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Crimson smoke escaped her lips as she observed the others about her while enjoying the slight taste of cinnamon that lingered within the black papers used to wrap her cigarettes. She would inquire her little Marionettes had found this pack and by whose hand had they been finished off so she could compensate appropriately as well as request more. The dosage of belladonna was spot on as well, calming whatever nerves had been pricked and prodded previously as she drew her legs up upon the couch alongside her. Rakshasa's presence was somewhat surprising until she lingered back upon past events that the Evil had put herself though recently. Perhaps the Evil was on the move out of boredom or she was still eluding the Vatican's hired hand to give her more than just a ticket for her vandalism. Given the nature of the Evil, she was ready to casually interfere if the need be, but it seemed the Evil's amusement was just as subjection to redirection as she. A crack of a smile laced her lips, and her gaze followed Rakshasa outside. Before long, the Evil was out doing her usual thing and while nothing really great came of it, it lowered the tension inside.

Her mood was so pleasant, that she didn't even care that Never was coming back and by the look on his face, would try to change her decision. The Fallen's head quirked to the side, a brow arched in question in amusement as he tried to change the location thus.

"Not at all," would be her response as she smirked. He must of given a call to either Mal or the Marquis directly, and his attempt to negotiate was the product of the little conversation. While her direct dealings with Mal had been limited, she could put her finger upon the fact that Never had probably spoken to Mal. Mal was never one to agree to a meeting in a location that he was not familiar with in the slightest while Astaroth wouldn't of given a damn and agreed. The Fallen reasoned that it was best to cut out the middle man completely and extended her right hand toward's Never. "Phone s'il vous plait."

Her fingers beckoned as she also added to her own To Do List, right below getting a new room, obtaining a new phone. She couldn't remember what fate had met her last one, but given its lack of being on her~ it had not been a good fate.
Holding a map in his one hand and exploring the insides of the side pocket of his backpack that hung over his right shoulder with the other, Nathanael desperately searched for the ever so familiar shape.
'Ha! Got you! Thought you could escape me, didn't you?'
Put at ease by feeling the edges of a wrapper at his fingertips, he clenched it between his index and middle finger. With an exaggerated gesture he pulled the toffee out of the pocket and smiled at it with a proud, childish grin on his face. Still with a triumphant expression on his face, in the same manner a pupil has when the teacher congratulates him with having the best results on a test, he placed the other side of the wrapper between his teeth, jerked his head to the left, causing the wrapper to unravel. He tilted his head back and allowed the chunk of caramel coated in chocolate to fall into his opened mouth.

The Nazarth struggled to slid his left arm back into the lace of his backpack while he put the empty wrapper in the pocket of his jeans. Just dropping the piece of paper and polluting the relatively untainted natural forest he just got out of wasn't something Nathanael would do. Even though every single one of his pockets was stuffed and filled to the brim with mostly candy wrappers.

Besides, they could always come in handy if he had to transmutate some matter other than his limbs any time soon. As he swept the twigs and leaves from his clothes Nathanael investigated where his feet led him. He didn't need to look at his torn-up map again because he could already see his destination in the distance. Expecting him, the Malevolence sat a tad further along the dirt road in front of him. Like he always did when on a journey, Nathanael just aimed straight through the forest, in bird's eye according to his map in an attempt to make it to the rumored tavern and it seemed he hadn't missed his goal this time. A while ago when he had set sail to a nearby city he spent two days on a trip that could've only taken an hour or six if he had just followed the suggested route.

In this dimension, so scarce of Peripson particles, transmutating a set of wings would be more efficient but it would make his supplies of Peripson plummet harshly. Besides, even though it was known a broad variety of strange individuals gathered here, if sightings of a flying man were to reach the ears of another bounty hunter, it would cause him a great deal of trouble again. Collectors of peculiarities like horns or wings of rare races would send their men to chase him and he wasn’t really in the mood for that sort of thing. He didn’t like to kill.

As he headed down the dirt road he noticed something that gave the impression of a garden and decided to pay it a visit later on the evening. Suddenly a dull blast coming out of the forest reached his ears while the smell of tea lingered in the air. In the blink of an eye the Nazarth stretched his arm, his fingers tensing up forming a claw, with the other he reached for the crumpled heap of candy wrappers in his jeans while he stood on the ball of his feet, knees slightly bent and ready for an attack from any given direction.

Like that he stood there for a few seconds, his eyes quickly shifting over the landscape, scanning for any movement. As soon as Nathanael decided there was no possible threat, at least not for him, he released the tension from his body and moved towards the entrance. After passing the porch on the side of the tavern he got up to the door and opened it. All sorts of different odours overwhelmed him, most notably those of beverages and the scent of a smouldering fire.

Caught off guard he let his exhaustion take over and warm his hands by the fireplace on the left and a sigh of escaped his mouth. Closing his eyes he let the warmth spread over his skin for a while. He in and exhaled slowly, as he extracted the energy of the fire on a steady and careful pace so it wouldn't be extinguished and no one would notice the reducing flickering of the flames.

Realising that the other guests barely paid attention to his presence or even behaviour, he came to the conclusion that the tavern probably was used to stranger individuals than himself. At the bar, a few women and men stood as well as the two bartenders, of which at least one had quite the dreadful appearance. The tension in the air was something Nathanael tried to neglect, but the longer the silence continued, the more he was determined to leave this tavern as soon as possible. Feelings of regret surfaced when he realised he couldn't see the garden that way. Oh well, he thought to himself and walked up to the bar to choose something from the menu. Nathanael tried to give the impression it was a struggle to decide, while he grabbed the creased pieces of paper and felt his energy draining once again as for every two wrappers a smooth nugget of gold dropped to the bottom of his pocket.

The predator had bagged her prey, the blush that seeped into his cheeks was so alluring. To know that his blood ran hot under a thin line of dermis...it was tempting enough to drag a talon along his cheek and just press hard enough to slice through skin and muscle to draw that sweet liquid to the surface. He had been given enough time to escape but he had been drawn by the feral seduction that put her at the top of a quite a few lists in the food chain. Given the weight of his eyes and the alarm he tried to smother and jovially put aside, she had to assume his hearts were racing.

Like war drums. Syncopated or in sync, it didn't matter. The addition of stress and release of epinephrine into the bloodstream. Fight or flight, but here he froze. Ignoring his first remark about how one could switch to different kinds of tea, she let a wicked thought enter her eyes. A remark had been sitting upon the tip of her tongue, and she coaxed it further into development but instead of whispering it into his ear before she pulled away, she just leered at him. A casual flick of her tongue across her lips, snagging an obsidian stud as she let her thought just linger there for interpretation. There are different blood types too...

A single talon traced down the curve of his neck, flicking away loose strands of hair as well as brushing back any of his clothing that obstructed her view of that dark expanse of skin. "At this moment...so there'll be another moment in which you'll say contrary hm..." Whether he had meant such a statement or not was irrelevant, he had said it and now she was flipping his words about. Shuffling the vernacular, pulling out meanings of syntax and re-routing the very flow of dialogue. It was not she who had implied first that she'd 'harm' him, he had all but given her an IOU notice for a later date that had not been specified. Whether the weight of this implication would hit home didn't matter, she was teasing and leading him along a wild goose chase. The less stable their relationship seemed to be, the more amusing it was to watch him fidget.

Her talon would flick upwards once more, resting the serrated edge upon his lower lip as she purred. In the back of her conscious mind, she was wary of a presence caressing along her thoughts with a whisper of warning. Given the circumstances, she was probably the only one to really feel the sensation given she was the initial transgressor and Leon was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Normally she'd ignore the warning, but granted the proximity of Sharlen, it would be best to play somewhat nicely, not that she'd switch off her current way of intimidation. Instead, she'd find the rules and locate the line that can be blurred versus the one that couldn't.

What was a little banter and play without knowing the rules. War can be waged without drawing blood, its just the matter of finding the right button to hit.
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Name: Leontias Métaliene

Rakshasa’s stare certainly did not settle Leon’s psyche, in fact it only made it worse, he recognized the gleam in her eyes before. It spelt nothing good for the black haired alien, his hearts were beating at a breakneck pace, his stomach felt as if it was churning in knots. His face however remained still though it was pretty clear that she was not falling for it, she knew his behavior, she knew how his emotional patterns worked themselves. The thought of those alone was enough to confuse the male, let alone her constant flattery especially since he actually knows what they imply now. Before it was uncomfortableness due to mass confusion, even though her implications were now clearer to the alien, it didn’t make it any better. In fact it made everything worse, especially the position he was in right now, her talens grazing the underline of his chin grazing the scars that adorned his caramel colored face. The sharp claws teased penetrating through his skin, but never made through with the motion.

He clenched his fist, when she licked her lips, as much as he wanted to step away, any other indication might just make the incident worse. If he lifted himself up, he’d simply just topple over with her on top of him, making the situation worse. When she asked about the time window of which her feeding can commence, it was then that Leon had realized he made a promise he couldn’t keep. “I-I Mean I don’t plan for you to devour me anytime soon l-lass.” Now he seemed like he was backtracking certainly she’s notice it now. Before he could react however their proximity had gotten close. Very Close. He could literally taste the blood that she smelled off, the wild oder that she passed along. It smelled enticing yet dangerous, something about it lured him in, but also wanted him to get out a quickly as possible.

By instinct his free hand had already made their way to her stomach, his hand placed on her smooth toned abs. This made sure that the blush stayed, but gave him enough leverage to push the female off if things got serious. It was getting close to that already however, he was already close to the danger zone in many ways than one, the steam had begun to rise in his body, the heat managed to escape from every orifice. The scent of his blood a strong candied apple scent, that would easily entice the man-eater. While their relationship was easily describe as unstable, there was something there that confused and even attracted the alien to the creature. Her talon suddenly caught themselves on his lips.

She taste similar to what she smelled, which should’ve been obvious to the black haired bard.

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Red listened with silent apprehension he liked the general outline of the idea. Genocide was his sort of thing, though he wasn't sure if they could find enough, he wasn't sure what the scope of destruction would be to sustain him. He had never really stopped to count how many beings he had consumed, but thinking back the notion daunted him. Not to mention the times he had lost hold of The Other's, their killing spree was the type that left nations barren upon his rising from the tumult.

But finally he was struck by one singular problem that would not stop nagging him, so he asked in his own moment of clarity, "Leo, what stops these, good willed samaritans from turning on one another once they have been devoured? I have eaten plenty of knights in shining armor in my day, but once they join the multitude there is only one goal and sense of escape. The top. It's like an ocean sized game of king of the hill, with everyone playing creating the hill..." He stopped for a moment thinking. These moments of clarity in his mind when hunger and bloodlust did not clutter his every thought were growing rarer and rarer. "What is to stop these new souls from wanting freedom as much as the old souls."

For a moment Red felt like that was the end of his options, but a thought occurred to him haphazardly. He hated the very notion of it, but there might be a way to weasel and twist out of it. "Leo, what would be the consequences of you devouring me and releasing me afterwards?" He said coldly. Any hint of his previous grin was replaced with a serious grimace. Red knew Leo had to have thought of that option. It would be a simple way of overpowering Red's nature willfully. But he had no idea of what the implications would be. He knew if he devoured Leo what would happen. But Leo devouring him could have completely different consequences. Especially if Red did not resist. But slowly he waited for Leo's answers, his golden eyes cutting into Leo's own coal black oculars. Slowly, another idea began to dawn on him, one to subvert Leo's own powers upon himself, but again, he did not know the consequences.

Looking to Akako he forced a momentary smile noticing Leo's own protective movements towards the women. Deep inside of himself he could feel his hunger and greed rumble as The Other's roiled uncooperatively. Each individual asserted itself upon the horde to pry itself towards the top. It was only when one scanned back their perspective could on interpret any semblance of a solitary will outside of Red's. If he fell for a moment, all souls would control the body of Red with all the power of every being unleashed to its disposal until someone claimed the top. It was only out of sheer will, supremacy, and experience that he continually maintained his position. Any time he lost control he could resurface as a completely new being of similar levels of power but with no consciousness of how to use their newfound power. It would be the equivalent of handing a toddler a b*****d Sword and expecting him to swing it. Either way someone would get hurt.

Red took a deep breath, settled himself and refocused his attentions upon Leo.
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Another touch of that demonic appendage had Akako turn her gaze to Leo. It was rather good timing as be began to explain ‘Plan A’ to Red. Her eyes darted away to look at the bar counter as she listened to Leo intently. Every word was burning into the demoness’s mind, comprehending what must happen. Her brows drew together, a look of frustration falling upon her flawless features. Long lashes fell to her cheeks as the woman would close those crimson eyes. She was in deep thought, thinking of something, anything. Nothing. A sigh fell past her lips as her lashes fluttered open once again, looking at the monster before her.

He offered a smile, kinder than his usual. At this, the demoness stilled. What was he up to? The monster gave her wicked grins, not one of possible defeat. Akako’s already concerned gaze turned into one of sadness. Once his gaze left her, she lifted her abandoned drink back up to parched lips. She gulped greedily then set the glass back to the bar, licking her lips, moistening them. Her crimson orbs then averted to look at Rini, a hostess of the Malevolence. The demoness offered her a weary smile, not like the ones she typically gave the young woman. ”Rini… dear, as you can see I am quite busy. Leo may need my help here at the bar. Would you mind going to Leo’s office and picking up the list I left on the desk? There are names of establishments in the area that I would like to affiliate with. Would you mind spreading the word for me? I will send out a couple of my people out to assist you in any way they can. If you need me, please call me.” Another smile, a bit brighter than the last, but it wasn’t to last very long.

Red’s voice, words, brought Akako back into the conversation violently. Her eyes widened in surprise and she averted her crimson gaze to Red. Those hardened red orbs narrowed angrily on the monster, gold beginning to appear around her black irises. The demoness clenched her hands into fists, knuckles white, nails biting into her palms. Without meaning to, the woman drew blood in each of her hands as she glared daggers at Red. ”You have got to be out of your ******** mind Red. Do you want to die? Do you want Leo to lose himself as well? No… absolutely not.” The woman’s words were laced with venom as she spoke, nearly snarling.

Ah, there was Akako. The true Akako. For so long she had been impervious to real emotion. She could feel something akin to rage, but nothing like fear or love. That had been lost half a decade ago, and here she was feeling both. The demoness cared again, deeply. The loss of her children, Leo, her entire family had brought her down to her darkest self. She had been trapped by a rage, an emptiness for years. It was unfortunate that her coming back would have to be like this. The fear of losing Leo and Red at the same time was horrifying. Sharlen was already edging too close to a powerful being and she already feared for her dear friend, now them.
”Leo… can I harbor any of the souls to take some of the pressure off of Red? Is that even possible…” The woman lifted her chin to look up at Leo, her crimson eyes pleading.

Gods, wasn't that a beautiful sound. The beat picking up by rapidly beating hearts like a calvary riding into the thick of the fray. Thick lashes fluttered as her smirk widened, bearing her long curving fangs as she savored the atmosphere. It was tempting to lose control, to go stark raving mad, to indulge...but control was something Rakshasa had in spades. Sometimes. Ridges of scars met the tip of her serrated talon, the curious need to find where nerves had been severed in order to know where he stopped feeling, and where he did. Call it sick and demented, she just wanted to know where the body failed to feel and what was that like. To see white stain the canvas of skin but have no sensation of pain...

"So you plan for later? That's fine, I'm patient. I'll savor your taste better," she didn't give him an inch of wiggle room when she replied. Picking out new words, providing the flaw in his statements and turning them to bite him in the a**. It was like digging yourself deeper and deeper into your own grave, he might as well choose his epitaph now. While the word play was satisfactory enough, the Evil found his boldness hysterical. The hand that pressed to her abs didn't make itself known strongly, it was more like an instinctual warning~ down. Not that she'd comply as she pressed her upper body into his hand and purred. The sound low, vibrating deep in the back of her throat as she slid her talon down his chest once more. Joined by her other fingers, it took her but a few milliseconds to curl her fingers into the material of his coat as she dropped her hips down snug upon his lap.

"Bout to blow?

She continued to tease, her garnet eyes dropping suggestively into his lap as she'd rock her hips and tap the swell of his lip gently. Then, she'd slide the talon form his lips, down to the center of his chest. Leaning in, she breathed in deep, the scent of apples causing her mouth to salivate lightly before she'd lick her teeth clean. He was getting hot to the touch and she wouldn't be surprised if he started to billow steam out his ears like a cliche cartoon. If he thought about pushing her away, he'd best know by now that she'd drag him down with her. It was time to test the boundaries of the rules that the unknown wind had brought to mind, if he acted first, did that blur the line of who was at fault?

Swaying her hips forward, she dropped her lips to his throat while pressing her body up tight against him. His hand was ignored as she'd move to trap it against their bodies as her tongue rolled across his exposed collar.
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Rini, Hostess

"Treat her like a Queen, She will treat you like a King"

Rini had been humming to herself, that notebook of hers being filled again. Was that her name being called? Well, It looks like the night was going to get interesting, maybe. "Yes, Miss Akako?" She would respond, looking up. "Sure, I will do that, If I am going out though, let me atleast change..." she skips off to her room. From her closet she pulled, a very formal gown. She slides it over her body. Brushing her hair, retouching her make up. Then she walked right to Leo's office, moving a few things here and there until she found a list. She produces her cell phone, and writes down the number, for Akako.

"Here you go, I am off, I took your number from Dad's office" she would offer the lady a smile. " I will do my best!, Anything I need to know before I go?, Well, you can just text or call me" With that the girl rushes from the MoI, off on her task.

"Treat her like a game, And she will show you How its Played"

Wearing: Lovely
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Name: Leontias Métaliene

When the talons trailed their way to his charred skin, his face simply stayed still, his mouth still agape. The lack of sensation only justified that she had decided to test out his scars for any remant of nerves. He had bled through those burns countless of times. Especially during his self recovery, a rather ugly puss fit followed by blood and sores, It was only by constant care that it ended up as it did now. It seemed she was more intriqued b his injury instead of being horrified or creeped out. That was not the surprising elent however. The nonchalant nature of his scars was something he had quickly gotten used to on gaia. No what really surprised him was how careless she was with his obvious physical demand to keep space. Her ignored the hand on her chest and instead simply pushed forward. Her body not hugged against his, this caused him to drop his hands and lock his green eye onto the female’s very own.

‘bout to blow?

That statement alone was probably meant to send chill down his spine, but ended up causing something worse. His body quickly began to heat up, the bloodflow travelling everywhere but where it was supposed to go. The slow sensual purr nearly caused his heart to blow from his chest. The sensual sound soothing to his musically turned ear. A Sweet sound in the otherwise gruff area that she had managed to find himself in. Her talon slid down his chest, the scratching of said talons barely phased the alien, but did begin to leave their mark, the talons had managed to slightly tear through the shirt underneath his jacket, to reveal a rather toned body, nor exactly extra muscular in any sense, but it was obvious that the man’s travel had done him well.

“Lass this isn’t a good id…”

He was set to object, but was stopped by her sudden seating position onto his lap. At this point he nearly lost control of the urge he had currently going through his body. She had managed to pique his curiousity before, and it had happened again. The create one driven by hunger, flirted and stalked it’s prey into submission before devouring. However, she seemed to not take much satisfaction in devouring him, instead she took more joy egging him on, setting his gears, and watching him run like a well oiled machine. Except his job was to simply balk at the possible interaction between the two and react with confusion and a strange case of perversion. When her tongue trailed it way down his neck, his mouth closed at this instant along with his eyes, his first thought becoming that she was about to make her move. However, it seemed instead this was another tease, this tim however, her body was clear on it’s destination, This woman wanted something from him, was it willing to give it up to another, possibly step into the trap of a female he felt to only be trouble.

He had no time to realize this, his body suddenly caught another aura in the wind, the same blood red as the female he had currently taking a taste of his neck. Before she could continue however, he pushed her and himself to the ground. “GET DOWN!” He would land on top of her and six bolts of fire found their war above their head, slightly grazing the hair of Leon and into a nearby tree. While they did not reveal their location Leon already had a good bead on who was out there, and he was aware that it was the same people that forced him to travel in the first place.

They were here.

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For several nights,she had sat in the safety of the trees,watching the building,debating entering it. Wrapped in the safety of the night,and black clothing,she had hidden away in the higher branches of a tree, idly watching.Finally,she would gather herself up,tired of sitting out in the cold,dark night and its chilly embrace. After a rather clumsy trip down the tree,nearly falling after losing her footing,she was glad to be on the safe ground.Tugging the hood of her jacket over her head,she began to make her way slowly to the establishment...
Reaching the door,with a simple twist and push,she opened it no more than needed to allow herself in,quick to shut it gently behind her.Lowering her hood,she would peer around the room,her crimson eyes first settling on the bar. She was rather surprised to see that the majority of the floor was a bar area,and little more. Still,she had the admire the beautiful craftsmanship that was the fireplace. It added a cozy,and somewhat romantic atmosphere to the establishment. She was less impressed with its counterpart,as she was not much for smoking, of any sort...
Her mind made up,she would begin her way lazily towards the left side fire place,her boots making a soft, 'thump' with each step. Drawing near the closer of the love seats,she took a seat,sighing contentedly. Beautiful
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Location: Gaia ~ MoI Grounds ~ Ensemble: Bite

A wind blew throughout the air that made Onyx feel colder than perhaps she should have. There was a chip, a bite in the atmosphere of the forest that called like a warning to be taken seriously. She had to ignore it for now due to the fact that she had lost sight of Rysen. She had taken off having managed to grab up her custom back holster. She put it on and fastened it as she ran. She had been taking random, paranoid glances over her shoulder as she did so to try and make sure that she was always just beyond his reach. Oni may be technically human but she was very fast. Her energy reserves could hold a very substantial amount at one time, slowly depleting but she wasn't just anywhere. In a way, this place rendered her weaker. It made her think that she needed to get out of here and fast. She wouldn't get that chance just yet.

Rysen had boomerang right back around at her and had leaped out of the brush at her.
"NYEEK!" she had little time to do little else.
Rysen's body was abnormally warm considering his species and his specs. Needless to say she wasn't cold as he pinned her to a tree. He did however invade personal space. Space that instantly made a woman like Onyx turn vicious like a cornered jackal. They do not like to be cornered what-so-ever. Onyx didn't like to be touched and it usually spelled M-U-R-D-E-R for those who tried to do so. Rysen was not the type to care. In fact, the more it bothered Onyx the happier he was. Slowly being squished, air being compressed and expelled, she tried to hold onto it. Teeth clenched she growled out at Rysen. He was in his human guise and as such, it made this a little more easier to deal with. Still, he had no right to touch her.
"Hng...Rysen! Get your filthy claws off of me! You have no reason to need to tou-"

"You may be able to find a man who may walk death with you....but can he walk with you against me?"

Onyx felt his hand run up the thigh of her pants that were incredibly well fitted. She felt her blood begin to boil. The fact that he was also referring to something very personal, intimate regarding her past, something she use to say when speaking about a potential mate, made his words like acid. HE was speaking as though he was even in the runnings! It was this point that pissed her off more so than even the uninvited touch he gave her. The assault didn't stop there.

" You will never outrun me nor hide from me. I can smell you. I can hear you...and... I can taste you."

She felt his nose drag up along her neck, his face far too close to hers for comfort. He made certain that their eye's connected. Oh, if only this was his true form. She might actually enjoy it a little more. Unfortunately she knew the truth and his true nature. Then...his lips came crashing into hers. Her whole body seemed to turn to solid ice as she froze with wide shocked eye's. It lasted a few minutes before he disconnected having entangled his fingers into her hair and pulled back. His last words did something to Onyx in that split second of a moment similar to snapping a twig. Anger was a very hard emotion to conquer so she re-directed it. Channeling her energy, focusing on herself and the movement of her self awareness as it was taking place within, her movement would be a fraction of what it was normally. Onyx was pinned to a tree by rysen. She couldn't access her blades, her stones. From about her solar plexus a flash of purple light would go off. The purple orbital rings like from the atom would be so faint, dusty particles. Rysen would feel a piercing sensation however, this would be very different than a flesh wound. This felt piercing from the inside out. If he were to look, he would see no blood for the wound bore no visible markings. The hit was done to his energy and endurance. Mild in it's strength, it was kind of alarming when one thought about how brief it was and its magnitude if held longer. Sadly, Onyx's own energy was low so the ability was brief.

The pain Rysen would feel would be piercing, breath taking, vertigo, all at once. It would be enough to make him let go, possibly stagger to either side of himself in confusion and pain. It would have been enough to render a mortal (wo)man unconscious to be certain. The blade dissipated instantly after running straight through his solar plexus. There just wasn't enough juice to have been able to make a substantial draw and hold. It would give Onyx just the right amount of time to do what it was she needed to do next. A split second was all she needed. Her hands free'd, she rip off her gloves and latch onto Rysen's face with them. She began to pull energy, his energy to draw it unto herself, to drink of him. To drain him. It felt so good! She wanted more energy, she loved the buzz she got from feeling it swarm about her body. It made her head feel light. Pass by pass, pull by pull, it would weaken Rysen until his legs would buckle from beneath him. Onyx's heart raced and when she had just enough to be able to keep going and get away she released Rysen with a bit of a fling. Toppling backwards and panting damn hard she watched him a moment.

"Y-you!...-huff huff- Your a great dirty b*****d Rysen! Can you feel me now!?" she said scrambling to her feet.

"You think I haven't kept my share of secrets from everyone?" she had been referring to that little move she had pulled with the blade fashioned from her own chi. (shehai)

"I...was...born to bleed you dumb ********] and with that she took off. She didn't want to waste what energy she stole from him....on him! Oni would take to the trees as Rysen was too clunky to follow her that way.

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With that the girl rushes from the MoI, off on her task.

It had been a long time since Oni went tree hopping. Using her assassin skills she ran leaping from strong limb to strong limb of the tree's. Upon getting closer to the MoI, Onyx heard the distinct CLIP CLOP of hooves. Near by, traveling, was a horse. Onyx need to get out of the area Rysen was in and fast. She wanted far away before he regained his strength and got really pissed and sought her out. Making her way towards the sound she would storm the carriage spooking the poor horse into stopping, rearing and neighing horribly. Onyx had flung down from a tree, she didn't know Rini was manning it. When at lasts moment she realized who had been traveling she growled.

"Ah ********]

The thought danced across her mind. Removing her Katana she cut the carriage portion of the horse loose and gave a distinct "YAAAAAA!" tapping the horses back side with the flat of her blade. The horse reared and neighed once more before taking off like a bullet. Onyx was sitting behind Rini on the horse...poor girl was probably scared!
"Hey hey!" she yelled casually to her over her shoulder and into her ear over the rush of wind.
"Thanks for the save there little lady! So where we heading?"
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The fact they discussed such a situation alone would inspire the majestic deity into an amused state. Noting the entrance of two others, Leo would brandish to them both a devilish grin upon his sensual feature's while gesturing at the bar for them to place their order. In this circumstance, the emphatic entity harbored within the very fabric of the bars existence would be utilized, apparent by the small circular glass sized ripples that would gradually rise glass's up from the wooden counter top with an ethereal mist lingering within each ready to transmute any beverage retained behind the bar counter directly into the glass's. With this accomplished, Leo's own caressing attention would avert back to Rini as Akako spoke before trailing over her with a proud smirk at her assumed obligations before settling back on Red.

"I should elaborate a bit more, since it's apparent neither of you seem terribly informed on this sort of subject." Speaking bluntly with no real intent of insult, Leo's hauntingly enticing manner of speech would suggest that the deity was more than well aware of his potential options. He was no fool, and while in later years he would of twisted it all into some manner of malevolent game where he held all the cards, in this circumstance, he'd essentially fold his hand for everyone to witness. As if as an act of good faith, or will towards either Akako or Red. One would assume his entire justification on the topic was the Demoness's interests, yet Red was no more an enemy to Leo than Leo was to himself. "The madness within you, while consisting of individual consciousness's, has developed into the singular hive mind that afflicts you. If you didn't harbor at least one or more conscious individuals separate from the hive mind you wouldn't have any coherent thought beyond madness. By wounding the hive mind, hacking out half of it, and introducing an equal opposite simultaneously your body would be the battle ground to determine your sanity. At that point myself, or others I know could easily introduce ourselves into the clash to mitigate and work towards the balance."

Leo had dabbled, traded, enslaved, and bargained for countless conscious and multiconscious souls. If anyone was appropriately knowledgable on this particular subject matter it would be Leo, whose rebellious existence had been based off his mythical collections to aid eventually in his own potential demise. Existence being such a fickle thing, as with consciousness which shifted in any pivotal direction almost spontaneously. The majority of mortal souls easily influenced through emphatic influence or influence of their assumed perceptible surroundings. Higher conscious minds or souls harboring far more complex options, as the entire process ventured out into infinity. In this circumstance, there was no easy method to incorporate as devouring Red's hive mind would subject his combined hive mind against Leo's raw higher dimensional multiconscious networked accumulation of multiple hive minds. Even he couldn't guarantee the result though Leo wouldn't share the same doubt of self Red would at the thought of devouring one another. Leo had been building fail safe's for his existence since he managed to take corporal form within the 'Leo' hybrid he'd grown so accustom to.

"If I devoured you, I wouldn't do it as a whole to overwhelm. If you devoured this single physical avatar of myself it would only serve to madden you further I'd imagine and complicate things upon my inevitable return. Let's say I did absorb you into a portion of myself, what I'd expel of you would be a part of me even if you retained your individuality. Your physical body, and multitude of consciousnesses would all be a part of my greater whole. A fate, I presume, you would rather avoid which is why you should hope plan 'A' works out."

Ashing his favored narcotic vice into a near by ash tray that levitated up absently to greet the action, Leo lulling both scarlet oculars over those present as if to continue pondering on the entire situation. Plan 'A' would involve far more than what he'd explained in short. The battle waged would be cataclysmic, leaving Leo or someone equally equipped to 'preoccupy' the unpredictable conflict that Red would become if his physical body wasn't taxed completely which would unleash what one would only comprehend as a multispectrum explosion of chaotic conscious energies which, in theory, could expand and wipe out an entire galactic body depending on whether Leo would decide to relocate such a scene or absorb it himself. There of course was an option 'C', but it harbored much the same process with a far less desirable result.
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Red was quiet for a long moment then. His plan that he had been forming in his mind had turned to ash. He had considered hacking off some portion of himself for Leo to devour and eventually return to himself, but now that he knew what the result would be, that was simply unacceptable. Red would never allow himself to merely become an aspect of some other being. Not for power, sanity, or anything else he could gain from it.

That left a new option the way Leo explained it. So the new souls would be separate from the chaos. It could work, though for a moment that he lamented that they would not get to enjoy the choas within him. That would merely have to be an acceptable loss. Red continued his thoughtful silence, shifting his gaze across the room. He only vaguely heard Akako's protest's. Golden eyes stopped at her for a moment, the look on his face was a calm mask, had she really said all that? Interesting. "Akako, we both know that I have always been out of my mind." A small smile broke his features as if consoling her to the possibility that this was real and he could die. "And this is not an option of wanting to die. But if I cannot retain my own coil to a manner that suits my intentions, I may as well loose myself and watch the results." He cackled for a moment, "Perhaps you'd even like the new me, you could call him blue, or something, whatever color the b*****d turned out to be when the dust settled." He spoke jokingly but there was the distinct twinge of the macabre upon his cryptic words.

Returning to Leo's proposition. A separate consciousness within his mind. It would be better than the hive, and at the very least it would help. Red couldn't help but laugh, to him three consciousness's within his mind seemed crowded when they were each potentially powerful enough to take over should he fall from the seat. He knew it unlikely and ridiculous a thought. The hive would be halfed, making it no longer a threat to his mind, it would make him far weaker until the other conscious was added. It was a chilling thought, but the pain seemed alluring to the occasional sadomasochist.

Red looked back to Leo, "Alright... We can go with your plan. What do we need to do?" He said finally, accepting that some action was better than none. After all, if they failed, it was only genocide.

He could feel himself slowly slipping back in his mind even now, but he would allow none of that to show on his features. Red needed to take some action soon. If he was not the one on top when this process began, not only could he lose the body permanently, but the thought of being torn out with the Others within the hive mind, to be cast out and abandoned did not appeal to him in the slightest, he had to hide the urge to grimace.
Rini had called in a favor from a friend, who let her borrow a horse and carriage. Seeing as she had no one to man the horse though, that carriage was empty, maybe she would go shopping. A slight smile crosses her face. It was good to be apart of something, though something crossed her mind. Dorian did not have her number, and she may not be back on time to see him. Well, maybe he would be smart enough to inquire of her, instead of sit and wait. The girl was lost in her thoughts a second, when a loud yaaa! came from behind her.

"That in the seven layers of Hell?!" she would be tempted to stop the horse, that was now moving faster. She was spooked, yet there was a faint smell of jasmine. "Hello, Oynx, what has cause you to need a save from me and my little folly here?" she would call back. " I am on my way to do something for Father and Akako!, Wanna come?!"

Rini was dressed to the nines in her wonderful gown, so it was almost comical that she would be riding a horse.


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"Hello, Oynx, what has cause you to need a save from me and my little folly here?" she would call back. "

There was a pause to that question as Onyx didn't readily answer her. Instead Rini would feel Oni's gloved hands glide down her arms and to her own hands. Taking the reigns from her she let a playful grin slip over her plump pout.
"Actually...for a change, I'm the one that needs saving."

Onyx would look back over her shoulder...her mind momentarily on Rysen. Looking forward again she heard Rini say that she was running an errand for "father" and Akako and then was asked to join.
"Father? I didn't know your father was here Rini..." she responded firstly. In response to the invite...her grin got wider.
"Sure...I'll be your body guard or some heroic s**t like that" and then she chuckled before giving the reigns another snap to push the horse further.

It would be at about that time that she noticed what Rini was wearing...why the ******** was she wearing a gown!? It contrasted to Onyx's traveling gear so horribly! Maybe if at first one mistaken her for a man thanks to her layers of fabric, the better off they'd be? She wouldn't comment on the dress feeling that it was a little rude and so she would ask:
"So where to first little lady?"

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