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She was really tempting him now, but he had resolute will that could withstand plenty. While her touch was thrilling, he only let his eyes speak so much of his enjoyment in the form of one glowing silver eye and one glowing golden eye. Breathing in her scent, he could only conclude she was pretty tipsy and at her limit which was more than a good enough excuse to secret her away and start the preparations to spin the curse that would finish off the armlet.

"A habit," came his teasing remark about being well read. An understatement if there ever was one since his demon kind loved to write book after book of black magic spells and drop them into the hands of weaker beings. Get a mortal deep into black magic, appear and offer them more power, drag them to the ever after, and sell them to other demons. Weak beings were the perfect receptors of the demonic filth that corrupted and tainted the aura and ate away at the 'soul' and demons did love to have mortals either take some of the filth or fetch their tea. "and the full contract can be written up at another time since now is not the time to worry about the language in which it will be written. Yet be put at ease, I won't try to hoodwink you into something rather beneath you. I'd rather our relationship be of mutual appreciation."

Rising slowly, he stepped about the table and offered her his hand, "I fear the alcohol has settled in, may I escort you back to your room?"

What he had next in mind to further their sealing of a deal, would require a bit of privacy since he didn't feel like entertaining the rest of the bar with his little pre-curse before the main event.

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Location: Bar/Room 4 ~ Ensemble: Bite

No response from Leo, bored of drinking, not conversing with anyone, and now Mitsuki was acting cryptic. Well that was to onyx what dangling cheese before a mouse was. Her eye's studied him and saw the number 4 on the label of his key. When he disappeared she sat there a moment in silence contemplating. The curiosity was just eating at her! He was searching for someone and then when confronted, took off. Perhaps it was the assassin in her that she was trying to let go? Maybe it was the merchant in her that loved to hunt for information? Perhaps it was the raider in her that just had to know? Either way she had made the decision to follow him. What she wanted from Leo, could wait a little longer.

Downing the last shot she had poured for herself she got to her feet silently. She slipped behind the bar to put the bottle back to the shelf. She'd exit from behind it and move for the stairs ghosting up them. Stopping before the door marked by the number four, she found herself knocking before even thinking about what she was going to say! ********! What was she gonna say?

Onyx waited until she was prompted to enter either by a physical greeting or a verbal permission. Once she had it, she open the door and cross the thresh hold. If she wasn't permitted...she'd have entered anyways. Closing the door behind her, her eye's rested upon Mitsuki's face a short moment.

"I'm sorry to bother you...if you'd rather have no company, I can find you later...however, I'm afraid if you leave me this curious, I won't be able to sleep." she said softly. With her feminine but slightly husked tone of voice though it came off as coy, maybe even suspicious. She'd continue.

Leaning her back against his bedroom before, arms folded to her oversized chest.
"you said you were looking for someone and I think I might be able to help. See, I've travelled about a great deal as of late. The skills of my...profession, could be of use to you. Not to mention that I too am looking for someone. Now then, I ask you once more. Who are you looking for?" the tone in her question was calm and though her words seemed demanding, they didn't sound demanding.
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Okay, done with it!
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.:} Wow, that is a little longer than I expected it would be. {:.
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Her face was so peaceful, even though he knew she was in pain. "Your father is a good man, my son. Let go of your anger.. please. If you do not-"

Knock, knock.

Mitsuki's eyes snapped open, his hand clenching his knife beneath his pillow. A brief pause, and nothing happened. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, letting the fog of sleep fade a bit before moving. Finally he stood just as she decided to enter anyway, without any express invitation.

Mitsuki turned to face her, bare from the waist up, knife clutched in his hand, blade resting along his wrist and forearm. He was standing his full considerable height, broad shoulders squared. Light colored hair ran over his chest and down his arms, and his snowy hair was a bed-head mess of tangles and knots, his fluffy ears perk and alert for the slightest sounds. On the wall above the bed he had placed his various weapons and travelling gear. He watched her with those clear blue eyes, alert and scrutinizing. He didn't stop her from entering, but he didn't set down his knife either.

He let her speak, and considered her as she did. His eyes roamed over her, evaluating her. Not like a man looked at a woman but like a wolf looked at another predator, gauging strengths and vulnerabilities, searching for signs of aggression.

"You have no reason to help me. I don't know who you are. So if you want to sate your curiosity.. you'll have to play show and tell first. A show of good faith. Tell me who you are, what you are doing here, and why you are looking for whoever you are searching for. You don't have to say who it is, but if it happens to be the same person, I need to know you won't get in my way. I'm looking to speak to a man, but if you are planning to kill him, that is a conflict of interest until I get what I need." He almost pulled off the stern, hard a** impression he was trying to give off, but his breathing was shallow, his muscles were too tense. For all that he was a half-wolf he looked more like a deer in the headlights, ready to bolt at any moment.

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"Oh, I'm no ones Wife, But oh I love my Life

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Location: Just entering in from the forest

Mood: Slightly Annoyed

Status: Perfectly Healthy

Current, Exact Thoughts: "I need, a place to stay."

Wearing: Mhm Sexy

Holy Tits.

A defining frosted wind flew past the thick tree brush, entraping what looked to be, a lonely woman standing alone. A long rose mane, tossled in the light wind, causing loose strands to fly around, a halo of wild hair in the breeze. Upended unaccompanied, the pale face of a girl fell in the showdows between the leafy greens, until a black laced boot stepped forward, in the moonlight.
Under the stray lengths of the brightly lit mound of cheese, was a five foot female (heals included), with a stance that appeared to be part tiresome, part annoyed. This was Miss Lotus, and her thoughts could only relay on..
Holy Tits, it’s cold.
Pushing her way through the leafy brush, a machete holding the only way to find a path in front of her, Lotus couldn’t help but wonder if the people in the town right outside were dirty liars. Stories traveled fast when you were a wonderer, with even more speed, when others were board, and needed entertainment. After all, was there more of a show than watching a poor, innocent, and youngling search for a building that never existed?

What a joke.
With each slash, Lotus knocked more and more branches away from her darling, pale face (No need in scratching the beauty within, correct?)as the thoughts ran crazy through her mind. Where am I? The slender eyebrow of the gorgeous little Demon raised slowly as the world around her turned from dark to suddenly flooded with light.

The young adult girl, held a thin arm to the light abruptly, unexpected to actually run across what she had set out for. Before her, a monstrous building stretched forward, reaching to the sky. Lights illuminated the surrounding area, allowing little Miss Lotus to movie without the fear of being attacked. A sly smile ripped through her face, as a machete fell back into the hidden holster at their side. Blushing bright eyes, trapped around a cage of dark liner and mascara, hunted for several moments before a wooden door was spotted. Miss Lotus took a very slim and hesitated flash, to smooth out her dark Victorian clothing and picking off leaves, before the pink haired demon pushed her way through the door, and surveyed the lobby.

"And all that..Jazz."

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Years and years had passed since the lone one had came through these parts. The sky outside turned a pitch black as light from all over the land was quickly consumed, the sound of silence fell upon the land as the sound of screeching would have been heard as far as the ear could hear. The feeling of death, fear, and everything evil would be felt across the land as the sound of psychotic laughter would be heard. Amongst the skies and the heavens he would look down with his convalescent demonic red eyes as he laughed hysterically to himself as he fell from the sky, hitting the ground with a loud thud as he drove a crater into the middle of nearby forest, the shock wave blasting over the surrounding trees. Standing up he looked around and smiled as he shook himself, the dirt and dust falling from the cloak that consumed his whole being as his eyes turned back to their natural black color. Mal is where he was headed to as he started small run and turned into his large panther form as he swiftly made his way through the forest and came to the edge of them as the shadows ripped away from the skies and swiftly fell behind him like an extending cloak. A smirk would cross his face as he continued his fast full speed as he approached the doors a large being would step forth from the shadows as the doors would shatter. The being would quickly disappear as Death now stood there and looked around and yelled aloud "LEO, GUESS WHOSE BACK!!!!"
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Chimameru no Shi

"What's your poison for today?"

Shifting his head to caress both infernal pools of scarlet perception upon the young male, Leo would offer the closes a monstrosity such as himself could manage to a thoughtful smile. The enigmatic deity himself stealing one of the last drags off his favored narcotic, holding the breath in a moment while both demonic appearing tails appear to already be fixing two glass's of hundred proof private stock whisky into two typical bar glasses. No ice.

"GET BACK TO WORK. And don't let me catch you lusting after all the female's again."

Offering a deviously cheerful laugh in the double tone hauntingly hypnotic quality of speech, addressing Death further off with a simple gesture to join at the bar if he so desired. Or for him to get back to work, depending on how seriously he'd take Leo's words.
A regular hot spot indeed with the doors always in motion as soul after soul came ambling into the Malevolence. Most looked lost and out of place, having found this place by chance or unsure of what they were getting into by just stepping through the doors. The Fallen didn't give much attention to anyone as they came and went, here and there with their chatter while her scotch still ran cold in its glass. Her single eye wandered here and there as well, silently observant as she lounged. Yet the swing of the doors and the thump of footfalls with a purpose swung her gaze towards the doors once more and there her gaze stopped.


She didn't answer him, why bother, he wasn't supposed to be here but it seemed things were changing constantly. Annoyed by his presence which ruined her scotch and cigarette, Sharlen would look away only to catch what she assumed were the eyes of the shadowed figure, watching them both. Caught in the crossfire of unwanted attention on both fronts, she would just sit there stoically and meet the glowing gaze back with her own stone cold look. Then poof, a regular Houdini, it was gone. Foreboding, more than likely.

"Never...," she would start softly while not even giving him a look only to have her words die out as the darkness enveloped her. Wisps of shadow that consumed the light and plunged her into an existence void of her senses. The fine hairs along her neck rising as the tendrils of shadow filtered through the crimson blanket while retaining some distance as to not actually connect with her body. When the black was established, when all her senses were shut out, that's when her annoyance turned to cold hate.

Like a match to gasoline. This hanging in nothingness wasn't so new to her and the very experience of witnessing it again brought forth the memories before the Fall. Bound and isolated, when her identity wasn't Sharlen. In the black, Sharlen failed to exist and with the stripping of that identifier, so did her control. The orb of obsidian that was substitute for her left eye was not selected for aesthetic reasons, so as her control slipped from her, the stone would resonate. Meant to be a stone of protection from her own bloodline, the obsidian would rapidly begin to heat up from the very core until finally, it shattered from the inside. Yet all that was visible upon the surface would be the fractures that suddenly appeared, a sliver of stone drawing blood which raced down her cheek as a black tear. Hopelessness was something she was quite used to, it was carved into her very marrow from the beginning and had gradually twisted itself into hate.

As the illusion faded and her senses came back online~ she was still lost in that hatred.

Her blood ran black. And soon, her left eye turned to black as her bloodlines rearranged each other. The dead were already stirring as her hatred flowed out of her as did the sudden ceasefire of regulating her own temperature. Hatred dominated reason and retained the illusion that all senses had been lost, the Fallen didn't bother to keep a cap upon how strong a call she was putting forth, nor how much freezing chill was now escaping her body. The air itself crackled about her from the cold as her blood ran savage in her veins, locking into place until finally she could swallow her hate and find only the dead there. In the back of her conscious mind, she suddenly felt the weight of Skar's presence as the Doppleganger Marionette awaited any indications of being required.

Her hate quieted into anger and she lifted her cigarette to her lips, ignoring Sikander for the time being. A drag and a sip of scotch, her hand steady but there was a twitch to her fingers. Downing the scotch, she set the glass upon the arm of the couch and extended her legs to draw the crimson blanket from off her. As her heels touched the ground, they didn't give off a sound yet black blood stained one of the set of spikes upon the heel of her right foot. It seemed she had stabbed herself with her own heels in the midst of her hate, fantastic since blackened blood was beginning to ruin her distressed leggings. Removing the cigarette from her lips, she handed it off to Never since she knew him to be a narcotic junkie and would probably need something to take the edge off.

"You're interrupting."

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Location: Room 4 ~ Ensemble: Bite

Onyx had been leaning against the door, arms folded to her chest in a very casual stance, watching him watch her. She could clearly see that he was on high alert having been woken. His demeanor was needlessly tense, hard.

"You have no reason to help me."
"who said I was helping YOU?" she was helping herself.

"So if you want to sate your curiosity... Tell me who you are, what you are doing here, and why you are looking for whoever you are searching for."

Onyx's brows raised as did her hands now like she had been caught and was surrendering.
"Hey now...you know it's really too bad this couldn't be done over tea. This is feeling a little too businessy for me...but...if it would get your fur to settle, let's do it then. I'm onyx, nice to meet you. I am traveling through, thought I'd stop to see some old but familiar faces. Was doing a little...shopping...searching. My curiosity ...well mate, you don't need to have motive to be kind. I've already stated how and why to you."

"You don't have to say who it is, but if it happens to be the same person, I need to know you won't get in my way. I'm looking to speak to a man, but if you are planning to kill him, that is a conflict of interest until I get what I need."

"you know...it never crossed my mind that we could be looking for the same person. I highly doubt we're looking for the same man! So I don't mind telling you. His name is Tous Shijinko. And no...I'm not looking to kill him! You see...it bothers me very much that someone could know me by my name, yet I do not know them. Concerned? Yes. He sought me out in Rome about ... Three ... Four months ago now. I wish to know how it is he knows me, what it was he wanted." she told him straight up and truthful. Onyx tilted her head and smiled at him.

Quite perceptive that one was. Why was he so on edge with her? Surely she didn't come off as someone whom wanted to hurt him? Even if he could sense her aspects, did he think her stupid enough to try and off him here and now? Oh how amateur.

"My turn. Who are you looking for and why so damn uptight? You do something that ought to warrant an a** kicking? Or...do I just make you nervous?" her voice turned silky, devious, as. She pushed off the door and started to slowly stride towards him.
Tre-Qarnayia Sikandar


Never would grimace at the tone Sharlen used with him, or lack thereof. Bad sign number one coupled with the lack of eye to eye contact she was giving him. Somewhat for the better considering he found that sphere of obsidian to be off-putting in conversation not because of its appearance but because it reminded him that the big boss didn't ******** around. His hands withdrew from his pockets, a folded piece of paper held between pointer and ring finger as he stepped closer.

"I can explain---"

The ********. Shadows converging, he wasn't up for this bullshit. Not tonight, not tomorrow night, not really ever. For the briefest moment, he was just peeved at being interrupted and then wham-bam-thank you ma'am. Stripped flesh and uncharacteristic flailing, he called it as uncharacteristic because he had been there when her eyes had been ripped out and she hadn't flinched. Granted there was a difference between eyes being ripped out and having your flesh you know, carved away, but he would categorize both situations as something unpleasant. Still, it was obscene enough to make him wince and feel a shiver of fear bite into his subconscious. Despite that, he kept his poker face. His balls had dropped long ago, best not flinch like a p***y.

The fear that edged his mind wasn't from the site, more from the implications of complications that would complicate how easily and freely he operated. If Mal didn't flay him, the Marquis would. Just like that, the curtains would raise though and leave Never standing there with an odd creak in his neck from remaining tense. Catching sight of Sharlen, all perfectly fine except for the trail of blood down her left eye and the fractures in the orb, coupled with the blood blossoming on one of her legs, Never could release his fear. He was in the clear for now.

[******** freaks," he grumbled beneath his breath while reaching for the cigarette. His gaze dropping to her bloodied shoe, whistling at the lethal looking spikes jutting out the heel. He shook his head, fingers shaking slightly as he accepted the cigarette and finished it off. Judging by Shar's reaction, she wasn't that pleased as well. Good to know, he didn't feel as big a d**k for cursing.
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Deciding to play a game with Dorian, making her eyes reflect like his once more. After a slight giggle escaped her, they would revert back to blue-grey. The buzzed woman was sipping on her third drink. "A habit?, For me it is a hobby..." she chuckled lightly. Her mind ablaze, waiting for his next word, or suggestion(s).

"Alright....I suppose I can trust you not to screw me over...with this contract, I only hope I can please you as a worker...that is...And Only hope the best can come of our agreement Dear, Also, I would love for us to have a as you called it mutual appreciation.."

She found herself wondering for a moment, if there would be a need to learn a new language in working for Dorian. Now was not the time to worry about such things, as promised, those were for another day. Her eyes gaze up at Dorian as he rose from the table, "Uh...yeah, sure, alright...my room is down here, is that alright?" she asked slowly rising from her seat.

Well, wasn't someone being quite the gentleman. Yet,something within her said the night was very much far from over. Taking a hold of the males' hand, "It's past the kitchen, room three if I remember
correctly..." she points to where she had spoken.

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Stupid phone app. XD

Ill post in response to the lovely Pale lotus doll, as well as Sharlen, Never, and Sikander.

There's plot on the way as we expand on the property among other endeavors.

We'll need a motto other than random violence one of these days as well everyone... ;3
Leonardo S. Tensatsu

The nameless master smiled slightly as the bartender approached him. "Greetings, I'd like a soda please, but before that I'd like to know if there are any rooms available? I think I'll be staying here for a few days, you see, I'm looking for some people to help me. I'm kind off on a journey to improve my martial art style and I've heard many things about this bar. You wouldn't happen to know anybody who would be willing to help a complete stranger?" As he said his last sentence he scratched his head and slightly chuckled because he knew it was a stupid question and that a positive answer was far fetched. "Or if not willing to help, at least have a friendly spar?" He shrugged to indicate that he knew such an idea was often also frowned upon, complete strangers suddenly engaging in a friendly spar, but he also realized if he didn't ask, he wouldn't get an answer.

The commotions in the bar had slightly attracted his attention, but the nameless warrior only threw them a sideways glance, he would have time to observe and work out the relations between patrons after he had settled in.

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