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Welcome to The Purple Moon

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Bar and Inn
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This Bar is a place where you can relax, hang out, and find a haven to cradle you away from a painful past. We like to entertain you, so come on in.

The bar is in the middle of a strange, darkened forest in the outskirts of a vast, bustling city.

Main entrance ☽-A rocky, unbeaten path will take you there. The entrance of the bar lies past old ruins of an unknown castle or mansion. This is the route for those travelers that come from the forest in which unusual creatures live.

Portal Door ☽- In the city beyond the forest where the bar is situated, you pass by two old abandoned buildings and find yourself in a lonely alley. It's dark, and you can see the outline of a metal door contrasting against the brick walls of the structures. Suddenly, the voice of a small girl catches your attention. You're transfixed by her - why, she's blind!
"Strange things seem to happen once you cross that door," her smile was sweet as she finished her words, "Be careful."
However, this does not stop you. You find yourself opening the door - transported into the lobby of the Inn, by a portal from the city to the bar.

Fireplace ☽- If you're looking to warm up on a cool day, or just enjoy cozy scenery, this is the corner for you. There is a lovely brick fireplace with a grate over the front for safety measures. A safe distance in front of the fireplace, and facing it, are two large overstuffed chairs, each with a hand made throw pillow comfortably tucked in to it. In between these two chairs is a hand-stitched quilt that can be lain upon or used to cover a guest as they relax in the chairs.

☾In between the fireplace and the gaming area are the tables and booths for those guests who wish to dine away from the bar.

Gaming Area ☽- The gaming area is stationed in between the bar and the dining area. There are a few pool tables, a large pinball machine, and a couple of other arcade-style machines for your entertainment.

Bar ☽- Tucked away in a corner is the main reason you've arrived: the bar. Here, one of our staff members will be happy to serve you whatever you thirst for: From Absolut to Zephyrhills, and everything in between-including blood, if that's your thing. (Disclaimer: Please do not try to drink from the staff themselves)

Kitchen ☽- behind the bar is a door that leads in to the kitchen, where your food is prepared. Staff and full-time guests only, please and thank you.

Back Door ☽- The pools behind the bar are huge, spacious, and the waters are always cool - inviting you for a swim. Near it there are places to sit and relax, with umbrellas of course. South of the pool you'll find the green area, place were its also the sparring area, you`ll find a path leading to the hot springs and a waterfall - oh! And the caves. However, once you get there you won't go any further.

Stage ☽- Tucked away in another corner, you will find a stage accompanied by a piano. Let our talented staff members entertain you with their musical prowess as you eat, drink, or shake your groove thing on our dance floor.

Lounge Area ☽- This is exactly what it sounds like. There are cozy couches to sit or lay on and a coffee table for convenience.

Dance Floor ☽- Most of the center of the room is open; where guests can come to let loose steam by moving their bodies in rhythmic motions to the music playing from the stage.

Booking ☽- Need a room? This is where we'll assign you one! You'll also be able to find maps of the surrounding area, as well as magazines and advertisements for the city's businesses here.

Stairs ☽- The stairs you see lead up to all of our rooms. Stay for a night, or stay forever! Our rooms are designed to comfort and cater to you and your every whim for as long as you'd like to inhabit one. It's around this area of the bar you'll find our janitorial closet, the door to the laundry room, and the door to the boiler room.

☾Under the kitchen area, there is a set of stairs past a door that will lead you to the cellar and basement of the Inn. For a while, that place was left untouched until it was discovered to have winding paths and rooms.

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-drawn and revamp description by Rayne R-
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-- Obey the ToS. --
-- Romance is allowed, but NO CYBERING. --
-- No Godmodding. --
-- No auto hitting.
-- No Chatspeak.
--cussing is okey just dont abuse this right
-- No Bumping/Spamming/Advertising of any sort. --
-- No Page-Stretching. --
-- Please do not quote the first page. --
-- And please do not quote long posts. Keep quote towers to a minimum. --
-- OOC is okay, just don't post too much of it over and over on several pages. (Please indicate if you are using OOC) --
-- Try to at least form complete sentences that make sense. I don't mind 'some' literacy, just do your best to RP like you have some kind of Education. I dont have the best grammar but at least try.
--Profiles can only be sent to me via pm if you want to be a staff member. No staff member profiles on the Bar, I ll let slide some character profiles as long as their pic is not page stretching or if the pic is on a URL.
--try not to use too many one liners, yet I understand writers block. 3 lines would be good.
-- Do not step-in or invade into some people's boundaries in which only he/she is allowed in. (i.e. Another world/dimension) --
-- Please ask permission before killing anyone.
-- Your Characters all have a weakness or several if it comes to battle time.
-- No weird mess up super hybrid characters, If youre character is a hybrid and I dont like it, tough ,change it, IF its a Hybrid I think is possible you go ahead and Rp
-- Staff/bouncer[s] are the only ultimate characters. If you dont like that he is OP, sorry, they kinda earn the right to be OP, since they are or [s]he is staff and has been around longer than you in this bar.
-- When leaving the RP, please say so. Don't agitate people when you just up and leave on them w/o saying anything. - this is very importan if your in a battle, If is on simple chat it would be acceptable but rude, we just dont wanna leave people hanging here.
-- Please respect me and my staff. 'Treat others the way you want to be treated'. --
-- I have the right to remove or ban you from this thread. A few select people have the right to do this also.
-- IF you dont know what NDG stands for you should not put NDG in your ussername, Even if you do know what it means, you will not change your name to"NDG ____" unless given consent by an NDG Member,
-- I can change the rules as I please. --
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Profile Skeleton

Please Note:

Profiles are only required of those who work in the Inn, not by those who come and visit. Send the profile in PM to NDG Krauly with the title 'Job Application'. Also, in order to get the job you must post often! And if you lack activity after receiving the job you will be fired!

Here's the Skeleton

Gaia Name:
Name of Char:

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Gaia name: NDG Krauly
Name:Krauly Tepes
abilities: vampiric abillities, Fire control, Soul imprisoning and eating.
Weapons: shotgun, daggers, katana and a chainsaw sword.
appearance:User Image
personality:A impulsive,seductive sadistic and merciless killer, however he is still a polite person.
Bio:[[in journal]]
Other: He was the original owner of the blue moon.

Gaia Name: NDG krauly
Name of Char: Kenjiro Azuma
Age: 23
Race: Human esper
Abilities: Kenji has an enhanced/cursed eye that lets him scan his opponents, objects.etc he used this to learn the weakness of his opponents. As an esper he can control some degree of elental magic and channel some blast of energy through him and reflect it back like a mirror. expertice in swordmanship or kenjutsu
Weapons: swords, he likes to buy and trade in swords, sometimes some are enchanted, ninjato and blades are his favorite.
Job: Regular barkeep and helping hand around the bar/inn
Personality: Kenji is an adventure seeking fellow, that loves pretty women, usually confuse with a skirt chaser with next to no luck with women. laid back and carefree most of the time, rarely angry and driven to better himself in the magic area.
Bio: Kenji was a young prodigy with the sword, his parents then send him to train in 2 separate schools to train his kenjutsu and other to practice the arcane arts, Kenji soon after in looking for some coin trapped a small gremlin that terrorize the bazzar, thats when he was introduce to monster hunting, soon after he joined a guild an on his many trips around he found the purple moon.
Other: Kenji likes to trade in his sword most of the time, so he never keeps the same sword for long, even if they are enchanted.

Gaia name: NDG Shadow
Name: Shadow Yurahara
Age: 3000
Race: Demon
abilities: Shun-Po, Control over the wind, able to learn moves that have been done to him but are not as strong as the originals
Weapons: A long Black katana with a thin silver wire on the end of the hilt.
Demon Release Shadow
job: Musician
personality: Easy going but has a mean temper. Loves to fight but doesn't like to lose. Very proud.
Bio: If you can get past all of his flaws he is a reliable friend who would do anything to insure ones safety. Has been around long enough to get accustom to the new way of life. He has a phone, an ipod and a car although he really doesn't need one. Shadow is very powerful for his race and has fought against people as strong as Nero, Krauly, and Xero. Now friends with these people he may very well be the strongest thing close to a god. Shadow doesn't like to flaunt his strength, he believes that ones strength is shown through battle...not talking. Nero and Shadow still argue every now and then because of their different out looks on every thing. Shadow also plays guitar like John Petrucie and Herman Lee and explains why he wanted to apply as a Musician
Other: Shadow's eyes are crimson colored and he likes to wear a crimson colored scarf that is tattered and torn on the end and coils slightly when he is standing still because it is so long.

Gaia name: Melody Ganymede
Name: Mel
Age: Unknown - appears early twenties
Race: Vampiric demi-god
Abilities: In journal
Weapons: 6 ft. double scythe, black and silver katana, 3 metallic whips, variety of smaller weapons.
Appearance: Avvy/Sig pics
Job: Bartender/Rare occasion musician
Personality: Seemingly a rather charming person, though with a very dark side.
Bio: In journal
Other: It is inadvisable to make her angry.

Gaia Name: Khanti Demented
Name of Char: Giddy
Age: None of your business
Race: Human, for the most part
Abilities: Card casting; The ability to summon creatures using 'special' cards.
Weapons: Throwing daggers and a deck of cards. Very dangerous...
Appearance: [Giddy]
Job: Janitor/Waitress
Personality: It depends on her mood. From friendly to distant, outgoing to ill-tempered. Her good side tends to shine, but it is very much preferred to not get on her bad side.
Bio: Not much to say. If you want to find out, just ask.
Other: If you can guess her age, she will love you long time.

Gaia Name: Enchanting Destiny
Name of Char: Zephyr
Age: 23
Race: nunya << (part human)
Abilities: Healing, slight conjuring abilities, more to be found out as she exposes herself ;3
Weapons: Always has a katana strapped at her waist, hidden blades on her inner thighs, keeps random bottles of explosive hidden in pouches here and there as well.
Appearance: User Image
Job: Waitress, some cleaning
Personality: Mostly peppy, dislikes most women, but once she gets to know them settles down, a relatively neat freak, try not to piss her off though because she's a firecracker.
Bio: Zeph is mostly sweet and easy going. Her background is mostly unknown to anyone but herself. She's been mostly a floater who comes and goes, but is reliable in nature. She's sometimes quick to judge, but once she takes time to step away from situations she cools her head and thinks straight. Just don't take food from her... and you won't get stabbed with a fork...
Other: O_o; She wears glasses? Contacts on rare occasions. You will ALWAYS see her in something colorful though.
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Gonna have some Remodeling coming up.

Gonna have to thank Corrupted Symphony for Helping so much on the Re opening of the new face of the blue moon, sorry The Purple Moon.

Our OCC spot
Purple moon OOC
Affiliated with:
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Karuminu_Azuleau_Aquatica: For being a crazy b***h coming here just to start s**t.
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After a battle with Shadow and Krauly, with help of Cassius and a mysterious angelic woman, Jin and Kotetsu were defeated, a somewhat fragile peace has been restored to the bar.
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Vincent comes out of the shadows of the bar and pulls the chain off the door opening the bar for the public.
His investor told him that it was a daring move and complete madness to open a bar in this place.
He barely listen to them, he did well not to do it anyhow. "Well Now its all a matter of patience" He said while sitting at a table facing the door.
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He stands up and walks over to the counter of the bar, Vincent grabs the rag that was just sitting there and cleans the bar counter till you could see your own reflection on the dark marble.
"I hope some musicians do show up, this place needs some mood"
How could an eye for class pass up a place like this one. Mia owned her own Bar and Inn, and was wandering about going and checking out the new competition. Her lush pink lips curled at their ends when glistening blue eyes traced the building she'd came across.
Blue Moon?
It rolled perfectly off her talented mannered tongue and she had to venture inside the place.

Stepping for the door, she entered, in a swaying hypnotic pattern of her hips, her long bouncy light golden curls draped over this very small woman's upper frame and dangled along her lush busty chest, her shirt a cute white-leather, laced up in the front for a bit of a seductive touch inside of in the usual back area like most others.

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"Good Evening Miss." Vincent steps out of the bar and walks with a warm smile to greet her."He pulls out of his pocket a box with a bow "Congratulations your my first visitor, have this token of apreciation." he said showing a necklace and golden associate card with the number 1 highlighted.
"My name is Vincent owner of this place and I m here to serve you,how may I help you"

[[aww it had to be mia ]]
((Huh. thats weird.))
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[[I think is a nice touch that its mia the one that comes in to check on the bar, like a full circle deal
but is not really all that weird cause I invited heather.]
((meh, at least shes active now. i've since deleted the midnight from my subscribes in favor of the black lavender, however.))

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