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YAY!! IT'S ALIIIVE IT'S BACK.... It's the newbie bar!

OMG NOOO WAY!! 0.26568265682657 26.6% [ 72 ]
^3^ freaking awesomness! 0.309963099631 31.0% [ 84 ]
....... pollwhore 0.15867158671587 15.9% [ 43 ]
it's okay o.o 0.033210332103321 3.3% [ 9 ]
o_o???? wtf? what's this? 0.23247232472325 23.2% [ 63 ]
Total Votes:[ 271 ]
I sing sometimes too, my mom said I should of gone into something like that instead of the animation department which I'm trying out right now.
accoustic is okay but i dont like it country style
yeah, some music is a aquired taste, I find I can usually listen to most of anything thouhg. But maybe that's jsut cause I'm kinda wierd. ^_^()
nice to meet you all but i gtg to whee have fun and i hope to see you huys soon
Aww... okay miss you hope this bar does good business *waves*
im new to hehe
your not weird. you just have different taste than me.
im new to hehe

hi hi!
Hihi Kevin. yeah I'm wierd but that's not why I just am in my own opinion. But that's okay I like being kinda crazy, it keeps me sane.... and that makes no sense lol.
can i get some watresses already oh or waiters
Well uhh the bartender left but umm... sure what will you have *jumps behind the bar*
well your not weird to me.
ill just take a doubble super apple and ornage juice with redberry taste
well your not weird to me.

Well thank you muchs ^_^
can i be singer? love is in the air can you feel it every where

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