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The Nameless Warrior -- Location: Bar -- Mood: Interested

The nameless warrior listened carefully to the offered costs of a room in the inn. Working for this man might not be bad, but he'd rather work as help in a bar. He had no experience with it and it would also eat up too much of time. Working all day or night would give him no opportunity to fight. He did however have an idea would would get him fighting. If he already had three days for a spar, how much would actual fights go for?

"Well, I have no qualms with work for a room, but I'd rather not be a bartender or lonely bouncer, how about I fill the role of a fighter? Or as they said in the old days, a gladiator? Pit me up against anybody you want, I will fight. Though, I'd rather not fully embrace the old ways and avoid death matches...

He grinned slightly at the mention of death matches, should such a task be required of him, he'd be fine with sleeping out in the woods. A hard days work and he could probably fix himself a proper shelter and fire pit, shouldn't be too hard.

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Location: Gaia ~ MoI Room 4 ~ Ensemble: Bite

Listening to Mitsuki speak, watching him gear up, she wondered if he was going to leave. He said then that he was going to stick around, speak to Leo, get leads. She was about to speak when her cell rang.

Ring ring ring

Oni excused herself a moment before pulling out her cell phone. Seeing the number come up as Heidens she panicked a little. Answering it she went into protective mode.

"Hello, Heiden? What's wrong?" the long pause of silence caused her to pace but when the person finally spoke she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Onyx, a Rogue soldier of an alien Rebellion is after you and may or may not have plans to sell you on the intergalactic slave market.”

Her mouth dropped open upon hearing that statement. She knew right away who that was on the other end of the line, once he spoke. It was good to hear that Leon was alright. After they had got separated in Durem after the attack, which sent onyx running into the back alley streets in nothing but a tank top and her gitches, she hadn't heard from him. Her mind raced now trying to think about Leon's well being and then the weight of his words. She closed her eye's, expression: pissed. It was the situation, the fact that she had so much on her damn plate as it was. This rebellion group was out for her, looking for her, and could very well find the Asper all while she wasn't there. Then the thought of the well being of everyone on board took over her. That was why she was pissed. Having just recently gained her voice and sight back, the very faint blue ring that lay around her neck still visible to those lucky enough to get a gimps of it. It was her new mark of immortality. Her neck had been snapped by a vampire while being caught on a night out of harmless fun. Onyx had just wanted one ******** night to be normal. Just one. And she paid for it dearly. Her kessen chu repaired her but left her for weeks blind and mute. It was hell for her, for the woman who couldn't stand the feeling of being rendered helpless. It had been like a black hole. Then, came being forced to leave Lockeport and now...now to be told that she was being hunted for profit? To be taken and sold right off this planet? It took everything in her at the moment to not just start raging. It was hard to remain in control. As she stood there in the MoI, the place where she had stopped in to see old old friends before heading off to see Phoenix, her eye's flickered over to a firey amber color. She knew she was very safe where she was...but what of the peoples on her ship? If these rebellion terrestrials thought that oni was such a god damn gem, what would they think upon seeing someone like...say...the naga? There were some beings she wouldn't have to worry about. Heiden for one. They'd never be able to catch him...unless...they knew how to. This got her to speed think.

"Leon...I don't think they are going to be very successful. First of all...I feel secure in where I am at the moment to not have to worry. I doubt anyone would allow another to take me anywhere against my will. Secondly...they haven't seen a fire like the one ima cause! In all seriousness Leon, you...you have to leave. I don't know where Linia or Raziel are at the moment. We've got ... vulnerable people there. I mean, I don't think I need to list it all for you to get it mate. If I was there...things might be different. If they track you...if they start killing the people of ...our town, after being told we have to leave, the Government that issued the order will think we've done it. They will see it as retaliation. You have got to get out of there Leon.

Now, I myself just got here not long ago. I need to recoup. Make sure Heiden is fully informed. He is to inform everyone else to be on their guard until my return. I will make haste as soon as I can. If by chance you are found while out and about...your free to tell them where I am. Tell them... I am hiding out in Durem...mmm, Yuen Enterprizes.."
she told Leon.

Yes, she lied. She had to just in case anyone was listening in on their conversation. Why Yuen? Because in her travels she had stumbled across the place. She'd met one of the managers and wasn't overly fond of him and the feeling of the place. She had been treated differently maybe because she was Japanese and not Chinese. If bad guys wanted to come and find her they could go there and cause trouble. It wasn't like anyone there knew her, where she had come from nor where she had been going to next. It was all good for her.

"As far as I can see that is the only plan we need. If they somehow do manage to find me...then I will take care of them. Don't worry about me. You want to help me then you make sure you take care of yourself...and get away from my ship!" she laughed to try and make light of the situation.

"I must go. And Leon...it's not your fault mate. Tell Heiden he is to take that phone and throw it overboard immediately after you hang up. On my way home...I will find you. I will come to you." she said all cryptic. Oni never said how she was going to accomplish that. She didn't want Leon to say anything more over that phone. His message was successfully delivered and the soldier had his orders. She did pause for a moment in case he had any last words to say but would shortly there after hang up.

Looking to Mitsuki she forced a smile and gently cleared her throat. She was such a private person, it felt very strange to have had a stranger get first hand knowledge about the illusive woman. She had to wonder just how underground she was if Tous could find her!? Was Tous just a simple man though? So many questions, no answers. It didn't help matters when Mitsuki said he didn't know Tous personally. Guess it was something else she'd have to find out for herself.

"Mitsuki...we're both searching for the same man to obtain answers. I think that warrants aid. Two heads are better than one...or so they say. I've got some s**t that I have to take care of before I can devote time to my personal life and quests, but I'd like to help. I'll help you find these elementals. Or maybe since Tous was last tracking me, he'll find me instead and by extension, you too? If I could find out where Tous lives...I'd start there...maybe wait a bit near by and see if he's there or turns up." she told him rather to the point.

Onyx walked back over to Mitsuki, she let her yellow topaz eye's flick up to his ears and then back down to his face. She smiled lightly.
"We can talk more about this later. For now, I am going to go get some sleep. If you need to seek me out you can find me on the first floor, room one." she gave him a light nod of her head. If Mitsuki had nothing more to say then she'd leave. Other wise she did pause a moment in case he had anything to add before she departed from him.
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The wraith life form of Sikander hovered for a moment in the air, several feet away from both Never and Sharlen. The shifting mass of darkness loomed forward, as though it were about to do a front flip, but rather than turn fully the bottom half of Sikander lifted into the air. Tendrils of the shadowy body crossed the air, plummeting into the seething writhing darkness that consumed the rafters of the Malevolence. Above them, all across the Malevolence's roof hundreds of Shadow minions slithered and undulated together, occasionally beneath the slithering layers of darkness a glimpse could be seen of an outstretched arm and perhaps even the faces of a human, distorted and twisted, pantomiming silent screams which by the look of terror spread across their features would have, if they were capable of bearing heard, ripped through the general tranquility of the room. It was an awe inspiring sight, terrible, but profound and shocking.

From beneath the shifting nimbus of darkness that was Sikander's form the tattering cloth which drifted upon the silhouetted mass of a human upper body would frame Sikander in a way that made him appear to be standing upside down, looking down at Never and Sharlen as the lower half of his body slowly slunk into the shadowy mass of the rafters. Two dark orchid eyes glimpsed from beneath the silver mask, watching them curiously in that strange haunting gaze. Slowly the Assosian was submerged and lost withing the shifting mass of darkness, as soon as the last glimmer of orchid light was obfuscated by the shadows his position was once again lost. Not as profoundly as it had been before, but well enough that it hid sikander from all but Leonardo's eyes.

"Close enough.." The strange dual tone voice whispered from the abyss that encompassed the rafters. Other forms of vision that would typically be able to penetrate the darkness of the rafters would simply make matters appear all the more horrible. It was a simple though ingenious charm, the more powerful the vision trying to glimpse into the darkness the more profoundly disturbing the charm would be. Even a trained and honed mind could lose itself in fear if they focused too long on the undulating darkness above.
[******** freaks."

His commentary struck a chord with the Fallen, causing her to both laugh under her breath as well as shoot the D7 a look that said 'shut the ******** up.' Her attention then moved to the shadowed presence moving above head. The scene that was portrayed wasn't anything really fascinating to the Fallen, in fact, it seemed almost tame. She'd seen artwork depicting more grotesque scenes. Regaining somewhat control of her temper, she lifted a finger to her left eye and wiped away the trail of blood. A frown flirted briefly across her lips as she left Never to stand by himself briefly while she headed towards the bar. Ignoring the remaining assembly, she snagged a cloth and wiped her hand clean of the black.

Instead of dropping the cloth back upon the table, she took it with her as she headed back towards Never. The cloth switched to her left hand as her right moved forward and wrapped about Never's neck gently. A gentle toss would place the cloth upon her couch as her slender fingers stole back her cigarette before Never could finish it and she leaned in close to take the final drag. Leaning back, she released Never's neck and blew out a cloud of spiced red smoke before collapsing back into her couch and signaling him to join her.

"You said you could explain."

The belladonna that spiked her cigarettes, courtesy of Malerick, would work to soothe her blood as she let Never have the full weight of her gaze. Each blink caused her left eye to throb as the obsidian orb continued to crack slowly from the inside more which caused more blood to slide down her cheek. To which she continued to wipe away, ignoring the source of the blood loss as she kicked off her heels and swept them beneath the couch.

"So explain."
[ I can't believe this thread is still here.

...And as always, Sha is keeping it alive. ]
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[ I can't believe this thread is still here.

...And as always, Sha is keeping it alive. ]

[ Was about to say, can I get this in writing but alas~ here tis.

Hm....I wanna say....Ashen? ]

[ Was about to say, can I get this in writing but alas~ here tis.

Hm....I wanna say....Ashen? ]
[ I aim to please.

Unfortunately, your guess is wrong. Care to venture another one? ]
Caius Valerius

[ Clue?~ ]
[ While I may not be Ashen, my name does start with an "A". ]
Caius Valerius
[ While I may not be Ashen, my name does start with an "A". ]

[ Aaron? ]
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[ I can't believe this thread is still here.

...And as always, Sha is keeping it alive. ]

.:} Hey now, Leo and I are putting forth effort. {:.
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