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The doors opened, accompanied by a wirlwind of rose petals, and a young woman made her way into the establishment. She kept her hood up, keeping her face dark, and looked around the room, searching for one particular man. You see, it'd been many months since she had tormented her aquaintances and she had actually missed them. The petit figure carved her way along the walls towards the bar and sat on the closest stool to the wall, crossed her legs being sure to keep her cloak wrapped closely around her
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Hell is no place, Hell is me

Krauly looks at the baby "your free to go when ever you feel like, however It would seem rather unproductive given the fact that you have a nursery set up in one of my rooms and the baby is rather young to be traveling so much." Krauly said looking at little Rennie, He pet her head with his cold finger, even the strange and twistted chaotic aura of Krauly would seem to please the ilttle girl Krauly`s eye then stop and looks at her as she describe what was happening "Its ok, alot of strange thing happen around this parts" Krauly said after she ask him to bare with her.
He prep her a glass of water as she continue her tale of what happen in the nursery. Then Krauly looks with more interest, while she describe what she saw upthere.
"I see..." he said pouring himself a drink just the same "I belive what you saw is one of the creatures that used to linger around this bar before it was even made, you know that ruins of a castle outside...I presume the owner of that castle is still lingering, in a realm of reality between living and dead, Not certainly dead or quite alive, Or alive in the sense Im alive, more like stuck in limbo with a living body." Krauly said and looks at lotus "His name is X for he doesnt has a name," Krauly said and points at the boiler room " He lives in the janitorial room, his a reclusive, dont worry his eccentric but harmless no less" Krauly said, of course he was harmless, compare to who she was talking Lotus was in more danger by trying to pull ou ther claws at Krauly then anyone,
Inface most of the peopl around this bar were in constant danger living with a homicidal sadistic vampire in the same building. "he doesn usually goes into rooms, I should have a chat with him though...I doubt he is willing to talk with me however" he said and chuckles in a rather mocking matter, After all that thing never really spoke.

in tenebrosis noctibus.cupiam vos caeruleum caeli oculis
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Ai Hattori
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Torrent: General of Catastrophic Guild.

"Help me believe......"
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She took the compass! This was all he needed to see to be absolutely delighted. If the man had been of a different personality he would have leaned back in his chair clapping with a gleeful expression. Watching where she tucked it away he made note of her exceptional difference to that whore who was speaking way out of turn to him earlier. Whisper was buxom, and her skin appeared to be soft unlike that hag who was talking to him earlier. This brought on a series of different questions that he would ask her after he took care of business.However had Gun Virus been here he would probably still be staring at the woman. Rather he wouldn't have looked away from the start of the conversation. Not because he was perverted, but beautiful women actually amazed him. Thankfully for negotiation purposes Gun was nowhere to be found.

Sadly she couldn't think of a better place, so they would have to stay here and speak on things at this establishment. It would be something he was willing to do in order to even possibly gain a single Hattori as a member to his Guild. "Then here we shall speak on it."

An invitation was extended to Torrent by an Hattori. There was nothing that could possibly begin to explain his joy right now. Not a single word, physical expression or simple phrase could do it. Even if it was a trap he would walk right into it happily. "I would enjoy accompanying you to this location"

Folding his arms over his chest Torrent looked from her face, to her chest and back up to her face before explaining himself. "Perhaps you can explain this to me. Earlier I was spoken to by a woman who was possibly used for nothing else than her body. For what reason I can not even begin to understand since she looked like a withered fruit. Now you, there is no reason to even bring comparison. Not only are you a Hattori" Which honestly caught his attention far more than how she looked, something she would probably guess.

"But you give off the impression of a young woman with a lot to live for and a marvelously classy appearance. I have in my guild a General, a good friend who would have been lost in your appearance for a long time. As he has explained it to me: Women of great beauty should be cherished not looked to for carnal purposes. Further in his explanation he has told me. 'Tell me Torrent if you have something near you that is gorgeous a simple item, a marble egg if you will. Would you want to stare at it, perhaps touch it a little, or would you rather just use the thing up till it's worthless? A beautiful woman is like that marble egg. Cherish her.' Torrent took a deep breath and got around to his point.

"I have no idea what he was referring to. You seem to be a very appropriate person to ask. Would you main explaining it in more common terms for me?" Torrent was legitimately asking. He hated not understanding what his friends said when theys poke to him.
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Lady Lotus Doll
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[[feels fat]]

[[Why? : [ ]]
[[i ate a lot of dinner xD

<<; your post about the baby gave me chills]]

[[But Dinner is delicious. And thank you : 3 It was creepy indeed.....
So if I took out a laser light and flashed it around the bar, would Miki and Aeri entertain themselves with trying to attack it?]]
emotion_bigheart It was delicious xD but it made me fat! and it was epic o:

Yes they would <w<!

[[Well, there's nothing wrong with that love :3
And I so know what I'm giving to Trinity when she gets a bit older. Haha. Poor kid will have yall running everywhere XD]]
emotion_bigheart [[well....kitties will stay sexy and thin then xD]] yum_strawberry
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Lady Lotus

From the way that the demon girl looked, one would guess that not sleeping was an understatement. On the couch in the lobby is where Lotus found herself, lying with a pillow under her head, attempting to fall victum to sleep.
With Trinity upstairs cuddled next to Adrian, she figured her baby was safe enough. Sadly, the room held zero sanctuary for herself, and she would not be sleeping up there. At least for now.
But as Lotus lay on the couch, with energy fading to levels of nothing, sleep was becoming a sad memory. It was true, that having a child prohibited falling asleep most nights, however even with her daughter out of grasp, the tiny demon couldn't find peace.
Sighing softly, she tossed her newly washed hair between her fingertips looking for the motivation to close her eyes.
A lone man walks the rough path, having left from the city. His one good eye peered along the lonely trail from under a long white scarf of which had been tied upon his brow. It seared over the dark tree tops high above. To the brush that covered, and slightly over took the unbeaten path. His foot steps echoed. Too close to the city yet. It left for quiet walk.
The footsteps stop along with their maker. He could make out what seemed to be ruins of a great castle in the distance. He winces showing a bit of thought on what little of his cheek and eye that could be seen beneath scarf, mess of black hair, black mask which covered from nose to chin. He was attempting to make out his situation. His mind a whir. No true destination in mind. He knew though that one does not just go walking into some strange ruins without rest. Still though... He couldn't shake a feeling. . . As if someone were watching him.

The man himself stood to be 6ft tall. His build appeared to be rather well built, though to take in mind the multiple layers of clothing, and long white wrappings that covered the body there was no real way to tell. His coat was long and pure white. It had it's own white tie that came up to a small bow on his lower back. His right arm was completely armored with black metal plates. A gauntlet of sorts. It also had a scar tied at the shoulder, then wrapped around the man's neck. He appeared, and even had a scent of a human. But his eye. . . Glows as a blue fire almost. . .

A hour passes

Setting along side the road next to the path the man sits. Prodding the fire with a stick is his only entertainment. Time meshing into the flames. A daze. The man drifts off to awake in an instant. Then again drift. . . His constant sense of being watched keeping him from dozing off completely. Finally the man jumps to his feet, and tosses the stick down. He looks around the lonely woods, then around the side of the building to the lonely path. Seeing nobody he then returns to his fire. It was dim now and almost out. He finishes it off with a few good stomps from his boot, and the remains of the water from his canteen. With this he returns to the path following it until spotting her.

A girl. A blind little girl. He circles her, she remains still her blind gaze set straight ahead.
"Are you the one that was stalking me?" He asks now standing directly before her. His gaze darts past her to the ruins that were just before him. The castle. His attention returns to the girl.
"Strange things seem to happen once you cross that door," her smile was sweet as she finished her words, "Be careful."
The girls says.
His heart skipped a beat as a shiver passed his spine. He says nothing else to her. His eyes focused on the entrance to the castle ruins. His curiosity now peeked. He passes her silently entering the building.

((A bit confused on if there were two entrances seeing the setting was forest, and city, so I just kind went with a between..... Sorry for borrowing your npc too. HI!))
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Lady Lotus

The little demon had arms wrapped around her now flat tummy as her ears perked up in response to hearing a door slam. Someone had entered the bar.
The next sounds were important, for little Lotus's body was in flight or fight mode. With everything going on within the bar, the tiny red head was ready for anything. Heels couldn't be heard, so the Russian mother-in-law was out of the question, she wouldn't have heard Shadow, and Adrian was sleeping with her little one. So who the hell....?
With red-hair jumping up, Lotus raised her Scarlett eyes to a man standing in the doorway, looking ready to be served. A warm smile crossed her pale pink lips as she pushed out more energy she didn't have, and lifted herself from her resting place.
Long dark jeans covered her pale legs, as a long sleeve white shirt did the same for her arms. She was sleepy indeed, and the circles under her crimson eyes was all but proof. Motioning the man, Lotus managed her Russian voice in an nonthreatening tone as she smiled. "Welcome to the Purple Moon bar and inn. I'm Lotus, what can I get you?"
((No worries, hi : 3))
His eye scans over the surroundings then to the woman whom had spoken to him with such a accent. He smiles beneath his mask before speaking.
"Hello... Um... Could you pardon me please?"
He quickly turns around and opens the door looking back outside, then up and down. He then turns back to the woman closing the door behind him. Shaking his head he crosses his arms over his chest.
" This is the most active abandoned castle I've ever seen." He finally states joking manner before scratching the back of his head. He'd expected to find a few old paintings, maybe a old hard bed to sleep in. Shoot some gold he could get a few drinks with, but never a inn, or people. He looks over the woman that had spoken to him. He nods.
"How much for a room, and a meal? I'm not picky. Maybe even a blanket and a bush?"

((EDIT: Sorry I spaced out on that post. Bit rusty))
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Lady Lotus

With a hearty chuckle and more energy then she could muster, the young red-head managed a smile. It was clearly true, the castle had a strange appearance, looking almost abandoned. But looks were deceiving.
"Well." Krauly wasn't around. What was she supposed to say? Ahhhha, light bulb. "I'll discus with the owner when he returns. For now, I'll cover it." It wasn't out of the question. Lotus covered a lot of stays...too big of a heart.
"The rooms are already furnished with everything you'll need. But I can go ahead and fix something up if you're hungry. What will it be?"

(It's alright. I was super tired when I posted this, so no hate lol)
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He spoke quite a mouthful, but none the less The Blade listened. Smirking as he questioned the meaning to her she leaned back in her seat, tapping the top of one of her hilt's.

"Mmm.. What it sounds like to me.. and I could be wrong.. Beauty in this world is rare, and sometimes its the simple small things that makes things lovely. Even a small imperfection easily makes it breath-taking. If you came across a common field flower you would acknowledge its beauty for perhaps a moment. But as you look closer its vibrant display of life captures you, and you also may notice how its not just one plain color but an array of hues. Would you rather admire its beauty or pluck it so it may eventually die?" Pausing she took a breath wondering if she was being too wordy for a seemingly simple question. "Some women are born beautiful and they get too caught up in themselves, to large of a head.. Without realizing it they chase away their gift but letting others have it again and again. Beauty doesn't last forever and when its abused it goes even faster." Taking another breath she raised both hands and stretched yawning a bit.

"The difference between myself and a person like that is I don't live to give other's pleasure. I live for myself. Yeah, I up-hold the family honor, but at the same time my father would never make me do anything in that nature." Smiling to him she asked her own question, "did that answer it?" A moment would pass then a light bulb would go off..!

"..! What time is it? s**t, we better get going, its probably going to be pretty late there..! I'm already late to the party as is!" Jumping from her seat she made sure her dual blades were secure as well as her hidden weapons. Nothing would go flying out as she ran out of the bar. (I'll link you to the thread I'll be posting in after this.)

"Deimos, Phobos!" Whisper called out as she exited the establishment. Her two large crows flocked to her side almost right away sitting lazily on her hilts before squawking and taking off before her. They'd survey the land from the sky's view and alert The Blade of any upcoming dangers had she not seen them herself.
Shaking his head he looks past her to the few others in the room. *His hands both sliding into his coat pockets.
"I don't eat miss, nor drink. Sleep is what I need."
He replies in a soft exhausted sounding voice, though still kind. He sounded as a young man though. Maybe mid twenties.
*Pulling his right hand from his pocket he brushes back a few strands of hair over his scarf that had sat so nicely over where his left eye would be. He seemed nervous. His gaze constantly shooting from the woman that stood before him, then to the other people. Always it returned to the door from where he'd come, then to the girl.
"Miss.... What is this place, and who.. Are you?" He finally asks her looking directly into her eyes with his one eye. One would know upon entering that it was not at all a normal business, nor a home to humans. There was more. More than magic, or illusions. Something not human. Though that could be said for more than the building the man stood within.
Suddenly remembering his manners though he quickly adds... "People call me Metal"
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[[Hagame Shin, the bar is on the outskirt of the city in a forest, But there is also a door in the city that leads straight to the inside of the bar, is a portal, I had to fix that description post iin the first page. for future referece.]]
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[[ anyone online?]]
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Kenji comes out slightly beaten once more and dirty, a small bandage around his neck as on the battle he got a nick and almost lost his head, Of course it wasn a big deal however he seem alittle distant thinking and in a haze. He was quiet and not as lively as he usually is While he made his way straigth to the bar where the broom rested, so he started to sweep the place up in silence,
Earlier on the week he was choosen as a C rank representative, but ended up battling a really powerfull foe, He beat him by mere luck, the fellow understimated his abilities been only a low level C rank. However, Kenji was feeling each blow and each burst of energy his body could take. At the end he was present with the source of his power but he turn it down. Now he was debating if he made the right choice. He could of been a legend by now, instead of just been a bruised and broken up grunt that sweeps the floor of a lonely bar.

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