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The black fire started to burn Fray's dress and she quickly put it out using her own manipulation powers, the black flames emitting back out of her hands towards the Nytmaer clone that was coming towards her. Everything was in flames now and her lungs filled up with smoke, causing her to begin coughing and choking for air. She went to shoot another round at Nytmaer but the beretta clicked once, twice, empty. Dammit. She shot as many darts as the tranquilizer gun would allow, but it was to no avail as the clone grabbed her by the fox ear, twisting and snapping tiny bones. She growled at him and hit him forcefully in the head with the gun, conjuring up her own illusions to distract the clone. It would at least confuse him to her location for the time being as she searched desperately through the smoke for Saria, Mohan, anyone.. Anyone that was still alive... She gasped when she saw the angels near death, tears stinging her eyes from the intense heat of the flames. "The medicine isn't working!" She cried as she reloaded her weapon. Her dress was torn, soaked in blood, and missing the skirt almost entirely from the fire. The wound on her neck was still bleeding but she couldn't feel the pain yet, the adrenaline she felt was keeping her on high alert. The flames that had almost reached the Manor were beginning to die down as she concentrated on extinguishing the ones immediately surrounding them, a great deal of energy emitting from her as she did so.

Dean had only just returned to his feet when the fire spread across the yard, flames engulfing the tables and the corpses surrounding them. His eyes were watering as he saw the Nytmaer clone coming after him. "Curse you back to hell!" He yelled at the being, shooting at him as fast as his shotgun would pump out bullets. He spotted Yuni's lifeless body still in her chair where she'd blacked out, and attempted to pick her up and hoist the petite girl over his shoulder. The table collapsed and crumbled to ash only moments after he'd removed her from the same fate. He was only halfway into reading her file when he'd been interrupted earlier---but from what he could tell, she was the key to stopping this deity called Nytmaer. Or at least she had been his vessel for long enough to know how to stop him. He couldn't hear Fray's cry over the roar of the fire, carrying Yuni back towards the Manor which had yet to catch fire. He could at least take her body somewhere safe for the time-being.

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