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Caius Valerius

[ My memory isn't that crappy o no ]
Alexander Aurelius I
Caius Valerius
[ I can't believe this thread is still here.

...And as always, Sha is keeping it alive. ]

.:} Hey now, Leo and I are putting forth effort. {:.
[ Holy s**t. Tonight is shaping up to be a reunion special.

Sorry I didn't include you. I'm sure you're keeping this place just as alive as Sha. ]
[ I never said it was. <3
Anyway, how have you been? ]
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Caius Valerius
Alexander Aurelius I
Caius Valerius
[ I can't believe this thread is still here.

...And as always, Sha is keeping it alive. ]

.:} Hey now, Leo and I are putting forth effort. {:.
[ Holy s**t. Tonight is shaping up to be a reunion special.

Sorry I didn't include you. I'm sure you're keeping this place just as alive as Sha. ]

.:} Leo and I plan to give this place a face lift and some new paint. Things are slowly starting to warm up, but Leo works a bunch and I'm only free on the weekends.

Right, right, OOC thread. emotion_omnomnom {:.
// Wi-Fi in the venue is slow as ******** but I'm getting this s**t done. //

Not really paying attention as she wandered off, the litigator was taking his time to finish off the cigarette. Nightshade. Belladonna. Wicked s**t if you weren't made to survive it, but alas, he was and he was agrivated enough to deal with it. Trees. All those ******** trees, he hated this area. Due to his incounter with the freakshow that was continuing his half-assed show above head, Never's lasting impression of the 'Volence was exactly '******** it.' Nearly finished the cigarette, he hadn't noticed Shar's return until her cold hand was placed upon his neck. Stiffening worse than he had before until her goal was to finish off the cigarette. He'd give her that, it was after all her's.

She slunk off just as quietly as she had came, an awkward twitch of his fingers before he realized he was still holding that damned piece of paper. Striding to her side and avoiding her shoes, he reached down and was as bold as to grab her wrist. He didn't grasp her to hard, he liked that hand. Instead of relinquishing his grasp as a sane person would do, he met her gaze while reaching with his other hand to take the cloth she had fetched. Squatting down he shook his head and finally released her wrist.

"Excuse my language, but what the ******** are you thinking? Keeping that thing in."

s**t freaked him out but he knew when something was ******** and her little 'eye replacement' was completely jacked up. Yet that might be a blessing in disguise since he could segway his being there with ease. "And it's about that exactly," he'd continue again, pointing at her eye, "the Marquis wants to make a new arrangement. The terms of which I have no idea about, granted, Mal might know but I figured you'd take more kindly to me instead of him."
A creature strolled through the woods.

Well... he more stumbled; tripping over gnarled roots and rocks protruding from the ground. Quite a sight actually. However, despite the numerous times he'd found himself face-first in the ground, he'd managed to keep from spilling a drop of the bottle of alcohol in his hand.

"That should be worth at least 1200 gamer points," he said to no one in particular as he took another swig of the clear liquid before continuing on his tossing-and-turning mission of navigating the treacherous landscape that seemed to love rushing up to meet him. By the time he emerged at the clearing he had a killer headache, and only half a bottle left. The thought brought a tear to his eye as he stepped out into the starlight.

It would have been much easier using his powers to get into the bar, but where was the fun in that? Gaia was riddled with meta-beings who had forgotten the value of taking a nice stroll. After all, who could say that they saw a unicorn riding a leprechaun across a patch of burning coals in pursuit of a bag of Doritos that had grown wings and was now flying high above the trees? On second though, that could have easily been a hallucination brought about by copious amounts of drugs and alcohol.


He waved his hand in the air as though dismissing the farfetched idea that it was a hallucination, and continued toward the establishment.
Caius Valerius
          [ You busy? ]

          Ashley had never seen such a creature.

          Actually, she hadn't seen much of anyone or anything all day, leading her to believe she was hopelessly lost. So when she'd seen (or, really, heard) this... thing, stumbling through the forest, she had taken to following it. She kept her distance, but really wasn't trying too hard to hide from it; she was pretty certain, after about 10 minutes, that this thing was not sober or coordinated enough to realize she was there, let alone catch her if it wanted to.

          The more the thing fell on its face as she followed it, the less and less threatening it became. Ashley didn't necessarily care where it was going, just that it lead out of the woods. She was tired of the woods. She jogged ahead a bit, and had just stepped out in front of him, mouth open to ask where he was going, when he swatted at the air in front of her, exhaling a "Nahhhhhh!" as she inhaled a gasp.

          "I didn't even get to ask my question yet!"
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[ Not at all. ]

He was swaying from side to side, eyes closed, when she spoke. Opening his obsidian lids slowly, he leaned in closely to examine the girl in front of him. In truth, he hadn't really heard what she'd said, but that didn't matter. It probably wasn't anything important anyway, right?

Reaching out, he dragged one nail gently across her neck and up her jawline where he pinched her cheek as they often do in Anime shows when trying to determine if something is real.

Turning back over his shoulder, he appeared to start talking to someone.

"See. I told you. If this girl is real, then there's no way that unicorn riding a leprechaun was a hallucination." He turned his attention back to her. "Stupid trees. They can't ever accept what is right in front of their limbs. Sheesh." He was slurring horribly, and his breath smelled like sour apples as he straightened himself and continued on past her.

Not even two feet away he tripped over a rock and went tumbling a few feet before stopping in an upright position with his legs stretched out before him. He took another swig, finishing off the bottle, and was completely oblivious to everything around him.
Caius Valerius

          [ Rock 'n roll! ]

          Goose bumps rippled up her arms and neck as his nasty nail tickled her, sucking in her lower lip nervously. Her shoulders tensed; maybe he wasn't as gone as she-- who was he talking to?

          Ashley watched the thing turn back to her with her green, sunken eyes, and she smiled, a big toothy Chesire grin. He slurred and then moved past her, and she continued after him. "Yeah, what do trees know anyway..."

          When he fell, she stood over him, hands on her hips. She looked around the forest, chewing on her lower lip. "So uh. What're ya drinkin'?" she asked finally. She considered offering him a hand to help him up, and decided that instead she would take a step back from the sweet sting of alcohol. "... and where ya goin'?"
"There's a building not too far off. I'm going there, because what I was drinking is now gone unfortunately."

Putting his hands down, he pushed himself to his feet, but quickly had to put his hands out in front of him because he was in danger of toppling over again.

Once he was righted, he continued staggering toward the establishment, throwing the bottle away with an inhuman strength that sent it sailing into the night like some sort of shooting glass star.

"Would you care to join me? I don't think I can make it there alone." His words came out in broken fragments, and all of the "S's" were overly exaggerated as though he'd developed a lisp in the last few moments.
Caius Valerius

    "What's the building?" she watched him flip flop and wobble, laughing under her breath. She flinched when he threw the bottle, watching it fly. "Wow."

    Honestly, she had planned on going whether or not he'd invited her. But an invitation was always cool! "How far is it? I'm in." she hesitated, but held out her arm, unfaltering grin and green eyes set on him.

    Ashley wasn't very big, and didn't really think she'd be able to help this thing get very far in the forest, but she was down to help. "So what are you?" she asked, unable to stand in the silence that hung so thickly in the air. "You threw that bottle damn far."
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Mitsuki waved her off, letting her go. They had an unspoken agreement that if one found something out, they would try to pass it on to the other. He let her go, then turned to the empty wall opposite the bed. Finding his pack he unrolled a large piece of canvas on which he had written all of his notes and information. For now, he began to study.

[Short post is post. Just making sure I'm not tying anyone up]

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