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How could he have missed it?

That alluring aroma of roses and his glacial hues immediately darted to their corner socket to the female of the circle. An ageless exterior it seemed, pondering the many possibilities her genes contained. "Hmmm.." he'd breath inaudibly, racing to answer the question that puzzled his mind. It wasn't long that his concentration was broken, shooting a genuine concern to the gentleman beside him coughing. "Easy now. No need to go about it so quickly. The night is still young, friend..." He smiled, offering the man a pat on the shoulder for reassurance sake. But even then, his gaze found the woman again while his drink was still being readied.

"Maybe..." He thought on, questioning the chances of her hiding a particular devilish, spaded tail. How hard could it be to see one very much like himself?
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"A chaser? Oh no, no." He grinned, perhaps even reddening a bit that his little mishap was caught and called out on by his peers. Not to mention the pat on the back did not help much to keep his composure.

"Thank you, but I am fine. Wrong pipe, is all." He shook it off, with a nervous laugh. He took another sip of his beverage if only to prove he could. The bite this time was more manageable, but certainly not Curtis' definition of 'cup of tea.' He'll order again later. When this glass was finished.

"Well now that we know everyone is doing well...how about we introduce ourselves, hm?"
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                      Wait- What?

                      She'd been to busy with exchanging her teasing banter with the owner to notice it at first, but now... Now she recognized it and Scarlett immediately felt like a rather large and inexperienced dolt. The scent of the man that had come in last hit her hard and fast like she'd just been slapped by something large and pointed, her face going blank as she glanced towards him again, this time looking at him with more interest than she had before, appraising his demonically good looks from crown of head to tip of boot.

                      And here she thought the evening was going to be uneventful.

                      Scarlett smiled at him in a knowing fashion, proving that she had figured him out as well as knowing he had her pegged as well. She could feel that he knew, despite her lack of horns and tail, a trick she had learned years ago from a dear, shape shifting friend. It helped her blend with mortal society and draw in mortal prey.

                      Scarlett turned her attention back to Curtis. "Pardon me, monsieur." She replied, canting her head. His comment about introductions went ignored, Scarlett didn't dole out her name unless earned, as pompous and self-righteous as that sounded.
That certainly did the trick.

A brief chuckle escaped the incubus, tempted to prop his feet up on the counter to how smoothly his sail had been sailing. He instead rested his arms about the counter, idly drumming his digits while the embarrassed male apologized. "Hmm?" he soundly hummed, arching a brow to his next question of how introductions should go about. Immediately he again sought the female's reaction; a hunch to say she had it all figured out like he did. Unlike his counterpart, he turned to the man beside him with a smile and answered, "Eneru Killian. A wanderer. Nothing more, nothing less." Not quite the whole truth, but it'd suffice for now.

"No real profession, but I do try to earn what I can," followed and dribbled out his kiss. Admittedly, Eneru looked forward in putting a name on the woman's curvaceous silhouette, imagining himself a school boy blushing roseate clouds when teased. Oh how that brought a wide smile to his buds, parting to reveal his pearly whites when he thought on how goofy he looked. Ah well... Nothing too shameful, casually shrugging the mental picture from his mind; fingers sweeping back to tuck his tresses behind his ear.

"Anyway, what about you? From your behavior, I can deduct you're a pretty class act. What's the story?"

After asking the gentleman, he darted his gaze to the woman beside him, "And let's not forget the lady here. Is there a name to the pretty face?"
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Distinct Werewolf

Sensing some..questionable chemistry between the two, he decided it best to move out from the middle. To a stool closer to the bar keep. Maybe a chaser didn't sound so bad after all.

"Curtis Prise." He said, setting his glass down atop a napkin when he sits down at his new location. It felt much nicer to not be right in the middle of two, but still be able to enjoy the conversation. Speaking of which, he considered the second question for a moment, before replying;
"Aha. I consider myself a businessman." He traced the corners of the napkin with his finger. "Employing others. Keeping good connections. Making a decent living. That whole ordeal-" He paused.
"Sir...a cola if you could?"
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                      The succubus listened idly as the two chatted about names and occupations, her emerald eyes never truly straying from Eneru and the mystery that surrounded him; it had been quite some time since she had encountered another ‘Cubi in this region of the universe and it made her wonder if they hadn’t all started migrating from their realm, or if this was just her lucky night. After all, so far she’d had a good vintage, and good company with no current complaints.

                      She chuckled suddenly, and shook her head as she tuned back into the conversation. “A Rose by any other name, monsieur Killian.” Scarlett responded softly, and as she spoke the subtle, seductive scent of roses expanded from her person in dancing swirls like sugarplums dancing in the heads of children at Christmas time. Generally speaking she was much more likely to tell her name to a ‘Cubi at first meeting than any other random being, but she was curious as to what techniques this one had at obtaining things he wanted.
Heading straight for the kill...

Head rising, his glacial hues followed the gentleman prefer the stool closer to the bar keep; leaving the 'Cubi a stolen seat away from his... rose. Without moment's hesitation, Eneru took the seat closer to the woman, meeting whatever welcoming gaze she had with a smile. While it'd be fun to go straight to the point, he, however, allowed the woman's mind to race in mystery and puzzlement. What intention had been circling inside his unruly mauve mane? The many questions he subtly implanted in her head as she did for him.

"Scarlett. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman," he complimented, fixed on her lips nursing a vintage and as she did his mind painted abstract canvas of.... well, let's leave it at that. A dreamer for sure, his imagination held no bound for what was life without it? Again he'd shoot for eye contact, but this time was different: he made no notion to look anywhere else but her own. Let's hope she had an appreciation of drowning in his swirling, azure irises.

"And what business do you partake in, Mr. Prise?" He asked, a question better asked for Scarlett as cryptic as it might have been.
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                      A single eyebrow rose as he shifted his frame over from the stool one down, the light brown arch of fine hairs creeping high in a skeptic look above deceivingly interested emerald eyes. Her curiosity was only heightened as he plucked her name directly from her mind and Scarlett inclined her head towards him as if saying touché. She didn’t have the ability of mental thrall, though if she had so chosen she could have blocked the attempts as easily as ripping a butterflies wings from its helpless, squiggling body; luckily for Eneru she was enjoying the game that was currently afoot. The pictures that his sweet, colorful mind was painting on the eager canvas of her mind was stirring in ways that only an incubus could concoct, and Scarlett actually purred her approval, her body shifting slightly so that she was facing him moreso than everyone else.

                      Lovely.” She cooed softly in response, her voice barely above a throaty whisper as emerald greens opened to find themselves locked within the startlingly hypnotizing blue of the incubus.

                      The question that he asked, though ended with Curtis’ name, had the feel of being directed at her though she simply smiled, canted her head and continued to stare, lost in tantalizing azure. Why bother asking, Eneru? She asked silently. Not that he would be interested in her current lifestyle as exciting as it was – mind the sticky sarcasm – living in a small cottage by herself and having the occasional ********.

                      Yes, very intriguing indeed.
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[. Julian had retreated into a silent observation of the patrons as they conversed amongst themselves, delivering the shot of vodka requested by the mysterious third male who'd later introduced himself as Eneru, and then a glass of coke when asked for by Curtis, who'd managed to move from one seat to the next while Julian hadn't been paying much attention. After taking note of the wine level of Scarlett's glass and replenishing her supply, Julian took to returning things to their places and straightening up whatever small mess he had made in the short time since his little pub gained its first customer. Soon enough, however, he lost himself once more to thought and crossed arms over his chest, leaning back against the shelving behind him to fall once more into observation, only half listening to their chatter. .]

The wanderer mentally sounded; unconsciously envisioning the reality outside the two slowing down double fold. Call it a trance he'd fall again and again if it meant staring into the windows of her soul. Was she thinking the same as him? You see, one of the many abilities the 'Cubi can do were answering each others' questions without spilling a single word that crossed teeth and jumped lips. As expected, Scarlett caught on to the small trail he left for her to follow. Even better, her gaze had yet to leave his. "Enjoying this cat and mouse game, are you?" His mind wondered, discreetly biting his bottom lip. Why bother? Well, everyone had their story. He had his, so did Curtis, the barkeep, and the blonde he had yet to acknowledge to how quiet he was being. So, what was her story? What brought her here on this fateful night?

Was it all by chance as it was for him? Or different?

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            Wearing: This.

                      She had to look away, the threat of drowning in azure becoming to great a threat. Scarlett's gaze retreated to her wine as the glass was refilled for her a third time, and she lifted it to sip off the smooth crystal edge, keeping her gaze to mingle with the rippling, dark red beverage. A soft voice in the back of her mind reminded her she didn't come here to feed.

                      "It's the only game there is." She silently, vaguely replied. Since he had already infiltrated her mind she showed him a rather sorrowful image of a black and white, marble wedding band falling into the ground, a bush laden with roses plugging the hole, though due to neglect as seasons passed in the vision the once blossoming plant wilted and died, leaves curling and rotting, blooms falling to the unyielding ground below.

                      That was her story.

                      A succubus who fell in love, and became a rotten, empty shell when her lover left. It was pathetic. But the flirtatious, dangerous mood between them had been lost, as had been her goal.

                      She didn't come here to feed.
                      Simply to forget.
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Crash !

How lovely. It seemed the fashionable vampire hybrid was losing her touch. Her ears lay flat against her head and striped tail swayed madly behind her. She had managed to teleport into the cellar quite unexpectedly, resulting in a cut on her knee, and a few broken bottles. The tall brunette lifted herself from the awkward position she was in and she dusted off her coat. "Where the hell am I?" The beauty had a wonderful silken voice that reverberated through the storage room.

Her good eye on the right, glimmered emerald and gold and scanned about the room for anything to clean up the glass.
Did he... do something?

A calculated character recalling the past several minutes on where he'd gone wrong and without an answer did his visage strain in some agitation. Studying Scarlett's portrait, he had some difficulty putting a finger on where he saw those expressions before. "Where, where, where?" repeated the incubus, tempted to pull his hair if it made him remember any clearer when suddenly... his features softened. As detailed as his earlier projections, he watched the image Scarlett implanted come alive. And his heart near sank into his stomach to how vivid these images were coming at him; like strong right hooks to the face. Instead powered by a rocket and the weight of a boulder. His gaze fell too, looking anywhere but Scarlett's direction. A sigh escaped him, closing his lids for just a moment's composure and when he did open them he had found his requested vodka sitting in front of him.

"Ah, thank you."

He'd weakly let out, assuring the barkeeper with a fake, weary smile, that all was alright. Quickly did Eneru c**k his head back with the brim of his shot glass to his lips, chugging down the vile toxin that burned at his throat. Features squint, he hid his embarrassment behind a palm that trailed back into his tresses, eagerly waiting to relieve the nonexistent itch at the back of his head.

"Sorry," apologized the wanderer, dismissing whatever confusion that fell upon the other men. Silence fell and he'd savor those moments to plan his future actions.

"Oh, what to do, what to do, what to do..."

He played at, doing his best to remove those images from his mind. Because as far as Scarlett was aware, he too had loved and lost. What irony... Some fatal attraction. Common because they both shared one emotion they never thought they'd feel...

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Dangerous Shapeshifter

[. That sound. The cacophonous melody of lost profit, possibly some of which he'd paid a great deal for. But he was not a telepath or gifted with the ability to see through stone and so to find the cause of his sudden irritation he would need to investigate. It took but a few quick steps for Julian to slip from behind the bar, his tail unwinding from around his waist as he jerked the cellar door open and descended the short flight of stairs. As eyes adjusted to the darkness, dimly alight by the light let in via the door left open, a growl escaped his chest.

There he saw her, the tailed woman who had managed to mistake his wine cellar for an entrance, and his gaze narrowed. He could see that she hadn't meant to end up there, but his temper was not so easily cooled by things like rationality and when he spoke his tone held no filter against anger; a string of words in the form of a hiss from behind 46 sharp teeth. ]

"And just what the ******** do you think you're doing in here? "
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Distinct Werewolf

"Simply business." He answered, not minding to elaborate further.

"Thank you." Curtis accepted his cola. Moments before taking a sip of that, an entirely new scent crept into his area. The strong floral smell was nearly dizzying, especially with his sensitive nose. Though not knowing where it came from suddenly, it wasn't too hard to guess with there being only one female currently in the room. He wanted to draw closer now, but instead he shifted in his chair, feeling a tinge of regret. Did he have to change seats?

Just in time, before he pondered anything more or possibly anything rash such as approaching her while instinctually distracted in the moment, there was an interruption amongst the quiet small talk.

"Ohh. Have monsters in your cellar, do you?" He teased Julian's retreating figure, though sincerely curious. The noise sounded far too boisterous for it to had been a stray rat- and surely there wasn't an employee back there who would have been that clumsy if he wanted to keep his job. He leaned over the bar, trying to get a better look.

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