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                                    Yuji waited several minutes...just to be sure...for Shadow to answer his door, but maybe he was out...or with Madam. So, Yuji decided to do some training on his own. He practiced for quite a few hours forming the energy balls as Shadow had taught him. It was getting a lot easier for him. After a few hours, he took a break and came inside for a bite, and he saw Vey on the stage, so he felt much less distracted. He didn't want to interrupt her however, so he took his food to go and then, when finished, he got back to training. He trained for ten hours before flying to his cave to sleep, and when he woke up days later, he decided it was time for a pillaging trip in town. His gold supply, vast though it was, was depleting. Time to replenish. Of course, once Yuji actually got to town, he started to wonder what Vey would think about his stealing. The woman was upending everything he'd always been. He flew around in a tiff, above the clouds for quite a while, occasionally emitting frustrated grunts as he waged inner war. Finally, he decided he was going to do it. Vey probably wouldn't find out, and if so...well... One thing at a time. After he'd filled his bag with a sufficient amount of both paper and precious metals and jewels, he flew back to his cave and dumped it before beginning his compulsive counting.

                                    ((lol. Just catching my character up with the thread and such. Nothing important for anyone else is happening and Yuji's not in anyone's way, since I have to go now. Sorry my life's been nuts so I can't seem to RP like I used to. sad ))


"I can't give you the white picket fence, and if I did, you'd set it on fire." --Ilona Andrews, Magic Bleeds
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Kimmi looks at Tepes and exhales a cloud of smoke out the corner of her painted lips.
"I don't trick other people into marriage for money anymore."
She snickered winking at him a moment before her gaze turned over to Sam, the girl Krauly spoke of.
"She looks nice. Has Trixina met her yet?"
The wise woman asks with a furrow of her brow, if her daughter did meet this girl, it probably wasn't very friendly. Her hypnotic shaded eyes drift back over to Sam and Krylu, watching them.. he looked and reminded her so much of Rouge, and surprisingly of Krauly who of course he had been named after.
"He can hold his own when it come to physical combat. Other than just that I've taught him much more valuable lessons."
Yep he was going to have to pry her for the real information he wanted, if she was just an open book this wouldnt be as fun.
What you thought was real,

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Looking up at a man with a twisted grin on his face Jin moved backwards away from him. Holding his hand out he realized he didn't have his gloves. Tripping over his own feet he landed in a puddle. Looking down he realized in the reflection of the puddle that he was a child again. ' What! ' He thought desperately to himself as the man closed in on him. Now there were more. He remembered this. Therefore he knew what was going to happen next. '' No...please. I-I just wanted some food. '' The child Jin whimpered. His shaky child voice sounded disgusting in his mind. Just as the men began to beat the child his eyes snapped open and he was sitting up. His arms brought up in a defensive position. The gloves growling with energy. His anger and hatred making the atmosphere dense. Taking several deep breaths he closed his yellow orbs and moved out of the bed. Smoothing his jacket out and pulling the hood up over his head he made his way to leave the room. Looking back he saw Vey shift slightly but he wouldn't wait for her to wake. He needed a second to catch his breath. Otherwise he may show her his true nature. Opening the door he tried to close it quietly but ended up leaving it open slightly. Making his way downstairs he moved to the bar ignoring everything. Going behind it he grabbed a bottle of something. It didn't matter what it was. He just needed something to take the edge off so he could keep the charade up. Gulping down a bit of the bottle he set it down taking in a few more deep breaths. ' Why...why does this keep happening. ' He thought bitterly to himself. ' I've never had these sorts of dreams before... ' Which was true. What he wasn't putting together was that they had started happening when he started jumping from dimension to dimension. The power of his gloves were invoking suppressed memories coming to him as dreams. If the emotion was strong enough it wasn't impossible for others to see it too. No matter how brief. Letting his head hang he gathered himself. He was okay enough to keep himself in check. With a sigh he just stood there with his eyes closed, his head facing the counter.

was just a lie too.

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(Anyone know a place I can go to advertise an rp?)
[[ I dont sad sorry Im useless haha~]]
(/head desk/ It's okay. Just trying to get people for this new rp I'm doing...not going as well as one would hope.)
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The doors to the establishment open, she walks inside. This woman was nothing special just a tiny framed blonde with baby blue eyes and plump lips. The regular ol' human made her way through the lobby her eyes looking around at the few faces who lingered. She made her way up to the bar, a bag slung over her shoulder.. it was obvious she was traveling and had been so for a while.
"A-Anyone work here?"
She muttered softly clearing her throat afterwards. She took a few napkins from her coat pocket wiping her face off a bit, she hated being sick, and it seemed she was catching a cold...great.

She moved over to the lit fireplace setting down her bag, lingering closer to it she extended her arms toasting up a bit with a smirk on her face.. it felt so good~
[[ ooo what is it? ]]
(kinda like fuderal japan kinda stuff. Monsters, kings, things like that. Pretty simple plot. Nothing to complicated really.)
What you thought was real,

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Jin looked up at the sound of the door. A normal looking patron. Blonde, blue eyes. Kinda like Vey. But from the sound of her voice she didn't sound foreign. But her question was annoying. Perhaps she couldn't see him. Though he was standing behind the bar. '' Yeah. Someone's here. '' He said his tone low, his voice deep. '' Welcome. Can I get you something. '' His tone was unchanging. To a human they might feel uneasy looking at him or approaching him. '' I'm Jin. I don't work here but am currently one of the only people available. '' Jin sized her once more. '' So, what'll it be. '' Jin was not a bartender but he knew how to read labels. It couldn't be that hard.

was just a lie too.

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Hell is no place, Hell is me

The demon nods as she winks, "Good, so do you still marry dead people for money? or that necrophiliac marriage with me was just a phase?" He said placing his fist on his cheek and smiling at her with a condescending smile. That was feeling more like Kimberly now, no need of a man to get some extra coin.
Then Krauly chuckles as she mention Sam meeting Trix, Kimberly`s expression said what he was expecting to happen in previous mention meeting." Your fears are correct" Krauly said with a smirk, it has been ages since he share a smile with Kimberly. " Trixie started to question her style and saying she was doing a pathetic attempt to be like her." Krauly place his hand on the counter. "She behave like a little girl, throwing a fit cause she is not the baby of the house anymore." Krauly muse with that cold smile of his.
Then turning to the other baby of the Tepes clan. "Its that so, I presume his magical attitude, has only improve, If I remember it well you said or was it Trix,..." he pondered for a moment "Well doesnt matter, The point is that the child was a magical prodigy, So his close combat would of been only supplementary to his natural talents right?" Krauly said to Kimberly as he forgets the rest of the bar, However he notice a couple of faces around, One of them was jin, His gloves look slightly different then the last time he saw him. As well as some of his spiritual energy or Aura. There was power and something scary familiar about him tonight. However Krauly did not pay him anymind as a new voice came through the door and then his eyes fixated on Kimberly once again.

in tenebrosis noctibus.cupiam vos caeruleum caeli oculis
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She turns her head to look over at the man who spoke, his voice seemed a little irritated, maybe she was the cause of it. She smiles politely at him and hums moving from the fireplace and towards him. He didnt look, very 'common' in fact he looked out of this world. She quickly looked him over before she realized she was probably being rude. The woman extended her hand out t the other
"I'm Missy, thanks for helping me, I was wondering about a room to stay in."
She responded, she didnt mind hanging out until someone who actually worked here could help her. She squinted her eyes looking at one of his hands, trying to figure out what was up with him. She had seen her share of weird things... so this didnt take the cake,yet.

She moves over to the bar

"Don't go out of your way Jin, Im patient."
She chuckles noticing a couple down the way whispering to one another.
"Is it always this busy?"
She smirks, her tone sarcastic.
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Kimmi leans in closer to the man, she outstretches her hands and slides her thumb across that smile he glazed over his face as if to try and wipe it away
"It was more like, a pleasure..."
Her venomous tone coos
"...dont do that"
She laughs a little taking her hand back, she hated his smiling, no matter what manner it was in, they haunted her when awake or in her dreams.
"Well she is daddy's girl, of course she was going to get pissed, I'm surprised your Sam came out of it without a scratch."
She joked sticking her tongue out. She watched as Krylu silently left the bar
"He's a magical monstrosity...."
She smiles at the Tepes taking her hand back to set them in her lap.
"How about some fresh air?'.

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