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Sipping on his drink, the Marquis smiled briefly "No, we are much more organized than some silly cult. We have outposts in three worlds, the only real religion in a pair of cities." he explained as he looked around the room, noticing the Song Dragoness and the woman known as Raven. Frowning briefly at that strangeness, Zantara turned his attention back to Piper. "Cults are flash in the pan movements. Even Cults of Personality. No, the Seerite Faith is pretty standard...you know for worshipping a Vampiric Goddess." Giving a small shrug and chuckle, he continued. "Blood Worship is one of the oldest faiths in humankind. Don't worry, we won't be asking you to convert or any of that."

Shaking his head as he noticed she was becoming more and more frightened of the situation. Perhaps he should have done this meeting in the city. Ah well. "It was more of a spiritual comment, Miss Lynch. I am a diviner of futures and pasts by nature and profession. As much as I do find you a attractive female with a very very clever head on your shoulders, I will try not to offend you with my flirting nature. " he replied with a small bow of apology before taking in what Piper had to say about the situation she was in. A car accident where there were at least a dozen mages he could name off the top of his head that could get her back on her feet within a few days not to mention the numerous god's who's love to have a pyromancer in their employee for a time. There had to be a underlying reason behind why she hadn't gone the easy route. Perhaps her...fiancée had a allergy to magic of the healing variety. He was in the same boat in a odd sort of fashion. "I thank you for being forthright with me on the topic, Miss Lynch. I do not like taking away a unwed associate away from her loved one for long periods of time. It's...hard on a relationship." Reaching a gloved hand out to take the bottle of alcohol he filled his glass with a finger followed by another. Setting it down as he stared at his glass in thought, the Cleric commented, "There is a pretty comprehensive health package offered in your hiring. It is linked to married spouses though." Allowing her to reach the obvious conclusion, Zantara turned back to his suitcase and flicked it open.

"Here you go." Pulling out a large sheeve of stapled paper, he placed it beside Pipers drink along with a pen. "Standard yearly contract, Biyearly evaluation reviews. Three full, not business weeks of vacation, two weeks of sick leave. Typical resurrection package in case of death, either magical or technological replacement of all limbs lost in the line of your duties. I think you'll find it's all pretty boilerplate." Pulling out a checkbook and a large manila envelope that was filled with cash. "Which would you like?"
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Listening in silence as her prospective employer described the basis of his cul- religion, Piper slowly took another long sip of her current glass of whiskey, choking on it as Zatara described what the religion worshiped, the sputtering she let out possibly leading Zatara to believe she feared the idea, though in truth it was caused by another reason. "Vampire Goddess worshiping? Renee'll be sure to get a kick out of that." Piper thought to herself as she cleared her throat, a quiet chuckle escaping her throat, the raggedness of it possibly leading those who heard it to believe it was nervous laughter.

"Yeah, thanks for that, I'm not really looking for god." Piper responded with a laugh, looking down at her drink that had split when she'd choked moments before, motioning to the nearby bartender for a refill. Glancing back over at Zatara at his next comment before shaking her head in response, "No apology necessary. I mean I still don't fully understand what you mean, but it just caught me off guard, personally I don't see myself as becoming to successful, so y'know."

Taking a sip from the newly refilled glass then before continuing Piper let out a small chuckle, "And don't hold back on your nature, I don't mind flirting, most just don't understand nothing will come of it with me." She finished with a smile, the smile slowly faltering as she realized what thoughts were crossing his mind about Renee at that moment, she felt bad for lying, but really it wasn't something she'd talk about, it wasn't her place in the end.

"It's no problem, I don't hide that from people, I don't really consider it a problem, so I don't feel wrong telling people."
she explained, and though what she said was true, she also knew it was based on a lie, really though it wasn't one she felt bad about saying, but still, she'd gotten in enough trouble over her life by lying to feel bad about any one. "And thank you, I would hate being away from her too long. I'll do so if necessary, and she'd understand, but, yeah."

Unable to let a laugh escape her lips then as Zatara mentioned her life insurance only covering married spouses, Piper quickly recovered herself hoping he hadn't noticed, "That's no problem, Renee has.. her own insurance." Piper explained as loosely as possible, watching as she did so, Zatarra removing the stack of papers from his briefcase, placing them before her. "Yeah, that... all sounds fine.." Piper let out with an actual nervous chuckle at Zatarra's explanation of what the contract entailed. Truthfully though Piper was just glad she didn't have to worry about the limb losing aspect, strange as it was she'd almost lost her arm once and the fire inside her sealed it back on before the wound had even split the sections.

As he pulled out the checkbook and manila envelope then, which she figured was filled with cash, what else would be in it, something that was further enforced as he asked his next question, something which brought a smile to her face, "I'll take the cash, which I'm guessing is in the envelope." She answered with a laugh, "No offense, a person can be screwed with checks, the owner can cancel it, but you can't be with cash. Well, unless it's counterfeit." Piper continued, laughing once again, "It's not is it?"

”And if you wish you can stay, as long as you please
Just lend a helping hand up at our cabin by the sea…”

Tap, Tap, Tap.
She held a thin cardboard box, still wrapped in clear plastic. She tapped the top of the box on the palm of her hand.
Tap, Tap, Tap.
She rotated it in her hands and packed the other side.
Tap, Tap, Tap.

The tapping of the box on her palm slowed. Thin twigs and leaves crunched and snapped delicately under her neat footing. She pulled the top of the cellophane off her box of cigarettes and took a lighter into her thin pale fingers. The wind whipped her hair into a chunky flurry of chin length frizzy “baby dreads”. She reached up and set her hair back just slightly so that it wouldn’t go up in flames.
It was a crisp early spring wind that finally brought a soft turn to her thin, previously expressionless, lips. She flipped her luckies in the pack, poison and tobacco looked her right in her eyes.

She took a cigarette and placed it between her lips. She cupped her free hand around the end of the cigarette and her other thumb rolled over the lighter, causing a spark to light her cigarette. The white paper that wrapped the cigarette burnt orange as she drew in a breath. Tobacco, tar, and nicotine filled her lungs and she placed the pack where it had rested before in her yellow bag that hung low over her shoulder. She dropped the lighter in as well.

Her small, almost fairy-like, appearance was deceiving for her age of twenty-three. She wore a plain black shirt and a pair of high waisted jean shorts that exposed much of her legs and the large tattoo on her upper thigh. She wore a beautiful silver fumed, functional glass pendant with an opal encased inside it. She approached the door of the establishment and stood outside, breathing in the harmful chemicals of her cigarette, unsure if this establishment was smoker friendly.

After a moment, she leaned again the outer wall and took a few more puffs then, put out her cigarette and threw it away. She reached into her bag and cleaned her hands with pomegranate scented hand sanitizer. After replacing the cap and sliding the bottle in her purse she opened the door and took a few steps inside the place... already wanting another cigarette.

”…where every day is beautiful, the sun, the sand, the breeze
And everybody lives together here in harmony.”
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A foam green taxi slowly coasted down the drive towards the "nearest inn", per the client's request. The uneven road caused the inhabitants of the vehicle jerk back and forth in their seats. In the back seat a young woman, perhaps in her early twenties, sat with a look of annoyance on her face. Her left hand reached up and pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose while chewing on the inside of her cheek. The blue light from her cell phone lit up her features in that would have been hidden in shadow. The way the light hit her face was almost eerie and the cab driver only glimpsed up once or twice to see her upper lip twitch. He didn't say a word or even attempt at small talk.

It was only when he pulled to a stop that he managed to croak out, "Miss." The brunette in the back snapped her head up, eyes narrowed behind wire rim glasses. If there was one thing she hated the most, it was being interrupted. "We're here." Relaxing slightly she sucked her top teeth with her tongue before arching her hips up to dig in her back pocket. She fished out a wad of cash and tossed a twenty and a ten on the console. "Keep the change..." With that the young woman pushed the door open and stepped out of the car.

Green eyes lifted as the cab drove off in a hurry. The establishment looked nice enough, not as well lit as she would have preferred, but it was a means to an end. With a slight shrug of her shoulders she glanced back down at her phone and opened the text messages she had been scanning moments before. Her slender legs carried her towards the door without her lifting her gaze again. She tugged the door open and walked in, still eyes on her phone. Of course, someone had entered literally second sure enough, she ran right into the petite girl with dreads which sent her phone crashing to the floor.

"Son of a b***h..." As she bent to the floor to pick it up she swore a couple more times about an a*****e p***k and something about men in general. It was hard to understand the incoherent mumbling, but someone in close enough range could probably gather that a man of sorts had royally pissed her off.

She stood again and looked at the person she ran into. At full height she was about a 5'7" and she was pretty slender. She was dressed in a pair of jean shorts, pink tank top, and a black graphic tee that barely stayed on her shoulders. She also wore a pair of ankle high lace up black boots. Her dark brown hair was pulled up into a half-assed pony tail and looked like a five year old had an attempt at it. Certainly nothing fancy. She was overwhelmingly ordinary, minus that temper. "I s'pose that was my fault. I'll by ya a drink, but don't expect a sorry. The name is Faye. By the way..."


”All your life you’ve never seen woman taken by the wind…”

Suddenly, she was on her knees and very alarmed. The air in her chest scared out of her, the girl looked down at her hands on the ground for only a moment before she straightened and looked up at the tall woman before her. Coming up to a meager 5’2’’, on a tall day, she was all too aware of this woman’s size. She patted her bag back into place against her hip, taking a mental note not to get on this woman’s bad side.


Her voice was soft and raspy, more raspy than it should be for her age. She blinked a few times and pushed her dreads back into place.

”Thank you for the drink offer. I appreciate it.”

The way the woman before her held herself was so different. At least different from what Dinah has experienced, in the years of music festivals and rainbow gatherings. She wished with her whole heart that she could find another festival or gathering, but somehow she had fallen out of the rabbit hole she had become so accustomed to. Before she wasted any time thinking about all that she looked around the room, trying to place the bar. Some liquor sure seemed like a good idea. At least it was something familiar.

”…would you stay if she promised you heaven? Will you ever win?”

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