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"Point fingers at every suspicion?" She was surprised by the gall of this man to walk into her establishment and speak to her in such a tone. It was like he was angry she was stopping him from entering a scene he had no right to be in. It was irrational, she thought. It made her suspect him all the more, for what other motivation did he have to act in that manner, if he had no knowledge about the murder beforehand? 'There was a murder here,' Anna thought, 'Of course I will be timid about trusting a stranger in this building.' The bartender crossed her arms defensively around her body. "I am alright." Her eyes dropped to the counter, she was anxious about making eye contact after being basically blamed for letting Favio's murderer run free. "People act oddly under stress, right?" She raised her shoulders, like she was going to shrug off the conversation, but one detail came to the forth front of her mind. "For a cop, he stormed off pretty quickly. An investigator would have asked questions, wouldn't one?"

((I have been trying to message those who haven't posted in awhile as well. It is tough to keep a mystery going if only three choices are left!))
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Curtis whistled. 'That temper!' He shook his head, grinning. This investigator would definitely make the night lively if he snapped at everyone like that. There might even be another murder soon! He mostly ignored the fellow's rant on politicians and such. Only one comment made the wolf pay him any mind at all. 'Surprised he didn't have more in respectable places...?' His brow furrowed. 'Is that an insult...?' Though genuinely puzzled, he didn't think too much on it. The cop was no threat. He caught a glimpse of Vee's snide face as he turned back around. He'd normally make one in return, but kept his maturity level up. For now.

"Well someone is angry. I bet Favio owed him something too!" He said, and took a new seat at the far end of the bar. It gave him a good view of the investigator down the hall. He wasn't exactly spying, but if he wanted to accomplish what he wanted to, it was best to avoid him. But it was a good idea to keep an eye on his whereabouts throughout the night, but in doing so he saw something else in his peripheral vision. A lovely lady that he probably just subconsciously invaded the space of when he choose his view-point. The woman dressed in blue probably could have passed as the most distressed person at the bar at the moment, based off appearances. So he decided to speak up.

"Something wrong, Miss? Well. Besides being locked up in here, with a depleting snack table?" He would have added 'and a bar mistress that isn't in working condition' to the end of that, but Anna was probably still in earshot and he didn't want his innocently meant sarcastic comment misconstrued as a criticism.

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Vee took a seat as she listened to the bartender; nodding her head in agreement. “People do act oddly under stress though that is expected of people who aren’t under said stress often and don’t know how to deal with it. I would think that in being an investigator he would act a bit differently than the rest of us since such things would be his daily job.” She looked out in the direction the pair had walked off in before giving her attention back to Anna. “If he were a real investigator you would think he would know how to keep his head on. I mean, if he got like that at every crime scene then I can’t imagine he would be of much use. Not to mention, shouldn’t he be more understanding of what we’re going through? I thought cops, no matter what the flavor, were trained in how to handle people. His bedside manner was definitely lacking and…meh, he just seems so off to me.” She gave a shrug as if to say ‘just saying’ that was followed by a soft sigh. Her ears picked up on Curtis as he seemed to have found a new girl to mess with. She formulated an idea as she continued to sit with Anna. “I’m glad you’re doing all right though,” she said with a smile. “This night is turning out to be worse than I imagined. And all I imagined was accidentally stepping on someone’s toes.” She gave a soft chuckle in an effort to ease the tension a bit.
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She was lost in thought after spending what seemed like a long time watching investigators speak with everyone around her. They hadn't spoke with her at all, which was fine by her. When a man's voice was directed in her direction she got goosebumps. 'Oh gosh, is someone going to question me now'? She thought, eyeing him back until realizing the long space in between his question and her answer. She swallowed lightly and drew the courage to speak again.

"I... don't do well in crowds." She said shyly, lowering her eyes from him. Gosh she wished she had drank that tray of wine, instead of spilling it all over someone. Her nerves couldn't be doing her justice with the scene unfolding in front of her.

The situation seems like something only a movie writer could produce. She looked down to her nails, they were almost nearly bitten off of her entire right hand. Jaclyn returned her eyes to his and asked, "Do you happen to know how long we will be kept here"? Her small voice seemed even smaller as she was talking to man who seemed to know most people in the room. Her eyes searching for a bartender, wondering if they were still serving alcohol after such an event.

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"I'm not sure, to be honest!" Curtis sighed. It was going to be a long night, and he wouldn't protest if the bar was opened back up again to dull everyone's nerves. The crowds' hostility was understood, but if people were going to start to panic wildly, it was going to make the entire process of going home much harder. "But it won't be too long. They only need to find the fellow who did it, right? Then we will be out of this place. No need to fret, unless you did it, correct?" He turned his complete attention to the girl, now with the investigator out of sight. "I can't say this place will get agreeable reviews. Well- unless our time was paid for in liquor, hm?~" The wolf looked over to the bar mistress innocently. It was ironic how their first conversation revolved around the bar not being free, but those were under different circumstances. Maybe she'd reconsider.

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