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User Image Fenrir was opening the bottle when he notices someone talk, it was a familiar voice from the past, one also tied up with this place.
He turns around looks up at the blue haired vampire and smiles. " Yes still more alive than you" he said looking at her.
His purple hair had grown alittle on the sides and it was kinda buzz on one side, the mohawk rested more on one side. Leather jacket and his left arm exposing his tat sleeve. Green eyes with a cross look for the world. This was Fenrir previous barkeeper of the place.
"You still living in this place too?" He asked almost sounding cordial with the vampire. Its been ages since he had exchange pleasantries with a supernatural being, they usually met their end when he shots em with his shotgun.
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Phandara's Husband

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The woman shrugs and heads over to the bar, leaning against the counter. "Just about everything is more alive than me, Fenrir." She smirks, and takes a seat. "Where did you get off to? I've needed someone to tease while I get s**t-faced... well, to the extent that I can. Which, isn't much anymore."

Magus lets her eyes roam over his new look just a little, before smiling and shaking her head. It was good to see him. Though their quips hadn't changed much. He seemed somehat calmer.

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