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Ross or his employees. 0.23809523809524 23.8% [ 10 ]
The insect demon guy. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The obvious serial killer. 0.11904761904762 11.9% [ 5 ]
The pretty-obviously-a-vampire religious guy. 0.19047619047619 19.0% [ 8 ]
The dreadhead Atlantean. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The wererat shaman. 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 2 ]
Someone else, the suspects are window dressing 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 7 ]
Daimonas through a patron. 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 4 ]
The People's Republic 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The Liberation Front 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 42 ]
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"Rhoslyn's first instinct was generally a stupid one, and this idea was right up there. What do you do when you see a rampaging and terrified bear? Most people figure "run." Rhoslyn, on the other hand, figured "I'm going to go feed that bear some cocaine."

--- Rhoslyn Vernal, former owner of BSB

We deliver!

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Each section of the thread is now easily located with Control-F. Simply copy the code from here into your find bar, and you'll be able to jump to each section with ease. New folks, you'll want to read the bolded sections before posting, the rest of the walls of text can be read at your leisure. It's scenery porn and assorted RP-related links.

[BS01] - Thread Rules
[BS02] - Thread Conventions
[BS03] - Fight Rules
[BS04] - Staff List
[BS05] - Island Overview
[BS06] - Bar/Beach Description
[BS07] - Arenas
[BS08] - Trails and Beaches
[BS09] - Cities
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The Black Sand Bar Schedule

Sunday - Nothing.
You can't have an event every night of the week. You're likely to see smaller NPC crowds today consisting of people who make a living doing manual labor, hanging around waiting for a job or just to have some drinks with the boys.

Monday - Bonfire Night
Fresh palm wine goes with skewers to make kebabs and s'mores down at the beach bonfire. Bring a blanket and enjoy the stars! The NPC's who come around on Mondays tend to be the younger set, ranging from mid-teens to mid-twenties - usually couples.

Tuesday - Fight Night
Tuesday is more or less the official day to get your aggression out. NPC's on this day tend to drift more towards fighters and wannabe heroes; in addition, there are assorted weapons, both real and improvised, laying about. There is a clearly posted note near the bar denoting that a free-for-all is in effect when it comes to those seeking to fight, and there's usually one going on somewhere. The losers pay for the damage, the winners get a thousand gold, both OOC'ly and IC'ly.

Wednesday - Black Market
Guns, drugs, and booze, oh my. All manner of legal and illegal things are sold here today, including products made by the patrons. Various NPC's of different races and technology levels wander around these days, offering to buy and sell anything your character wants at a reasonable price.

Thursday -Surf Night
The NPC's around this day tend to be the local surfers, mostly males. However, you'll see quite a few semi-pro and pro surfers around. Not all the time, but more often than one would expect.

Friday - Plot Night
The continuing story of the local rebellion and their struggles against the military dictatorship that rules the country; however, due to recent events, Plot Night may range from rebel activities to dungeoncrawling to fey politics, when a narrator have the time to DM.

Saturday -Ladies' Night
Women get free food, free drinks, tentcabins, certain... discretionary items, and can even request to have fey glamour used on them to make them look supernaturally attractive until the morning after. Unsurprisingly, there's oodles of pretty women about; just be careful that the ten you go to bed with isn't a four when you wake up; the Wand of Healing won't regrow an arm bitten off.

Proud Affiliate of:

The Drunken Giant
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OOC Thread Rules:

    1. Management word in this thread is law; when an OOC mod has spoken, it is the same as if I had said it. Don't give us s**t, don't give our staff s**t regarding our choices. You can and should be calm and reasonable to discuss things. Outside of mod context, you can and should give us s**t -- everyone needs to be reminded not to take themselves too seriously from time to time.

      1a. I do not like to be a d**k, but if you make me, I will. I prefer to consider myself first among equals, not the THREAD OVERLORD or whatever. One can't rule over an empty thread, after all!

    1b. The OOC mods and I reserve the right to speak as the Word of God, use Deus Ex Machinas, and wield Banhammers in addition to all powers detailed below.
    - Staff are people who have applied for a job. They can PUSH THE RED BUTTON regardless of position and can kick. Disobeying their kick results in a temp ban.
    - Oldbies are regulars who've been here for at least five months, but aren't staff. Listen to them, because if they've lasted this long, they're probably good RP'ers.
    - The regulars are the members of the thread who post on at least on a weekly basis and have been in the thread for a month or over. They are allowed to Handwave and can wear Plot Armor
    - Rising newbies are newcomers to the thread who are on their way to becoming regulars.
    - Newbies are new members to the thread.
    - Lurkers are... people who lurk. Durr.

    2. Fighting and killing is allowed if permission is given.

    3. No godmodding, autohitting, anime physics, etc, without permission from the other RP'er. It breaks our willing suspension of disbelief. Or, in other words, if you're an Angel Demon Vampire Neko, can travel in time, move faster than the speed of light, etc, etc, your character is probably going to die, and you're probably going to be LOL'd at.

    4. Semi-lit and above, please. In other words, don't use *action marks*. You don't need to use them, boys and girls; the training wheels come off in here.

    5. Turn any complaints in as PM's to me, and I'll reply ASAP.

    6. Typical Gaian roleplay rules: no cybering, no spamming, obey the Gaia rules, etc. While we encourage mature situations, there is a time and place for going beyond the line. This isn't it, although we do tend to put our toes on it.

    7. Show respect and common sense, and respect will be returned. We try to avoid OOC drama here and if anyone starts or replies to it, you're both getting warned and possibly banned. Right or wrong, I don't give a ********. OOC drama does not belong here, period.

    8. Play nice. Include other people.

    9. No. ********. Quote towers. Two quotes is enough, anything more and you're DOIN IT WRONG.

    10. The Staff can activate an anti-power/sufficiently-advanced-tech ward at will to prevent supernatural hostilities. If you want to attack, please let me know in advance, as the defenses aren't listed. In other words, we're open for attack, but we're not open for random munching.

    10a. If a non-Staff member PUSHES THE RED BUTTON, nothing happens.

    11. If you have any sort of pictures, text, flub, or whatever the hell else that people insert in every single post they make, turn it off for here, please. Font colors are great, but try to avoid eye-raping neons if at all possible.

    12. I can't believe I have to put this here, but DO NOT STEAL MY s**t FROM THIS PAGE. Ask, and I will be glad to help you in the writing or editing or concept of your thread, or just say "yeah, you can use it" and probably put up a link to your RP if it's cool enough.

    13. Every 100 pages brings in a new NPC. NPC's are fair game to be abused, killed, randomly controlled, spontaneously combust, ascend into PC's, randomly change gender, serve as cannon fodder, become badass bystanders, or pretty much whatever the hell you please with them.

    14. I really do not have any authority over your conduct in other threads, but please respect the rules of other threads. Any s**t you cause makes us all look bad, mmkay?

    15. OOC Nazi-ism/Nazi worship will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. I know you young things may think it's okay because they're snappy dressers, or they're "elite" or whatever, but it's not. Doing it IC? Tread lightly or be competent; preferably, the latter.

    15a. Don't joke about rape here, okay? IC, it is... not condoned or suggested. Think carefully before using it as a plot device.

    16. The banhammer system is as follows, generally: two warnings, then a one-day ban. One warning, and a week. Then next time, you're banned until I see fit to remove you from the ignore list: while this is usually no longer than six months, some people stay there forever.

[BS02] Thread Conventions:
[or, in other words, things the regulars should know]

    1. THERE IS NO FRONT DOOR. Unless, of course, you want to carry the Idiot Ball, which is a bright pink beach ball that will fly out of the nearest cabinet and autohit your character right in the face. We never had a front door, we never will have a front door, because the thread is always open.

    2. TVTropes will ruin your life. Why do you think almost every link in this page is a link to a TvTropes entry, and that this thread has its own entry, which you can edit?

    3. Be willing to suspend your disbelief and abuse the fourth wall.

    4. Unless specified otherwise, if you leave or whatever, your character becomes *idle*, at which point they take care of actions typically not RP'ed: pointless friendly small talk, bathroom visits, eating, doing work, etc. Other characters are aware of this state, as per Convention 3.

    5. If nobody is here, the bar is still open. Just control iZac, the indestructible NPC robot bartender and/or Bob The Mexican Zombie if your character's a necromancer. Both of them talk, although you won't get much out of Bob that resembles any known language - although he does speak Barhah.

    6. If at first you're ignored, hang in there. We had an RP'er successfully playing an inanimate object; everyone who's willing to put forth the effort can find a place here. If you're a bit nervous by the walls of text, then feel free to ask any of the regulars. We're all a pretty friendly bunch.

    7. Food gets made in 2 posts; drinks in 1.

    8. If you keep dodging hits over and over again when there is no good reason to do so, I or one of the regulars can and will declare that you were hit and proceed from there.

    9. The bar operates on Pacific Time. So be sure to check what time it is in California before saying what time it is.

    10. It would seem that recently, there's been a lot of challenges to the patrons. They wear Plot Armor. They can and should be hurt, massively. Bad things happen.

    10a. In order to wear Plot Armor, you must be involved in a plot. So basically, post with other people, get involved, and you can be free from death... although you are still at risk of getting nearly killed, shot, stabbed, and whatever.

    11. Don't be richer than God automatically; earn your money IC'ly somewhere. Don't be more powerful than God automatically; earn your powers IC'ly somewhere. If you want to break this Convention, write a good backstory, develop your character, and be a good RP'er.

    12. Try to avoid font size 9.

    13. If you want to DM, do it. If you do it competently (read: people participate and enjoy it) you are free to do so at any time. Just try to consult with one of the OOC mods or me so you don't break canon.

Fight Rules:

    1 . "Exploitation" styles of fighting aren't allowed, and you must be detailed enough in your posts to allow your opponent to respond properly.

    2. Should fighting escalate to OOC insults, or should the fighting styles become overly complicated or begin to exploit mistakes or misplaced words, the match is forfeit and you both take the walk of shame.

    3. Powers shall remain below a Power Level of 3.5.

Staff List:

If you want a job, PM me. Stay active weekly or get deleted; security must pass a combat test in order to get their job.


1. Damon Vernal

OOC Mods
1. Arretsu
2. Like Totally Not A Mule


Assistant Manager
1. Ross Vernal


[seeking applications!]


1. NPC - iZac, the bartender robot. Appears humanish (as in, he can pass for human from a distance), can talk, and seems to be nearly invulnerable.

[seeking applications!]

1. The NPC Magic Hobos - [G's Epic Moonshine, G's Even More Epic Moonshine]
2. Aveline and Thurgood

1.Tilly Pace

1. Ellie
[very much seeking applications!]

1. NPC Self Defense Force
2. Crixsus
3. Canaan Noble
[very much seeking applications!]

1. Ellie
2. Tilly Pace
[seeking applications!]

[seeking applications!]

[seeking applications!]

[Also, a disclaimer that any actions that break the TOS you do at your own risk, etc, etc, I'm not responsible for your indiscretion, yadda yadda.]
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The Black Sand Island Overview:

The name "Black Sand Island" is not technically accurate- the island has normal white sand beaches, a red sand beach, a green sand beach, and a black sand beach, although only the Black Sand Beach is easily accessible. The island was formed by volcanic activity, with a peak of 8563' and a total square mileage of about 727 - roughly the size of Maui. It is located thousands of miles south of the cities of Gaia, deep in the equatorial tropics, well off the beaten track. While the Black Sand is usually an island come high tide, a boardwalk has been built recently, allowing free access to and from the area from the mainland, which is about a mile away.

It is typically sunny with the occasional mild trade winds, and due to the almost complete lack of pollution, the air is always very fresh, meaning that all of the stars are visible at nights. It usually rains heavily for a few hours during the winter and rarely drops below 70 degrees, although a tropical storm or two has come through. Rains continue through spring, and it is considerably hotter during the summer, although the winds and water keep it around 80 degrees on average. The water is typically cool, but not cold.

The local plants and animals are typical equatorial rainforest stuff: palm trees, seagulls, jungle cats, etc, with the sole exception being rumors of a cokehead bear family wandering the jungle. The NPC's are typically mutt-humans, although there's a clan of were-rats, a pack of werewolves, a large family of half-dragons, various elementals, Drow, even gnomes and evil ferrets. Most of the locals seem tanned and Hispanic, but there's a healthy mix of human races.

For those who are sensitive to supernatural powers, they would be able to sense various types of deep magics in the area - faerie magic of the Spring Court, several planar distortions feeling rather like tunnels through space, a strong sense of Retconjuration power, and a massive ley line running through the bar itself. The place itself feels strongly aligned to neutrality.

Bar and Grill: READ ME

Bar Menu Here.

In order to get to the bar, one must employ some means of magic, come in via boat/helicopter, or park about a mile off from the boardwalk and trek through the rain forest in order to actually arrive here. There is a clearly-marked semi-cleared path through the jungle with a really ******** tall fence beside it, although it is too narrow for a car and too treacherous for a motorcycle.

Bar Description
Outside, it looks like it was made of bamboo with a living roof, complete with skylights. Investigation would reveal that it was just a facade over heavily reinforced concrete. The roof itself is covered in food crops, growing at an unusually fast rate. There is no door, just a big opening on either side of the bar, and a pathway from the middle front of the bar down to the beach. Above the openings are solid blast doors, ready to lock down in place.

The most notable feature of the bar is the floorquarium filled with exotic flora and fauna, with the glass floor being supported by thick marine-varnished beams dividing the bar into square sections. The tables inside are driftwood and glass, coupled with green and silver padded chairs in the style of the 1950's. To the side of the long obsidian bar counter is a raised stage made of the marine-varnished wood, complete with spotlights, an amp, and various speakers. Behind the center of the bar is a stylized phoenix made of the wood of the old bar counter and filled in with the remaining skulls from the old skullpile. Its eye gleams with power, as the Lode Stone was set there. Beneath it, there are several weapons mounted, and a long mirror that would allow seated patrons to keep an eye on all the entrances. Behind the bar are two islands. The left side is dedicated to cooking, while the right was dedicated to the bar.

There are thick and wide boards set a few feet down from the roof, going around the rectangular building, still marine-varnished. The walls are mostly left bare, but several large flatscreens were mounted, as well as assorted newspaper articles and pictures of the patrons and their adventures.

Underground Lounge: Located well below ground and accessible from the bar is a large underground lounge. It has several very comfortable leather couches, a bathroom, and a very large screen and surround sound for playing movies. There is a very heavy and thick locked door here marked with a skull, as well as a smaller one that reveals a tunnel to the underground greenhouse. Yet another wooden door leads to a wine cellar. The last of the underground doors provides access to a long tunnel leading to the tentcabins. These are locked, but keys are available in the tentcabin. Careful, it's a long walk underground, but there's nowhere safer on the island - even for beings who can tunnel. It is not possible to POOF into this room, nor to the staircases.

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[BS06] The Black Sand Bar Area:

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Bar Area Map

The Black Sand Beach: The Beach itself is kept mostly clear of debris and such to make it easier for the surfers; however, there are a few chairs a distance away from the shore for people to recline on. There are two public showers located to the east, halfway between the bar and the beach. In addition, there is a 5' deep and 10' wide firepit, lined with stones. There appears to be a carefully-made sluice gate for the pit, which allows for water to come in and extinguish the flames when raised.

There's a small dock off to the side of the beach. Several boats are moored to it.

Observation Deck: The area around the Octagon and Beach Pit Arenas is edged with a smooth wooden floor elevated an inch or two above the sand for people to watch the fights. There are tables and chairs located there as well, of the same design as those inside the bar itself. It overlooks the ocean, and there are wood guardrails.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Tents: Located to the south (right) of the Bar are twenty simple canvas tents. Upon entering, a person will find a living room area with a mini-bar, a kitchenette, and a small closet. Leading off from both sides of the room are two 100' square bedrooms. These contain beds that will fit two people each, a nightstand, and a small closet, as well as a first aid kit, a 40' flat screen, and a propane lantern, as well as power outlets. Oh, and a Wand of Sex.

    1A - Callista's entire house, basically. The bedroom looks like this.

    2A -
    2B -

    3A -
    3B -

    4A -
    4B -

    5A -
    5B -

    6A -
    6B -

    7A - Akasha's Office: Akasha's office merely looks like a tentcabin on the outside; the inside has been set up as an executive office on the inside, complete with another door and desk for a secretary to sit. The actual office itself is teeming with exotic vegetation she found and wanted to collect on her travels.
    7B- Akasha's Room: Also contains a full-sized mirror and an armoire of clothes.

    8A -
    8B -

    9A -
    9B -

    10A -
    10B -

    11A -
    11B -

    12A -
    12B -

    13A -
    13B -

    14A -
    14B -

    15A -
    15B -

    16A -
    16B -

    17A -
    17B -

    18A -
    18B -

    19A -
    19B -

    20A -
    20B -

Bathing Area/Spa: Discreetly placed behind the Tents are six private bathroom stalls, each about a hundred feet square. They are covered and the walls extend to 7' tall, with a 2' clearance underneath and 2' overhead, making them well over 10 feet tall. Needless to say, the bathrooms are quite luxurious, each containing a spa shower, several different tubs, a private bathroom, two sinks, heated towels, washcloths, everything you need for a day at a spa, and, for some odd reason, a washing machine and dryer.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Surfboard Racks: In between the Tents and the Bar are about a dozen racks of surfboards, containing various different styles and length boards. Although there are more longboards than shortboards, there are enough for each registered guest to use whichever they please. Off to the side are leashes, sunglasses, waxes, and sticky bumps.

Gym: Located between the bar and tent-cabins is an outdoor gym with bicycle machines, barbells, weights, dumbbells, and such, complete with a speed bag and a punching bag. There is a bottle of disinfectant and several towels there, as well as a sign labeled "Please don't ******** on the gym equipment." It is rated above and beyond Gaian useage limits, going up to a total of several hundred tons. Breaking the gym equipment gets you hit with an Idiot Weight Ball.

Garden: The final public feature of this island is a garden filled with a variety of cooking herbs and spices. About a corner of the garden is reserved for a greenhouse filled with rather diverse variety of marijuana, which is harvested fairly regularly and generally up for free sampling for guests. There is also a large chicken coop around here, complete with chickens.

Jungle Clearing: This area is actually disguised by camouflage and protected by both natural plants and land mines. It is rumored that a large band of freedom fighters reside here, and that they use the bar as a front to deal arms, drugs, and to recruit new members.

Hot Springs: If you head away from the Jungle Clearing, you'll find a series of hot springs ranging from "mildly warm" to "HOLY s**t IT BURNS." Several chairs and towels are available here, as well as a moonroom for tea and a series of massage tables. Off to the side are several bottles of massage oil infused with glamour, and several dozen flavors of tea.

Defenses: They exist, and their description is longer than everything you have just read. Unless you're coming in on foot and stay on the trails, or come peacefully in a boat, you will probably not make it in. The short version: several miles of non-lethal (by default) incapacitating land defense both magical and mundane that will effectively disable any sort of vehicles, electronics, weaponry, etc, etc. The air defenses are spread throughout the island, and the beach itself is protected by anti-sniper hills, concealed weapon turrets, and lots of missiles and rockets. And yes, there is space defenses, because ******** you, this is Gaia and fagg0rtry occurs. If you DO walk in, security knows about you, and it knows a LOT more than it lets on. However, this information is considered "confidential" and is not disclosed to Rhoslyn or the staff until irrevocable hostilities have commenced.


The Octagon: Visible to the north of the bar are two different arenas. The first is an octagon-shaped arena with 5 feet per side, leaving 120 square feet to fight in. The edges are marked by a 2' deep trench and a leaping green pseudo-fire.

Beach Pit: Behind the Octagon is the Pit - 15 feet deep, 20 feet across, and 10 feet wide. The Pit itself is lined with natural wood walls, magically reinforced to withstand almost any blows.

Jungle Pit: A small pit with the same dimensions as the Beach Pit, dug in the jungle behind the bar; there is soft dirt ground with fresh blood splatter from a recent battle. Watch out for the sharp debris left over from exploded landmines.

Oil Drum: About fifty feet out from the bar is a 12' by 8' arena made of metal oil drums lashed together and weighed down by a few anchors. This area seems fairly stable, although it rolls and pitches with the waves and tends to get very wet.

Rooftop: The top of the bar is accessible via a ladder. While the surface is very well-made, the sticky tar paper and broken glass spread all over the roof make this a rather dangerous place to fight. Don't ask me for the dimensions, as I don't know.

Lookout: About thirty feet off the ground is a wooden sentry post without a roof or railings. The area is about ten feet wide by six feet long, and is partially shaded by the palm trees.

Cliffside: Located a few miles to the north is a slightly rocky cliff; as usual, there are no safeguards, and it's a long drop to the ocean below. There are several trees growing here, as well as there being various rock formations, dirt on the ground, etc.

Rebel Base: Located within the rebel base is a square arena: the ground is composed of crushed rocks covered by a thick layer of ash. The area is ten feet by ten feet, and the "boundaries" are marked by barbed wire wrapped around rebar rods jammed in the ground.

[BS08] The Black Sand Island Trails and Beaches:

Jungle Trail: A hike through the jungle to the left of the entrance trail. It serves as a junction for all of the other trails aside from the Beach Trail. It's mostly cleared, but not safe for vehicles. Stay on the path.

Volcano Trail: A five-mile hike to the top of the volcano. It is slightly strenuous and involves a lot of switchbacks. Starts at the bar, and goes through the jungle until raising up in a circular trail to the top of the volcano. The view from here is excellent, and when at the top, one can look in and see a lake of magma hundreds of feet below.

Beach Trail: A long loop around the island from beach to beach, occasionally stopping at the cliffs. You can access the town of Oceanside through this trail.

Cliffside Trail: A short hike up to the ocean cliffs. Ten minutes at most from the Bar.

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River Trail: This trail leads about halfway across the island to a large river that leads into a waterfall. Swimming is not recommended.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Waterfall Trail

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Underground Lake Trail

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Volcano Tube Trail

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Red Sand Beach Trail

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Pink Sand Beach Trail

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Purple Sand Beach Trail

Akasha's Manor: Akasha is having a private residence being built near the Purple Sand Beach. It is not yet completed.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Green Sand Beach Trail

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
White Sand Beach Trail

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Yellow Sand Beach Trail

[BS09] The Black Sand Cities:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Puerto Diablo: Not technically part of the island, Puerto Diablo is the closest city on the mainland. The Black Sand patrons and the Rebels liberated it, and the city is about as safe as any other tourist city. It's not a very large city, but there is no way you could meet and remember everyone. Its main feature is an international airport and several nightclubs, as well as a newly-completed mall and a fully modern hospital that Rhoslyn had built in memorial of his wife Daliah.

Technology Level: 3.5 - Mostly modern, although there's a good postmodern technology base.
Metaphysical Level: 2 - Small use of powers. For the most part, people either have lesser folk magics or go to a licensed mage for a good fee.
Crime Level: 2 - Infrequent theft and muggings; occasionally a kidnapping or murder will make the headlines, but it's pretty rare.

Oceanside: A large town on the other side of the island; it is full of people from Rhoslyn's homeland. It seems to be focused mainly on agriculture and fishing, and while it is relatively low on modern technology, there is a good deal of magic-users here.

Technology Level: 2 - There's some low-tech mechanical machines, and some radios and televisions, but you're not going to find much in the way of modern amenities.
Metaphysical Level: 3 - Most of the population seems to have at least one magical talent, and it's openly and commonly displayed without comment.
Crime Level: 1 - Virtually no street crime.

Cave City: The main city of the were-rat tribe. The first third of the Cave is a dungeon inhabited by gnomes that was designed by the God of Traps; the middle is a surprisingly modern cave city filled with the local were-rat native tribe; and the back third is a beautiful arrangement of inactive lava tubes that is crossed by the ley line: as a result, there are all sorts of magical creatures and plants in here.

Technology Level: 3.5 - Mostly modern, although there's a good postmodern technology base.
Metaphysical Level: 2.5 - It's a city of were-rats, and they have shamans, but it's more or less like Puerto as far as magic goes.
Crime Level: 1 - Virtually no street crime

The Black Sand Island Dungeons:

Black Sand Cave: A mile or two north of the Bar is a rather large cave, filled with all sorts of sadistic traps. If you're going there, contact Rhoslyn or iZac first so he can arrange for the resident were-rats to let you into their areas. The first third of the Cave is a dungeon inhabited by gnomes that was designed by the God of Traps; the middle is a surprisingly modern cave city filled with the local were-rat native tribe; and the back third is a beautiful arrangement of inactive lava tubes that is crossed by the ley line: as a result, there are all sorts of magical creatures and plants in here.

Black Sand Temple: About five hundred feet north of the bar and deep in the rainforest is a large Aztec-looking temple at the end of a cleared path. The outside has a ceremonial ball court, and the top of the temple is stained with the dried blood of centuries of sacrifice. The inside of the temple is surprisingly free of loot, although there is a considerable amount of art on the walls of the religious type. Also, there's vampires here and underground, for some reason or another.

-> Temple Underground: Deep below the Temple down a spiral staircase is a very large cavern chamber filled with molten lava. There are several islands one must jump between in order to cross. There is a large lavafall in this cavern, and the floor is studded with some sort of magical crystal. For some odd reason, there is a stack of ******** Diamond Katanas laying about.

--& Magma Caverns: Past the cavern is a series of caves that links to a rather large military facility with a barracks, several labs, and a powerful computer system. More remains to be unLocked.
---& Dark Caverns: Locked
----& The Hell Gates Locked

Wrecked Ship: Locked

Sunken City: Locked
-Undercity: Locked

Floating Temple: Locked
-> Temple Darkside: Locked
-> Temple Lightside: Locked
--& Temple Interior: Locked

Citadel of Pain: Locked
-> Vault of Souls: Locked

Government Research Facility: Locked
-> Level One: Locked
--& Level Two: Locked
---& Level Three: Locked
----& Computer Mainframe: Locked
-----& Virtual Reality: Locked

Labyrinth: Locked
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The Black Sand Legion of Doom :
Notable Antagonists, Adversaries, and Mooks.

    The Common Dead - Zombies that are immune to the Red Button. They can only be killed via a Weaksauce Weakness - either fire, holy water, Zombie Dust, life drain, heal, or gunfire. Any other means taken to kill them, even if it completely destroys their form, will cause them to reform within one minute. The Zombies show an ability to enter a berserk frenzy, can sense life, and all limbs can operate on their own (meaning, if you decapitate it, you'll have a headless zombie and a hopping zombie head after you.)

    Large Angry Crabs - Exactly what it says on the tin. They have no special weaknesses aside from whatever it is that crabs naturally have.

    People's Republic Of Tyranny Soldiers - Gaian part-humans. Usually have some minor magical powers. Typically armed with a rifle and a handgun, wearing body armor. Identifiable by their red uniforms.

    Jungle Gnomes - Small tropical gnomes. While they appear to be armed with spears and bows, watch out for them: gnomes are ingenious with their hands and have consistently foiled a large group of the Black Sand patrons with their EVIL EVIL EVIL traps. Seriously.

    Jungle Gnome Panty Thieves - A second tribe of gnomes. Unlike their cousins, these aren't particularly malicious, and seem to enjoy stealing panties and such at unexpected moments.

    Drow Outer Sanctum Guard - They seem to be mostly low-level Fighters, and wear metal collars around their neck. They do not seem to be enjoying their servitude, but they will kill if given the chance.

    Druggie Sharks - Sharks, on DRUGS. When your parents told you drugs would kill you, they meant it.

    People's Republic of Tyranny Police - Sorta like the soldiers, only less rifle and with handcuffs and a bulletproof vest. Also, really cheap plastic shades. Light blue uniforms.

    Elite Mooks
    The Hungry Dead - These undead have risen of their own accord to consume all. This includes ghouls, ghasts, various undead animals, and Starved Ones. In addition to all powers listed above, the Hungry Dead can swallow a PC whole, burrow through the underground as fast as they can run, inflict massive damage with their claws, and their touch causes paralysis that supersedes any immunities.

    Rogue Tribal Were-Rats - These were-rats can call a horde of lesser rats, shift between ratman and human, can easily lift cars, regenerate quite rapidly, and will regenerate wounds dealt by silver at human slow.

    The Guys In Blue Suits - Basically, imagine Agents from the Matrix. Attack their male weak spot for massive damage. More dangerous in a crowd than alone, as they cannot respawn when there's no bodies around.

    People's Republic of Tyranny Officers - Like the soldiers, only in a purple uniform and with heavy armor. Usually have power weapons and are above Gaian human levels, but within Gaian metahuman levels.

    Desi's Harlequins - Vampires that can rot and reform at will, making killing them extremely hard. They can call a horde of rats or bats, can fly, and can inflict a poison that supersedes any immunities.

    Mecha Mooks
    People's Republic of Tyranny Null Tank Squads - Officers + Soldiers + Guy In A Blue Suit + Tank That Nulls Abilities = All Bad.

    People's Republic of Tyranny Tactical Mechs - Piloted tactical weapons of mass destruction. They can fly, have very, VERY large guns, and can move pretty damn fast with deployable all-terrain treads.

    Giant Mooks

    Fire Giants - Giant... giants, who control fire. Their preferred method of attack is "grab, then throw in nearest lava pit", although "kill it with fire", "kill it with rocks" and "squish it" are second. Not very smart, but brutal enough to make up for it.

    Really ******** Large Angry Armored Crabs - Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Superpowered Mooks
    The Restless Dead - These undead have risen from the grave of their own relentless willpower to pursue the Black Sanders who are responsible for their deaths and to revenge themselves on any who visit the bar. In addition to all undead powers above, their aura alone is enough to rot flesh and muscle, and further allows them to command the lesser undead and use a AoE infection attack. Further, they can dispel supernatural effects via a gaze attack. Good luck.

    Psycho Rangers
    Alaric de la Cosa - A posthuman soldier with supernatural abilities and devastating psionic powers.
    Wyvern - A slightly ditzy quarter-Drow who wields multifunction short swords with super speed and various -kinesis powers.
    Marius - An Atlantean geomancer / metal elementalist who chose the Black Sanders to fight simply for the joy of it.
    Desiree - A powerful and ancient vampire with the ability to rot and reform at will and a devastating poison that is both immune to the Red Button and persists beyond death.

    The Dragons
    The Seraph - Terminated
    Molten Daemonspider - Squished
    Spitting Cobra
    The Trap Wizards

Notable Local NPC's and Factions

Black Sand: The local hangout and black market located between the worlds.

Cokey the Bear
The Five-Man Hobo Band
The Creepy Spider-Like Room Service Bots (CSRB's)
Bob The Mexican Zombie
The Black Sand Patrons: A Badass Crew if there ever was one.

Rebel Forces: Viva la Revolucion!

Jose-Luis & Xochitl "Zoey" Villaseñor
The Rat King
Stone Claw Tribe
Labor Liberation Front

The Government Forces: The People's Republic of Tyranny
The Guys In Blue Suits
Army of The People's Republic

Other NPC's
The Tinker
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Black Sand Greater Artifacts
It takes three Plot Nights or a significant amount of IC questing complete with a wall-o-text obtaining post to get a Greater Artifact. These are decidedly powerful and wholly unique items.

    Glasses of Truesight: Exactly what it says on the tin. In addition to fixing vision problems, these glasses will allow the wearer to see through all illusions and gives a 25% chance of learning any non-racial supernatural ability they see automatically. Be careful, because some things that you cannot see are not meant to be seen.

    Mortacide, Misere and Douleur: A trio of francisca axes. The largest of the three is clearly designed for throwing and breaking through defenses arcane and mundane. Upon striking its target, it causes a burst of acid to "splash" out of the axe, and can return to its owner's hand. The medium axe, when wielded, gives a minor physical soak, cannot be disarmed, and heals the wielder equal to the damage dealt. The third and smallest of the axes is designed to be bounced off the ground, and when it is, it will actively seek out its target's legs until it contacts or is recalled.

    White Coral Feathered Serpent: A statue of a coatl made from white coral; it grants the owner control over the wind and sea. It also can be used to summon an aquatic being to be used as a ride or familiar, and can call swarms of fish. Quite useful for people living by the ocean. ( Currently being sought by: Ever Linde )

    Orb of the Eternal Flame: A polished orb about the size of a baseball that constantly emits flame. In addition to providing an immunity to heat and resistance to cold, the Eternal Flame grants the owner control over fire and earth.

    Everliving Flower: A perfectly preserved black rose inside a sealed block of an unknown crystal. When attuned to its owner, the Everliving Flower turns red and can be used to remove any curses, poisons, or other forms of "irreversible" damage - it can even cure vampirism and lycanthropy. It is owned by Dr. Javier Johnson, an NPC.

    Jewel of Memory: A large reddish crystal that appears to be about a meter tall. The Jewel is reputed to contain the forgotten memories of the ages, although its former user was often unable to use it except to remember his own forgotten past.

    Lode Stone: A large smooth-faced, geometric protrusion of dark rock with tremendous veins of orichalcum. When placed upon a ley line, it acts as a magical amplifier and battery. Currently the bar.

    Wanderer's Map: This map continually re-draws itself to the surroundings of the bearer (from 500' to 500 miles) and provides useful notes regarding the weather, local animals, nearest points of interest, and any PC's when zoomed in to the maximum.

Black Sand Major Artifacts
Major Artifacts are the most powerful of PC weapons or artifacts. While some characters may possess Major Artifacts, the free ones listed here can be earned through going on a special quest. Talk to me for details.

    Mirror of Inspiration: The Mirror of Inspiration is a focus of some sort, that much is apparent. Some have said it reveals Truth, but this is unconfirmed. What is confirmed is that the statue possesses some apparent quality in regards to geomancy, possibly serving to amplify or utilize the mana gained by proper application of that skill.

    Blue Lucky Foot: A blue rabbit foot reputed to increase the "sheer dumb luck" of the bearer.

    Earthquake Boots: A set of partially rusted iron and leather boots. These, shortly before contact is made with the target, dramatically increase in weight, allowing both devastating kicks and a minor "earthquake" effect with a stomp or charge.

    Hateblade: Currently possessed by Kain. [ Description ]

    Tideblade: A very stylish blue-green katana that grants its wielder greater control over water. When swung, it sounds exactly like an ocean wave. The blade is freezing to the touch and leaves ice sparkles in the air when swung. When it comes into contact with its target, the force applied to the swing or stab is increased by a factor of two and a half.

    Brimstone Ring: <pending. more useful for demons or unholy energy users>

    Crystal of Protection: The Crystal of Protection is a small black crystal on a pendant that, when worn, will reduce the effectiveness of all supernatural abilities by fifty percent, including that of the wearer.

    Earthstone: The Earthstone is a small but heavy brick glowing with earth magic. In addition to boosting the power and control over earth elementalism, it allows the user to call rock, shape rock, or change stone to an equivalent amount of any other material once per day.

    Essence Focus: A small and intricately locked chest Invaluable to vampires. In addition to boosting the vampire's natural vampiric traits, it can also hold the heart of its undead master, allowing the vampire to rise again anew even if decapitated, staked, burned, and the ashes thrown into different bodies of moving water. It can also be used to create lesser vampire "spawn" more akin to ghouls than vampires.

    Saol Ring: Currently possessed by Erin. [ Description ]

    Elemental Shaman Seals: The Shaman Seals do not grant powers or abilities, as far as can be determined. They undoubtedly contain some measure of arcane lore, but since the scrolls have not been translated, the exact nature of this lore in unknown aside from its apparent connection to elemental magic and spirits. Areas within fifty feet of the scrolls may be subject to wild magic and mana warps; these effects rarely last for long periods of time.

    Wyrmstooth: A curved ivory dagger that strongly resembles the tooth of an ancient wyrm. The dagger inflicts double damage against dragonkin and appears to be capable of "parrying" spells, in addition to being nigh indestructible.

    Philosopher's Stone: You've read it in fiction. Use it to turn material into gold or to grant yourself immortality.

    Rod of Lightning: Currently possessed by Techy. [ Description ]

    Coin of Happiness: The Fourth Coin of Luck appears to be a very old, worn Chinese bronze coin with a square hole drilled through the center. Faint characters can still be seen on its surface. It brings happiness by good fortune...it also elicits a state of joy or happiness in anyone holding the coin; characterised by alpha waves generated in the holder's brain.

    Gloves of Stone Shaping: Dull grey gloves that appear to be made of old leather. When worn, they allow the user to shape stone as though it was clay.

    Adventurer's Chalk: This chalk has the special property of generating a faerie fire effect centered on whatever characters or symbols it was used to write for. The glow is visible even to those without low-light or darkvision. The light, however, like faerie fire, cannot penetrate magical darkness. The faerie fire is otherwise permanent. Colors radiated are that of the stick used. In addition, symbols written chalk cannot be wiped over save use of an erase or dispel magic spell.

    Scroll of Celestial Retribution: At first glance, this may seem like a scroll of Holy Smite, but the extra words and symbols within tell of a greater power. When in the presence of the demonic, the scroll will glow white, and new writing for a more powerful incantation will be revealed. If the spell is used properly, then the user makes a ranged touch attack against all demonic targets within 100 feet. If it succeeds, then the demonic beings take a small amount of holy damage, and is deprived of all resistances, damage reduction, immunities, and regeneration for the next eight posts. Using the scroll exhausts the magic.

    Scroll of Infernal Retaliation: At first glance, this may seem like a scroll of Unholy Smite, but the extra words and symbols within tell of a greater power. When in the presence of the angelic, the scroll will glow purple, and new writing for a more powerful incantation will be revealed. If the spell is used properly, then the user makes a ranged touch attack against all angelic targets within 100 feet. If it succeeds, then the angelic beings take a small amount of unholy damage, and is deprived of all resistances, damage reduction, immunities, and regeneration for the next eight posts. Using the scroll exhausts the magic.

    Stick of a**-Whooping: This magic item appears to the casual observer to be a simple six inch long, one inch thick cylinder carved of some sort of heavy wood. But when the person holding it speaks the name of a melee weapon, the stick quickly transforms into a masterwork version of that weapon. The weapon looks like what the wielder is picturing in his mind when the command word is spoken. If the wielder of the weapon says "sheath" in any language, the weapon returns to stick form. This transformation is instantaneous.

    Hide Armor: An ancient but well-preserved jerkin of some sort of black hide. When worn by a non-lycanthrope, it has no special powers. However, any lycanthrope who wears this masters their beast and may choose when to change as long as they are wearing the armor, which will shift with them. In addition, the "power" of the lycanthrope is raised to alpha levels, and once per week, the armor will allow the wearer to enter a killing frenzy, boosting their strength and toughness.

    Serpentine: A light green katana that thrums with nauseating power. It is reputed to deal massive amounts of additional Acid damage on a sneak attack. The hilt is made from gold wrapped in Shadow Asp skin, while the pommel is a jade snake’s head, bearing its fangs. The wielder of this blade can talk to and understand snakes, may also choose to release a toxic substance from the hilt to cover the blade, and gains a minor hypnotic gaze attack as long as he wields the blade.

Black Sand Minor Artifacts
Minor artifacts are artifacts and weapons unique to the Black Sand. With a bit of effort, any reg or NPC can obtain these items. (read: two-three posts explaining how you got it)

    [******** Diamond Katanas: +4 against Mooks and +3 against DM Contrivances. Otherwise, as useful as a two-legged Pomeranian.
    Stone of Genderchange: Exactly what it says on the tin.
    Naga Emeralds: Naga emeralds appear similar to normal emeralds, but the inside of the gem appears to swirl. The swirling effect is caused by actual shifting of the crystalline structure within the stones, though the cause of this shifting is unknown.
    Psisheen Mushrooms: A blue-stalked and purple-capped mushroom with silver spots. When eaten, it restores psionic energy.
    Concussion Crystal: A slightly yellowish crystal. Mine with care, because when it explodes, it EXPLODES.
    Black Titanium: Not actually titanium. A very hard metal good for use in armor, although nearly useless for weapons.
    Fire Diamonds: Diamonds imbued with fire elemental power.
    Stygian Iron: Iron and steel forged from the lands available on the other side of the Hell Gates.
    Moon Stone: A silver rock that absorbs power under moonlight.
    Sun Stone: A gold rock that absorbs power under sunlight.
    Treefrog Venom: A potent neurotoxin from tree frogs. Will induce death by asphyxiation within five minutes.
    Frost Orchid: Beautiful blue orchids rimmed with frost and imbued with water elemental power.
    Ur Opals: These appear to be opals of various sizes, some as large as a human fist. The most powerful stone measured 8 centimeters, and it looked like a great fire burned in its heart. These contain the departed souls of the tribal were-rats.
    Volcanic Ash: Unknown. It is rumored that the local were-rat tribe uses the substance in treatments that grant tremendous longevity.
    Mana Crystal: A form of crystal located in the Caves; it slightly improves mana regeneration rates.
    Purple Obsidian: A form of rare obsidian found on the island. It helps to reduce the effects of hostile magic.
    Health Ferns: Local ferns that appear to restore the vitality of those who eat or drink it. Some potioners or magic-users on the island can use this to make a variety of potions.
    Dragon Scale: A scale from a dragon or half/dragon.
    Mineral Water: Reputedly healing waters from the hot springs.
    Lightning Stone: A stone that will shock the user. It is imbued with electric elemental powers.
    Blood Diamond: A diamond that can be used by blood mages to increase their energy.
    Jaguar Talon: A talon from a jaguar. Supposedly, a necklace of it boosts speed.
    Shark's Teeth: A tooth from a shark. Supposedly, a neclace of it boosts strength.
    Stone Feather: A feather from a bird species. Supposedly, a necklace of it boosts toughness.
    White Silver: A form of silver that is more potent against unholy.
    Black Silver: A form of silver that is more potent against holy.
    Magnetic Ore: A magnetic ore.
    Rock Salt: Rock salt. Useful for temporarily disrupting magic.
    Pink Pearl: A pink pearl. Can be swallowed to give the user temporary water-breathing.
    Mermaid Scale: Shiny. Supposedly, a necklace of it boosts magic resistance.
    Shiny Shell: A shell made by a local specie- OOH SHINY

Pending Changes:

All these changes are pending, and are not in order. Got suggestions? PM me!
1.0 - Artifact Update: Several player-created Artifacts and updated information. For example...

Golden Torc of Rhiannon: A golden circlet worn around the neck or shoulder. It increases the strength and toughness of the wearer and allows the user to use haste up to five times a day.
Location: The Golden City, Dencaf, Keldar
DM: Rosa / Any
Plot Points: Go through the portal to Dencaf. The town of Silvercliff is a week's ride away; once you are there, speak to a Priest of Mingan [DM] and undergo the rituals to be able to see the Golden City. Find the military officer faerie known as Octavius [DM] and secure an invitation to the PvP tournament to win the Torc.
Requirements: 3 DM encounters, several PvP fights, posting through the non-DM'ed Plot Points

1.1NPC Update: Dr. Javier Johnson, Belladonna.


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[Open. Or at least it will be again on 10/8/09.]

It'd been about two years since Rhoslyn had been here.

He stared at the bar and nodded. The armed rebels had been taking good care of his bar while he'd been gone. Running his fingers over the bar surface, he laughed and vaulted over it. He was surprised to find a few new toys - a shotgun on a swivel and rack, loaded with blessed silver shot.


He walked around with the AK slung around his shoulder, tattoos glimmering in the sun. A quick inspection found everything in place, complete with the three improvised graves behind the bar - several former raiders and an old security guard of his who'd taken a few too many bullets. Returning to the bar, he blew a thin layer of dust off of the command laptop, opened it,and started typing. Within minutes, all power systems were back online, the security turrets were finished with the self-diagnosis, and best of all, the grill and oven were back on.

With a broad grin, Rhoslyn returned to the speedboat he'd pulled in on and started offloading the supplies for the month. He'd purchased enough to support twenty-five starving alcoholics, give or take, and wouldn't need to return to the mainland for supplies for a good while.
"Finally, I'm out of that damned forest."

Ali heaved a sigh of relief as he burst through the few remaining trees at the edge of the rain forest. He was sure that there was just one mosquito pestering him through the whole trip because he always felt it land on the exact same spot and dart off before he had a chance to end it's life. At least he was out of it now and he'd be able to find a place that sold some kind of ointment or bug repellant. Random journeys to different regions came at their prices. He was used to the industrialized commerce of his area of Aekea, not the various tones of green, brown, and blue that he saw in rural Barton.

The man's pace slowed significantly as he made his way out of the forest and to the vague image of an island bar. His legs were dead tired at this point in time since he'd been walking for about a good hour and a half after parking his Desmodici RR by the "Jimmy's Grocery Emporium" just outside of the forest entrance. He was in need of a drink, and possibly a bite to eat. Making his way further down the pathway to the bar (assuming there is one. If not, then the grass.), Ali took in the environment. Off in the distance, he saw a beach covered with.. Coal? No, the ground didn't look like it was covered with rocks. That must've been sand, then. A look of intrigue flashed across the man's face as he eyed the environment a bit more. Let's see what they'd have at the bar.

By now, the man was at the front of the rather.. Natural looking bar. Taking a light step on the deck, the man deemed the floors safe and continued to one of the barside stools. Ali took a seat and began to scan down the menu above the liquor display. He'd probably just end up ordering something like nachos and a Corona or something. The man brought his hand to the frame of his designer glasses and lifted them off of his face, allowing them to hang off of his upper jacket pocket for the time being.
"You gotta believe that love comes again, just when I booked in none of her, love can come again..."

He grinned. It'd been far too long since he'd been in this little slice of heaven. Maybe that guy would return, the one who'd gone fishing the last time. If only he could recall the man's name...

"Eh, ********. He'll show up."

The boxes kept piling up on shore as Rhoslyn worked, his half-empty bottle of Corona sitting on the prow of the speedboat. He'd keep making trips back and forth, and keep singing to himself in his low tenor voice, truly in a happy mood before he noticed the newcomer.

"Oh, hey. You don't look like a rebel... you must be a customer. I'm Ross, the owner. Anythin' I can getcha?"

[Edited. razz ]
"Rebe-? ..Nevermind. Uh, I guess some Nachos and a Corona would do nicely right now."

Ali nodded. The reason that he didn't ask about the 'Rebel' comment was because he'd seen enough movies to know that anything to do with rebels meant trouble. Remember Blood Diamonds? Yeah, he didn't want to be a part of that RUF s**t at all, so he'd put his curiousity on hold for the moment. As soon as he ordered his food, his stomach began to scream at him, an intense growl rolling through his body, although it was barely audible to those other than him. Yeah, he was really hungry and it seemed like he got here right on time.

"..This place is just a little bit out-of-the-way, don't you think?"

With that, Ali laughed a bit. It had taken him an hour or so to get here, so those nachos better be the best damn things he's ever tasted in his life.
      [ okay wrapping is done. time for posting.
      -waves frantically at Jordan.-
      I punched you in that other thread but you didn't see. :C ]

      The father south Ashley had gone, the warmer it had gotten. So, naturally, she'd continued to move south further and further. Out of the way of most of Gaia, now, she was moving along the floor of a rain forest. Or a jungle. Or some sort of heavily wooded area. She was never one for classifying things.

      Anyways, the heat felt lovely. And it wasn't even that hot. Her hands and feet, both pale blue with frostbite, were still throbbing with tendrils of ice, which pulsed in and out of her skin like veins. But most of it had receded, or simply melted off. And while that left her feeling a bit dehydrated, it was a lovely to be feeling so light and warm again.

      The jungle was clearing now, and Ashley was still humming that 'Welcome to the Jungle song,' as she had ever since she'd started her journey. Which was probably a few hours. Which was why she was so happy that it was nearly over, as she saw a glint of something over the trees. Later she would recognize them as solar panels.

      Thank. God.

      Speeding up a little, Ashley ran her frozen hands back through her bright pink hair, a clip of glassy ice forming to keep it out of her face. First impressions were everything, after all, and heaven forbid she looked like a raggedy Anne.

      Finally she found the exit from the jungle, tripped, caught herself with a vine, balanced herself, and then jogged down the little hill to the sand. She began wiggling her toes into the sand, which was warm. The ice that had been over her bare feet was heading up her legs to find a colder hiding place within her. Raising her green eyes, she took in the surrounding area.

      A little bar. Two men. Ocean. Exciting.
"Alright, notta problem. Three beers an' nachos on the house if you bring up the crates of beer, dude. I haven't finished unloadin' quite yet."

He laughed and wiggled his toes in the sand. Why anyone would wear shoes on the beach was beyond him, but to each their own.

"It'll be 'bout ten minutes. I gotta make the chips and all. Oh, an' look around, dude. This, right here, is paradise. Look at the sky - it's clear. You don't get that near civilization."

With a friendly nod, he went behind the bar and started rumamging through the drawers, looking for the right knives. He hadn't noticed the woman yet, but given a few minutes, he'd catch sight of her via the well-hidden security cameras on the command laptop.
[ Ashley~! =D
I know, I just saw. D:
Fancy seeing you here, though. o_O ]

The man turned his head as he heard the faint pitter-patter of footsteps in the sand. Pink hair, green eyes, and bare footed. Huh. Ali seemed to have gotten used to the fact that things around here weren't really as you'd call them.. "normal." Gaia, regardless of the region was filled with all kinds of different people, whether it be because of their hair, race, powarz, or their jutsu. Ali was accustomed to seeing people out of anime movies, along with people that seemed to have ascended from the depths of hell just to get a drink at a bar, possibly even hit on some women while they're at it. That was just Gaia.

With a nod, Ali passed a faint smile over to the girl and called out.


EDIT: "Free stuff? Awesome. Where are the crates?"

Ali loved free stuff, regardless of what it was. If it was good and it was free, it was his. Rising from his seat to reveal his six foot, two inch frame, he waited for direction. He had no idea where these crates were. Hearing him talk about the reasoning behind the secluded compound, he nodded in agreement.

"That's too true. You can actually taste the purity of the air around here. That just goes to show how different this area is from the city, although my idea of paradise includes a couple more women and a lot less clothing."

With that, the man let out a brief laugh.
[I'm starting to get the idea that you two might possibly know each other.

pirate ]

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