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Vicious Hunter

The streets of Durem tend to be well lit and safe throughout the city. A happy place where the general populace feels safe walking down even the darkest alley. It's the outskirts of the city most people avoid or try to pass through quickly. On the outskirts of the town, only half a mile out along the main highway sat a small bar. The bar, called The Drunken Giant, catered to a rowdier group. Bikers, criminals, and soldiers all had a tendency to find their way there eventually and all left in a drunken stupor. As much as most people disliked the place they could do nothing to shut it down.

Appearance wise it's everything you'd expect in a biker bar. A rough outside, the front having a tendency of being lined with bikes and music blaring over outdoor speakers. Stepping through the front door you'll find the bar straight ahead, a few pool tables off to the right and a few tables on the left. Bathrooms to the right of the bar, another door on the left side leading to store rooms and an office belonging to the owner.

The Drunken Giant gets its name from it's current owner and operator. Adenn is a giant of a man, standing at 6'8" and being muscular, the rowdier patrons tend to listen when he tells them to stop doing something. He rarely has to raise his voice and only once has he been forced to remove a man from the premises(Picking him up by his face and throwing him out the door the door.) For the most part he lets the people have their fun, he doesn't mind a fight as long as nothing gets broken and the winner buys the loser a drink afterwards.
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Vicious Hunter

1. If there is a fight, Don't godmode
2. Don't disrespect our staff.
3. Be at least semi lit(Punctuation, Capitol letter, etc.)
4. Don't break the fourth wall.. It's just stupid
5. No Cybering.
6. Fighting is fine...just don't come in and start a fight over nothing.
7. Don't destroy the place.
8. This is an Rp, OOC must be accompanied by an RP post.
9. No Chat speak or 1337..Write out your damn words...Spelling errors will be forgiven.
10. No bumping.
11. Don't advertise without my permission.

I may add new rules at a whim. Be mindful of this.
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Vicious Hunter

Owner: Adenn Jiriad

1. Bellaluna Arividecci (Odiah)

Staff Profiles

Username: Adenn Jiriad
Roleplay Name: Adenn Jiriad
Age: Looks to be in his late twenties
Height: 6ft 8in
Race: Human
Appearance/Bio: Adenn is a large man and not just because of his height. He looks to be a man who spends most of his time in a gym instead of drinking in the bar with the other rowdies. Shoulder length black hair, bright blue eyes, tan skin and the scars that are visible make him look like some ancient warrior.
He doesn't talk about himself much thought doesn't hide the fact that he is not from Gaia though he is human. From the easy way he talks to bikers about riding, how he talks to criminals about being on the run from the law and how he talks to soldiers about the ravages of war and drinking to fallen comrades makes him seem much older than he appears.


The Black Sand Bar
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Vicious Hunter

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Vicious Hunter

The Drunken Giant opened for another night. Adenn stood next to one of the pool tables shooting quiet game and listening to the music playing over the sound system. He would stop after every shot, taking a moment to think on his next shot and take a drink of the beer he had sitting on a table nearby. Part of him liked when it was quiet like this, when no one was around and he could lose himself in his thoughts and memories. Of course that never lasted long. Some memories were supposed to stay buried and having a bar full of rowdy bikers and scantily clad women always made for a good night in his books. After sinking he last ball on the table he downed what was left of his beer and grabbed another before racking the balls again for another game.
          Well, she wasn’t scantily clad, nor was she a biker, but this place seemed like it would be a good place to get a drink. It was her third night on the road, and despite how weird she felt being out on her own and stopping into a bar for ******** sake, she couldn’t help but to be excited.

          Madelyn Neil was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans with holes ripped through the thighs and knees, showing off her pretty, cream colored skin, as well as a light green camisole and a pair of black, knee high boots. This was just about her standard way of dressing, though she had noted that most women seemed to be wearing short, barely-covering-their-asses dresses and corsets and the likes. Perhaps she should think about a wardrobe update? She frowned softly and flicked a long, thick tress of brown hair behind her ear before opening the door and slipping inside. She glanced around, hazel eyes scanning the place before slipping further in only to spot a rather large man playing pool. “Erm. Good evening.” She muttered awkwardly, tugging at a lock of brown as she adverted her gaze to anywhere but him.
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Vicious Hunter

Adenn finished taking the shot he had lined up, a straight easy shot that ended in one of the remaining balls sinking into a pocket. He looked up at the woman, noting that she was not his usual type of customer, and stood up to his full height. He offered a slight nod to her, dropping the cue stick onto the table.

"Welcome to the Drunken Giant.. Can I get you something?"
          When the man drew up to his full height, Maddy couldn’t help the fact that her eyes widened and she stepped back out of pure instinct because Jesus ******** Christ the man was massive, nearly standing a full foot and a half above her tiny height, and probably weighing two hundred or so pounds more. In fact, he could probably crush her with no more than his pinky finger, which was an intimidating thought, to say the least. “Uh. A beer, would be nice. I don’t care which brew.” She muttered, and was nearly ashamed at the slight, surprised tremble that her lovely soprano had taken. It wasn’t every day that she came across men quite so massive as he was, and she was unabashed that it had startled her.

          Turning, she paced back to the bar counter and slid up onto a stool, drawing her duffel bag around her right side and placing it squarely in her lap. She wasn’t looking for a place to stay or anything, just somewhere to get off her feet for a few measly hours, maybe have some decent human contact for once. “At least I know where the place gets it’s name..” She muttered under her breath, hoping he wouldn’t hear her spoken thought.
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Vicious Hunter

Adenn could do little but smile at the small girls reaction to him. He had gotten used to that , people his size were rare here. He offered a slight nod when she ordered a beer and he moved around her and then behind the bar to get it. He grabbed a clean glass and brought it up to one of the taps, the beer filling the glass a nice light golden color. When the glass was full with only a small amount of head he set the glass before her with a napkin.

"There you go.. Hope you like it.."
          While he was filling the glass, Maddy took a moment to gaze around the large room, before finally looking back to him after the tell-tale clink of glass upon counter. One small hand reached out and snagged it up before she took a long, refreshing drink; after a long day of walking it was nice to set back and drink a beer, even if it was with someone she’d never before met. “It’s good.” She said with a nod, and soft, friendly smile. “Mind if I play a round with you?” She asked, nodding to the pool table.
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Vicious Hunter

He smiled and nodded.

"Sounds good.. Seems like it might be a quiet night.."

He grabbed a glass, this one easily twice the size of hers and filled it with the same golden beer he had served her. He stepped from around the bar, beer in hand and motioned for her to follow as he continued back to the pool table. He took a large gulp of the beer before setting what could really only be called a pitcher down and pulling the balls he had sunk from their pockets and setting them in the rack.
          Maddy smiled, glad that the proverbial ice had been broken, and taking her glass with her while leaving her duffel behind, she made followed him over to the pool table where he was racking the balls with silent skill. She went to the wall of cues and selected one that fit her height easily and was light enough that she could maneuver it without much hardship at all. She took a quick glance down its length and was pleased that it was almost perfectly straight before heading back to where he was standing. “Ladies first.” She commented slyly, lining up the white and, after a quick drink of beer, she leaned down over the table, round a** in the air and took her shot. The white shot forward with easy skill and shattered the racked balls with ease, sending them skittering in all directions, and sinking two solids ( one in the right corner pocket opposite her, and the other in the left side pocket ). “Solid’s.” She said with a smirk.

          She moved around the table and bent over it once more, eyeing carefully before giving the white a gentle tap. It sang off a solid, sent it spiraling slowly towards a pocket, but missed sinking by a hair. “[********]” She muttered under her breath, before leaning back and stepping away, gesturing for him to take his shot.

          Balls Sunk: 2
          Balls to go: 5.
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Vicious Hunter

He smiled slightly, watching her first break then subsequent shot. She had some skill, it might actually prove to be a fun game. He took anther long pull of his beer before starring at the table in silence. Deciding on his shot, he lined himself up.

"Combo.. Hit the fifteen into the eleven. They'll each take a corner.."

Without waiting he took his shot, the loud crack of the balls colliding echoing through the building. The balls did exactly as he said, splitting apart and dropping into their respective pockets. Once the cue ball had stopped moving he stared at the table again, finding the shot he wanted and motioning with the cue. The twelve into the side. He made the shot, but scratched when the cue ball hit off of one of hers and dropped int the corner. He shook his head.


He reached into the pocket and held the ball out for her.

"Ball in hand.."

Balls Sunk: 3
Balls to go: 4
          Having leaned back against the nearest table, Maddy watched as he lined up his shots, continuously nursing her beer as he played, her head canted softly to the side. He wasn’t half bad of a player that was for sure. She felt a smile tug her lips up at the corners before she placed her glass down and stepped forward, selecting the ball from his hand with easy grace, though she made sure their skin never made contact in the transaction; she didn’t like to be touched.

          Moving around the table she placed the ball firmly in the position that she wanted it, and nodded towards the left corner pocket which was diagonally in front of her current position. Her cue came down sharp on the bottom edge of the white, causing it to skip up, hop over one of his, and continue forward, knocking her solid into the pocket she’d indicated. “Dikut?” She asked quietly as she paced around the table to where the cue ball waited to be set spinning off again. She wasn’t one hundred percent sure of all pool terminology, so she couldn’t honestly be sure if it was that or a word spoken in a foreign language. Besides, there was no harm in making small talk.

          Left side.” She said quietly, her tongue between her teeth as she popped the cue ball, and sent it spiraling forward where it hit one of his stripes, which then ricocheted forward, cracking off her solid and pocketing it right where she’d said it would. She stood back, cocked her head to the side and made an erratic decision, hitting the cue too hard and bouncing it off the side bumper, sending it spinning crazily over the table where it ping-ponged for a moment and finally settled, not sinking a single ball.

          Balls Sunk: 4
          Balls to go: 3.
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Vicious Hunter

He chuckled.

"Rough translation would be moron."

He watched as she made her shots, shaking his head at where she had left him. Studying the table he reached for his beer and took a long swig. He set the pitcher down again, moving to the table and deciding on a shot. An easy enough bank shot which he sunk. That led to a straight shot that he hit with a lot of power, causing the cue ball to stop the moment it struck. He was set for another shot and sunk that as well. He looked at where he was then and shook his head, all he could do was hit his last ball and hope he didn't scratch. He managed this, but only barely. He looked at the woman and shrugged.

"Your shot.."

Balls Sunk: 6
Balls to go: 1

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