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Yuni squeakered a little at seeing the bloodied dragon male with his leg of deer, getting over the initial shock quickly as she laughed. Well, at least he's cleaning up. The Nekojin guessed Saria mom'd him. But these steaks were done, finally, and the eggs are all fried and cheesy. Yuni balanced the five loaded plates on her arms with one flattening out her feline ears as it was on her head. The teen' struts in the heartless were short, and she only let two trail behind her with the giant fruit salad bowl and silverware.

"Steak 'n eggs, anyone?" Yuni asked, setting the plates on the bar since that was where the activity was. At was where she heard about the wedding, and curiously looked about. Fray and Mohan were the only ones unmarried, besides Kai, and there was a shiny ring on the kitsune's finger. A wide grin grew in Yuni's face, knowing little of either elvish and kitsune wedding traditions. "Ooooooooooooo~! I can't wait!"

At hearing Saria ask her to cook that deer leg, Yuni nodded and headed back into the kitchen. She tried to ignore the sour face under her grin at seeing Rebekah, reminded again of Jayke. She didn't take it out on the deer meat, though, cooking and lightly seasoning it for Gothran.

At the bar counter, Kai smiled and sipped her whiskey till it was gone. Weddings were more Kira's thing, and twins were mentally chattering now. Relaying, so Kira doesn't burst in and explode into mixed feeling filled tears. The lighter twin quietly peeped into the bar room, hair now tied back out of her face and ruby eyes blinking at everyone. Her wings fluttered in her attempt to contain herself, first looking at the newly engaged and then at Rebekah.

Kai chuckled dryly. "Try to not burst into feathers, now. It might get into the food."

Kira childishly stuck her tongue out at Kai with a 'hurrumph' before smiling. "How can I not? I am doubly excited! Doubly happy! How can you not, Kai-chan?"

Kai quirked a brow. "You generally feel enough for the both of us."