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A Vampire woman of another degree was in the bar, seated at the counter. Her hair was longer than normal, dark blue curls wild and hanging everywhere as she stares down at the counter. In front of her was a book, her fingers sliding over the pages gently. Today was simple shorts, and that shirt she had stolen from Fenrir. He didn't seem to care that she had it, and so she was simply treating it as another one of her shirts.

Hearing the door open and close, Magus didn't react and just kept reading... until she smelled blood. Her head lifted, and nose wrinkled. "Was someone punching a side of beef or something?"
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Fenrir clean up the blood from his face and the ash residue from turning that vampire b***h into a pile of dust that cling to his clothing and skin. He had grown fast into this world thanks to his mother. He was hurting but said nothing of the sort or complain. It was good to feel pain to feel alive when dealing with the undead. Fenrir crack his knuckles and went inside the bar, to see Mags with his shirt once more and talking of the beating he got "Yeah I just went 3 rounds vs Rocky" he said walking behind the counter to get himself a drink and numb his pain alittle till he healed up completly. He was a fast healer, not supernatural fast but for a human his healing factor was pretty impressive. He looks at Magus and in a serious tone he ask "Whats it gonna be?"

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The Vampire let her eyes roam over the healing marks on the young man. The look on her face was close to one of pity and concern, her hands moving to close her book. Hearing his question, her acidic eyes drop down to the book and then back up to him. She smiles softly, resting her elbows on the bar, and chin on the back of her hands, fingers intertwined.

"Surprise me? I can make a choice if you would like, but I'd like to see what you suggest. Its fun to step away from Absinthe. Makes it a little less obvious that I'm inhuman. I've been considering trying to blend back into that humane crowd for a while. My own kind have been boring me as of late..."

Why not? She could easily withstand the sun, it was no problem for her. She could consume human food... and one trip to a 'Vampire Bar' with just one glass of their house wine... and she'd be good for the whole month. So why not take a spin at being human again... or at least pretending.
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I never know whats coming

Fenrir stars to comb his hair using one mirror from the bar behind the bottles, trying to get his mohawk back in shape, his purple hair starting to half stand up, when she was talking. "Boring can be good at times, meaning they are not ******** up and killing more people." he said sounding alittle aggressive towards Mags, he was just tired of how some vampires treated the human race.
Fenrir looks at her book "You can read?" he said almost trying to get a raise out of her. Then turning around to get a drink from the bar he was accustomed to in the city. The place where other hunters would of gather and have somewhat of a peaceful rest stop. exchange tips in how to kill vampires and werewolves and poltergeist and trolls, all that matter of nasty creatures of the night. Share their sob stories and tell new hunters why they join the game.
The barkeep stars to mix a red scorpion for the vampire chick and make himself one as well, it was a regular scorpion with a hint of wine "here you go" he said and acompany her to drink

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Magus moves her shoulders and body back, moving her hands to rest in her lap. Judging from how the young man looked, she would guess the 'three rounds with Rocky', probably entailed dealing with a Vampire. Her green eyes dropped to the book quietly staring at it until he made his comment.

She smirks, looking back up at him. "Shocking, I know. Part of why I was my parents biggest failure." Bringing her hand up, she tosses her hair in a vain, rich Lady manner. "I was born to be a Baroness, and should have married one of equal or higher station. My past times should have been nothing more than birthing children, yelling at my servants with the occasional beating of them, needlework, and being ******** whether I wanted or not by my husband when he returned home."

Her green eyes roll. "Instead they got a daughter who chose to fence, cook, read, learn a few magic tricks. Anything that was unbecoming behavior for a Lady of high station... I craved." Her fingers come up to tap against the book cover. "The night I was turned..." She shakes her head. "I can read... can you? Such a ruffian and bruiser... it would truly be a triumph."

Dropping her regal manner, the Vampire blows a raspberry at the young man, picking up the drink he placed before her. "What's this?"

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