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Kise sighed, a confused looked on her face. "Ok, I may sound like an idiot but what is steak?" She really hadn't gotten used to this yet.
Niacole looked at Kise, "A steak is a cut of meat, mostly from a cattle speices, also know as the cow, depending on the cut and the way the steak is cooked, it can be very dry and chewy, or very tender and delicious" Niacole explained.
Kise nodded, understanding slightly. "Thank you."
Niacole studied Kise for a moment, "Is there something you do not understand?" she asked. She too had some trouble learning new things every now and then, so she understood how something new could be confusing.
"It's just... this world confuses me. I'm not really understanding anything people have been telling me." She mumbled, feeling like a moron again.
Niacole almost felt a smile come across her face, but none showed, She leaned in closer to Kise, "You know what?" she said in almost of a whisper. "This world and everyone in it confuses me to know end" She admitted.
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"Sure " he said turning around and placing a glass infront of her filling it with the drink she had asked. "Thats cool" he said smiling as he pour more of the botle " you tell me when"
"yeah, as soon as my fiends write back, it might take them a while though..." she said taking a sip of the wine
"So you understand." Kise smiled.
Niacole did not agree or disagree, "I know the world can be a very cruel place, you think the people who are most closer to you and would do anything to protect you, will turn their back on you in a second" Niacole said.
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thats alright" he said to her with a smile and made himself a drink as well. He look at the rest of the place noticing Kisa talking to the strange woman of the night before. Nate was not around nor was Nukha or Nadea and Mayura or William, It was Vincent night to be the entretainer and bouncer .
"Ya... I learned that the hard way." Kise shivered, remembering the night that put her where she was right now.
Niacole sat back in her chair and crossed her arms" Don't we all" She said. "Live and learn"
Kise sighed, and nodded. "If I tell you secret will you promise not to tell the others?" Her voice was low and soft, but still sounded as sweet as always.
Niacole nodded "Only if this secert will bring me no harm" She said, "Other than that, its safe with me" She murmured, She knew no one to tell, and tell other personal information had never been a big hobby of hers.
"It won't." Kise smiled. "I'm a butterfly, well I was anyway."

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