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The sky was light and slightly peaceful. Wind blew and swayed less stable trees back and forth. The scenery was nice. It was reminiscent of what nature looked like before civilization, before ambition. It set the tone for things that were about to occur. Some things were about to go down, well, come down.

What seemed to be a rather odd star began to emanate it's radiant light upon the forest and environment around it. So pretty, like watching a shooting star. The only problem was, rather than shooting away, it was coming closer. What looked like a star began to gradually create more and more light within the sky. It shined brightly as it began to pick up vast amounts of velocity. Upon further inspection, it seemed to be on fire. Small parts of this, fireball, began to chip off and fall onto trees and down onto the forest canopy. The smell of burnt metal began to arise within the vicinity as the large fireball finally broke through the clouds and began to come crashing down towards the forest. It was at that second, large holes emitted from the bottom of the fireball, and what seemed to be jet streams of nitruos blasted against the velocity of gravity. It gave the fireball enough of a halt to where it crashed through a few trees, and skidded to a halt, about a mile before the end of the forest. Loud cracks and pops, the sound of trees falling. Afterwards, silence...and dust.

When the smoke cleared minutes later, there within the forest laid a small spacecraft. It was far smaller than its counter-parts, signaling it was made customly, and with less pull on valuable items. It didn't matter, it was virtually destroyed. The hatch bay door, however, flung open. Out of the smoke that arose from the darkness of the off-the-fritz cockpit, shot out a leg, then an arm, and then a whole body rolled out. How interesting. A young man, from the looks of it just reaching the end of his juvenile days. Caramel complected(sp?) skin that laid upon the ground as he coughed and spit up blood. [********] Said the young man as he slowly rose to his feet. About 6'3. He fixed his hair, taking time to put the back in a pony tail before speaking again. [******** ********] He yelled, looking at his shuttle, which was ruined beyond repair. He kicked a piece of metal into a rock and watched it land into a pile of dirt before gingerly reaching into the cockpit for some items. He winced as he hopped on one leg and grimaced as he laid his hands upon the hot metal. Not a smart move, but he had to get his s**t.

He retained his holster; which held his .44 Magnum and ion blaster, his sword, and a pair of headphones. Good enough. The rest of his belongings would have to wait until he could make a plan. Right now the importance was looking for a place. So he walked, and walked. Luckily his phresh shoes were able to withstand the unforgiving forest ground. It was when he reach the end of the forest that he saw the house. He gave a sigh of relief. "about time.." his low, meloncholy voice said as he made his way up the stairs; but of course not before reaching into his pocket, and lighting a joint. Oh yeah, he needed to relax. He took note of the power within and around the establishment. New area, New people, new predators. Same story, different environment. For now, however, he seemed to be safe. He limped in and took note of the buildings structure, they did a nice job. Looking down at his leg. Broken? no. Sprained and hurt like a mofo? hell yes. The young punk would reach into his back pocket and pull out a pair of small red rubies and place them on the bar counter. This should suffice for the night. He made his way to the fireplace, specifically the two love seat where he would finish his joint. He took his shades out from his pocket; relieved they weren't crushed from the crash, put them on, and fell asleep. Assuming he wasn't alone when he awoke he would have to do some recon and explanations, but for now, he rested.
A solid extension of the arm would creep through the air. Soft, crinkled hands touching the front panel of the door as he placed a bit of pressure to crack its maleficent closure. The door breaking its seal and swinging open, as the man passed through the portal into this individual dimension of innocence. Stature coexisting with the depth of his hues as he glanced around, despite the momentary pause in his saunter, he fluidly moved through the bar until he spotted a nice seat to plop his slender body unto. His jacket buttoned to the brim as he removed his hands from his pocket. Crossing his legs as he propped his head up at the juxtaposition of this place, "innocence" in malevolence? does evil have innocence? ...maybe ignorance...his thoughts crippling the human side of his psyche.

But pulling the reigns of his philosophical strife in a dramatic timing, the waiter would repeat his request once more.

"what would you like?".

E would turn his attention to the male and wave his hand in a passing manner.

"None thank you.".

His acuteness was faltering, to the point where he was noticing it. Slowly slipping into the cusp of his mind. Removing a slender cylindrical object from his right breast pocket. Putting it to his lips as he slipped another rectangular metallic object from the same pocket and snapped it open. A singular flame would ignite and seer the edge. As the herb burned glowing embers fell from its tip, the sweet aroma sifting through the dank scent conspiring together in the air. Most thrown off by the smell as it did not resemble that of a cigarette. Which would be an accurate presumption considering cannabis was nothing close to tobacco in its olfactory characteristics.

Taking another drag of the spliff as he brought his hands up.


In the audible rhythm a leather constructed bag would appear from some unknown pocket of space. Its contents just as mysterious as its origin while E leaned forth and pulled his chair closer to the table. The spliff burning at the edge of his lips.
And then, the young punk arose.

"...mmfff.." He said as he slowly came conscious. He would use his left arm to push himself up to a upright sitting position and give a yawn. What a rest he had indeed. He took off his shades to wipe the magic from his orange-orb like eyes and looked around. Hmm, still slightly peaceful; well, compared to where he had been. Looking back and forth he would then slump in the love seat with a sigh of relief, yet depression. No way to get back up there, no vehicle, no aid kits; Even his monstrous pet would be unavailable for the next long weeks. He shook his head, staring into the fireplace as the corners of his mouth made a small curl. [********] He said. His favorite word? no, but hard to say anything else when your stuck on new ground with no supplies. Of course it wasnt the first time, but it was like having a piece of the roof of your gums halfway pulled off; suck damn annoying.

Anyway, he couldn't stay pouting like a baby now. He would eventually have to head back outside and start to recon that ship. Whatever parts he could use, or whatever was left. Luckily for him he was crafty with metal. For now, he smelled something. That smell, That smelly smell. He began to sniff the air before his mouth smiled gently. He knew that smell all too well. The smell of a freshly rolled joint. He would reach into his pocket and pull out a finely made blunt, wrapped from a pineapple dutch. He snorted before getting his lighter, and taking a small puff. The smoke flowed up into his nose from his mouth as he rolled his eyes up to the top of his head. Hold it..Hold it.. and then he let out the smoke; it spread out into the atmosphere like a cloud. However, there was another one lit. He peeked around the tavern to see another gentleman smoking his own herbal delight. "YO.." He said, attempting to get the man's attention; raising his own lit joint."You wanna go J J??". It was a rare opportunity, sharing joints with strangers, Hopefully, it would help time pass so his conscious energy could fully recover.
E would peer over the edge of his leather bag before a shout traveled through the air and hit his ears like a sniper aiming for that one kill. The spliff burning at the edge of his mouth as he leaned back then contorted his upper body to face the man barking across the room. Brow raising as he noticed the man. Ponytail cascading down his back and a thick blunt held between his teeth. It was that metaphysical connection between people's personal interest that allowed E to lower his shoulders as he smiled and removed his spliff from his mouth whilst taking a stand and walking towards the man.

"only if your down to roll some more."

A slight chuckle trailing his response as he brought his hands together again.


The leather bag atop the table would disappear in a single unimaginable pause. Then as his hands lowered, each step in tandem with its previous position as he removed the pack that withheld the rest of his zips.

Approaching the man he would plop down, crossing his legs at the apex of his knees. Inhaling the last bit of his spliff before reaching for his pack and lighter. Discarding the burnt roach as he fiddled with the rituals of preparing another spliff as he never turned towards the man only retorted as he lit his spliff.

"What brings you here? especially smoking some of this greenery?"

Taking his hit as his lungs held as much as it could possibly take before spewing a miasma from his nose as he removed the spliff and offered it to the man across from him.
"s**t..i guess we bout to get faded then."

The young punk said as he shrugged and gave a thumbs up of approval. This place was about to smell like a damn cannabis farm. He took another puff of his own joint before holding his breath, letting out a couple coughs. too much inhale, silly boy. He cleared this throat, before giving the man some room and then reaching to take the joint he was offered. He took a puff from the one that was given to him, inhaling and handing the man the joint that was in his other hand. Well, rotation was going to awkward, but what the hell, a session is a session.

He licked his lips before adjusting the shades on his face and letting out the smoke he had inhaled. "Maan, things are ridiculous."He said as he took another puff, exhaling through his nostrils. The smoke rushed out of his nose like a faucet and into the air."Crashed out in the woods, fell out of orbit due to bad trip planning.."He said, which was true. The ship was practically on empty, with the exception of the back up-electric system. But that had to be manually done, which he had no time for. As for the herb? He simply smirked."I never leave the house without it." simple words spoken from the young punk as he handed the man his own blunt.
"faded like the stars"

A grin painted across his face as the exchange of blunts resumed like the continuum of time. The inhale was deep but like most chiefers, it saturated with how long you kept it in. There was no trick that E had found as he waited for that creeping tickle to explode from his lungs as he let the smoke out creating a phosphorous haze.

As the man would unravel his predicament as E sat comfortable, his legs crossed to his left, right foot motioning up and down as the exhale pushed the smoke up into his nose. the french inhale coughing after he mentioned something about bad trip planning. A few coughs following the initial one as he held the blunt out before taking control of his won and placing it between his dried lips.

"Space...never been, is it cool?"

Asking as he placed the spliff of buddah in between his lips and fished around for some chap stick. The room gaining an impetuous haze as the two smoked away their worries.

Scrambling around as his pockets withheld no such item, he would bring his hands together.


Must have left it in my bag.

That same leather bag would be produced in an instantaneous pop as it appeared from its same mysterious origin of space. Leaning forward as he began to search through it for some chap stick, all the while his spliff burning at the corner of his mouth.

The young punk said as he took the precious joint that was being passed to him. The very thought of space was ridiculous now. His eyebrows lowered abit just thinking about it. "Its nothing more than more rules enforced in a larger habitat." He said honestly. Unfortunately for him, the characters that did exist in his dreams and imaginations did out their. Most of them were overpowering tyrants, or the orders that be following cash cow corporations. Of course, him being a space pirate could make his statements partly bias, but in order to truly view the forest, sometimes you must check each tree's bark. Ah, there's a good analogy. Continuing, he would take a hit of the blunt he received; inhaling it through his nose as it crept up his nostrils and into his mind. He let out a small sigh with the smoke, followed by a couple small coughs. A fine hit.

"The sheer volume of it is cool, but unfortunately it leads to bullshit being spread too." He said as he took another hit of the fresh joint and took in a small gulp of air; hoping to allow the smoke time to resonate within his body. He would gently reach his arm out to pass the blunt back to the man, as he shrugged, no doubt from his previous statement. He would then exhale the smoke that he kept in him, letting it jet stream from his lips. He sniffed once, twice, before giving a sigh of relief. Things were peaceful, good. "How about you?" He asked, still holding out the joint he finished hitting. "What's it like here? Melting Pot of powerful beings too, or just chill?".His senses were recharged enough to feel distant energies. He had only crashed on this damn rock a couple times, but never in this area. Hopefully this man knew more than he did bout the area. Not like the young punk could go anywhere for awhile anyway. Stupid ducking ship.
The sheer volume of it is cool, but unfortunately it leads to bullshit being spread too.

Finding the chap stick from his bag as he leaned back as he received the blunt between his index and middle finger. Applying the chap stick quickly as he uncrossed his legs and placed the chap stick back in his bag, to then, bring the blunt to his lips and inhale vigorously.

"bullshit presides here, there, anywhere it is viable and cultivated...Me? I am just here for the travels and knowledge I gain from interactions such as this."

Leaning back into the couch as he exhaled the shroud of smoke. At this point, the room increasing in opaqueness as he chuckled and took another hit of the blunt.

"This place, though I am not clear of it's origins, it offers many chances for networking...if you care to dabble in the unorthodox."

Blowing another miasma from his lips as he glanced over towards the man and surveyed his appearance. Passing the blunt back for exchange of his spliff.

"Which seems like your cup of tea. I am E. by the way, what do you go by?"

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