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The Luna Wolf Inn

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Welcome friends to The Luna Wolf Inn.
The inn was bult in the early eighteen hundreds, along a long streach of hardly used road between towns, the Inn its self was nothing special untill it was hit by lightning during a luna eclips, in the mid eighteen hundreds , and is now open to all creatures Human, Niko, Demon and all others, the owner Zenevieva has been running the Inn since that night, little is known about her and her Inn the only thing known is she is a wolf.

There is on the ground floor,
A Bar Restaurant,
A Games room
A Heated indoor pool
On the other floors there are twenty bedrooms all different all with there own bathrooms, just tell Ziva what your room requires,when if needed more rooms just seem to apear out of nowhere.


I am queen bee here

Walkins welcome.

No profile is needed.

Any race of character is welcome.

PM me for a job or room, or ask in thred.

Please keep vulgarities to a minimum. I don't mind them everyonce in a while, but be considerate of others.

no god-moding, or killing and do not kill the staff members.

Romance is allowed, but don't go too far.[PG-13 Site]

No cybering.

Please No l337 or netspeak... plain English will do fine here.

No quote towers. There's no reason to quote someone more than a couple of times.... especially if there are only two people talking.

Please differentiate between IC and OOC. Use parenthesis (), brackets [], or whatever, so long as it's distinguishable.

Don't spam or troll my thread, "bump" in it, or advertise unless I say otherwise.

As always, follow ToS and Gaia rules.

As the owner, I reserve the right to change the rules

Have fun with this.
List jobs and of Employees


1. Kara (Red-Harumi)
2. Mia and Max (Dakota Morrison)

Employee's List:
1. Otlan
2. Leon (Kitanai Maeashi)
3. Kamatsu

1. Kara (Red-Harumi)
2. Cyn (Cynical_tigress)
3. Fyffa

1. Dante the Desert Coyote
2. Leon (Kitanai Maeashi)
3. Sliver Rain (DJ peach)

1. janey_bunny
2. Evie (z_m_ kitty)

1. Dante the Desert Coyote

All round Employees

Roof and Basment rooms. Zeva's and ZagonAzaroth

1. Kara (Red-Harumi)
2. max and mia (Dakota Morrison)
4. Evie (z_m_kitty)
5. theb doral
6. Pyrite Manorath
7. Hawthorn (My Decaying Heart)
8. duo420
9. Dante the Desert Coyote
10. Star (MGMTrulz)
11. Fyffa
14. Legion (Legionastaroth)
15. Tye Searing
16. Ayumi (masssacre of innocence)
17. Kira (electricwolfy)
18. Sliver Rain (DJ peach) The room and balconay overlooks a lake.
19. Leon (Kitanai Maeashi)
White List

Black List

Please don't make me put you here

profile is not needed

unless you wan't me to post one
of your character

Name: Zagon Havotos Azaroth
Age: 4500 years old
Race: Hellhound "last of the breed"
Clan: Azaroth "last of clan"
Wepon of choice: Sythe
Past: Secret "ask if you wish to know more"

Zagon Azaroth was a lonley assassin roaming through a forest When he came upon an inn falling in love with the inns owner Zenevieva. He then made an oath to protect a young Vampire named Mai and her child.

chator name : Kara
sex: female
race: vampire
back story:
was reborn in the late 17 hundreds.wounder the earth alone trying to find where she belonged that the she had this new life to behold. she doesn't remember her past life all though she tries she can't. She is faster then in vampire she knows. she is easy going keeps her bloodlust to a at bey when humans are around for she wants to belong in their world with them. was working for the inn as a maid then changed her place after that night. She wanted to be more friendly people that came in and out of this place that she now calls home.

room that is dark, coffin

DJ peach
Character Name: Sliver Rain
Race: Half human, Half Dragon
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Back Story: Sliver Rain is a chef/cook from a long line. Her mom is human, and her father is a full blooded silver dragon. Her mom taught her how to cook and make special meal for all different kinds of the races as she was growing up. She also loves the view of the water because it is very clamming after a long day at work.

Username: Dakota Morrison
Name: Mia Peck
Age: 8
Race: Half Vampire
Parent: Adopted by Kara
Bio: She was originally orphaned when her parents died, and now was adopted by Kara. She has started her reborn process. She shares her room with her new mother. Zagon is her sworn protector

Race:british vampire

Back story:
In 1854 as a 13 year old school girl Fyffa was a well behaved goody-two-shoes.Always got good grades, always did her chores, took care of her brother and three sisters, and basically ran the house for her parents when they needed it the most.One day she was cooking dinner while her parents were working o the bills when the front door snapped and fell off of its hinges. In stepped a Very Scary VERY drunk vampire. "allo all. who wants to have a li'l fun?" Fyffa ran to the hidden room that her rother and her had created in case of a situation like this (originally it was meant to be a hideout for when johnny got into trouble.) and hid while the screams of her entire family of 7 rang through the house. Eventually the vampire realized that she was missing and started to search the house, after an hour of his searching the vampire sat on the couch and went silent. After about an hour Fyffa made the mistake of poking her head out to see if he had left. he sa her and chased her around the house before catching and taking her to his lair. For 5 torturous years he forced her to paint pictures of the horrible scene that he had caused that night. Fyffa went mad, and started to enjoy the sight of the scene, painting more and more detail the madder she got. This made the Vampire happy and he changed her, Fyfa regained half of her sanity with the exchange of his blood and the Vampire went mad and threw himself into a firepit. Living in her sire's cave for another 95 years, rebelling against herself and all other Vampires she decided to go to a high-school and attempt to live a normal life. Fyffa sloly regained most of her sanity as she developed friends such as Kara at school and even had a boy friend, who convinced her to run away with him then changed her into a storm demon. Moping her way into a small Demons-only bar in the underground,Fyffa found another vampire Named Spike, Spike helped her find anew life, and even proposed at one point but Fyffa said no, ut is now reconsidering with twins on the way. Then news of an old friend Brought this raven black-haired half demon into your inn and your lives....

username:Kitanai Maeashi
name:Leon Leokun
race:Lion halfdemon
power and weapons: cards that do all that he says but come with a price abit of
his energy as long as he sleeps he is good
personailty: he is a happy go lucky person until it come to real important matters

Name: Lu

Race: Human (questionable at some points.)

Age: 27

Personality: A rather shadey fellow, he normally hangs in the back playing his lute every now and then, never saying a word to a single soul.

Bio: Lu can't quite remember how he came to be what he is or rather anything else for that matter, old rumors speak of a troubled hero wandering the world trying to contain his own demons. Some believe Lu to be an otherworldly creature. He's been called monster, freak, and trouble before, each time he's reacted the same: Continues being silent with out showing any sign of emotion, disappears when things get bad.

Equipment: His lute, the clothes on his back, magic powder(he drops it on the ground and it explodes into a cloud of red and black smoke, more of an escape tool.), and a sachet of coins.

Physique: agile, fast, tough.

Name: kira
Age: 16
Sex: female
Race: Shapeshifter... wolf-shapeshifter
Back story: She is a british middle class girl that lived a hard life after her parents died when she was 12. She had no other family so she lived by herself. she is a kind person. she is independent and very smart.
wolf form: (in signature)
Ziva hummed to her self as she cleaned down the bar
for the third time in half an hour,
she couldn't stop herself, she got nervous every time she reopened,
she had done nothing but clean and fiddle with things all day.
Ziva walked round the ground floor
making sure everything was still in its corect place,
still humming to herself as she headed back to the bar.
Getting herself a drink at the bar, she sat on a nice plush chair
"maybe i left reopening to long"
she said to her self
"twenty years is a long time"
as she sat sipping her drink her mind wandered,
she could remember that night like it was yesterday,
she visabily shivered at the memory,
"no that was then and this is now"
she sat reading a news paper, still sipping her drink
putting the news paper back in the rack she finished her drink, she washed her glass putting it away
she cleaned the bar again and polished some glases humming to herself
"its rather quiet tonight" she mused out loud

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