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Ross or his employees. 0.23809523809524 23.8% [ 10 ]
The insect demon guy. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The obvious serial killer. 0.11904761904762 11.9% [ 5 ]
The pretty-obviously-a-vampire religious guy. 0.19047619047619 19.0% [ 8 ]
The dreadhead Atlantean. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The wererat shaman. 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 2 ]
Someone else, the suspects are window dressing 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 7 ]
Daimonas through a patron. 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 4 ]
The People's Republic 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The Liberation Front 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 42 ]
Terry's face fell into an open palm.

'Jeeze Louise.' He muttered, with a groan. Though lesbians were cool and all, he'd come here by way of the "Fight Night" advertisement, not to watch live pornography. A good trade some may surmise, but not Terry. Fight first, pleasure later. Priorities, man.

'This isn't quite what I expected.' He replied to Rosa, looking up. An expression of lacking interest shown, accompanied by a shrug to further cement his apathetic outlook on the current situation.
His right foot moved a little too far inside after she had grabbed his hand and he began to fall that way, dragging her with him. Tell he swung his leg around and brought himself upright and balance. All in all this would cause her to crash into him.

Duc had no more need of alcohol. In fact he was already glanding Soft Snow which had the effect of making him feel just how drunk he was and aroused. Now if it had been Crystal Fuge State he would have felt on a combination of E and Acid.

All in all the sensation was glorious and even as the warmth of the vodka quickly fled in the cold the warmth of her body was a constant.
[Just to be clear, I do have a character named Rosa. He's Rhoslyn's cousin. xD]

"You know, neither did I. I figured there'd be some fighting going on. But, if you dangle someone ******** in front of Cal, she pretty much loses all focus on whatever she's doing to go try to sleep with him/her/them."

He indicated the knives on her legs, then sighed and tapped his fingers against the bar as he looked back at Terry.

"I'd call some people to fight if I knew any. I'm a bit busy 'tending myself to fight, but if it was earlier, I'd be in that ring right now."
As Duc lost his balance she did too. Anita was not letting go of the drunk ones hand anytime soon, if she did he would probably be flat face in the ground and his pretty lady figure wouldn't have such a nice face.

Anita crashed into him the bottle of vodka swaying almost spilling a little, but nothing to be considered alcohol abuse. As they crashed she grabbed a hold of his clothing trying not expose his new self to the world. The front of her body now facing his "A little drunk are we?"
[[ xD -Lolz at the title- ]]

Somehow she managed to slip the lemon peel out of the way. That was all that was left.

The corners of her cherry lips would curl back in amusement as she nipped gently at the girl's bottom lip, giving it a light tug. She brought a hand to the back of the girl's hand, lacing her fingers through her hair before getting a tight grip of her tresses. Her tongue would proceed in parting through her lips and exploring the depths of her mouth.
"A little."

His eyes had trouble focusing for a moment and he looked out behind her at the ocean. It was only a little ways away and he wanted to sit in the cool sand and look up at the stars. That was probably why he picked this location, there were no lights to obstruct the stars at night.

"Come on."

Passing her by he tugged her along as he raced to where the surf met the black sands and slid into the water with a laugh.

Cyn was winning.
Anita let him pull her along the sand, kicking off her shoes as they went hoping of course not to fall.
Jesus, he was drunk was all that was running through her mind, though she was catching up and fast.
As he slid into the water she did too, considering they were attached. Anita let out a little yelp as the two entered the water, she wasn't expecting a little swim.
A few seconds later she just tackled Duc into the shallows and laughed water splashing to the sides of them
If Cal would have been able to talk, she would have said something like "harder." But, since she couldn't, she responded to the french kiss with gusto, her pulse speeding up as she moved her hand down to start touching the woman's side, vague notions of pulling the woman on top of her in her mind. Instead, she'd just sit up just enough to get her arm around the woman's waist, then pull her in closer.
Duc had slid into the surf and had stayed there, enjoying the cooling water, smooth sand and every other sensation imaginable. He was in a good mood and he hadn't hurt someone; it almost made him sorry for the girl who's face he had smashed in; but then again she had stabbed him in the groin.

All thoughts were disrupted though when Anita tackled him and he was forced onto his back. Throwing his arms up he grabbed a hold of her and she was so soft.
'Unfortunately.' Terry muttered, lifting the burger once again for another bite. Once again washing down the fully chewed portion with a gulp of watermelon juice. Eyes averted from the two women respectfully.

'I'm sure her parents are very proud of her.' He continued, with a wry chuckle.
Anita's face lit up with a smile as she sat straddling him with his arms around her.
She felt the cold water wash up and sweep back out into the ocean over and over again, though not fast, just enough to be soothing.
The water was cold and had given her goose bumps among other things if you were to notice a little more.
Anita leaned in half laying on him, half to the side and let her lips fall close to his neck, her warm breath being expelled onto his neck.
[[ Sorry again about the long pauses sweatdrop I was balancing rps and pms Dx And I suck at it >3<

Dx And now Im being kicked off.. =.= Sorreh <333 Was fun xD

Night ]]

-last post-
Rhoslyn grinned broadly at the comment. It sounded slightly sarcastic, but he didn't mind.

"I am. She's growing up so fast... although I think Aislyn would be slightly disappointed that Callista's going for someone with fangs. If she were still alive, anyway."

The amused glint left his eyes at the last bit, but he'd just close his eyes for a few seconds before pulling himself together. Even though it'd been fourteen years, he did still miss his ex-wife. He certainly hadn't loved her, but they'd been companions, parents. Losing her'd cost him plenty.

"Then again, I doubt many mortals find my parenting skills exemplary."
This was comfortable. This reminded Duc of being safe for once and for a time in a long time he didn't think of gender or anything that was a standard qualifier amongst the primitives. It was a moment enjoyed by two individuals with separate natures that had somehow found common ground.

But that was too romantic and sappy a thought. The short of it was that Duc felt secure and didn't care.

He sighed with pleasure and enjoyed her hot breath on his skin and squeezed her tight to his body.

"I really am a b*****d."
Their body warmth had subsided the goose bumps that flowed over her body from head to toe, even with the slightly chilled water washing up underneath them
Anita was content, a rare thing for her to be feeling though she need not speak it she knew he felt the same. Happy for once instead of something rather that frustration.
She closed her mouth and let her lips form together moving in closer to his neck. Anita laid a soft kiss upon the beat of his pulse, with a little bite following in the same place
"I know you are" She whispered in his ear.

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