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Did you have anything against Mr.Debose?

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I'm not fond of the article he wrote about me. 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Money. And lots of it. 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 2 ]
I know about that other woman! 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Just crashin' the party, bro. 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 4 ]
Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick, I know it! 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 5 ]
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You have been invited to Favio Debose's celebratory festivity. It is held at the The Devil's Glass pub. It is an upper-class establishment, completely rented out exclusively for Mr.Debose's party.

Tonight the pub will be packed. Mr.Debose is going into retirement. He plans to close down his magazine publishing company which has been very popular (notably for being scandalous) in the area for the last thirty years. With no rightful or fit heir take over after, and sees himself destined to see the world with a woman by his side.

You are here to wish him well before he is off. I would say that you must be quite influential in his life to have received an invitation for this, but it is not the case. He has invited many members of his family, all his business associates, past lovers, acquaintances and so forth for one purpose. He doesn't plan to see any of you again.

And he won't.

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As stated before, this is a Walk-In murder mystery.
Don't be afraid to enter!

One paragraph at least, please. No novels.
Romance allowed (but don't make it the main focus)
Violence allowed
No god-modding and let's keep the body-count at one.
Any race/species, any orientation, and any age above 21 (it is a bar, after all!).
But keep in mind you're not supposed to leave the building once it has been locked up! No super blasting powers/teleportation/escaping.

The killer:
Well that is the surprise!
I'm not a fan of RPs where you know the killer the entire time- what drama is that? This will be played out like a game of clue.

If you are interested in being the murderer, then send a Private Message my way. Include your murder weapon/method. When enough requests have been sent in, one killer will be picked.

Do not tell anyone if you are the killer in any way.

This includes character thoughts/ooc/or by any other sneaky means!
Don't even tell anyone you applied!
And no "trying to cover his tracks, he left the bloody knife in Ms.Smith's purse."
Let's be creative and avoid spoiling the secret. This is a mystery and we should keep it that way! But you are allowed to act just as suspicious or innocent as the next guy!

For everyone:
Give us some reasonable doubt every once in awhile, just to spice things up. Let us know your motives. Why were you invited anyways? What did you have to gain, if anything?
Inheritance? Relative? Competitor? Stock-owner? Ex-wife, mistress? Or something else entirely?
Or maybe your record/intentions are squeaky clean? Too innocent, perhaps?

Anyone is allowed to want to kill him.

Oh, and trust no one. Someone may be out to frame you.

If you are an invitee: You can take any role. A lover, a son, a business partner, an associate, or any other idea you might have. Hell, maybe you crashed the party.

If you prefer not to be an invitee: be a bouncer, the musical entertainment, or another bartender! No forms, just go for it.

But remember;
Anyone can be the killer.

Bouncers will be responsible for locking the place up after the murder takes place.
No one will be allowed to see the body except the one who found the body. That will be me.

If there are any questions, Private Message me.


You are invited to the party/work here/or snuck in.
Normal thread rules apply.

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The celebration is in full swing. The bar is plentiful, there is live entertainment on stage, and everyone appears to be having a good time chatting amongst themselves or strutting on the dance floor. Well, mostly everyone.

Plenty of patrons are gossiping about the late Mr. Debose. Some call his choice in retirement a foul move, and some are glad to see him gone. Others make jokes at his expense and the fact that they still have to pay for their drinks.

The body of Favio has been found in the broom closet. There are signs of a struggle.
The bouncers have successfully locked down the ba. No one is allowed to leave as the police are informed of the murder.

Suspicious behavior is being watched for.

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"No, it is not a free bar." Anna replied to another disappointed patron, while struggling to keep an exasperated tone out of her voice. Most of the people here made more in one week than she did in a month or two and yet they complained over their five dollar beverage not being free for the party. Stinginess was one of her biggest pet peeves, especially when it came to her tips. But luckily with this crowd tonight, she predicted her pockets would be lined. Just not by that guy.

But he didn't matter. There were plenty of other people to serve. Mr. Dubose's party in general was a large one, with many wealthier clientele. The bar and it's staff had been preparing for his visit for awhile now, ever since it was planned. It was a big event for everyone, it seemed. And this retired businessman wanted to go out with a bang.

Favio was a handsome man, Anna thought, despite his age. Tall, with black gently curling hair. Touches of gray here and there. He wasn't too thin, and filled out his suit very nicely. Not to mention filthy rich. His dreams of traveling were her own, and she wished she could suck up to him like those other bimbos were just to tag along with him. But she was not his type. Her chest was probably too flat, and she didn't have those perfect pouty lips she saw him making out with only an hour ago. She didn't catch the woman's face, but Anna assumed she'd find her clothes strewn across the floor somewhere later this evening.

"Coming right up." She responded to another patron, while the previous man she was speaking with went to raid the finger food. Classy.

Sir Curtis Prise's avatar

Zinistra's Husband

Lucky Werewolf

"It isn't free? B'aw.." Curtis mocked the man who just left his side. He had been seated quietly at the bar stool, awaiting his turn for an order though he couldn't seem to grab the bar mistress's attention before another person called before him. It wasn't getting on his nerves, being interrupted, but he was growing bored. He only wanted a drink before he could get back to mingling with the beautiful women and enjoying the music. He knew he looked very good with a martini glass in his hand...

But while he waited, he twiddled his thumbs and absentmindedly began scratching little marks into the counter top with his claws, forgetting how upscale of a bar it was.
"You can't blame them for expecting it, though. Who rents out a bar but doesn't pay for it's contents? He might has well brought a group of schoolchildren to a candy shop but give them naught a nickle." Curtis chuckled through a jagged grin. He wasn't sure if anyone in particular was paying attention, but he didn't mind solely amusing himself.
HarukoCooly's avatar

Tipsy Hunter

"Some party..." she mumbled sarcastically whilst extinguishing the light of her cigarette into the soil of a perfectly manicured houseplant. "I just lit that!" she huffed at the attendant at the door. I don't know why people get so worked up about smoking. She shoved her jacket into his arms and dismissed him with a frantic wave of her hand. "Go on, then!" She glanced around, searching for the bar. Once spotting it she beelined for it, ignoring the dirty looks from the crowds as she pushed through them and their conversations. She slid up to the bar and waited her turn.
"These 'children' have much more than a nickle to their name." Anna said. No sentence ever spoken at her bar went unheard. She had a fondness for people-watching and eavesdropping. It was like a sport, figuring people out. This gave her a knack for remembering names and details of those she served, plus it was a great talent for her work. At that very moment she was documenting each order in her skull, and serving the drinks out equally as fast. It was only the beginning of the party and people were already soaking up the alcohol like there was going to be a drought.

The curly-haired woman squatted at Curtis' claws when she somehow had a spare moment and a towel in her hand. No comment was paired with the action, as she believed that alone would give him the hint that 'Stop, I have to scrub that out later.'

"Alright darlin's, what would you like?" She asked the two before her. Their patience was more than admired by the women who usually served people who demanded instant gratification.
HarukoCooly's avatar

Tipsy Hunter

She glanced at the man next to her and waited to see if he would respond first. Sensing that he wouldn't she leaned toward the bar and said, "I'll take a glass of champagne. It is a celebration, isn't it?" She smiled at the bartender. There was something endearing about the woman. She could tell that she was in likeminded company.
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Zinistra's Husband

Lucky Werewolf

"Ladies first." Curtis dipped his head slightly, and grabbed the hem of his hat to tip it as well. It was a small wordless greeting to the new woman.

"Bahaha, yes, it is!" He clasped his hands together, leaving the bar alone for now. The wolf grinned in response to the swat with the towel, entertained by the woman's gull. She didn't bother much with pleasantries or manners to ask him to simply stop. But he supposed it'd take that blunt sort of attitude to run a bar in the first place. Either way, he let it slide.

"A celebration! And I do think I will have the same! Champagne. To start the evening off with, of course!" He continued, sounding the most excited out of the three it seemed. He was a social creature and loved the elegant atmosphere even if it was second nature to him.
"Two champagnes. Great choice." She repeated the order out, but didn't wait for verification. Her manicured fingers slid under the bar and grabbed the bottle without the benefit of sight. Though that wasn't a facet of her stellar memory of the bar. She could grab the bottle without looking because many bottles of champagne were set out in anticipation of this night. But small stunts like that, and being flashy with pouring glasses, usually gave her patrons a little spark of amusement.

The virtuoso set two wine glasses side by side, and let the golden liquor pour from one glass to the next. Only a drop or two was spilled, but knocking two orders out like that spared time. Anna pushed the two separate glasses to each recipient with a kind smile. Their features were marked mentally so she could collect their tab another time.

"Here you are, Ma'am and Sir. Havin' a good night?" She asked conversationally, if they should decide to remain seated. If not, she expected a brief answer and for them to be on their way to something more fun. Anna swiped a glass from another gentleman who was taking his departure, and began to clean it with the very towel she swatted the wolf with.
HarukoCooly's avatar

Tipsy Hunter

She enjoyed the little show the bartender put on for them and admired her skill. "Good isn't really how I'd describe it." She mulled over the champagne as she responded to the woman. "I'm only here because I have to be." She decided to sit a while and enjoy the company of these two peculiar people in this crowd of the rich and boring. "Do you always bartend for him?" She nodded her head towards the man of the hour, Favio.
Sir Curtis Prise's avatar

Zinistra's Husband

Lucky Werewolf

"Mmhmm. Having a swell night, thank you for asking." He grabbed his glass as well. He sipped on it, letting the two women chat amongst themselves. Now that he had what he came for, his glass nestled and cupped between two of his fingers, he was tempted to wander off again. But unfortunately the woman he was speaking to just before he sat down at the bar appeared to have began dancing with another man. Ah, well. He twisted his bar stool back towards the other two women.

"What do you mean you have to be?" Curtis laughed. He wondered how anyone could be forced into a party. "Was your invitation mandatory?"
"Having a bad night, honey?" Anna tilted her head. Sympathizing and listening to stories was part of the job, but not usually during parties like this.

"Yeah. He comes in frequently. But I guess he won't be visiting anymore after tonight." She shrugged in response to her question about Favio. She couldn't say she'd miss him when he left. Any interaction they had was hollow. Strictly business, like a hit and run. Never anything personal beyond it. She doubted if he even knew or name, or would say it if she had a name tag pinned to her shirt. But that didn't stop Anna from admiring from afar. He did seem to have no trouble charming some other women. He had, from the flirting she witnessed at the bar last time he visited, a different brand of charisma. One that these hopeless romantic drunks never had.

"How do you know him?" She asked the two together.
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Tipsy Hunter

She glanced between the two of them as she spoke, "I'm family. More estranged than anything. I was told to show up, so here I am." She raised her glass and clinked it against the man's. "Cheers." She drank down most of the glass and set it back down on the counter. "I'll probably need a few more of these before I can even tolerate these people. How can you watch this dancing?" She turned around in her seat, facing the crowd.
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Lucky Werewolf

"We have done business together from time to time." Curtis smiled. He had done some not-so-noble things for Favio in the past. Anything at all to make an interesting story for the rich fellow, Curtis would do. It was a shame to lose such a prominent connection. "But you are family? What sort?" He asked, in a sing-song tone, not caring to elaborate further on his personal interactions with Mr.Debose. He touched his glass to the tip of hers and spun around to join her. The sight before him, and her comment, didn't seem to match up.

"Aw come now! Half of them aren't that bad!" He didn't see anything wrong with their dancing. They all looked like they were having fun, and he planned to rejoin them later. Maybe the next song even. He could only figure that this wasn't this woman's normal crowd, but it was definitely his. Speaking with the town's elite, and making connections was his specialty, which is how he came to know Favio himself. "How would you dance, hm?" He grinned, and gently nudged her side. He was trying to merit a demonstration.

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