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"Thank you kindly, I hope to make it in to town later and offer my services for pay, sooner then later I hope."

His eyes watched as the blue hair man reached for the sword at his side. Quickly he moved his hands under his cloak and reached for one of the many throwing knives sheathed against his chest. The blue haired man relaxed and as did he. He said his name was Sebastian.

"My name is Jayde, it is very nice to meet your acquaintance."

From outside he heard squawking and noticed Blodwyn was standing there. He wanted to scope her out first before approaching her. If she was anything like the voodoo priestess he had encountered on his travels, she was to be approached carefully.

"I think I am going to go put my foot up for a bit, mind if I trouble you for some ice?"

He stood up and limped his way toward one of the plump couches. He felt a tug on his spirit. He looked at the Satyr seated next to him. As he limped past her he reached into a small satchel. situated on his back. From out of it he pulled a deck of tarot cards and drew the top one and studied it. He handed it over to the Satyr face up showing a picture of a Grim Reaper cradling the skeleton of a lamb.

"The Cloak. Someone you love is in danger."

He smiled a little, hopefully showing a bit of sympathy and went to go put his foot up.
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Blinking a few times, she turns and looks at the man who just spoke to Saizu... well, he certainly looked a bit off, compared to what usually strolled through. Taking a seat on a stool, the woman waits for a drink, simply watching the man. Her left ear twitches, and Blodwyn turns back to Sebastian. Picking up the drink, she smiles.

"Thanks." Taking a sip, she felt the welcoming rush of alcohol in her system... it was so calming. Muttering softly, her head tips to the side. "I wonder how seeing a window realm portal would be something that was helpful..." Turning her green gaze back on Sebastian, she calls out. "How does it look, Bassy? I figured it should be either tight and short sleeved, or long sleeved and kind of... loose fitting."
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He simply shrugged to her mumbled wonder, he had no idea. Being a human kept things rather simple for him, and he didn't worry about the man any longer.

Looking over the pictures he grinned, "I like it! Could I get both? Tight with short sleeve, and perhaps another loose and long?" Setting the paper down before her once more Sebastian smiled to Blodwyn. "You are wonderfully skilled, I can't wait to try them on."

Then he was off again, fetching a glass of ice and bringing it to the man whom had taken up a seat in the lounge.

Upon his return to the bar room he sighed and looked at the clock. A groan escaped the chef and he sneaked up behind Blodwyn and gave her a hug. "I wish I could drink with ya cutie, but I need my sleep." Grinning he backed off and was running up the stairs before she could turn around and hit him.
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Squinting her eyes at him a little, she smiles and nods. "Next time. Remember that rain check, Bassy!" Picking up the papers, she stretches and sighs softly. Welp, she had shown up late, anyways. That's what Blodwyn got for agreeing to yet another wedding dress commission. "Freaking things take up so much fabric and time... its terrible."

Her eyes roll. Downing the rest of her drink with a shiver, the Elf drops the payment on the counter and stretches. Making a slightly grossed out face at the sound of her spine and back popping in random places, she shudders a bit. Resting her hands on her wide hips, her looks over at the stranger.

"So I hear you were looking for me... well, stick around here, fella. I'll have to pick this up and talk it over with you another night. I have orders to fill, alcohol to drink, and a cranky bird waiting for a nap and a treat." Laughing, she waves and begins to make her way out. "Night!"
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"Aw man. Really?" She asked, leaning over to glance at the card. "In-ter-esting... Those cards...must have the I.Q. of a genius in a goat suit because I don't follow." She said,leaning back before finishing off the rest of the flagon of mead. "Takal..." She started, patting the crow. "I think.... I think I need to go lay down..." She said, before dragging herself up from her seat and stumbling up the stairs to her bedroom. Yep, she'd find the note Drake left and would cling to it while she slept. Boy, did she miss him...

((Ugh. It's so late... night everyone.))
He smiled at Sebastian as he was handed the cup of ice. He unraveled one of the scarves around his leg and wrapped the ice and calmly compressed it against his ankle. Cringing slightly, he sighed as relief spread through his leg. This wouldn't be the first time he has had an ankle injury and it would only take a couple of days to recover. He sighed and reminded himself he needed to be more friendly, usually he wasn't so distant and eccentric, he was just so tired from running. He nodded to Blodwyn as she left.

He shook his head and gathered his thoughts, he needed to figure out why his chi was blocked. How was he going to communicate with the elf girl with out sounding weird or desperate. He didn't want to drag her into his situation, knowing what kind of horror from the circus where following him.
He finally got a hold of himself and reached from his little satchel again. From it he pulled a little black doll. He muttered a few words and a small black spirit arose from the poppet.

This was Machiavelli, a demon he had tamed while touring in Italy.

"Hey Machi, did you see that elf?"

Machiavelli let out a small snicker.
"Boy did I see her, but I was too busy looking at her behind to get a look at her face"

Jayde sighed, Machi could be so crude.

"I need you to visit her in her in her dreams, tell her my predicament, perhaps if she can see my magic and how I come peacefully she'll help us."

"And if I don't?"
Machi snapped back

"You forget, I own you!"
Jayde sniggered

" Good point, sweet, I get to watch her sleep."

Before Jayde could respond, Machi was gone in a poof of smoke. Jayde scanned around hoping no one saw his little friend, or even worse, people didn't think he was talking to himself. Not seeing anyone staring at him, he leaned back and dozed off to sleep, his crystal ball hovering around his head.
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Damien Linton

Lost in the unknown. Cursed by the unknown

-(OOC: Bit long I know, but I think I might want to give Saizu some room only to post on this part. )-

HKO Squads and Vorrik

Damien looked back at the direction of the noise, drawing his sword out, he started to count in his head.
"One, Two." He gives a quiet sigh, "Three, Four." Another quiet sigh, "Five."
He dashed off to the side, taking cover into the shadows of a tree as he heard a slight foot step off to his right.

A small group of men, about six or so, dressed down in milatary grade eqipment, colored black and red and armed with a viriaty of weapons. Walked over into the area where Vol, Aya and Damien were in.

"Check Two, this is Delta, I have no trace of movement or targets." Squad Leader Deltal reported
"Check Four, Bravo here, sensors picked up voice off near your location, Check Three sound be getting into position." Squad Leader Bravo reported back, "Check One, are you in range?" Squad Leader Bravo questioned.
"Check Four, We're here, ready when you are." Squad Leader Aphla reported.

"Men, Signal now." Squad Leader Delta called out as he pulled out a flare gun and shot it up into the air.

As soon as the trigger was pulled Damien's flame wrapped around Damien's body and teleported him behind the Squad Leader Delta, "Wrong move." Damien said behind him as he drew out his sword.
"Huh?" The Squad Leader of Delta said as he turned around. As he turned around Damien plunged his sword into him and teleported once more, with his black flame, to the other member of Delta squad.
"Fire!" One of the men shouted.
Damien lashed his blade apoun the member of Delta, whom he teleported to, then dashing off to the side to avoid the gun fire.

The Guns were blazing toward Damien, but all Damine did was dodge the bullets, dodging to the point where he was slowly moving closer to the remaining four men. Giving a toss of his sword aside, so he could disarm the closest man he got too.

As Damien got right next to another member of Delta squad, he disarmed him then bashed in his neck with the shotgun's butt, then teleported off to the side, to only confuse the enemy.

"Check One, we are under attack, three men are dow-" The member of Delta was cut off by Damien shoot him in the back of his torso from behind.

"Check Three, report!" Squad Leader Aphla demanded, "Check Three!" He shouted into his ear piece, "Damn it, men get to the singal now!" He shouted as he and his troops started to run towards the flared location.
"Check Five, We are heading to Bravo's last known location." Squad Leader Aphla reported in.

"Alpha, find out what happened." Vorrik Demanded, "Men we are moving out," He told them as he made a hand signal towards Bravo's last known location, "Charlie, move in, everyone move in now!" Vorrik demanded all the advalible squads.

As the rest of the other squads made their was Damien took out the last two Delta members, one with a shotgun shot to the knee then a snap of the neck, caused by the force of the butt of the gun hitting his neck, and the other Damien shot in the chest.
"Askil." Damien said in Darnasien tounge; Damien and counting was much of an OCD type of thing when he was fighting, never could stop it.
Damien dropped the shotgun on to the ground, lifting his hand up, "Nisa." He said and his red edge blade, that was a light copper fade to silver, wrapped with pure black material, came into his hand. Once he had the sword in his hand,
he teleported off into the darkness waiting for the rest to show up.

"Check One, this is Bravo, we're here, Delta is gone." Squad leader Bravo said into his ear piece.
"How!?" Squad Leader Alpha stammered his words from shock, "We are HKO's elite special task force, s**t we have Vorrik with us, find him and kill him." Squad Leader Alpha Demanded.
After a moment of Bravo looking around, Charlie showed up, "Take it you guys just got here." Squad Leader Charlie asked Squad Leader Bravo.

"No s**t sherlock." Squad Leader Bravo replied with a smartass remark, "Orders are to find and kill whomever did this."

Damien only took a glimce of the men that just showed up, "12." Damien said to himself quietly and in hush, letting his black flame wrap around him once more, only to teleport in between both of Sqaud Leader Bravo and Charlie.

"The fuc-" Squad Leader Bravo was cut off with Dmaien's blade going into his neck, as Squad Leader Charlie went to bring up his gun, Dmaien kicked out his leg, then pulling the blade out of Squad Leader Bravo's neck and then slashing Squad Leader Charlie's neck open.

When this happened it only seemed like a split second, the speed was almost remarkable, the way he fought was almost at ease.

"Two" Damien said as he telported off to the side once more, only to advoid more gun fire.

"Shoot the son of a b***h!" One of the men from Bravo Squad shouted. Damien quickly brought himself out into the open, to take out a member of Charlie Squad, then moved over to another Bravo member that was next to the, now dead, Charlie member.

Damien impaled the Bravo member to the tree with his sword, then jumped back out of the immendate gun fire that was drawn to him. "Four." Damien said to himself as he teleported to another Charlie member, only to kick out his legs and grab his gun, as Damien did this he use the Charlie member as a human sheild, only to cover from the oncoming bullets.

As the two Bravo members fired at Damien, and his meat sheild, Damien unlaoded the Charlie members gun, into the two Bravo members, "Six." Damien said as he tossed aside the Charlie member he used as a meat sheild on to the ground and unlaoded the rest into him, "Seven." Damien added.

"What the hell is he?" One of teh Bravo members shouted,
"Who cares, just shoot him!" The other Bravo member answer back as he fire towards Damien.

Damien teleported between the two of the Bravo members, crushing in one of the Bravo member's adams apple in, and then kicking out the other Bravo member.
The last three Charlie members started to shoot at Damien, accidentally killing the last Bravo member in the process, but hitting Damien in the leg. Damien teleported off into the shadows, hold his leg, but not making a sound.

"Did we get him?" One of the Charlie members asked the other two, to his left.
"Not sure, but dumbshit, here, killed a member of Bravo." The middle one told the one on his right.
"Meh, he was an a** anyways, should we check in?" The one to the far side of the two, stated.

Damien stuck his hand out, saying. "Nisa." Once more calling his sword to his hand. The moment it touched his hand, Damien teleported behind the three members of Charlie, and with one swing, they all fell down.
"Makil za Fakil" Damien said in Darnasien tounge, once more counting.

Damien looked around the area, bodies everywhere, all of this was done in a matter of minutes. Damien lets out a sigh of relief, "Only two more squads to go," He said to himself, "Why does it, when HKO Special Task Force always have five squads and six men holding each." He said to himself with a sly sarcastic tone.

"For the fact we attack tactically." Squad Leader Alpha said to Damien, with his semi automatic weapon point his him, same with his five other squadmates.
"Who are you?" Squad Leader Alpha replied.

"Why do you care?" Damien asked, not feeling the need to extange names with the man, "Listen," Damien said as he gave a pop of his neck, "I will destroy your organization, if it is the last thing I do." Damien said to him as he pulled up his sword at the Squad Leader Alpha and his squadmates.

"Alright, well just so ya know, we've got guns, men and -" Squad Leader Alpha cut himself off as he took a look around the area, seeing all of the eighteen dead men.

"So did they." Damien said, then engulfing himself in his black flame, only to teleport himself off to the sideof the group. The moment the flame was gone, his sword slashed one more then he jabbed the other in the heart.
After Damien took care of those two he teleported once more to the other side and took out the three off to the side of the Squad Leader Alpha in an instant.

"H-H-How!" Squad Leader shouted as he turned around to see that his men died in a matter of seconds, "W-W-What are you!?" He asked loudly as he started to back up in horror.

The Squad Leader came to a stop after hitting something, "Your organization ruined my life." Damien said to the Squad Leader Alpha, then grabbing him by the back of the neck, lifting him off the ground, Squad Leader Alpha started to squirm, he tried to say something but he voice only letting out sound of choking, "Perish." Damien said simply as he snapped his neck.

Damien lets out a annoyed sigh as he dropped the body, giving a loud thump as it hit the ground. Damien turned around and started to walk away from the bloody mess, then stopped for a moment. "Zakil." Damien said is the Darnasien tongue.

"Boys, go a head and set up everything, emergency evac." Vorrik told Echo Squad as he walked off towards Damien, "My, my, my." Vorrik said to Damien, "You sure as hell made a mess of things," Vorrik said sarcastically as he lifted a member of Delta's arm up from the ground, then dropping it.
"Damien Dante Linton." He said, only to remind Damien of whom he was and still is. "Tell me, did you feel this angry when you butchered you're own son, wife and daughter?" Vorrik asked him with a pop of his shoulders.

"You b*****d!" Damien shouted as he teleported in front of him, swinging his sword at Vorrik, only to come to a complete stop of the blade when it made contact with another.

"b*****d?" Vorrik asked Damien, "Are you blaming me?" Vorrik ased, "Blaming me for letting Opheil take over your body?"

"I'll kill you!" Damien shouted at Vorrik as he pushed harder aginst Vorrik's blade.

"Is that all a Darnasien know, only killing?" Vorrik asked Damien with a twisted laugh.

Vorrik kicks out Dmaien's gun shot leg, throwing him off balance, then kicking in the face, sending Damien to the ground. "Want to see my new toy?" Vorrik asked Damien as he opened his right hand, in his hand was a copper round device, it had a few indents in it and a inner ring, from the looks of it, it looked like it rotated.

"Thanks to me," Vorrik said, "I've adapted a way to allow people such as myself to teleport like a Darnasien." He said with a grin, then placing one of his finger in the indent and turning, the moment his finger pushed down on the copper device he teleported several feet away from Damien, "Now, shall we dance?" He asked Damien.
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Kaji-Mai had spent the entire morning preparing for the task at hand. She had no idea what the young man had done to garner a contract with death, but she did know that if he'd been able to earn the young ghost girls affection that he couldn't be such a horrid spirit.

The situation reminded her of another ghost she'd encountered, back when she herself was just an apprentice to her father. Without thinking she had exorcised the spirit, and was then forced to bring the poor thing back to the realm of the living. It had been a benign ghost whom had not been ready to cross over, the thought made a sad smile cross over her lips.

She soon found herself lost in thought, the pale blue wings rustling against her head lightly as they always did when Kai-Mai would be thinking too hard.
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In the distance, a large and obscuring cloud of dust was rising. It was advancing ever closer and soon a great rumbling accompanied it, as if great nitro bomb shells were being dropped around it, louder than an atom bomb or so it seemed; heralding some returner from Armageddon. Over the horizon, through this cloud of thunder rode a metal monster, a great demon-tank that trumpeted like a living thing. The Painkiller roared down the path, ripping towards his destination at a frightening speed. His massive, nearly bald head was racked in, so much so that his chin could almost touch his neck. He was a bull of nightmares, charging straight from the tormented mind that had created him; plowing impossibly towards his target. Despite his strange shape, the wind passed around him nearly silent. His single wing was outstretched to its fullest behind him, a flash of blinding light that streaked in his wake. Every precise surface, every perfect angle caught the beams of the sun, reflecting them with a dazzling radiance. It would seem as if he parted the heavens and the Earth as he rode, with this brilliant nimbus of chrome about him and the roiling dust below him, like a dark cloud, a heavy thunderhead which scudded before him. His motorcycle was a beast; its eyes were like those of the dawn. Out of its mouth went forth fire brands; sparks of fire leaping forth. From its nostrils issued smoke and steam like a seething pot or bowl. It's thunderous snorting spread terror. Around it flashed the silver of steel as it devoured the ground with its deadly saw-toothed wheels, frenzied and trembling. The dusty maelstrom began to disintegrate, the ground pulverized in its wake, spread like a swamp by a plow. Arriving at its destination, it roared jubilantly once more before falling silent. A kickstand with the thickness of a man’s arm descended and dug deep into the ground. From the depths of the machine there emerged a being mightier than the beast itself. The dust that was once around his feet now rose around him, dispelling the heaven of chrome that the sun had provided a small glimpse of. With a stormy breath from his nostrils, this cloud too was banished. Taking one step forwards, the Painkiller, whose mere presence could cause the foundations of mountains to tremble, had finally stopped. There was no need now to continue onwards. He had arrived at this place, his destination

A towering figure, The Painkiller stood at six feet, eight inches. He gazed about himself with one pupil wide and red with black specks, the other a most startling ice-blue. The skin around his red eye was a mass of deep cuts and scabrous brown lumps, while the blue eye possessed a hardened, distant, nigh-piercing look. He frowned slightly, constantly, but that would be hard to determine, due to the contorted half grin that raced up the right side of his face and terminated at his ear. This jagged tear that blighted his facial features and expressions had stripped away a thin veneer of skin that served to “protect” him. In the process, it had revealed an incomplete set of metallic teeth, along with the absence of gums or a natural jawbone. Amidst the thick cords of muscle in his neck which resembled the tormented roots of an old tree where clearly visible black circuits. They encircled his entire neck before plunging below the collarbone and spreading down the upper part of his trunk like a divergent river into many tributaries and off-shoots. The Painkiller was clad in gear reminiscent of a biker or street tough, dark colors from the waist down, with massive, coal colored pants to the specialized black boots he wore, spurs included. However, all of this was merely a pretext for a technological marvel in the field of amour to be presented in the most spectacular way possible: for contained within his pants was an astounding array of material blended and weaved together to prevent anything but the most extremes in temperature and other harsh factors to affect him. This was most wise for all parties involved, for as the Painkiller was stripped of the layers of what disguised him as something once human, he moved ever closer to his ascension to something that could challenge the very gods themselves. Rare was the occasion this power was called up for he was something both beautiful and terrible to behold. His boots too where a masterpiece of technology; Steel toed leather boots, enough to put military footwear and the most hardened of western boots to shame, complete with spurs that clinked as he walked. Small harbingers that were clear in their message: this was not a being to be trifled with

He possessed two remarkably different appendages, the massive arms that even made Atlas jealous. The Painkiller’s right arm was as deformed and monstrous as his face. It was muscular but human; it's most distinguished feature the multitude of words branded into his flesh. Words like 'Blame', ‘Fool’, and 'Judgment' had been pressed into the skin, causing it to bubble and become blackened as burns. There was a bolt fixed just above his elbow, and pressed by hot steel onto his onto his fingers were the letters 'D', 'L', 'T', 'K' and on his thumb, 'TR'. From his right shoulder blade jutted a glistening, stainless steel wing. Like the rest of his body, it was crafted from an unknown, impacted, gravity-folded alloy. Unlike the rest of his body however, the wing was polished to an incredible sheen, so that one could trace the deadly razor edges on each of the wing’s surfaces and it held a cold sort of beauty. The wings itself was inlaid with sharp angles set upon a unique and streamline shape; one that could allow featherless flight if needs be.
Nestled beneath both shoulder blades of his broad back laid relatively small jets that delivered a fierce amount of power, thanks in part to the mysterious benefactor that saved his life. Directly across from where wing met shoulder, three pistons rose defiantly from his left shoulder, which was larger and rounder than a normal shoulder, due to its cybernetic nature. All three were located in a cluster, with the shortest piston sticking out at a diagonal behind him. The middle piston also stuck out at a diagonal to his side. The largest and longest piston of the three however, extended straight from his collarbone all the way past the top of his head. The left arm tapered down slightly from the sizable shoulder, molded in the muscle structure of the human arm. It was beyond human perfection though, able to easily move through any substance he had ever come across. What appeared to be exhaust ports were set into the first knuckle of his pinkie finger and thumb. A most intuitive person would surmise that these exhaust ports work in unison with the pistons in his shoulder. What the effect of such a unanimous action would be was a mystery at the moment.

Looking around once more, The Painkiller realized the door was too small for him to enter, save by smashing through it. This realization occurred in a split-seconds time, thanks to the complex neuron-processors that had replaced the entire left lobe of his brain. Coincidentally, the entire left side of his head was completely bald, zigzagged with angry red stitch patterns which ran from high on his forehead, past the ruined stump of an ear which clung to the side of his head like a leech, to a small portion of his neck. All that remained of the hair on his head was a small shock of grey hair. This unique color was acquired due to the chemicals pumped through his body which had replaced ninety-five percent of his blood. This action was monitored by two mechanical hearts, one which caused a slight bulge in his left pectoral, the other in place just beneath his right pectoral. Closing his eyes, the Painkiller began to blur, his entire being begin to vibrate with intensity. Suddenly, he appeared inside the bar. He had simply vibrated through the wall, leaving no marks of his entrance. The Painkiller gazed about at his new surrounding and took a single, slow breath. No longer did he require the intake of air and the output of carbon dioxide, as his lungs had been removed and replaced with much more reliable systems along with his stomach and digestive tract, but old habits were hard to shake. A quick download could remedy the problem, if he wished. Along with the obvious physical augmentations, his mysterious benefactor had granted him unlimited access to a database of megalithic proportions. Grand canyons of space and time universal, his mind made subject of all. It contained information on every topic, from all known forms of combat to simple cooking lessons. Even emotion and logic programs—all he would need to do is think.

The Painkiller decided to remain standing as his substantial mass would most likely obliterate anything he chose to sit on. None the less, he could remain standing and perfectly still for as long as he liked. From his hips down to his feet were mechanized, designed to allow for unbelievable speed despite his proportions. Just like his left arm, the whole of his lower body was sculpted beyond human perfection, barely contained by the coal colored pants. The whole of it also served to evenly distribute his weight so that he did not sink into the ground whenever he took a step. Beneath the coal colored pants that were torn, tattered and patched in a great many places, his legs were like twin chromium-plated pillars of strength. Without them, his furious speed might not have been attainable. Fortunately for him, his mysterious benefactors had made them nigh-invulnerable. He lacked a tail or any other remarkable lower appendages, but the sweep of his wing which descended to the floor usually took the most attention. The true marvel was when the Painkiller did exert his weight into the earth. He was quite capable of rocking the Richter scale with high-magnitude earthquake and tremors, simply by a single foot-fall. His mastery of his own proportions held a deadly grace. His movements were fluid; gone and forgotten were the days when his brain struggled to sync with his systems. Now he operated with maximum efficiency. An efficiency none could match, and which few could even hope to compete with.
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<>.<>.<>.<>.<>Doctor Yevette Gustave<>.<>.<>.<>.<>

Yevette had been at the tavern for the majority of the past few days giving Echo and Andrew a hand with their twins. Simple check ups and giving them a break here and there was what took up most of her time. Thankfully now they were all down for a much needed nap, Yevette sneaked downstairs and heaved a breath of relief.

Her hair was slicked back today, giving it the appearance of being drenched in blood. She wore a tattered black shirt that had been sewn together a few too many times, though somehow managed to still look stylish. Black leggings and leg warmers were accented by the ruby red high heels she wore, they clicked with each step and announced her presence.

When she reached the bottom step, she felt a rather ominous presence within the tavern, and it did not take long to find the source. Yevette back peddled into a chair and promptly tripped over it, sending the doctor to the ground and skewering her hat. Mouth agape she could only guess as to whom the technological and biological wonder was before her. The womans voice was all but a hoarse and faint whisper. "...The Painkiller..." She had hoped that his presence would not be needed for when Bianka showed up, and needless to say, now seeing him she would rather take on Bianka than face this behemoth of a man.
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His left ear twitched; minute disturbances in the air that were interpreted as sound waves piercing the background static--a voice, a terrified voice--had called his name. No, not his name, his designation. That which his benefactor had given him along with so much more. His head swiveled on his thick neck as his eyes landed on a disheveled figure on the floor. The complex array of sensors built into his eye picked up heart rate, body temperature, a brief x-ray...hundreds of thousands of calculations a minute. The red eye in his skull began to operate independent of the other which currently transfixed her with laser-like intensity. It slowly rolled in it's socket before rolling back into his head to reveal only white before just as quickly snapping back to place it's attention upon her. "Subject: Gustave, Yevette: Ph.D. Owns a clinic just outside of Meadow Ridge; specializing in antidotes and poisoning." His voice sounded like gravel being ground to dust mixed in with the cold, flat tones only automation could provide. "Currently in a relationship with: the man responsible for my genesis!"
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<>.<>.<>.<>.<>Doctor Yevette Gustave<>.<>.<>.<>.<>

Yevette stared up at the being before her, heart was racing and her palms instantly became sweaty as it locked its gaze upon her. She nearly fainted as it coolly rattled off her name, profession and even that she was in a relationship. Instead her arms slid from beneath her after sufficient moisture became present, her head slammed against the floor and that hat of hers rolled off her head.

"Yowch!" Blurted from her lips before the woman then attempted to scurry away from him on her hands and knees. Clearly he struck immense amounts of fear into her. Wiggy Fabrication or not she was terrified.

"Whyyyy is he heeere?" The doctor asked herself, cringing as she hid beneath the nearest table and attempted to get a grip on herself.

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In three broad strides the Painkiller was upon Yevette. With an almost casual ease his left hand took up the table and lifted it clear above his head. With a resounding thud the Painkiller took to one knee and extended his right hand to the doctor. "Be not afraid! I come bearing no ill tidings...for the tidings I bear are ill indeed. Nay, I have come to make my presence known to you. Yours is a life that my master has taken a great interest in." The Painkiller bowed his near-bald head. "Let none interfere with it as long as alchemical fire burns in my chest." There was a sudden grinding--a poor attempt at a laugh. "Or...to put it in more common parlance...I have been requested by the man you know as Wiggychiggy to introduce myself. I extrapolated that a showing of force would put your doubts at ease and that fear would be your expected reaction. I mean you no harm nor shall I ever. Yours is a life that the master would gladly sacrifice his own for; however, his purpose within this plane is vastly important...too much for mere mortals to comprehend. So I am honor-bound to serve as your protector in one aspect or another. Do you acknowledge?"
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<>.<>.<>.<>.<>Doctor Yevette Gustave<>.<>.<>.<>.<>

She went stiff when the table was removed from behind her, keeping herself from falling over once more. Looking up at The Painkiller she glanced to his outstretched arm and timidly took hold of the large hand, if he'd any will to harm her chances are he'd have done so by now.

Then came further words, and ones to ease her fear into a more steady wariness. "Wiggy sent you? To introduce yourself?" Yevette stood up and took her hat from the floor, collecting herself at a rather impressive speed for some humans. If he wasn't going to hurt her there was no sense in being fearful of the man, though caution was still high.

"Well then, impressive to meet you, I mean a pleasure to meet you." The doctor blushed a tad, Wiggy was so worried about Bianka that he'd sent this man to be a protector? She was very flattered, he was such a sweet heart. Rubbing the back of her head she bit on her lip for a moment before nodding. "I acknowledge."

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Gently removing her from her temporary hiding spot The Painkiller then replaced the table as if nothing had occurred at all. "Yes. Yes." He answered both of Yevette's questions despite their understandably rhetorical nature. "There are many things which you both know and do not know about the Necromancer Wiggychiggy. Not all of which are as...surprising..." He paused, "Correction: statement redacted; not all of which are as impressive as I." The Painkiller paused once more as he attempted to summon up the gentle kindness that his master possessed towards this woman and inject it into his explanation. "He felt that I should not remain hidden from your understanding. You must have many inquiries; this unit is ready to accept them now."

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