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YAY!! IT'S ALIIIVE IT'S BACK.... It's the newbie bar!

OMG NOOO WAY!! 0.25193798449612 25.2% [ 65 ]
^3^ freaking awesomness! 0.31007751937984 31.0% [ 80 ]
....... pollwhore 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 43 ]
it's okay o.o 0.034883720930233 3.5% [ 9 ]
o_o???? wtf? what's this? 0.23643410852713 23.6% [ 61 ]
Total Votes:[ 258 ]
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ill just take a doubble super apple and ornage juice with redberry taste

Uhhhh.... okay just give me a second *runs back to the kitchen and looks u the recipe, a few moments later amidst random clangs and bangs, out comes a juice cover Kage holding the drink* Here you go sir.
what you think of my clothes need black shirt under this
your welcome. la lala lala lala lala lala lala!
well I could provide entertainment, I'm kind of a bard really.
as i was saying love is in the air dude
oh yeah I remember that a page back sry xd sweatdrop neway. The owners not around so I don't know what to do about hiring anyone for anything.
you there dude and the other girl
HUH? *looks over* yes can i help you sir?
get me some chicks
could i get a job
Ummm *sweatdrops* I think you'd have to ask the owner for a ob and uhh as for your first request I'm sry i think that's something etter left done by urself. ^_^()
ill get the chicks
Whatever you say sir sweatdrop *goes into the kitchen and cleans up his fruity mess of juice.*
see you around

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