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Nuzzling his finger to scratch Kato's under chin he finally reached the bedroom.
There he set the young child down to rest, giving him a kiss goodnight.
"Love you Kato. Sweet dreams." Before Maestro flipped the lights off and left the room he put a day sensor night light so whenever it was very dark it would light up.
It wasn't for Kato as much as it was Maestro.
Wasn't a big fan in being in places he couldn't see well in.

Back down to the bar he looked around.
Not much action tonight.
Fu was there. Might as well try to make some pleasant conversation.
It was actually very strange that they both shared a certain urge.
Something that urge they both have that most people would find socially unacceptable.
Thought, in Fu's case, hers might have more lenience than Maestro's urge to torture, murder and kill. It was a part of him, deep inside, that made him imagine things.
Made him want to get someone close, love them then kill them.
It wasn't healthy and Maestros been running from it for a long time.
It was getting easier and easier.

Funny how they were just two people with a urge to hide their natures.

But that was either here nor now, and certainly not the idea on Maestro's mind.
However, he would sit down and honestly ask,
"So... I don't mean to cramp your mood or nothing but... You seemed so different yesterday and now you seem different than that day. Did something good happen to ya, Femme violet? Also, can I have a bottled Pepsi?"

Location: One Night Stand, Bar Lounge Area
Company: Fu

[Location: The Ons/ Specifics:Standing employee side./ Thoughts: Quieter. Better.]

"We might have the bottles? Let me check."

The Orochi would explain herself after sauntering over to the mini-fridge. A small bit of rummaging divulged a can of pepsi. Close? Close enough maybe? At ay rate a glass would be snatched from a cabinet, ice scooped into such. With all this in grasp, the violet toned femme in question would step back over to where Maestro was sitting. Can would be set down, a napkin placed on the bar, and glass set on the napkin.

"Nope. I'm just a little shy in new places. Not everybody takes well to odd colored strange eyed elvish looking types..."

Which was true. She really couldn't escape that odd natural beauty. It was predatory to a degree. Though she did well to hide it with cuteness to a degree?

"Seems like you've had your share of folks not taking well to you? Can I ask about the bandages?"

Even in saying so Fu would pick up her drink and stand there on the employee side across from him. Sipping away as daintily as ever and giving full attention of that vibrant gaze to the musician.
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Zander Flash loved to watch things burn. As a child, he had lit the entirety of his home and the surrounding neighborhood completely ablaze, standing stock still at the ripe age of 10 to let the taste of scalded wood and running plastic comb over him, the asphalt curb even beginning to caress him with wisps of molten draft. A beat of sirens pounded into his skull, the thrum of boots stomping over staircases, kicking in doors loading to his memory with every roaring pop of inferno. He watched men engulfed in smog one moment, the jaws of black mist shrouding their forms, only to be eaten by dragon's flame the next, scorched in the hot ashes of some foolish mistake, some unwarranted madness. Always a problem child, always beating up the bigger boys and getting put in time out...

But that wasn't enough.

Zander eventually upped into the ranks of jail time, years of bashing prisoners and cops alike, hunting down men in bars for another chance to live. And so the man himself stood across from some poor poor bar, a stomping ground where his heavy boots and dangerous hands could get a real strangle over, put the violence in them all..

Zander was tall and lanky, almost lacking of any thickened mass. He had no definite definition in his threadbare form, elbows bony and edged, knees squared and awkward. But looks could and were deceiving in Mr. Flash's case, every square inch of the Irish borne scrapper sheened in compacted muscle and eccentric scars. He wore a rather loose fitting green polo with the edging torn all the way off their bicep high cuffs, giving it a jagged appeal to it's border, as if someone had tried to tear it off and away but failed. The human had automaton class modeled hands, heavy gauntlets that squeaked with every digits turn and grasp, a copper finish to his prosthetic hands, fat bolt like knobs for knuckles. The wiry fast talker stepped up to the curb, letting his gaze take in the lackluster setting, clack his hands together with soft, pitiful claps.

The fighter of random souls jived across the street, lighting up a cigarette before slinking in through the front of the One Night Stand.
"Somebody turn ah' ********' raid-yo on ah' mean s**t." He snidely remarked whilst stumbling up to the bar, eyes creasing like daggers towards any who stared in his general direction though a grin stitched his mouth occasionally, a show of his chipped canines like a flash in the blackness.

"Don't want to miss my stories."
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Maestro would do the best to contain his disappointment of the lack of bottled drinks.
Something about them tasted better, Maestro could explain it. Maybe it was just the mentality behind it? Not sure, Maestro could even explain it. However, he toke the drink without question.

"Thank you madam."
He pulled his bag off, revealing his hair that was a little wild right now kinda fluffy from taking a shower then wrapping and bagging it. Though he had thought if she would offer a straw or not.
Normally people offered him a straw if they weren't interested in his face and vice versa. Parting the bandages around his lips he revealed something not ugly in nature. Just his lips, that weren't much detail but it told a tale of something not expected underneath his flat rolled garbs.

"I can understand that, to a different spectrum." Hand waved around his body, talking about his bandages. Funny if he was talking about the pajamas though. Running his fingers through his hair he flatten it out and made it into his normal wavy black hair. Not straight but not too curly.
"Oh... Well, that I have. I normally get mummy jokes. Got a toilet humor before." Followed a laugh that was kinda empty. It just kinda got unfunny after a while, the wrap jokes. He toke a second to place a cigarette in his filter, light it and start puffing away. Spewing smoke from his nostrils, after he moved the bandages a bit to allow exhaling without blockage.
Didn't really show much. Finally, he'd answer.

"They are my weapon. My sword. My shield. My cloak. They are many things and they aren't as they appear... They are a part of me. Like a second skin. I can take them off with ease and they look like normal bandages, but they differ in the aspect they, well, are that way because thats how I perceive it. That I imagine them to be."
That might of been the most detail hes given anyone about the matter.
Mostly because "A", he felt she would understand and "B", they were kinda alone.
Puff and sip.

Also gave Zander a look.
Not one of displeasure, no.
Maestro was just minding his surroundings as he sat at the bar.

Location: One Night Stand, Bar Lounge Area
Company: Fu

[Location: The Ons/ Specifics:Standing employee side./ Thoughts: Mmmm]

Stories. Everybody had one. In an endless sea of pretty faces and ugly mugs, every single one had something they thought was interesting to say. That interest is just relative to who's listening. Fu was a student at heart though, and she listened with full attention until a rowdy type strolled in. If nothing else at least she got the jist of the interesting part before attention was drawn to. Prosthetic hands? 'Wonder what kind of Psi they output...' The thought was interrupted by something that sounded like words from the chap? She'd have loved to believe they were words of the English language? Sounded more like the remnants though, and if that was in fact a sentence, then it was barely clinging to life. Still, years of time spent on Gaia yielded all sorts of oddity, and she managed to pick out what was necessary from what the new male asked.

"If you can find a radio you're welcome to it. Maybe I could get you something to drink in the mean time?"

With that and an apologetic look to Maestro, the violet toned femme was content to stand there pleasantly. Smile painted over ageless features and on lush naturally appealing purple lips. What did the man with metal hands want exactly if he couldn't get his stories? Those emerald hues pierced the fellow as easily as they did anyone else. Vibrant and sharp, unwavering, and fearless. The conversation was put on hold for the time being, if not solely for the fact she had duties.
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He uncontrollably purred and curved his cat lips into a smile. Kato pawed at him for more affection, ears wiggling and all but they were at the room now and sick Kato was tucked into the bed. Even in his animal form Maestro proved to be a wonderful Father and hoped they could have fun tomorrow. "Meow."
The young boy replied, saying: I love you too, but in cat voice. The light was comforting. It would stop Kato from staring off into the darkness and having strange thoughts about life and the horrible things that have happened. Instead he looked at the small sensor and at Denki who was sleeping. He was anxious to wake him up so they could talk but Kato knew better.

He didn't want a cranky Denki, plus it wasn't like he could say much right now.
I hope we all go on a picnic tomorrow.
With Rylan, she's such a good mom. She said she'd be there for me and her hugs are so nice. Maestro is the best. I wanna grow up to be just like him.
Denki is so much fun, he stops me from feeling lonely and cares about me a lot.
I'm the luckiest boy ever.

Kato thought, pawing the pillow to get comfortable. He would lay down in the middle and try to pull the blanket over him with a tug of his mouth but his weak body would only manage to cover his upper half, his whole butt was sticking out!

The kitten curled his tail in and tried to sleep but he couldn't he was too excited for tomorrow. It was a new place and lots of different people! Maybe they could go to the fair together, and to parks, the movies again! The super market.
Kato just wanted to go everywhere but as a family. Still he couldn't sleep and thought about how him and Denki could have a real birthday party!

Wait..A birthday means, i get older... I can't get older. If not everyone will be sad.

He sniffled getting anxiety. He sobbed harshly and felt his chest collapse, it was an intense emotion of knowing your death was near. Kato thought back to the song Maestro first sang to him, it was the sweetest lullaby he'd ever heard.

Sleep tight
Now the sun turns out his light
Good night Sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you.

Close your eyes and I'll close mine
Good night Sleep tight
Now the moon begins to shine
Good night Sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you.

Close your eyes and I'll close mine
Good night Sleep tight
Now the sun turns out his light
Good night Sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you.

Good night Good night Everybody
Everybody everywhere
Good night.

Kato looked at the nightlight one last time as if it was the light of salvation, then closed his eyes.He had passed away, only wishing he could feel the warmth of Maestro's hug one last time.

At least Kato fulfilled his promise. The promise to carry Misaki's soul and provide his owner with loving parents and a good child hood. He had perhaps two years left in him and it it was sad to think that his death had come faster thanks to being loved and cared for but it was better than Kato dying alone. Perhaps now Kato's wish would be fulfilled now too.

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Lots of good work! Roontag had just finished up on some maintance of Gaia-1, and 'roontagopolis' was shaping up rather well also. He had been cooped up for too long though. Time to stretch. He had been enjoying the music wafting to his room,

Still people up and at em and....


"Hng" Is the internal sound a hero makes when he comes to a planet of giants for new challeneges, and leaves a planet where he is almost INFINTELY accosted by women in order to produce strong offspring to stave off a violent fate for their clan. A planet where children develop, are born, and mature in a matter of days, only to die defending those clans mere days later.

"Hng" is the internal sound a hero makes when he remembers that...

User Image

...Though whether or not in matters in the eyes of the Gaianoid is doubtfull, and by extension, pitiful.

Roontag cleared his throat and approached the exotic woman.

"You! Gaianoid woman! I am Roontag! Greatest hero and pilot of Zoshorous prime, Seeker of Justice and glory, and soon to be greatest hero of Gaia!" He placed his fists against his hips and looked up at her confidently, broad smile flashing.

Step aside, long-haired artisan boy! You've gotten your fair share of gaianoid... Companionship!

[Location: The Ons/ Specifics:Standing employee side./ Thoughts: Oh hai there tiny space man.]

This was the smell attached to that Mech from earlier? Greatest pilot he sais? Intriguing. If he were maybe five feet taller and didn't have fur and whiskers? Not that she had anything against those humanoid animal types, fur just wasn't pleasant to the Orochi. Regardless, he made quite a banter about his introduction, and the violet toned beauty was inclined to listen. The Hebi would lower her position to place serpentine slits on emerald piercing hues level with the pilot. Which would place the breasts he was HNNGGGGG'ing at below the counter and hidden away from sight. Not something done intentionally, but all the same, she'd examine Roontag.

"It's a pleasure Roontag... I go by Fushou, but Fu seems easier to remember."

A bit of attention was still kept on the Irish chap with the prosthetics. If not just to fetch him a drink when he ordered one.
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He sipped the last of his Pepsi in the glass, ice tumbling down against one another before snuffing his cigarette out against a nearby ashtray.
He saw Fu's gaze and understood.

"Well, I'll get back to ya. Gonna go go to bed now."
With that he stood up, waving a goodbye to Fu, Zander and the newly arrived Roontag.
He ascended the stairs, feel good about this new place and this new start.
Everything was going to go right at this place.

Opened the door after unlocking the knob lock, closing it behind him as he laid upon the bed.
He'd normally hug Kato close, even though he was a kitten. Laying a hand upon his chest he...
No. He couldn't feel a pulse. Maestro sat up quickly and looked down at the small orange cat.
First there was shock and then a glazed over reaction. It was almost like he just died on the inside and he was going auto pilot. Picking his gun belt up he walked into the bathroom, shutting the door and locking it behind him. Be it wasn't him that entered the bathroom with Kato, it was his source.
Outside the bathroom the previous Maestro was gone. Nothing at all.
Only the child one.
A twelve year Maestro stood there with the kitten in one arm and the gun belt in the other.
Slinking down in the bathtub he laid there, guns in the floor of the bath while he cradled Kato close.

"Kato... I..."
He bite down hard, fighting back crying just for now so he could talk.
"I'm sorry... I should of..."
He couldn't though. He began to ball over his bandaged face, biting down as he shut his eyes as much as he could. Sniffing followed.
"I... I couldn't protect you either, I can't protect anyone... I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry."

Reaching into his body he grunted in pain as he pulled out a music box.
It was a very strange item and was from a far off world that he once lived at.
He didn't like bringing it out.
Setting on upon his lap he opened it up as it began to play such a simple tune.
This was the box he gave to Ai, a boy he once knew who he also raised like his own son.
It was hard times back then, with war breaking out.
But Maestro didn't stop Ai from going into battle, and he carried to a distance top to watch the sun slowly descend into the sea.

"L-l-leaves f-from-m the vine
Falling so s-slow
Like frag-gile, tiny shells
Drifting on the f-flow

Little s-soldier b..."

He couldn't finish.
Grabbing his bandages off he showed his face.
His real face. While being a younger version of Maestro, of course, he was disfigured.
This toke place during his first year of rebirth. Obvious signs of torture, abuse and rape could be seen around over his body. He hide it because he was disgusted in himself.
He just held Kato's fragile little body as he tugged on the gun.
Placing the barrel against his left eye, lid closed, he pulled back the hammer.
Thumb against the trigger he... Chickened out.
He wept as his right arm dropped against his side, gun against his leg before dropping the gun into the bath floor.

"I'm pathetic... I'm even too scared to come be with you...
Kato... Oh Kato..."

He just sat there, crying while he held the little boy in his arms.
Music box played.

Location: One Night Stand, Maestro's Room, Bathroom
Company: Alone
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Kato's eyes were shut tight with crust already forming in his lifeless eyes. His body was still warm from the recent death, but it was limp as Maestro carried him and hugged him. If Kato would be able to see what was happening, he'd be in anguish.

The boy's cat form looked so old, as if he'd lived 100 years. Old and tired but for a moment it seemed like his ears twitch but it was a lie. It was only chemical effects after his death. Maestro shouldn't kill himself, he still had Denki. He still had so much left to do, such as Kato did.

A small orb glowing orb lifted from Kato's dead body like a Chinese lantern and spun around the depressed Maestro and whispered to him:
"Be patient. "

It could of meant a 100 things, but hopefully Maestro would be comforted and would understand. Misaki's soul then floated up, through the ceiling with a small blue one following right behind him.

There would be a chance that they'd meet again.
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"Well, Ms. Fushou, I shall call you Fu if you wish, but One's name is very important. On Zosphorous, one's full name is a way of relaying information about yourself quickly to another person, as time is so precious it is not measured on our planet, it is merely experienced. So for instance, my introductory title on my homeplanet would be "Roontag, Ace pilot- single handed slayer of Gwrath - Supreme commander of the Vulbog clan, The Glorious and Undying." I would not introduce myself that way every time, but if you were meeting me for the first time, It would be so, and you would give your full designation and title as well, as it would give me a breif summary of your history and we could get right down to buisness."

He could vault forwarrd infinitely, but being a conversation he would await comment.

[Location: The Ons/ Specifics:Standing employee side./ Thoughts: -blink-]

Blink. Blink. Gwrath? Vulbog Clan? 'wonder if he's making this up to impress me...' The dainty little Hebi would lift herself up from that position, offering up a shrug as she grasped and brought her glass of Dr. Pepper up. Guided to lips and sipped luxuriously before she responded. Unlike Roontag here, she came from a place where people's names were sacred. Not just that, but she had lived a life that lead one to forget themselves after a time. They say a Shifter will rebuild itself in identity as well as physical appearance? To this creature a name was just that. A petty title. Perhaps history would remember it? Unless there were no one left to read the tale perhaps?

"I suppose if you put it like that? Then I am Fu, the wandering good for nothing observer?"

Sounded about right. Still, the violet femme would finish off her drink and take the glass over to the sink. With that plopped in, she'd bring that emerald gaze back over to the space pilot.

"I grow tired though. I'd love to hear more about your planet and strange customs some other time? Take care Roontag."


With that, the Hebi was content to beam a vibrant smile to the tiny man, then bounce off upstairs. Fourth room on the right. The door would shut softly behind her, the lock clicking shortly afterward and offering her privacy to tear clothes off and flop into bed. Mostly because her narrator is getting a sudden bout of narcolepsy.
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In the mist of him streaming tears he felt something.
An ear twitch.

"Kato! Are you alright?!"
Shaking the kitten's body, holding it close in his arms.
Then, something magical happened.
An orb appeared. Its magical glow as he lightly swirled around the room.

"Be patient."
But as soon as it was there, it was gone.
As the small blue light began to leave Maestro tried to grasp it, but it slipped through his fingers.
Just staring in awe he got angry from a moment.

"What does that mean?!"
Shaking fist in anger, but he let it go.
He felt so helpless and weak.
But maybe that sign did mean something... It was kind of sick but he wouldn't part with the body just yet. Even if it began to rot, Maestro would keep it.

"You know why this happened right?"
Maestro heard a voice in his head.
No. Not here, not now.

"Because. You loved a mortal. Love me. I am eternal."
Cradling Kato he just rocked muttering over and over about something going away.

The voice stopped and Maestro felt in control again.
Things settled down once again.
Pocketing the gun after sliding the hammer forward slowly he holstered the gun and walked out of the now unlocked bathroom. The source Maestro slide underneath the bed where the copy was. The adult one. The avatar everyone saw. They hugged for a bit. Its kind of pathetic to hug yourself, but this was a situation that he felt suiting.
Soon that time would pass, the copy slipped out of underneath the bed with the source hugged the body of the dead orange cat form Kato in his arms.
The copy was the Maestro everyone knew. The superhero he tried to be from what he wanted to be. He'd get dressed in his pajamas again.
Exit the door and thump down the stairs.
At the bar he looked around.
Roontag was there. No bartender.
Maestro would slump behind the bar a grab some strong whiskey.
Untwisting the lid he began to drink it, heavily.
Moving to a table now he sat there and drink, letting out spews of distaste for drinking it in such a greedy manner.
He just wanted to forget for a while.
Cigarette would accompany him.
Puff and gulp.
Rinse and repeat.

Location: One Night Stand, Bar Lounge Area, Table
Company: N/A
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Hero of justice, right here!

Roontag watched as the haggard figure of maestro entered, and monitored his behavior.

Artisan's drank like this when they realized there was no more skill left in their craft and they were finally ready for war.

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Maestro had made a few trips between here and the table.
There was about two empty bottles of whiskey and about four empty bottles of beer.
Maestro was working on his fifth when Roontag came over.
Peering over at Roontag with one comically open eye while the other had a half open lid feel to it.
A drunken stare.
Instantly Roontag was encountered by a overly friendly,

"Well hey buddy! H-how you doin'? Wha."
Maestro would pause there, hand over his mouth as he began to gag a bit.
But nope, it was a burp. Waving his hand to release the burp more politely.
He would continue like nothing happened.

"What'cha up to man? Do you want me to play a song... Cause I can play a ********' song! S'all I'm go for!"
Maestro would try to stamper over to the electronic keyboard to play it.
Almost tripping a few times as he made that journey, chugging the beer in his hand.
Sitting down he slammed the beer upon the table as he fiddled around on the table as he played a little tune.

"Its tam' to."
Pause for burp.
"Come togethe'ur. Its time ta dress'h in tights."
Trying to sing the Muppets Theme.
Failing hard.

After failing a bit he'd grab his keyboard and struggle up the stairs.
Finally making it to his room he'd settle into bed and pass out.

Location: One Night Stand, Maestro's Room, Bed
Company: N/A

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