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You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd;
We ain't too pretty, we ain't too proud,
We might be laughing a bit too loud...
But that never hurt no one!

                                                So the Incubus was on his way out by the time Ziggy took a glance over towards the door. Another individual entered, a face she’d seen in passing though couldn’t recall having conversation with; Christina? Kristen? Something with a ‘Ka’ noise to the beginning, she was sure of that much. All the same, the monk had most of her attention, with some occasional thought shifted towards the drunkard that had joined them. After all, it wouldn’t be a night at the bar if there wasn’t at least one belligerent wandering around, though this one seemed tame by traditional ONS standards, leading Ziggy to believe he was new in these parts. At least, she hadn’t seen him in all her time frequenting the bar, and that was saying something – she prized herself on knowing the patrons to some extent. Friends were less suspicious, right? Easier to swindle? That was her opinion on her current relations with those in the tavern; attracting flies with honey and all the jazz.

                                                "Well, you don't have to worry about that. I don't like to cause trouble anyway. After all, I just stopped in for a drink anyway. I was just curious, is all."

                                                “You’re brighter than you look.”
                                                She replied softly, a genuine smirk finding its way over her lips as her dark blue hues trailed back to her drink and her own business. “But I always hear that. ‘I’m just passing through’ turns into a long term stay. Even I said that, and you know what happened?” Raising her glass, the petite mage paused to once more meet Tenkai’s gaze and continue, “I was trapped.” Strong choice of words, but in all honesty, wasn’t that the case? Outside of her job and her thievery, Ziggy didn’t have obligations. In fact, even if she did, her wayfaring made her location irreverent. A hop, skip and a jump could get her from the bar to the Equator, and back; hence her mouthy demeanor in the face of otherwise terrifying individuals. She had an escape route for the ‘just in case’ scenarios, and that made her bold, almost stupidly so.

                                                “But where are you headed? What are your plans?”
                                                She’d throw out the usual topic starters, knowing perfectly well he’d be in his right to say nothing at all. It wouldn’t do much to deter her from harassing him for the time being, even as their drunk friend was taking time to make his own comments. Cute. Shifting with her drink pressed firmly to her lips, she watched him even as a wash of harsh alcohol met the back of her throat; an intimidation tactic that may or may not have worked. Upon finishing the swallow of her cocktail, Ziggy piped back with something of a response, though it was more a scoff and snide comment. “Chance? Please. It’s all show. Stage make-up. She ain’t special!” But with the tone she used, it was almost like Ziggy was jealous – or simply fed up with hearing about Chance. She’d never say, even as her drink was again placed on the table and her arms were crossed firmly beneath her bosom.

                                                If Ziggy hadn’t looked so flashy, one would think she was pouting.

                                                Darlin', only the good die young~
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Te shordjol muro rat,
Te pabaren mange memelia.


The two stared at him confused and disturbed, like something he said had grabbed their attention and rattled their minds.
"What did you say?" the woman asked curiously her hood dangerously close to revealing her eyes though if she makes a point of hiding them shes doing a very good job at it. Selas leans forward then, his elbows resting on the table and the ring of bangles and bracelets chime in the pub.
"We can... remember?" He asked softly, the lips hardly moving as if it were a whisper and Fiachra shakes her head.
"Can you help us?" She asked curiously her slender hands are pale as they peak out from under the sleeve of her long robes, her nails strangely long and very claw like, black even. A stark contrast with her pallid skin.
"How?" They say together at once, clearly willing to take any opportunity they can get.
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I am the bullet in the gun
and I control you

I am the truth from which you run
and I control you

I am the silencing machine
and I control you

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                                    It was time to take another head count, because there was a new person in the house, creepy and creepier were still sitting with Birdman, the Incubus left as well, Ziggy was still sitting with him and the monk looking short and busty as ever. The Monk dude was deep in thought when he last looked at him, and now there was a chick that looked like she may possibly be shorter than Ziggy was. He had no idea who she was, though she seemed familiar enough with this establishment, how perceptive he was for someone drugged up and ******** up, this new girl was also extremely petite. He however moved on from her as she seemed to be occupied with getting a drink now and had no other reason to inquire with her, he turned his attention back to Ziggy now.

                                    She had observed him for a mere moment but was obviously quite the bit more interested in their Monkish compatriot, he listened to her carefully none the less, regardless of her lack of interest and possible downright disgust. It was interesting how she said that she was trapped her before, he was interested how this place could manage to hold people there, it was just a bar in the city after all. He certainly felt disconnected enough from this place that he would not think twice about taking off given the reason, but right now he had a reason to stay, the bottle of whiskey in his hand. He just now remembered that he was holding said bottle and took a long draft of it and then setting the bottle on the table he looked over toward the petite girl again, then back to Ziggy, curious eyes nothing more. However he caught something in Ziggy's tone when she spoke directly to him for a moment, it almost seemed like a certain hint of jealously that he heard.

                                    "Hmmm...Well it's some good make-up then. She sure gives me the heeby jeebies though...Too many things wrong with that bird, I could see it since I got here. But, like you, she has an attractive dangerous aura about her." It was odd how clearly he spoke just then, however he took another drink as though to make light of the fact that he should not be speaking clearly. His eyes glazed over now and he looked good and ******** up once again, he was now in the drunk zone once again, he thought about popping some more pills but thought better of it in front of his current company. He looked around for a moment and shook his head almost like a dog trying to get water out of its ears, he turned his body toward Ziggy and his head followed rather slowly. He watched her for a moment but then he turned his head toward the monk for a moment, he couldn't think of anything to say though witty or otherwise.

                                    "I have never been in a bar like this...Bunch of weird people..." it was starting to happen now, he was going to black out pretty soon, even his ultimate metabolism could take so much. He took another draft of his whiskey and without realizing it he finished it, it slipped out of his hand and clanked to the ground, he knew it was about time for him to find a corner to pass out in. He stood up without really saying anything then began walking toward one of those infamous dark corners but half way there he tripped over a chair and fell flat. He twitched on the ground for a second, then went limp and genuinely began to snore quietly right there in the middle of the room, he gave no ********]

                                    I take you where you want to go

                                    I give you all you need to know

                                    I drag you down I use you up. . .Mr. Self-Destruct!
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XXXXXXXXXXXXXX a d e xxx a r l e q u i n
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                                For whatever reason, Nathan's words struck at Jade like a dagger, and though, she knew he didn't mean what he had said in the tone she was assuming, the girl couldn't help her emotionally unstable mind. She showed no outward change, but when her lips opened to speak, a nonstop torrent was let loose."You are right, I am a young girl, both in body and mind. I am also human, so mo matter how powerful I may be age will take this body eventually. If you were to cut me I would bleed out and die. Oh, how some would give anything to have your body, your eternal life. Not me personally. I may not have any friends or family, and I may never have them, but just the thought of watching them die to age or other factors whiles I remained the same would be absolutely abysmal."

                                And then there was the matter of Annabelle and her killer. In her current state, there was no helping the girl stop her little tirade. Words would keep coming till she was done or blue in the face, though probably both. "You have such a weak conviction, no sense of justice. For a monster like that to take away the one you love and walk away with no consequence to her is unacceptable. She is deserving of only the harshest punishment you could bestow upon her. It is sad, really." Jade couldn't help but take her lower lip in her very slight buck teeth. What she had said to him had been horribly insensitive and rude, and though she meant every word of it, the mage couldn't just let that be. She was starting to like the man, and she couldn't have him disliking her. Sliding off of the table, the girl took a moment to smooth out the creases in her sundress before setting her deep green hues back onto Nathan. Jade was almost never without her smile, and even through all the things she had said to the male, she kept her eyes bright and her lips turned up and wide. "I'm sorry, I've been nothing but condescending to you, and I really don't wish for you to think poorly of me; after all, I like you." Giving a bow, she causally walked over to behind Nathan yet again, and draped her thin arms arm over his shoulders.

                                With her chin resting in his mess of raven locks the lass hummed quietly to herself intent on thinking of a story for the male. There was't much to say, ultimately. "I can't tell you much of a story I'm afraid. Most of what I've experienced I simply can't talk about. It isn't anything against you, my work just likes to keep things secret. Since I'm working almost every day for most of the day, you can start to see my dilemma." Lightly tugging at his shirt with her lightly tanned digits, she sighed in frustration. Again, she was being rude to the man by letting him be the only one to share. It wasn't her fault, the organization didn't look too kindly on telling outsiders of operations, and she couldn't afford to have her already tight leash constricted further. "Really, that's a story in and of itself, of how a girl like me managed to find a way into the inner workings of such a vile group of people who only use me for quite nefarious purposes." No matter what they did though, she never disobeyed, they gave her this life after all, and they would easily take it away. Only then did the mage realize that her inner thoughts were not quite so discrete. Her skin flushed a deep shade of red as she internally berated herself on being so stupid. "How dumb of me." Another sigh escped her lips and she tugged tighter on Nathan's shirt and pressed her face into his hair.

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                                〖ℴℴc :〗

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