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Ross or his employees. 0.23809523809524 23.8% [ 10 ]
The insect demon guy. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The obvious serial killer. 0.11904761904762 11.9% [ 5 ]
The pretty-obviously-a-vampire religious guy. 0.19047619047619 19.0% [ 8 ]
The dreadhead Atlantean. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The wererat shaman. 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 2 ]
Someone else, the suspects are window dressing 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 7 ]
Daimonas through a patron. 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 4 ]
The People's Republic 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The Liberation Front 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 42 ]
"Bow chicka bow wow."

He started laughing with abandon for a few seconds before quieting down, his face sliding back to being blank and his eyes returning to their usual (and fake) brown.

"Nah, Brandy's a pretty name. Not so much a tasty drink, but I think more of 'Cyndi' as a porno name. Don't ask me why, 'cause I'm feelin' pretty damn good right now. Where'd that blunt go, anyway?"

Rhoslyn blinked, then started walking around the bar again, muttering under his breath.

"Ah, there we go. And nah, whatever you call me is fine. I hardly use names myself."

Another quick flick of his lighter, and the scent of some wicked dank would again be quite obvious after he took another toke.

"Sweet. If you wanna check the recipes, they're in my tent. Otherwise... well, the food ain't hard to make, and I'm sure you know what you're doing. The place ain't organized, but oh well. Oh, and see that red button?"

He pointed at the laptop behind the counter.

"That's the 'oh, s**t' button. If anyone comes in and tries to use magic for bad reasons, hit that. If it gets worse, push the button below that and take cover. Tents are that way, herb garden over there, bathrooms behind the tents, and... uh... well, don't wander too far that way or you might step on a land mine."

Rhoslyn indicated the various directions with his hand breezily, although he sounded quite serious about the land mines.

Finally, in the last bit of info for the post, he turned to the man [vampire? I totally recognize that from somewhere, but I'm not sure] and nodded.

"We've got strawberry, mango, pineapple, coconut, and watermelon. Though I'll be sure to buy some cranberry the next time I supply up... oh, wait, nevermind. One second, it'll be right up."

The bottle'd float out of the fridge, and he caught it, poured the drink, and slid it down the counter to the dude.
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She laughed again. "You're damn witty, there, friend. The Oh s**t! Button. Now that is business." With a wave of her hand, she watched him walk and train the new employee.

She offered a friendly wave at the newcomer.
" L-Land mines, oh s**t" , goldy said then let out a nervous gigge. " okay i'll watch out for thoses." then goldy got up from her seat and asked , " where's the kitchen?"
"Yeah. This place is secure and considered a neutral zone, and so is the path. Otherwise, you might just get kidnapped by the local rebels - or maybe even the local government, they're not picky either - if you wander too far. Like I said, keep armed if you're gonna go too far."

He indicated the area around him - it wasn't exactly a huge place, but there was enough room for a grill, a stove/oven, a cutting surface, and the like. Most of it was ultramodern - stainless steel, chrome, and black plastic to contrast the wood everywhere else.

"And this is the kitchen. Not much to look at, but it works."

Rhoslyn looked to Brandy.

"Yeah, this is Gaia. I don't think you noticed on your way in, but there's four graves just behind this shack. One was my first bouncer; the other three are people who tried to make trouble. Since then, I've stepped up security just a little."
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"Well, that's good," Brandy said, nodding. Her legs were crossed and she swung her leg back and forth. "I just came from a place that had a raid of demon hunters. This one douche," she said, lifting a strand of her hair to reveal a bandage, "even stabbed me." She sighed. "And pardon me, but I'm a damned human."
"Ah. Not exactly a common sight, but I promise you that if it comes here, it can die. We are all mortals here... I've taken steps to ensure that. Even me, unfortunately, although I'm pretty hard to kill."

He studied the bandage for a second before turning to the beach.

"It's getting to be high tide soon, and this little peninsula is going to turn into an island. So unless you really want to swim out, you might need to stay the night here. There's plenty of tent-cabins, or if you feel like it, just sleep on the beach. 's warm enough."
goldy went into the kitchen. she looked around the check the cupboards. ' well stocked , i see' she thought her self. the she headed back to the bar.
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"Sleep on the beach?" She considered it. "Well, that would be relaxing, nothing like the sound of the ocean to soothe a little princess to sleep," she smiled. "Food, sun, and relaxation." She paused to think. Perhaps she had been led here by fate--a fate that demanded a vacation.
" it sounds like a good deal done you think, miss", goldy said as she sat down near brandy
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[ . : . ]

The wave was returned via nod. The Cainite (which is more or less and evolution or derivitive of the Vampire, I guess) now sat in scrutinizing lucidity. Following the conversation concerning the less than safe area known as Gaia. A fact Horus to which was all too familiar. Yet, he refrained from elating his opinion, through uninterest alone.

[ . : . ]
"Hey, can you mind the bar for a few minutes? I'm going swimming."

Rhoslyn tossed back the rest of his drink and grinned, taking off his weapons. After about thirty seconds, not only was the assault rifle put back on the counter, but at least three different handguns and several grenades were sitting there, almost hidden by the mound of knives.

He turned to the pile, then blinked.

"Okay, I'm far too paranoid."

With a shrug, he stripped off the white tee he was wearing to go with the board shorts and tossed it to the side, revealing that from the neck down, he was covered in tattoos, most of which seemed to be moving around on their own and shining randomly. Aside from that, though, he seemed fairly tan and well-built, although he lacked the typical default-wannabe-studly-gaian-male six-pack.

Jumping the bar, he ran off into the darkness, then several minutes later, ran straight back towards the beach with a 5'3" shortboard under his arms.

[AFK for dinner and such.]
"okay" , goldy said as she watched her boss srip and leave.
[And back.]

Rhoslyn kept surfing anyway, despite his OOC master being back. He was crossfaded anyway, and had almost entirely forgotten about the bar.
[And all posting stops, wtf.]

After his little venture, Rhoslyn returned on-shore to find his patrons... well, not there, presumably sleeping somewhere. Or maybe off smoking more of his stash, but whichever. He went back to polishing the counter idly, bored.
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