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Saria nodded, understanding. Many travelers took rest here at the Heartless, so she would be among people with similar goals.

The elf motioned for the woman to come into the bar, instinctively pulling out an empty glass in preparation for the woman's order. Usually travelers were thirsty when they came in and needed their thirst quenched before discussing room and board.

"We have rooms available upstairs for travelers." She mentioned as she prepared herself to fulfill another drink order.
'Thanks,' she breathed, and immediately shot half of it down. She cleared her throat, suppressing a burning cough, and the spike of liquor smoothed out into a warm glow the reached into her chest like the roots of an ancient oak. She dug through the pack of smokes, discarding most of what she had left as they'd been snapped in two, before she found one, bent and twisted and whole, as well as a rusty zippo. She placed it in her mouth and flicked the wheel. The flame grew, and she dragged heavily on the cigarette.
'God, that's good,' she sighed, exhaling a gross cloud of smoke. 'Thank you, miss.'
She shot another look over her shoulder as she reached for the rest of the scotch.
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Upon hearing the door open, Fray walked out into the hallway to see if it was the Chinese delievery guy to find Kira holding the door open for Rebekah and.. BENTLEY?!? Her green eyes widened and she yelped, her hand flying to cover her mouth in shock. The vampires stepped inside once the angel invited Nik in, and he grinned at Fray, seeing her reaction to his appearance. "Don't worry. I'm not my brother," He reassured the kitsune, straightening the black tie that was around his neck. "Frayda, I presume?" He offered his hand to her but Fray was too stunned to say anything. Now that he was closer, she could tell it wasn't Bentley.. but the similarity between the two was eerie. She finally took his hand, letting him do the shaking as she gawked at him and then blushed. "I'm sorry.. you just look so much like him," She said quietly, blushing as he kissed her hand. "I see why my brother liked you." With a grin, he headed into the bar with Rebekah at his side and Kira likely as well. It was quite full of patrons now, and remodeled since he'd seen it last... which was a long time ago. He could smell the various scents of smoke, alcohol.. and werewolf. There were many races present, suggesting to him that perhaps vampires and werewolves weren't at war like they were in the past. He was dressed rather formally, in a full suit with dusty blonde hair. "I see the dress is much different from the 1930s," He remarked to his sister, who was dressed rather provocatively for the times in jeans and a tight black top.
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Saria nodded her silent 'you're welcome' as she noticed the woman seemed to be on guard, perhaps looking out for an attacker. When the woman looked over her shoulder hesitantly, Saria's eyes followed, just in time to see Kira, Rebekah and... Jayke walk in.

Orange eyes immediately flushed to green, and within seconds black thorns sprouted from Saria's knuckles. One hand shifted towards the pouch around her waist, grabbing her silver shurikens. All this happened within an instant, and the elf was ready to attack.

But she froze, seeing the man introduce himself to Fray and take her hand. Saria stayed in defense mode, watching the scene unfold as it became clear that the man was not Jayke, but rather the older brother Nik. It would seem that Kira and Rebekah were successful in opening the coffin. Wonderful.

Now-green eyes narrowed as Saria watched the interactions, trying to gauge from afar whether Nik and Rebekah were immediate threats. They didn't seem to be, but Saria was jaded from the past, and was overly cautious when vampires were around.
When Fray yelped, Mohan turned as well to see what was going on. As Nik entered, Mohan's eyes widened with surprise and his heart stopped for a moment. Not again. But as Nik introduced himself to Fray, Mohan realized that this man indeed was not Jayke. The similarities made it easy to tell that the two were related.

Mohan blinked behind his glasses, watching the way Fray responded as guidance to how he should respond as well. Mohan basically followed her lead when it came to the Mikaelsons. When she relaxed, he did too, but not before glancing over to the bar where he saw Saria already allowing her instincts to wash over her. But she was restraining herself, so that was good.
Ralic's eyes had remained open though he had spaced out, his mind at rest. His feet and hands began to shimmer as he continued to sleep with his eyes open, his subconscious wanting to pull him somewhere where he could fully rest yet his wolf wanted to stay near Saria, even if he wasn't fully there.

It wasn't until he smelled Rebekah and another foreign scent that he came back to consciousness. The last he had remembered, Rebekah had compelled him and tried to attack his wife. He was a bit apprehensive to her presence, though he didn't move from his perch on the counter. He didn't care to engage with them, simply turn to give a flick of the chin in acknowledgement before his attention shifted to Saria, watching her carefully to see if there was a threat, even though she tended to overreact.
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Fray was blushing now, kind of embarrassed at how everyone acted awkwardly towards Nik as though he were Bentley himself. Nik watched Saria sprout thorns and took a defensive stance, afraid she would attack. "No need for hostility, mate," He said, in a british accent. Oh god he sounded kinda like Bentley too... Fray took a deep breath and walked over to Mohan, sipping her beverage. Then a moment later there was a knock at the door and the Chinese food was there. Rebekah led Nik over to the bar, a bit farther away from Saria and Ralic so they could have some distance. "Ignore them," She told Nik and smiled at her brother. "I'm just glad you're back. Please have a drink, it's on me." Despite the tension, Rebekah felt like celebrating... Fray didn't know how to respond though. She fetched the chinese food and brought it back for everyone to dig into, figuring she'd be left to do the bartending since Yuni wasn't in great shape and Saria needed to tend to the other patrons since the bar was rather full for the night. She saw the girl smoking and craved a cigarette herself, or something stronger. She glanced to Ralic who had been creepily sleeping awake or something... remembering how they used to do drugs and play video games nonstop when they were younger, she smirked.

Rebekah fished a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket, lighting one and ordering a round of shots of tequila with extra salt. Fray fetched the shots for them and sat the glasses on the bar. She did one with them, and Rebekah waved to Mohan and Kira too. "Don't be shy love," She said with a flirtatious smile. Her brother watched them take the shots first before doing it himself. "Interesting new inventions," He said with a grin, glancing around at the patrons. He was still thirsty for blood, and from what he heard kitsune blood was delicious.. he glared at Fray and then to his sister, who shook her head to let him know that she was off limits.
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Saria remained still as she watched the interactions of Nik with the rest of the patrons. They seemed to be celebrating and not in the mood for, you know, killing people. She slowly straightened up, the thorns retracting back into her knuckles and putting her shurikens away. But her eyes remained green, clearly displeased with everything going on. She was hoping that the whole Nik situation would prove fruitless, or at least, take several more months. She hadn't expected him to come alive so quickly.

She turned to Ralic, seeing that he was watching her for her reaction. Did she really always over-react? Well, maybe to vampires she did. She had no shame admitting that.

As rounds were ordered for everyone, Saria sighed and picked one up herself. She hated participating in the "celebration" but she also needed a drink in light of this new addition to the Manor. Also, that damn headache...

She took the shot before placing the empty glass in the sink and giving Ralic a "let's talk somewhere else" sort of look before silently excusing herself into the kitchen. There were plenty of people to tend to the bar.

After stepping into the kitchen, Saria leaned against the back counter, her face obviously showing annoyance. Assuming Ralic followed as her look requested, the elf would sigh heavily before bringing a hand to her forehead, rubbing lightly.

"Just what we need. More Mikaelsons." She let her head drop a bit, battling between her headache, her concerns with the vampires, and her concern for Ralic being clearly overworked and sleeping with his eyes opened. She could see him shimmering into shadow as his mind drifted elsewhere. Which situation should she address first?

Well, there's no use in talking to a sleeping werewolf.
"Are you able to stay the night?" She asked, shifting attention to her husband.
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Mohan watched as shots were ordered and celebratory antics began. He was a bit put-off by Nik's similarity to Jayke, but the smell of Chinese food pulled him out of the funk and straight to the counter to sit down and dig in. Fray ordered a ridiculous amount of food, enough for even the visiting patrons to partake. Speaking of, the bar seemed oddly full today. As he grabbed a few piles of fried rice and crab ragoons, he nodded 'hello' to the lady in black who he happened to plop down next to.

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Fray began to eat some Chinese food herself, rather hungry after the day's escapades. Nik and Rebekah chatted about the current times but Nik seemed to keep a watchful eye on the bar, helping himself to some beef lo mein and egg drop soup. Vampires may live off blood but they still ate food because it was satisfying. Rebekah ate a few crab ragoons and asked Fray if there was anymore blood.. usually the Manor was stocked. Fray realized there wasn't much left and offered it to them, but soon they'd have to go hunting.. or she could give them some. She knew what it was like to be a vampire, to be hungry.. Rebekah figured it would be inappropriate to compel a guest for vein-drinking in the open, so she pulled Fray aside while Mohan was chowing down. She grabbed the necklace hanging around her neck, pulling it off and thus taking the only vervain-ridden item from keeping her from being compelled. "Give my brother some of your blood tonight, once everyone's not paying attention," She said quietly, her pupils constricting.. she was also tipsy and not operating on the same moral plane. "It won't do any harm to you, I promise."

Fray's mind wanted to resist, but couldn't. Nik overheard the conversation and smirked at his sister; he knew he'd have to wait a bit and enjoyed his chinese food for the time being. "So you stay here, for what reason?" He asked Rebekah, and Kira. Now that his brother was dead and half the residents seemed hostile, he couldn't' tell if his sister was simply nostalgic or lonely. Mostly lonely. Fray returned to the bar area, turning up some music so the patrons had something to listen to. Live music or a DJ would've been great but for now they had a stereo system that worked rather well. Of course Kira and Kai were great at performing, so there was always that.. The redhead swayed her hips to the beat, fixing drinks for anyone with requests since Saria had ducked into the kitchen.
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Kira's eyes held heavy worry when she saw Saria mobilize, a glyph of a dark blue color flashing down her arm. Ready to throw up a quick shield if need be, though it looked like things didn't escalate any further than that so she canceled it. No need to get things heated so quickly. Soon enough, everyone was having... shots? Is that was they're called? Kira was used to the heavy, big, mugs of mead from her home. The thought of home was starting to make her sick for it... Never been away this long.

Wanting to drown this cumbersome feeling, the lighter angel accepted one of these shots. It burned like dragonfire, having Kira cough a little and clearing her throat.

"Oh my..." She said, a hand at her collar. Kira looked up as Rebekah moved out of the way with Fray, the smell of... some sort of food wafting heavily in the air. Not familiar to her, really, which made her curious. Trying new things... It distracted her from questioning Rebekah right away, though she did look at the blonde vampiress as she returned to the fold. "Rebekah..."

Nik posed a question to both his sister and herself, to which she blinked. An alcohol light-weight, and only three shots in at this point. Tipsy angel, inbound. "Well... I wished to explore more... then it was for family..." She paused to hiccup, and then giggle. "Would you... would you both still wish to stay here? Given... the changes?"

Kira couldn't help humming a bit through the music Fray put up, even if she didn't know the genre or words. And this Writer got distracted for hours on end during this post, so she'll end up adding a Yuni and a Kai post in the morning...
Ralic's eyes drifted to the two vampires before following his wife out of the bar area. He watched her tentatively, taking in every small indication that she wasn't quite up to snuff. He frowned ever so slightly at the sight before he nodded softly. "I had planned on it, but if you don't want me..." His voice trailed as a small grin spread across his face slowly. "I could always find new accommodations. Perhaps there's a third Mikaelson..." He teased as he made himself comfy right next to Saria, their shoulders touching.
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Vintrict walked up to the counter and waited there.

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