                                  LOCATION: bar MOOD: displeased

              [[OOC ]]
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When she sat down at the bar Sebastian handed over a bottle of Grey Goose and a glass, knowing that in her usual state she could handle it. "You look like you need some food.." He said to the elf before reaching over and patting her shoulder, then took off into the kitchen to fetch her a steak and a small bowl of fruit.

The chef was oblivious as to her plans, though it might be best if it stayed that way. If he caught wind of Blodwyn putting herself at risk again he was liable to give her that ear full. Returning in time to hear the former bat boy whine he merely rolled his eyes.

"Za vas Alexei!" He called to the Russian bear that left, taking note that the man/bear respected strength.

Setting Blodwyn's food down before her he sighed and leaned against the counter, giving her an apologetic look. "This is on me lovely, don't even think of saying otherwise." He gave her a grin.

OOC: Heads up. I'm crashing after my next post guys. Wish I could stay up but I've a day of pain ahead of me.
Melech couldn't help but snicker to himself as Damio called him stupid. He knew this would be the behemoths reaction, and expected it. But that didn't make his goal any more real. Taking a draw from his rum, he let it slosh around his mouth a moment, before he swallowed, only to look at the glass in mild surprise,

"Hmm...Not bad."

Shaking his head, he turned to look at Damio once more, taking another draw from his rum.

"Its possible though. I've already assimilated two aspects. What's to stop me from acquiring the rest?"

Shifting, Melech spun around in his chair, so his back now faced the bar, setting his glass aside.

"I never said it would be easy, Damio. But admit it, even though a long shot. It is possible."
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Where Toda moodily channeled that angry wet cat beside him, Kuronue was helpless in the grip of that blond-strewn visage, all sharp angles and soft colors, warm skin flushed pink at the edges and begging to be ripped ope-- "About time you showed up." He snapped the thoughts shut with a flash of tongue over decidedly flat teeth, vexed. One leg crossed over another. Tightly. The sack of gold jangled when it dropped into his lap. "I was gonna get the room ready, but the owner's nowhere to be found. Apparently." A quick glower about the room betrayed his disbelief. Maybe the guy just didn't want to serve their kind.

"..." This was the part during an awkward date when you'd order something to drink to lubricate the crawl of time. Instead, Kuronue oozed over the counter after a moment's thoughtful hesitation to retrieve a bottle of something clear and imposing, big letters scrawled on the label in a script he couldn't read.

"Want some?" A sharp grin split that face wide. Too sharp. Too sudden. Too damn hard to get the top of this thing with such shaky fingers. "Dunno when that guy'll be back. Might as well kill some time." And burn some gold while we're at it.
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Rolling his eyes Dreamer attempted to make light of the situation. His left hand rose to the side of his neck, rubbing lightly over the bandage that now covered the wound she had inflicted the night before. He remained standing, glancing to the door, before looking back to her as she mentioned simply walking out if he didn't hurry up.

"You wouldn't make it out the door, Dreamer. Count on it."

He offered her a faint smirk, before he turned, stepping around the chair, out into the open room.

"Best to start from the beginning."

His jacket was off, the Kevlar vest still remained upon his torso. He was now wearing a white t-shirt under neath it and a new pair of pants. Cleaner, so the shade looked darker. His hair seemed mildly damp as well, as if he had taken a shower

Coming to a stop in the middle of the room, he pivoted on a heel to turn around to face her once more. His hand remained over the bandage on his neck, his head slightly leaned to the side, his eyes closed. Inhaling suddenly, he immediately exhaled soon after, opening his eyes to look slightly upward at Dreamer.

"The Cloud you knew before is gone..."

He stopped himself almost immediately, blinking a few times before he shook his head, a light smile forming upon his lips.

"Well...Dead really...."

Wow, that sounded very dramatic. Too dramatic for the reality of it.

"But I'm still... Me. Just in a different...body? In a way."
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Blinking a few times, Blodwyn smiles softly. "Thanks Bassy." Picking up a small piece of fruit, she pops it into her mouth, her eyes on the bar counter. She wasn't sure what to say. But as it was, the Elf was slightly afraid of becoming depressed. She shrugs a bit, her voice soft. "Aspa took her things and left. Don't know why." Refusing to meet his eyes, Blodwyn put another piece of fruit in her mouth.

Trying to distract herself, she watches the bear leave. She smiles and giggles a bit. "That reminds me of a Druid, back in Azeroth. They most commonly like their bear forms... its kind of funny." Reaching for the alcohol, her hand pauses... maybe it was better if she didn't. Not with the state of mind she was in. Bad things usually happened. "Can I get some juice, Bassy?"
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Damien Linton

"Sorta," Damien said to her, then looking up at the night time sky, "Wait a minute....." Damien said to himself, as he dropped his arms, "I'm sorry, something just came up, I'll talk to you later." Damien said to her as his black flame engulfed him and teleported him to his room.

As he got there he quickly went to the videos Aya gave him, shifting through them like a mad man. "Why didn't I see it sooner." Damien said to him, "Needed some air." He simply said.

Lost in the unknown. Cursed by the unknown

-(OOC: Sloppy post is sloppy, sorry but I am slowly passing out I can't RP at the moment )-

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