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Such antics were one of the solitary few moments of pleasure Tegral allowed himself, well one of the few that didn't involve brutalizing young women in front of their families while devouring the still steaming entrails of their close friends and loved ones. A small smirk played across his lips as he thought about that...he hadn't had that kind of fun for a while. He wondered if he still remembered how to exact just the right amount of terror before condemning their souls to a near eternal state of torture and agony before devouring their essence of existence into himself. Smirk vanishing, lips pressed together, he flicked his thumb against the filter-less back of his cigarette, wrapping his mind back to the thoughts at hand. Ash tumbled towards his feet, which in his oddly floating seat were currently pointing at a nearby wall, where it tumbled and floated as one would expect of the charred papery ruins of a cigarette. As it reached his feet, however, passing beyond what ever threshold held Tegral aloft, gravity seemed to remember which way it was suppose to go and once more took hold of the ash and pulled it towards the floor of the tavern.

Despite the obvious inhuman nature of the feat, floating parallel to the floor on an ornate throne of gold and precious gems, it wasn't all that hard. Frankly any two-bit magician could do it, what with the ability to control air, or even altering the pull of gravity so that everything from his perspective fell towards his feet and once outside his bubble of control the rules of the world took hold once again. More likely, however, given Tegral's laziness and perchance for reality manipulation he'd likely just built himself a phased piece of an alternate existence where he could sit normally and only appear to float about.

Tegral is nothing if not lazy. Also, speaking of lazy, he was bored out of his ever(never)-living mind!

That was definitely one downfall of immortals everywhere, or at the very least those who don't age. Existence only had so many things to do before one became bored and started doing nothing. Once that dangerous spiral began there was no hope for the one trapped within it's bored conflux. Even events that would once set your blood to boiling would hold little passion, becoming more a chore than anything else to complete. Battles would be a nuisance, the inevitability of it all having already been decided the moment they drew blade. Lusts and sex were diminished, forced to invent new and often times disturbing methods to spark the same sensations. That was probably the worst part of everything...even sex was becoming boring. Eventually the so called immortal would simply stop doing anything at all, after all why do something when there was no interest in doing it? Their legends, their myths, would slowly fade through the sifting sands of time, forgotten and buried as newer and younger 'immortals' came to take their place. Eventually those who remembered them would either follow the same course or else they would simply forget them altogether.

Probably the easiest way for an immortal to die is to be forgotten...especially here on Gaia.

Sighing once more Tegral took another pull from his cigarette. Flicking the butt end of the cigarette with his thumb, dispelling another clump of ash, smoke streaming from his nostrils while a gentle breeze from no where stirred the smoke about, pushing it away as he floated up towards the ceiling and making small circles with his throne. It smelled like peppermint.

It was an odd feeling to be forgotten.
The legs of the gold wrought throne thumped against the ceiling, leaving Tegral seated upside down in perspective of the rest of the world. That's funny, upside down...everything is disoriented if you don't understand the perspective behind it.

Shaking his head Tegral flicked the nearly expired cigarette from him, it passed behind his sphere of active influence and tumbled end over end across the open, and empty, tavern before striking the ground in a shower of burning embers.

Well this was a wasted trip.

Tegral vanished, his throne vanished, the smoldering embers of his cigarette and discarded ash all vanished. Nothing remained behind to herald his appearance, save a gentle smell of peppermint hanging in the air.
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Rune, want me to start or did you want to?
Akako Akari

Rune, want me to start or did you want to?

I'll do it! I will get one out for you tomorrow! Sorry haven't been feeling so good.))

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