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-Currently: Hiring Most Staff Positions. Willing to pay 100k for active employee's~

The MoI is ultimately a safe haven to any, and all those innocent, or malevolent. It has upheld a reputation of forcing complete oppositions to co-exit on her property out of established fear of those that call such a place home. All walk in's are welcome, and granted pardon of any actions done outside her property. Literacy is welcome, though a simple 4 sentence entrance will suffice. One liners aren't unwelcome, though we aim to inspire more.

The MoI stands foremost as an established tavern, bounty hunting agency, and black market. Those that frequent such a remote location usually well traveled, with more then a couple secrets to share... for the right price. The owner himself establishing the roots of a long dead monarch that had stood where once the tavern had. Hosting perhaps the last surviving wall poster list of various 'Bounties' that range all across the Gaiaverse Leo had decided to revive this by hosting any IC bounties presented. These not limited to RPC bounties, but GMed events to take out NPC bounties, and incorporating a leveling system that ranges from free form bounty hunts, and specific plot oriented RPC bounty hunts.

~~~Leonardo S. Virunas: "With the current revamp, The MoI will soon begin its very own story plot line. Each plotted event will serve to reinforce not only the setting, but the role play characters that decide to participate. With that in mind, as the thread owner, any and all are welcome to PM me in regards to potential story plots that anyone would be interested in with their character. "

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The Heartless Manor { Link edit in progress }
Black Halo Inn and Tavern { Link edit in progress }

-Malevolent OOC thread-

~}: Malevolence of Innocence Support Sponsorship :{~


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MoI Property Defense System

{Genre Planar Phase}:

This simple dimensional shift duplicate's the MoI property perfectly into 4 distinct 'Phases' that simply tint the general texture of the physical dimension in phantom colors. This manner of manipulation doesn't transport a RPC anywhere so much as shift the entire MoI into a different identical 'phase'. This usually only incorporated when destruction escalates within the tavern, allowing patrons to continue with no residual affect on any others that weren't shifted with them. This system isn't intended to work on a single RPC, but allow two or more willing participants to actively tear the place up without bothering those less intent on bar room brawls. This is another means of conducting business invisible to the other versions of the MoI.

Simply include a part in the post that detail's which colored 'GENRE' you're currently role playing within if outside the 'Casual' setting. The 'casual' role play of the thread doesn't require a 'Genre', while anyone is allowed to phase their RP into one of the three. Should anyone attempt to resist, or explain actions that splice through the parallel dimension's without consulting me are to be ignored. I'll deal with situation's that rise up such as that whenever next I'm online. This system is intended to facilitate role play, with all final uses left to the owners discretion.

Green Genre: Thread based plot post's specific to the MoI's current unfolding thread wide plot's. Similar to the 'Blue Genre' specific to any RPC the 'Green Genre' allow's thread wide plot to be role played, and paused without holding up the regular flow of the 'Casual' genre setting. Titled as 'Green Genre' at the top of the post expressing that these post's are open only to specific RPC's involved in plot's that influence the entire thread's plot.

Blue Genre: RPC based plot post's, intended to be paused, and picked back up by the involved RPC's at their own pace without disturbing the 'Casual' flow of the thread's IC posts. These post's should be titled with 'Blue Genre' at the top of the post to indicate that it is only open to those RPC's involved in the plot.

Red Genre: This 'Genre Phase' is intended for security purpose's. Allowing those that are looking for an IC fight to express that intent outside the casual setting of the thread. Simply include 'Red Genre' at the top of the post, which will be evaluated/accepted by a security member, or recorded as an open challenge for the owner to address at a later time. Should any 'casual' post's hold the potential of upsetting the peace security member's have the authority to forcibly 'shift' an RPC's post into the Red Genre.

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Weather: Slightly Overcast: High of 56 degrees F / Winds 'S' 5 to 10 Mph

Hiring for the majority of positions. PM application.

Honored Guests:
String x Theory
Lord Arrion
Deus Ex Aizen

Beloved Regulars: 100k Prize~
Soddus Forsworn

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~{ .:[:Owner:]:. }~
Leonardo -S- Virunas

Co Owner(s):
1. Rune Slessiane
2. ----------
3. ----------


~Those in charge of the Malevolence's many affairs appointed by the Owner, and the ones in charge during his absence. Co-Boss's given the same authority, though guided either by the Owner, or Boss's. Boss's are allowed to govern the 'Phases' to mitigate potential threats, and problems in the owners absence.~
{{ Require's IC promotion from another position }}

1. Akako Akari
2 .----------
3. ----------


1. ----------
2. ----------
3. ----------
4. ----------
5. ----------

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Traveling Representive(s):
~These are the wandering liason's of the MoI, who represent the owner's interests IC and OoC. The individual responsibilities may vary case by case. Help spread the word~

1. ------------
2. -----------
3. -----------
4. -----------
5. -----------

Decadant Waitress(/ers):

1. ---------
2. ---------
3. ---------
4. ---------
5. ---------

Wise Bartender(s)

~Head Bartender: In charge of all 'bar' aspects of the Malevolence. Waitress's, bartenders, and the keys to available rooms.

{1.} ---------

2. PK Lady Sonia Renegade
3. Akako Akari
4. ---------
5. ---------
6. ---------
7. ---------
8. ---------
9. ---------
10. ---------

Exquisite Hostess(s)
1. ---------
2. ---------
3. ---------
4. ---------
5. ---------

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Malevolent Security
{ These appointed 'Security' members will be in charge of accepting or recording any Red Genre fights if the owner is absent. They're also in charge of altering potential 'problem' post's into the Red Genre 'Planar Phase' to keep the peace within the casual genre setting. Security isn't obliged to accept every Red Genre fight proposed, though will be required to record the challenge for the owner to review upon his return. Abuse of this authority will result in instant termination of hire, or demotion to a lower position. }

[Head of Security]
-Requires IC promotion from a lower rank position-

{1}. ---------

3. ---------
4. ---------
5. ---------
6. ---------

.:[: Red Genre Judges :]:.

These are the individuals that can potentially judge the various fights in the IC thread Malevolence of Innocence. They're to be fair, logical, and indiscriminate if requested to judge. Their judgement will be law, unless over turned by the owner of the thread for whatever reason. Fight's are to be titled in the 'Red Genre' of the 4 distinct 'Planar Phases', allowing the fight to play out within the traditional thread setting separate from the other 'Genre' posts.

1.) Leonardo S. Virunas
2.) ..........
3.) ..........
4.) ..........
5.) ..........

.:[: Past fighters, and their Win streak :]:.

~~Note: "To be listed, the fight must be judged. This can be accomplished simply by PMing the page number(s) the fights on to one of the judges, or the owner of the thread. This process works best when both opponents agree on a victor."

Straight forward. Past winners of fights in the MoI will be posted here, along with their current wins.


.:[: Those that have Died :]:.

~~Note: If you feel the judgement result of your fight is biased, corrupt, or tainted you're welcome to file a PM complaint to the owner of the thread. My word is law, and should I agree with the accused judge the one complaining will still be placed here, following an explanation if absolutely necessary, or should things progress annoyingly, they'll simply be disregarded in the future with nothing recorded.

Once your roleplay character is dead, there's many ways to revive them. This will record past deaths, and revivals. Feel free to create new characters, or go through the epicness of roleplaying the revival of your old one again. As a fail safe MoI is situated with a dimensional system that 'collects' passive 'souls' of those that have died on her property, which will be revived completely nude outside of the building after one week in real life should the person wish to use this less complex method of bringing a dead character back.

| Death | Leonardo Tensatsu
| Reincarnations | Leonardo Virunas / Yomi / Dante / Raphael / Youming |

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The Cardinal Counsil Autocracy

The 'Cardinal Counsil Autocracy' or CCA exist's as a remnant of the ancient 'Crimson Monarch'. Those associated within this underground network operating under the monarch's kingdomless king Leonardo's authority. At this reinitiation stage the Counsil will consist of few select member's who operate the 'Black Market' trade of enchanted item's smuggled from under the MoI to various associates before establishing a foot hold within Sigil: City of Doors that has proven to be the largest collection of potential financial wealth. This achieved in secret, under the front of a Bounty Hunter organization to re-establish a long dead kingdom that existed in three proportionate branchs. One to immediately protect those within their kingdom, keep relations between other kingdom's, and stand prepared to eliminate any threat posed. Requires IC plotting, and OoC/PM discussion before being accepted into the flowing multi-thread plot about to unfold.

~Those with IC authority over their governing occupation, and those they appoint below them~

{~Branch Leader(s)~}:
Direct the three specific branches | Evaluates gathered intelligence | Responsible for all final descisions
1. Leonardo -S- Virunas

{Crimson Branch}: Operational Enforcers | Assassins | Smugglers
If a job needs done at all costs, they get it done
1. ---------
2. ---------

{Shadow Branch}: Intelligence | Espionage | Public Relations
Sharp eye, silver tongue, and clever observations can seduce the strongest competition
1. ---------
2. ---------

{Azure Branch}: Defenders | War Generals | Bounty Hunters
Strategic aid to neighboring kingdom's they're the guardians of their designated realm
1. ---------
2. ---------

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User Image .:[:Rules:]:. User Image

-I am the only one with any manner of authority in this thread. Should anyone else have a complaint, please contact me.

.:[1. You must read all these rules before posting IC. Each post should express which of the 4 'Genre' phase's it is taken place within. Absense of a Genre Title at the top of the post will be assumed a casual post unless relocated.

.:[2. Please keep the quote towers to a minimal, along with mass pages of pure OoC that doesn't pertain to IC events, actions, or future plots. Be that person to break the routine, and drag others IC with your own post.

.:[3. When more then three people are lurking about OoC, there's no reason someone couldn't post a short, brief IC post to let others know where their characters are located. Or include a |Location| section at the top of the post to better explain where your post is taking place in relation to the threads setting.

.:[4. I don't specify any particular role play skill level required to post in this thread, and for a good reason. Those of limited role play skill, or those who rather relax with short posts are welcome among everyone else as equals. Those of particular writing skill are to set an example for everyone else, and meant to inspire further elaborate role play with their posts alone.

.:[5. Be somewhat realistic and descriptive enough to explain how your character was able to achieve the action attempted. This more relevant in competitive role play, casual not requiring someone explain the full mechanics behind their every movement. Profile's are always a good reference.

.:[6. You may only attack this establishment if I am present, any other transgressions will be re-located to the 'Red Genre' planar phase to be dealt with by a security member, or recorded for the owner to review upon his return.

.:[7. If you post an entrance be sure to post an exit rather then just leaving. Exceptions can be made. I encourage IC posts whether it follows any current plot time line, specific plots can easily be put on pause while the thread continues its general tavern functions. ;3

.:[8. Follow the Gaia ToS.

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The Malevolence of Innocence retain's a generally unsophisticated territory. Surrounded by mile's of untamed forested regions, any seeking the infamous establishment would find a single sizeable dirt road sprawling through the virgin terrain from the west before curving to end at the southern end of the cleared out property. Encompassing nearly a solid three mile diameter clearing, the massive tree line's surrounding all about would appear as if to end abruptly. The actual tavern building facing directly south roughly situated in the middle of the clearing, as few venture down from the uninhabited tundra wastelands a couple days travel north. With the majority of the clearing surrounding the two story tavern remaining nothing more than a field of short cushioning grass.

The individual dirt road would trail off up too a small assumed spot on the west side of the building for parking any vehicles. Absent of any walk ways, the outside of the MoI would appear a simple oversized two story tavern with two window's portrayed curtained from the front as the entire second story of the building harbors a window for each of the rooms made available. Below the windows, constructed as an addition to the front of the building stands a massive aged wooden porch. Providing the only access to the front entrance into the building, five steps would elevate one to the sizeable enclosure. With polished wood benches littered along the side's of the four foot or so railing. This providing a comfortable place outside the bar atmosphere for patrons to relax and enjoy the out doors.

Situated on the northern back end of the establishment, Leo maintain's his own unique garden of carnivorous and non-carnivorous plants of various origins. This rectangular plot of land appearing in stark contrast to its bleak surroundings. Graced with white stone benches, and lanterns hung periodically along the single file path's to illuminate his prized hobby during particularly cloudy nights. Beyond this indulgence, the Malevolence of Innocence doesn't try to score high as a vacation or tourist spot with any fancy decorations or showy monuments. The building its self stood as a testament against time's unrelenting flow, retaining all its core necessities with little beyond practicality.

Inside/ First floor:

NPC Staff

// Introducing: Original NPC Staff //

"These NPC's are to be role played by staff or puppeted in whoever's post wish's to interact with them as NPC's. These characters aren't restricted by waiting on others posts, and should be used in any sized post to greet anyone new. They will have their own plot to be role played on the side in the future." ;3

[Vincent]: Butler~

Vincent appears as any fully suited butler would, retaining a measure of his previous youth in spite of being a half corporeal phantom. Portraying a young long dark haired youthful visage, he has been care taking over the many aspects of the Malevolence of Innocence since its original inception. Able to float through solid objects while phasing whatever he's holding, Vincent has the most access to Leonardo's property than any other living, or dead soul. Vincent's attitude is one of occasional dry humor, promoting his dreary desire for distant lands where he could haunt more sophisticated establishments. A hope he doesn't show blatantly, as he always seems far too interested in the patrons than they would be of him and has never attempted to escape. Vincent's duties include cleaning the main lobby, kitchen, all the Inn rooms, and keep everything in semi-orderly repair.

[Empathetic Bar]:

Restricted within the bar its self lingers an incorporeal entity capable of transitioning its appearance into whatever memories are on the mind of those that summon the creature for a drink. In its natural state it harbors as an almost telekinetic wind element, capable of full manipulation over the bar area. This ranged from chilling or heating up pre existing drinks, moving objects, causing others to vanish, and on occasion even summon more uncommon requests from thin air. It appears differently to each person, if anyone at all. It is said among the residents that to be shown a real form was a compliment the bar will never forget.

Upon entrance, the layout of the main lobby would be simple. The majority of the ground level floor being devoted to the tavern aspect of its business. Standing at the door there would be a single clear path straight towards the bar situated against the far back wall, with smaller walk ways littered through the four chair table sets split into two sections on the left and right of the main walk way. On the immediate left from the front door, secluded off in the corner resided a single decently proportioned stone mason fireplace. Lounging in front of the fire place was a single couch and two love seats on either side facing inward on an ornamented extremely oversized bear rug.

As if to compliment the immediate left's fireplace, one would find an almost identical set up without the fire place to the right. The two love seats, and a couch all facing a giant silverback gorilla rug upon which sat a long solid ebony table accessible from all three pieces of furniture. Resting on the table was an assortment of card decks, hookah's, bong's, ash trays, and a miniature little radio wired into the main sound system woven through the rafter above. The table's littered behind would rest a good distance back for each corner, giving each a semblance of seclusion.

With the bar stretched along the majority of the back wall, following the polished wooden bar to the left one would find the stairs leading to the second floor in a one eighty degree spiral of stairs, further left almost against the wall was another door labeled 'Exit' which leads to his coveted garden. Towards the middle behind the bar counter lingers a simple framed wooden door leading to the decently sized kitchen, which consisted of two small path ways allowing access to all the necessary kitchen equipment with another backdoor leading to a different section of his garden.

One the immediate right end of the bar was yet another door, this one appearing to of been recently installed compared to the rest. The sigh outside of it stenciled one in black reading "Leo's Office", with the jukebox and pool table situated just outside along the wall spaced almost perfectly to no overlap the sets of tables and chairs placed along the side walls. Altogether, the interior would relay a sense of ironic comfort given the otherwise vaguely elegant style hardened along the edges as time took its toll. The tables and floors clean, even if a bit scoffed up. Vintage might be a relevant term, if it wasn't for the odd almost other worldly flare.

Inside/ Second floor:

For those that seek refuge upon the Malevolence of Innocence's offered sanctuary, twelve rooms in total comprise of the entire second story with six on each side. The slightly spacious hallway spanning the entire length down to a single oak framed window overlooking the front of the property with a similar window on the opposite end displaying the prize garden. Each door would be labeled 1 through 12 with a corresponding key to match each unique lock, which offered more privacy than security beyond the owners potential wrath.

Each room would be furnished much the same, with a new added embellishment to commemorate the owners return. Throwing the simple dark polished wooden door open, one would be greeted with wooden floors covered in two simple black rugs that covered most the walking space. With the wooden framed queen size beds situated in the back corner, complete with a night stand placed by its side, and its own small walk in bathroom and shower directly in front of the foot of the bed. Providing a small wooden closet to hang up cloths, and wooden dresser for employee's or longer lasting patrons. Each bed folded over with layers of silk sheets under the thick cotton comforter, and three velvet covered pillows stacked neatly with no chocolate or fancy treat for anyone to find.

Recondite Catacombs:

Located beneath the main property of the Malevolence of Innocence lies one of the Leonardo's greatest accomplishments. Molded from the pure form of Leo's unique 'Recondite' manifestation forged from the union of his mind, body, and conscious 'soul' to form a dense black substance capable of transitioning its molecular structure between various state's of physical matter. This including densities capable of harboring their own warping gravitational force all the way to a gaseous mist. Sentient to some degree on the atomic, and molecular scale Leo's physical 'Recondite' remains completely immune to any manner of molecular, or electrical/thermal influence. Any manner of mass less energetic exhibiting force, or intended influence finding the Recondite 'frictionless' causing whatever manner of implied force or intended reaction to divert along the surface in the path of leasts resistance. Potentially brittle to blunt damage by something of equal physical density to the relevant section of 'Recondite' that's manipulated as entire Sea's worth of raw physical Recondite content spanning underground for mile's before transitioning through a series of pocket dimension's where the lower regions of the Catacombs exist. These 'pocket dimensions' constructed by Leonardo himself in later years branched from his own physical dimensional universe created outside any standard time/space continuum. This implying that one couldn't phase their existence through a higher dimension if they had never existed within the separate universe which was created relatively recently compared to the much older dimensional physical universe's already interwoven with one another.

Level 1~

-[Sparring Ring]
-[Standard Weapons Assortment]

Once one reaches the first underground level down the cellar stairs, they would be greeted with a well furnished room roughly half the size of the main establishments lobby. The floor tiled in palpable shade's of some gloss less black substance that would almost be warm to the touch. Splayed out along the walls lining the massive open room being racks of various weapons ranging from different style military swords, spears, axes, maces, and other standard well refined arsenal's intended for different specialist military units. The center of the room rimmed in a standard sparring ring, with another set of stairs appearing to trail further down in the dead center of the make shift sparring circle.

Level 2~

-[Defense System]

The second level of the Recondite Catacomb's harboring far more ambiguous nature's, intended to deter invasion by sheer confusion. Immediately at the base of the stairs the exit is laced with a very subtle dimensional portal, as the entire room was infested with them. Entering one folded dimensional portal would instantaneously transport one to another within the same room. Navigating the maze would normally be inconceivable if it wasn't for the single twisting path trailing all around multidimensional portals that required one to walk backwards at some points, allowing someone capable of perceiving the odd loops to advance. The stairs on this level breaking six steps down into a sheer vertical drop, which descends into a fifty foot drop within a four by four shaft.

Level 3~

-[Material Stockpile]
| Precious Metals | Priceless Gems | Assorted Valuable Items |

Sky Platform:
Carried as a small grey metal disc no larger than the hand with a single green gem reinforced within the center of one side. Upon pushing the center the disk will expand in metallic segments on a large enough flat surface a max of 3 foot diameter ( 6 foot platform ) comprised of nearly 3 inch's of 'Sky Metal' (Comparable to diamond) that will then begin to ascend to a max of 20 feet up off the ground to remain for an hour, or until the gem is removed.

Pulse Boots:
Simple leather boots plated with 'Sky Metal' along the bottom that emits a soundless low impact kinetic 'cushion' from the bottom of the sole's. This providing only an inch of padded force to allow trained individual's to glide around without losing their footing as the force generates slightly less friction. Textile strength equal to 1/4 inch adamant.

Numb-All Ring:
Temporarily eliminate's all pain into a dull sensation without any adverse affect. Lose's affect after a couple hours, and charges when not worn after 24 hours. Comprised of pure Silver.

Element Heal Stone:
Simply fist size crystal varied by element ( Standard, or unique to plot ) that simply absorbs a finite amount of its corrosponding element which the crystal filters into pure healing force to the wielder. Disitigrate's after 1 use.

Death's Coin:
A plot item, or prehap's standard inventory as Gaia's standard of a pheonix down. A simple coin that transends the physical world allowing one to offer it which possess's a passive soul for death to accept in place of their own soul. The person much then physically insert themselves back into their body or risk being trapped much as any ghost. Engraved from pure obsidian.

Adamanize Powder:
Once inhaled ( Doesn't matter how ) it'll turn the user into solid extremely dense adamant at the cost of complete mobility, or functionality. Last's for 1 hour ( Half if only half is taken ). Perfect for surviving impossible to escape explosions, and much less practical in any combat situation.

After the fifty foot drop, Leo's real treasure droves would be revealed. Settled right above a giant mound of silk fabric cushions, the surrounding room would consist of mostly raw material's. Comparably, this room would feel more like an abyssal cavern with no real discernible walls beyond the blackness. Above, suspended by some invisible means hung gigantic golden ornamented chandeliers illuminating a section of the darkness all around the mountain's of different precious metals. One harboring countless objects mostly consisting of gold, ranging from weapons, armors, solid chunks, coins, goblets, furniture, and other less recognizable objects. This example multiplied in illuminated rows of piled metals, jewels, and gems as far as the one could see outward in each direction. The next set of stairs set almost directly in front of the cushion pile that served as the entrance, with no obvious method of returning to the surface.

Level 4~

-[Defense System]
-[Magical Artifacts / Ancient Tomes / Prophecies / Recorded Knowledge and Wisdom]

Soul Dagger:
A simple appearing, or complex designed 'dagger' or short blade that's capable of summoning a lesser mythological creature to physically obey whomever holds its designated dagger. ( Rped by the owner as their own rpc. ) Examples of such lesser creature's ranged limited to one's Leo's actually slain, which pertains mostly to greek, norse, japanese, and many current religions/Mythology.

1- 3x Specific 'Muse's': Not limited to the Greek interpretation, regarded for 'Art' and 'Knowledge' to follow more as dialog, or an informant than any real physical aid

Axex: Half Falcon, Half Lion
Gegenees: Six Armed Giant
Garmr: Ravenous Hell Hound
Draugr: Undead
Einherjar: Viking Warrior Spirits

Portal Popper:
A specific small condensed portal pre-set to a specific place before being sold. Can't be somewhere the character hasn't already visited once more. Upon contact with the ground a 6 foot tall, 5 foot wise 'Portal' opens to allow anything to pass to the pre-set location for the duration of the post it's used within extending to the first following post of any subsequent character that follows. The portal is intended to remain open 5 minute's top's, 3 minimum as the science isn't always perfect.

Abyssal Glove's:
Worn one on each hand only one glove may be activated within any one post. The glove's themselves woven from flexible adamant thread thin enough to resist all but heavy slashing/cutting damage with no intended armor advantage. Able to open up a 2 foot diameter 'portal' or 'shield' that absorbs elemental, or mass less energetic into a separate dimensional space to linger under different conditions of space/time. Physical contact will shatter the 'portal' as if it was no more than glass that dissolves immediately. Absorbed elements/energies capable of being released within the following post with a 3 post 'charge limit' before the absorbed energy is lost into the dimension used to store it.

Twin Earings:
A pair of enchanted earrings. Allows one of the owners to 'summon' the other ( Yes, instant teleport transmission ) to the other once a day. With both individual's wearing the earrings they'll have the conscious choice to allow themselves to be summoned. Should one only be wearing one the other with two can summon them against their will.

High Velocity Belt:
A belt worn around the waist that projects a rough 2 foot 'force field' that reflects any high velocity object's without substantial mass or pressure. Perfect for strolling through fire fights, and showers of arrows. Prevents the user from the same high velocity penetration of their shield. Relaying on slow offense, and fast defense within close combat. Solid physical blows will only be slows in proportion to their initial velocity as it's the constant applied pressure that penetrate's the 'force shield'. Can be limited to a certain amount of post's till a cool down, or RL/Plot lengths of time before its power source depleets completely.

Astral Headband:
{ Situated across the 'Third Eye' this simple appearing headband ( In a selection of colors ) with a small purple crystal plate that should be lined up with the forehead in alignment with one's 'Third Eye'. This forcibly removing one's 'soul' or astral intangible form from their physical body. Max speed in this form limited to 30mph. One must insert themselves back into their unconscious body in order to return. A sneak tool for spying on the competition, or scouting a head when in a party. }

"Vibe in a can":
Energy Drink Can in appearance that greats an increase in physical sensory ability. Heightening sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and most importantly ones 'consciousness' to open people to previously denied idea's.

Pain Stamp:
Character ink stamp capable of being 'customed' to other items. ( Knuckles, bracers, blunt weapon ) The design not as important as the special ink made from a piece of the character which upon being stamped marks the person the owner's pain translate's too. Stamping a second person gifts them with the owners benefit. Washing the ink completely off the skill negate's the effect.

Gravity Bomb:
Epic in the form of a old school round bomb with a fuse ignited in much the same as any other bomb of its grade. The only difference being the expansive expansion of the explosion at nearly 30 to 50 feet in diameter form the epicenter with absolutely zero kinetic force. Rather, anything caught within the 30 to 50 foot 'sphere' no longer being influenced by gravity for a short time. Last's nearly 10 minute's, and diminish's rather than subsiding all at once. ( Things at the highest point would float down )

Party Bomb:
Special cell phone ( All types ) That harbor's no function beyond being armed, tossed, and upon the explosion the force released would only seem to affect the clothing, or equipment on a person's body without any manner of influence on the rest of the body. Lingers roughly 1 minute, with anything that wasn't gripped onto tight being blown off. ( Perfect for scantly clad characters, or people that don't carry their equipment around properly. )

Storm Horn:
Summon's an average thunder storm within a couple mile radius of its use. Create's mist in hot climate's, and can be used to many unexpected advantages. Linger's for half a day tops once a day, including only potential torrential rain, heavy wind's, and the occasonal completely random lightening strike ( This item doesn't control the storm )

Mirage Flute:
While playing any note ( No talent required ) this flute is able to manipulate light through thermal energies to create illusionary 'mirages' rooted in the physical. Mimic's a human's body temp, fooling all but touch, taste, and smell among other extrasensory means that could see through such a tactic.

Fold Space Pouch:
Waist Pouch enchanted to store up to 300lb without increasing it's own weight. Can only store item's that fit through the rough 1 foot max openning.

Fold Space Capsule:
A small pill capsule switch that can rapidly expand, or fold space no larger than a large vehichle (Truck, Van, Hummer). Can be made to hold larger for plot oriented reason's, though will be restricted till such.

Disguise Mask:
A simple 'super hero' eye slit mask that allow's the wearer to cover their entire form in the illusion of whatever image they so desire. The illusion is powerful of the mind, yet thermal vision, or other heightened perception's could give it away.

Invisible Cloak:
Only turn's one invisible to the naked eye by bending light around it in a fashion that make's the wearer completely transparent.

The stairs leading gradually downward would continue on for what felt like an eternity, spanning almost two mile's in length before flattening out to a hallway etched along with old school torch's that flared harsh scarlet hue's in an ominous almost formless black path. This leading only a couple minute's casual walk towards two towering etched out ornamented doors, each depicting half of an oversized humanoid face. With no noticeable means of entrance, one would be left to address the door as a person. This would be greeted with a billowing yawn before both sculpted pure black eye's open and narrow on whomever had addressed it. From that point, the door would be directly linked to Leonardo's own multi consciousness, thus one would need to persuade Leo himself to allow someone entrance. Should this succeed, both immense doors would open their almost six foot width to allow entrance into a much smaller room.

This area consisting of four massive heavy wooden book case's located at the center branching the room off into five walk ways lining the substantial library of various Psionic, Charter, Runic, and other tome's of invaluable knowledge. Along the walls all about the rectangular room exhibiting glass display case's showing off different extremely powerful artifacts ranging in size, shape, context, while the only similar commonality retained being the substantial amount of power infused into each object. Directly through the center path on the opposite side of the ambiguously lighted room lingered a single carved out section of the mysteriously fluctuating black walls. This being the last descent, an elevator of sorts that would trap one within an exitless chamber that would feel motionless as it navigates to the furthest reaches of the Recondite Catacombs.

Level 5~

-[Conscious Forge]
-[Containment Units]

Having managed to gain access to the furthest most chamber of Leo's highly guarded Catacomb's, this being the ultimate storage place of his most terrible collection of incorporeal entities, energetic consciousness's, and accumulated 'sous' of countless mortals and immortal alike. This was Leo's last store house for research and creation of his most unique tools. Exiting the elevator, a single vaguely recognizable path would span along the infinite darkness flooding out in all perceivable directions. This single path would branch out into two, then two more to total six capable directions. Each leading to a simple wooden treasure chest, heavily enchanted so it opens into an alternate self created pocket dimension. The basis of these dimension's intended to loop those within through a perpetual series of other pocket dimension's individually, to prevent any one from merging accidentally with another. As a precaution, one could simply state the name of the soul within to summon it.

Summoning a specific 'soul', as done by anyone other than Leo would rend the entity onto a platform further off in the middle of the branched paths visible from any one chest. This manifested platform intended to contain any summoned soul within the confines of the platform surrounded by the same invisible pocket dimension portals that upon contact would simply transfer the portion extended back through the equal opposite side within the same small space. This intended for various questioning, interrogation, or comfort as not all the harbored entities were kept as trophies or research specimen. Some lingering more as guests, protected from whatever force they feared outside the mile's and mile's of Recondite enforced underground beneath the Malevolence of Innocence.

Cherrished, loathed, feared, and hated most being Leo's own 'Conscious Forge' he'd created originally to faciliate his sword 'Deception's unique creation. Existing as a traditional ornamented smithing furnace that seemd to shift from various culturally significant appearances depending on the 'sou' or conscious entity summon's to be forged within any particular object. The process extremely tedious on even higher functioning psionic minds find it difficult to balance between the sensitive grip between the soul choosen, the soul of the item, and the forge synthing both into one amalgamated creation. Few ever attempting such a feat, let alone creating a mean's to refine the art Leo had been practicing for countless years.

Conscious Forge:
Forged through the collection of Blacksmith gods, and other specific deities, or demi-god's. With this basis Leo was able to store other much less tangible powerful conscious entities into the forge which act's as its own compartment box of smaller pocket dimension's that operate on a far slower concept of 'time' until released into the 'Main Forge' dimension where one would begin the forging process of selecting the desired ingredients before attempting to merge them altogether into a compatible amalgamated host object. The complexities varied completely by those of the 'souls' or object/weapon/armor choosen as one of the 'Smith' god's generally govern the 'Main Forge' to assist by whatever means they deem necessary.

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~} .:[: Malevolence of Innocence :]:. {~

~ Malevolent Menu ~

-Specials for this Week-


Assorted spiced rums.
Freshly brewed ales, and beers.
100 proof vodkas.

~ 'Crimson Poison' "This particular drink unique to the Malevolence of Innocence. Consisting of 100 percent alcohol, and a specific poison that in small doses induces an extreme drunk like state"

Water ( Free )
Milk ( Including chocolate/strawberry )
Kool-aid ( Assorted flavors )
Soda ( Assorted flavors )
COFFEE ( b[Twenty four seven)


Eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon combo.
Cereal, orange juice, and fruit.
Brown sugar oatmeal.

Ham, and cheese sandwich.
Leftovers. ( From the previous dinner )

Beef, and potato stew.
Soup, and salad. ( Soup ranging from chicken noodle, tomato, and vegitable )

User Image

~ Innocent Inn ~

The first floor rooms reside to the side of the kitchen, though there are only three rooms. Each furnished with one double sized bed, chair, desk, window, and even a lock on the door. The second floor rooms are a bit better, even sound proof from the lobby below. Each of these rooms include a queen sized bed, couch, chair, desk, window, and a dead bolt lock on the door.

First floor:
1.) Onyx2047
3.) Riniles Todd

Second Floor:
1.) Leonardo -S- Virunas / Rune Slessiane
2.) Akako Akari
3.) Shin~ The ladle monster!
4.) TehKouga
7.)Deus Ex Aizen
12.) Alexander S Aurelius

Rooms will be offered to those too intoxicated to leave, or to those that ask. If you desire a room, simply asking myself or one of the staff.

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~Malevolence of Innocence Story Plot~

Main Story Plot:

1.} "The Malevolence of Innocence's grand re-opening" ~In Progress~
-Hiring of current listed staff
-Negotiating affiliations
-Situation potential patrons for future plot events

2.} -To Be Announced-

Side Story Plots:

1.} "The Last Bounty Hunter" ~In Progress~
-Incorporate a non-harassment oriented 'Bounty' type role play that spans across multiple threads. The 'Bounty' to be posted here or else where, with the hunters being forced to o bid by the law of which ever thread they contact their bounty at. In a quote "Bounty hunting was never suppose to be about one on one combat, but the clever escape, and awareness of surrounding conditions to level the playing field one way or the other". Being a plot oriented role play, the potential 'bounties' would appreciate that characters that decide to hunt them have an IC reason beyond 'kind of just feeling like it', though the money's usually reason enough.

2.} "The Boss Test" ~In Progress~
-A test administered IC to prove who will be the first MoI Boss
-Not restricted to current staff
-The test will be something brainstormed, and agreed upon by the group selected to participate. Anywhere from an IC roll of dice, to some epic adventure, or task.

Active Roleplay Character Plot(s):

~PM myself if you're interested in listing a current character plot you would like achieved here at the MoI. All I ask is a format similar to mine above, a title, and brief description of the role plays aim, role's needed, whose involved, and whatever else you find relevant ~

-Leo Plot- 1.} " Family " ~In Progress~
-Leonardo's looking to adopt some family members, a habit he's had most every time ever settling back down on his property. IC proposal required, though OoC interest will hasten it along
-Positions available being immediate family
-PM for further details. A new section of MoI family will be added to the front page upon the completion. Please include a convincing IC reason, to avoid individuals that probably aren't ready for what it means to be part of Leo's 'Family' given his complicated existence.

-Red's Plot- 1.} " Corruption and Consolidation " ~In Progress~
-Red is in search of assistance. He has reached a crossroads that has halted even his vast ego. With every person he devours he grows more powerful, but retains a part of their consciousness within himself. The Others, the vast multitudes of those he has devoured are threatening to take over now as he grows past his ability to control himself. He is faced with three options. Find help from one such as himself and a way to control the voices within. Let go and join the multitude, destroying everything in his path and losing himself, or starve. We all know option three isn't happening.
-Positions available for anyone who wants to involve themselves in the plot.
-PM for details and suggestions.

{ Bounty Hunter Billboard }
- Specific designated thread in process -

RPC Bounty
~} To put a 'bounty' out on someone's character you need only Pm Leonardo -S- Virunas. Include the story/plot reason, no matter how trivial along with the 'amount' of Gaia gold or IC payment the bounty will be worth. MoI is an equal opportunity thread, so there will be no discrimination. The bounty will then be placed on the board, along with the reward. To ensure success, no money will change hands till the role play event has been carried out, and the page/thread location Pmed to either Leonardo -S- Virunas, or the source. Additional stipulations will be accepted for specific role play ideas. To avoid potential harassment, bounties can be taken down at any point by whomever had posted it originally. The person with the bounty is more often then not informed from the beginning, as the majority of the 'Bounties' will play into some manner of IC plot to a degree. Keep in mind also that even though a bounty exists in one or more threads, the IC event must obey the rule's of whichever thread the bounty is engaged within IC.

Too apply for GMing a NPC Bounty role play one need only PM Leonardo -S- Virunas, or one he appoints with the level, price offered per player or split, and the list of those involved. If no interested parties have been found the NPC 'Hunt' can be advertised here. IC wise this thread acts at the first step to 'accept' the bounty hunt which can take place within any other thread. It's traditionally easier for the GM to type up an 'introduction' to the bounty plot event that includes the bounty(s), setting, extra objectives, and which NPC's the GM will be role playing, and which one's are 'assumed' for the RPC's to control within their own posts as 'prompts'. Upon the IC mission's completion this will be the thread to return too so the Bounties marked as completed.

NPC Bounty Level's

Level 1: Semi-GMed specific post count 'guided' Bounty Hunt | 10k+ Gaia Gold
At level 1 a Bounty Hunter isn't quite ready to tackle the larger hoards of the Gaiaverse. This level focusing on role playing out specific bounty hunts at pre-set locations with a 'prompt' or guide post to start while the rest of the role play is done completely by the bounty hunter who is given enough info to improvise the rest. This style requiring a minimum post count so it isn't accomplished within a single post, and allows those involved to best type a story than rush to the end as fast as possible. Some bonus's, or limitations might be added to spice things up with a smaller gaia gold price associated with completion.

~ NPC Bounty Hunt ~
Level 1

| Tenement Infiltration | Durem | 1 - 5 RPC's |

[Main Layout]

{Building Height}: 10 + Lobby
{Room's per floor}: 10

{Entry Point(s)}
-Front Entrance: Main Lobby
-Allyway Entrance: Storehouse / Back Stairs

[Target(s)] - Kill Order

{Monster Type}: Manticore + 3

User Image

Human head, Lion body, Scorpian tail. Potentially bat/dragon wings. Assumed far stronger than your average human physically. Minor flight/glide capability, razor sharp claws/fangs, and a scorpion tail with lethal accuracy anywhere directly in front of it. Appears human till provoked, standing nearly 7 feet tall transformed, with a lethal 5 foot extension of its tail for either sweeping, or thrusting. Retracts the tail slower than when it strikes out. Decapitation, or internal wounds to inflict death.

{Monster Location}: Dice Roll for which floor


{Non-Combative}: Majority

{Armed Civilians}: Grouped into a single 'room' on a floor.
Thugs - Cheap hand guns | 3 groups of 10 dice rolled for floor position
Gangsters - MAC - 11 | 5 groups of 2 dice rolled
Unstable Veterans - M-16 | 2 groups of 3 dice rolled

{Local Authorities}: 5 posts after initial s**t hits the fan
{Military}: 10 posts after the authorities arrive if shits still hitting the fan.

Level 2: Mission oriented Bounty Hunt | 25k+ Gaia Gold
A level 2 mission will generally revolve around a full GMed mini plot that span's a short or moderate IC distance to reach the specific target(s). Limited to a single boss fight NPCed by the GM, or a typical mission with multiple targets.

Level 3: The Boss Bounty Hunt | 50k+ Gaia Gold
Accepting a level 3 mission entails an entire mission finished with a final boss fight NPCed by the GM, or up to three boss's linked through some manner of GM puzzle, or minor plot devices. These mission's can be a bit more complicated at time's, or difficult to challenge more than a characters battle strengths.

Level 4: RPC Bounties | 100k+ Gaia Gold
Mission 4, also known as '4RPC' will always revolve around an IC plot based Bounty on another RPC. These generally aren't concluded immediately, and span a story that doesn't stop at the end of the first night.

Level 5: The Epic Bounty | 500k+ Gaia Gold
This to be a group RPC Bounty list, Organization, or massive sequence of epic level boss's that can range from creatures, canon characters, RPC's, or anything one or more teamed GM's can plot up for some Epic level Bounty Hunter(s).

~Active NPC Bounties~
City Scape Infiltration: 1 - 3 Hunters | Pending ~

~Active RPC Bounties~
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"We're going to start with the basics of role play post format, and what should be running through your head when you read, or type your own posts."

1.) Analyze- "This means picking a post apart word by word, sentence by sentence. Every little meaning that a word could have, or a sentence could hint to."

2.) Summarize- "Easily put, dumb everything you analyzed down into lamest terms. If they post a paragraph about moving five feet to the right, and drawing a sword. Then sum that up in your mind, and move on to the next paragraph, or sentence."

3.) Visualize- "Once you have analyzed, and summarized the post. You should now be able to visualize every move your character, or the other character has made. Almost like playing a movie in your head. If they type four paragraphs about drawing a weapon, moving about the field, attacking, defending, or whatever. Then play this in your head, to get a better feel of the situation."

"With this in mind, the next portion I would think would be common sense. That being the Who, Where, When, What, Why, How, and to what extent. This deals directly with the three basics I described above. Those of course being what you should think upon first, and these being the second."

Who- "Who is quite simply 'who' is involved in the current roleplay fight. You obviously, your opponent, who ever is on the side lines. All these characters should be guided by the same rules listed above."

Where- "Where are all these characters located in terms of the surrounding environment, and your own character. This deals heavily with where you're fighting at. It's very important to know where all the other characters are, even if your character her/him self doesn't know where these characters are."

When- "When is one of the complicated things to consider. When governs motion, thought, and every aspect of the role play post. When does your character move in respect to the other character. When does an object move compared to other objects. When does your sword swing in comparison to your opponents sword. This sets a time frame, for which the whole fight will be paced upon."

What- "What is simple enough. What portrays 'what' is in play. Objects, energies, surroundings, people, everything. This basically is a fail safe to catch anything that might have been missed.

Why- "Why can either be simple, or the most complicated. Why governs why a character does what he/she does. Motive, justification, and purpose. These can be driving reasons to change a fighting style, or embrace emotional rampages. Why also plays in tactic. Why a character does one thing, and what they're trying to achieve. This is like trying to connect the dots, though you should always assume the end result is an attempt to harm your character whether it's portrayed or not."

How- "How should be made easy for you, depending on how well the other person describes their posts, or how you describe your own. Of course there's an art to leaving little hints out, for a surprise attack, or effect later. Though you should always be aware of 'How' everything is being done in the role play fight. How does the character move from here to there. How does he/she swing his/her sword/weapon. How, how, how, how... This might grow tiresome, though is the most important rule.

Extent- "This deals with almost everything listed above. If a character moves, how far? If a character swings a sword, how strong? If a character speaks, how loud. This should be taken into consideration especially when you are countering, attacking, or defending. "

"To make things less difficult for you, here's a short list of what these rules should apply to when you're analyzing, and applying everything I've listed above. Keep in mind also, that even if your character doesn't, or shouldn't know something. YOU should know everything you can, which will give you the edge in a role play. You personally need to take into consideration what your character can, and cant do while still knowing what could, should, or will be done."

-Bodily movement
-Tool movement

"For a brief lay out. Bodily movement speaks for its self, along with tool movement, surroundings, and mood. Effect is the end result of the extent. What happens when you get hit? Or what will happen when you hit your opponent. Attire, and armor is simply being aware of your opponents defenses. Acknowledgment deals with how your character is aware of her/his opponent, or the other characters lurking around."
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~ Reserved ~
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