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Rebekah felt anger burning in her at Saria's remarks, wanting to rip Ralic's arm off just to prove a point. But she wasn't going to be like her brother--she wasn't her brother, but Saria needed to back off before she lashed out at her. She slowly let go of Ralic, looking at Fray now with her intense blue eyes. "So you had to kill him. Is that what you're sayng? For the pain he caused you?" She was connecting the pieces now that Fray spilled her guts about what he'd done. "I read your notes. I know you have the white oak stake," She said, now walking towards her, "No more lies!" Her eyes began to turn red and she snarled at them, ready to attack if Saria or Ralic advanced on her. "It was the only way. He would never let us live in peace," Fray said, looking back up to Rebekah with an apoogetic look. "I'm sorry we lied to you but we had to protect ourselves from him.
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Saria was genuinely surprised to see that Rebekah had listened and let go of Ralic. Now, Saria was hostile and suspicious by nature, but she wasn't unreasonable. At seeing Rebekah listen, Saria too let go of her blade, putting it back in it's sheath. However, the elf could re-arm herself in nanoseconds should Rebekah attempt another attack.

The vines around her arms writhed quietly as Rebekah and Fray spoke. The elf was preparing to attack with her foliage should she find it necessary. The battle scarred woman narrowed her eyes, watching the exchange between the two.

"Yes, Jayke is dead." Saria confirmed, chiming in. "He's been causing us all sorts of hell for several years now. Although, apparently his death is what woke you up, so you're welcome."

A snotty sarcastic remark, but Saria wasn't sure where this conversation was going. Were they going to fight, or was Rebekah going to waste everyone's time with endless droning like Jayke did? Saria's callouses made it impossible for her to view Bekah as anything other than a vampire, an undead monster, which kills to continue its pitiful existence.
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Mohan was in the kitchen, looking out the window. He could see Fray, Ralic, and Saria speaking with Rebekah, and the situation looked tense. He frowned as he brought a mug of coffee to his lips, taking a sip.

He couldn't go out and see what was up. He knew that the women likely went outside to save the manor from the potential turmoil the meet up could cause. Besides, there were too many innocent bystanders hanging around inside the manor. He had to look after them.

He turned, making his way into the bar where he saw the man with the metal arm whom he never had a chance to catch his name, and Tikki wondering about quite aimlessly. He approached the bar counter, freshening up his coffee, before bringing a mug and the pot over to where the mechanical-arm man sat.

"Coffee?" He offered.

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