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I'm an Assassin. Noob. 0.184 18.4% [ 23 ]
Soooo, how do I get to level 4? 0.088 8.8% [ 11 ]
I could GM a cool Bounty plot... 0.128 12.8% [ 16 ]
Why hasn't anyone done this before?!?! 0.104 10.4% [ 13 ]
So I heard something about this 'Market' idea. >3 0.088 8.8% [ 11 ]
Poll Whore~ 0.408 40.8% [ 51 ]
Total Votes:[ 125 ]
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Unbeatable Hunter

OOC: Everyone is responsible for their own enjoyment in an rp. if one does not enjoy it,they wouldn't stay,would they~? I cannot make them have fun. I can just throw out things,and hope that those interacting with me enjoy it. That's the best one can do,really. Or at least,I think.

forgive me, i thought you were speaking to me since azen and i were in agreement,it was a bit confusing.

(( I don't think I was asking about who was responsible for enjoyment. ._.

Nevermind that, though. ))
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.:[ I'm having so much fun, I'd gone plaid.]:.

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OOC: He's gone plaid. Can anyone 1-up that~?

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Unbeatable Hunter

OOC: Still not sure what everyone is so worked up about over a question~

So here's some horrible humor ;D

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(( No one was worked up. o.o

If there's anything confusing me, its why everyone jumped to the conclusion that I was worked up over the question to begin with. ._. There are many more things far more worth getting worked up over in life.

But, given the answer, I guess it really was a silly question. ))
((Well now that, that's settled. MOI does have a ooc thread. So lets take all this there please and thank you.))
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Alexander, in all his grace and grandeur, a being which lived within and beyond dictations of time and space, stood reluctantly behind the bar of the Malevolence. To think, while in Leo's absence, he'd left none to tend the bar and manage the happenings of the Malevolence. Though he felt the task beneath him, here he stood, willing to be host in Leo's home, after all, what were friends for.

Alexander appeared as a middle aged man, grey hairs touched his sideburns, lending substance to the air of wisdom that followed him. He wore a tailored black suit with silver accents, made from a fine silk looking like fabric. Luminescent sapphire eyes scanned the room thoroughly while his hands idly dried a crystal glass with a white cotton towel. Leo had left a mess behind the counter, disheveled bottles, some half empty, others left nearly full without their corks or caps replaced, the stale smell of alcohols assaulted his sense of smell, there was a significant amount of cleaning to be done. Alexander eyed the mess with a displeased scowl.

(( There, lets get the show on the road.))
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Quietly, Alexander worked, as methodical in each task as he was in nearly every aspect of his existence. He organized the glassware, tossed whatever bottles that had turned sour into the trash, and absentmindedly compiled a list of what liquors remained after his purge. He had long since laid his tailored jacket on the bar's counter, rolling up the sleeves of a black dress shirt so that they didn't get stained while he moved about. The building was empty, no surprise there, but it allowed him time to finish the task of straitening things up. Of course he could have used his powers, manipulated time and space to his whims, but what was the fun in that? He had allowed his mind to wonder, looking around the empty room. He needed servants.
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A darkness had swept over the grounds, casting the Malevolence in a deep silhouette of fog that stretched into the sky, threatening to choke out the stars and blot out the glow of the moon. The fog caressed the shadow moving along side the wall of the building, sweeping through it's dampened fur, allowing a musk to linger in the air. A narrow snout sniffed low to the ground, searching as it's gold hues darted around the shadows around the creature, ears swivelling in the direction of any noise out of place. Two twin shadows, mirroring each other's movements however heading in opposite directions. One for the back door and the other the front. Each had their noses poised at the ground, both with their ears alert.

As they neared the lights hung near their respected doors, the light would glisten off the moisture on these creatures fur, revealing them for what they were. Two twin wolves, too large to be any normal wolf and if the size didn't make you question, the flurry of five tails trailing sleekly behind them might knock further sense into a man. The creatures had been stained a deepening crimson and black. Their snouts, ear tips and tails were a blood red, the remaining a black that melted into the shadows. As their noses shoved passed the doors, the sound echoed through the establishment.

Their thoughts intertwined, the female at the back door bared a growl in her tone. Her golden eyes adjusting to the dark of the kitchen as she regarded her brother. ' There has not been life in this place for ages, Rys. The time for finding old allies has long past, they have more then likely turned to dust. ' As if on cue, her many tails had brushed against a shelf that was home to a layer of dust which had swept up into the air, assaulting her nose and sending her into a frenzy of sneezes.

In the front of the establishment, the larger twin retorted, his fangs barred into a snarl as his gold eyes searched the establishment. He knew his twin would not abandon him, not for this particular search. His tone held a tense anger bottled after many years under ground. ' We have nothing but time, Syfr. We wait. ' But the silence between the two was cut short, for Rys' eyes fell upon the man. This man may have seen him, but the chances of him seeing the other may have gone unnoticed. The larger wolves ears twitched as his eyes regarded him, friend or foe. This body hadn't met the man, and his scent didn't quiet click with any of the souls memories.

A black tongue flicked out across serated narrow teeth as the wolf watched the man move. It's muscles tensed, unsure of what to expect. It would merely wait within the shadows, sure the man had noticed a rather large clump if fur standing in the door.

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