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He stood with a white towel in his right hand, absentmindedly wiping down the surface of the bar to a reflective polish. He wore a fine tailored suit, a three piece of all black, which looked better on him than most. His skin was pale, though not quite ashen, smooth and clean cut defined his visage well. His hair was shoulder length, tied back above the nape of his neck, black as a starless night sky. Two luminous sapphire eyes lackadaisically observed the counter he was polishing, meticulously buffing out the few scuff marks he found. He had masculine features, an athletic body though not bulky, his face was hard, cold even, in the way he seemed show so little expression. Around him, the air seemed to shimmer for a moment, a strange aura hung around him, like he were a man frozen in a painting, there seemed to be a sense of eternity when gazing upon him, as though he were always there, not just since he spontaneously appeared, but for forever, as though night and day, he were present where he stood. Like an imprint of his entire existence had stamped space and time, like he were a sentinel, forever standing watch.

Other than the timeless aura which was nearly intangible itself there was no measure of power to be sensed within him. No scale in which cast judgement on potential ability, which could be taken to mean multiple things. He didn't carry a weapon on his persons, no swords or concealed guns, not even a knife. When his eyes lifted from the counter to glance across the room, those fierce luminous orbs of blue fire, perfect and cold, like an endless winter night made it clear, he wouldn't need a weapon, he was one. In his eyes, there was wisdom to be found, the way they carefully soaked up every detail, processing more than just visual observations. There was a methodical, calculated nature about everything he did, which made his entire presence seem cold, alien even, to some who were sensitive to emotional wavelengths. In that respect, he was little more than a corpse himself. There was no consideration, no empathy within those eyes, just a quite, patient apex predator, biding his time. When that reality of his presence was combined with the sense of eternity which saturated him so thoroughly, it painted quite the unnerving portrait.

There was no latent hostility to be found in observation, no determinable aggression to be read from his actions, just the empty patience, a deathly silence, hidden machinations already in motion, Alexander need only to sit back and watch. Occasionally, such as tonight, Alexander thought to make a presence, if not only to spice things up a bit during certain moments in time. As long as he didn't cause too much trouble, pull too mush power into himself, the world around him would remain stable enough to support his consciousness in a body. But this could only last a few hours, afterwards, time itself around him would begin to unravel. A nasty situation, when that happened, which usually ended poorly for anyone close enough to witness the singularity implode.
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Ceres would listen to Leo's comment She shook her head before she was so rudely interrupted from her own drama going through her mind. Ceres recognized the woman outright. She belonged to the head of her father's house. A spark of devine flame came to her eyes as she looked the woman up and down she listened Runes voice. She knew by the tones that came naturally to the mistress of song.

Ceres would listen to the way Leo had spoken to Rune though she had been quite amused. No one had spoken of her. " Submissve and me should never be in the same sentence. The dragoness would chuckle manicly before taking her attention back to rune becoming silent before looking back to the woman her head held high. The blazing blue bombshell was to put it bluntly. The air about the halfbreed would become more chaotic. As if pulling it from the walls around herself.

Ceres would snap her tail in amusement."You may be used to speaking as such to the others of my father's brood but you may not address me in such tone" The dragoness' body language would turn on a dime.Ceres grew up amongst her mother's breed, a species of demon who used sonic based weapons to put it bluntly all of the Matriarchs before her could simply state that their voice was their weapon of choice. The silk bound maiden was letting the whispers override her being. Her relaxed notions more than just a fond thought. " To my father I may be nothing but a b*****d daughter"

A fang filled grin came over her blackened lips her Azure eyes steadily darkened like that of a raging storm. " But I have become a queen by my own hand...not by birth or marriage..." Ceres flicked her tail the buxom dragoness was not pushing the limits she was drawing a line in the sand. She had always felt unwelcome in her father's house and now she was to be scolded like a child. The electricity in the air had grown, Though she was unarmed before her now. Nothing but tooth and claw the dragoness stood firm.

Leonardo -S- Virunas

Rune Slessiane
>>Ahlolika-The lost dragon

Leonardo -S- Virunas

"The words are all my own Leonardo..." The woman replied with a sweet note, followed by a chuckle."I just know their tempers, and your rather seductive reputation."

The woman stepped forward, graceful and silent, hands leaving the sleeves of her coat, one falling to her side as the other lifted to brushed strands of black from her eyes. "She wouldn't know me, most do not. Yet I know everyone, funny isn't it?"

Sapphire Ceres

Her violet gaze shifted to Sapphire, an elegant eyebrow quirked as her head tilted slightly. "That is good, it is better to build a name for yourself instead of relying upon the name of one's parents. I see so many that do that, and in my opinion I rather find that deplorable."

Even as chaos thickened in the air, she woman still retained a calm demeanor, a quality uncommon for her kind.

"My name is Ahlolika, I am not Rune, I have a feeling you are mistaking me for her. I was at the castle, I felt your presence, being a curious creature I followed. Slowly I am meeting the members of that vast family of yours."

Her smile faltered as she again looked to Leonardo, "I shall leave if you so ask me to....In the end I am but an outsider who is bored and curious."
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"Suppose I know how it feels to live in the shadow of another~"

Adding his own chuckle Leo wouldn't mistake the women for the previous mate of his original self, whose shadow he spoke of. Endearing a palpably amused smirk the seductive male would gesture towards both women with a dismissive wave of his hand that wasn't to be taken too seriously. It was a bittersweet sort of irony that he couldn't quite escape his past lives, the same memories of which still threaten to lull him back into the incarnated sickness he had only recently managed to recover from. Chaos in spite of its nature wouldn't hold any influence over his weakness however, as the rebellious quality of his nature fed off it like some method of psychic banquet.

"None are unwelcome here, and I'm sure I couldn't take any more advantage over Ceres here than she might I."

Caressing his vaguely hypnotic scarlet iris's from Ahlolika back to Ceres whom he'd brandish a playful wink at his words of either of them taking advantage of the other. Having not intentionally lured any to his secluded home he doubted any measure of seduction could sway the blazing blue bombshell from her own whim, and he hadn't intended to try. In truth the entire scene was near comical if the tension wasn't thick enough to cleave with one of the cutlery knifes littered about the kitchen. Leaning forward off the kitchen counter the rebellious incarnate would nonchalantly place his hand upon Ceres's back, leading her towards the door where he'd calmly place his hand on Ahlolika's shoulder with only suggestive force applied to lead them both out to the bar area.

"Now, ladies. I'd greatly appreciate a drink after dealing with the feathered beasts recently driven off my property. Shall we?~"
Slender fingers teased her blood red curls as she approached the bar where an attentive barkeep was seeming to remove the varnish from the well kept bar counter. It was a cute sight, the focus enough to draw another low growling laugh from the back of her throat as she set her hands upon the counter and leaned forward. Bending at the hip, resting her left forearm upon the bar counter as her weight shifted to her left foot. He had paused in his little task as she approached and it was the lack of interest that gave fuel to her own amusement since she was an oddball like that.

"What blue eyes you have there Jack~"

Her mood was more jovial than usual, perhaps because of the blood high she was still riding. Her bloodlust well satisfied for the last few hours. It wasn't the brilliance of his eyes that captured her attention so much as the stoic and 'vulnerable' position he put himself in. She was ever the wildcat and even more so, ever the instigator. Always on the prowl for something to play with between her lethal talons.

"So Jack, what's good on the menu tonight?"

Rak was well aware his name was probably far from 'Jack.' She just didn't care. It was the first move of the game.
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Looking to Ahlolika " My apologies Ive only heard whispers of what the new women of the family were like." Ceres was actually one for her manners. Though honestly her previous actions did not say much to agree with that. She had always been an outsider to them and to find one following her now she honestly didn't trust it. Her travels had taught her well that not all whom come in a friendly guise could be trusted.

Ceres would relax feeling Leo's hand upon her back. She looked toward the woman with a slight growl still trying to quiet itself in her throat. Her tail still swaying in an agitated pattern. She was not so concerned about the man whom she followed to the bar it would be the woman who had followed her here. Seeing how she reacted to her energy she must have met the only other of her kind. Which wouldn't surprise her much the Forsworn men were known for their travels in one way or another.

Ceres would turn her eyes back to the devilish male they seemed to glow for a moment as she felt a kinship. Her chaotic energies were not a foreign thing to this place another plus. A number of thoughts raced across the halfbreed's mind as she found her way through and found herself a seat.
" I wouldn't mind one myself " Ceres would say with a wink back as she found herself a seat.
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V had stayed outside while Leo had attended to other matters. At the time there had only been the two of them 'present' but he wouldn't have minded if others came out to play. And then there was such a visitor... or visitors in the form of birds. V had taken the time to step out onto the the grass and look up at the entire scene that could be described in great ballads of Leo's fight. When the event was over V went back to standing on the porch and taking occasional drags at the pipe he had. There was no need to rush a good smoke and he was enjoying the silence that came with this place at times. Then there were other visitors who entered or appeared by their own means. While V kept to himself he did crack a window on the porch so he could listen for keyword.

As the man relaxed he tried to recall what had first brought him to MoI. Had it been a raid of some kind? Had he stumbled upon this place in his incessant wanderings? Had some long forgotten friend pointed it out to him? V shook his head as he frowned. He couldn't recall and for a while V threw together ideas that could be possible but he was unsure. Even asking Master for some insight didn't get him anything substantial. Just that he had been underdressed most of the time and had done his best to keep things casual here.

It was then that he heard mention of drink. Vodka would be nice right about now, or maybe some bourbon... or whisky. All of them were something V could go for right now, but for the moment he was going to sit outside a while yet and finish his pipe. He knew that people did sometimes smoke inside the establishment but he preferred not to bring into MoI any more of the smell than what was on his person after a smoke. Some people like the smell of tobacco, others despised it, besides. Second hand smoke was rather dirty... as amusing of a notion that first hand smoke wasn't, second hand was far more troublesome. So V sat outside listening in on a few conversations while he enjoyed the occasional breeze.

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