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Ross or his employees. 0.23809523809524 23.8% [ 10 ]
The insect demon guy. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The obvious serial killer. 0.11904761904762 11.9% [ 5 ]
The pretty-obviously-a-vampire religious guy. 0.19047619047619 19.0% [ 8 ]
The dreadhead Atlantean. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The wererat shaman. 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 2 ]
Someone else, the suspects are window dressing 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 7 ]
Daimonas through a patron. 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 4 ]
The People's Republic 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The Liberation Front 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 42 ]
XxCrimson bloodxX
From the corner of her eye eh glanced at the bottle of vodka in the mans hand and then turned to him and snatched it like it was taking candy from a baby.

Slightly smiling with the bottle in her hand she poured some into her glass giggle a little bit.
She simple put it back in between the two of them "It's common knowledge to share things" an evil smirk grew across her face.

The bottle was snatched; but Duc had the firmer grip, his hand wrapped around the neck of the bottle. When she grabbed he glared and shoved with his hand the bottle towards her with enough force to slam either her arm or the bottle into her face.

"Now don't go and be greedy."

Duc was ready for a violent follow through.
Cal noted two things on the man simultaneously - the bottle and the FIGHTER.

"Ooh, a HoH fighter. If you take someone's limb off, can you bring it back for me?"

She giggled, doing the usual "jailbaits who found something attractive" routine. She didn't really think the guy'd care, but it was either that or try to get in on what Nic was having. Which was probably going to be complicated, given the other female.

In the meantime, Aña smiled and waved goodbye to the couple, then sniffed the glass that the purple-haired woman had pushed in front of her.

"Vodka, soda, and lime, right?"

Without waiting for an answer, the teenager promptly grabbed another bottle and went on with the pouring, mixing, and the like. And then, because she's a b***h, she'd drink it herself and watch the fight. Hopefully, it;d be one, anyway.


"Yep. What's more romantic than sharing a bottle of wine while watching the stars on a beach, alone?" He giggled, then indicated the beach in front of them. "Besides, this is a bar on a semi-deserted tropical island, and I don't think you care much for rum, right?"

Rhoslyn grinned at her, letting the towels catch up and land on his shoulder. The machete'd just keep floating around, being all emo and s**t by itself.

The bottle was snatched; but Duc had the firmer grip, his hand wrapped around the neck of the bottle. When she grabbed he glared and shoved with his hand the bottle towards her with enough force to slam either her arm or the bottle into her face.

"Now don't go and be greedy."

Duc was ready for a violent follow through.

She laughed, the thought of her being greedy was the funnyest thing she'd ever heard. Her look may give off that feeling but never was she greedy.

She smiled "It's okay sweetheart you'll get your fair share" The force he seemed to put into giving her the bottle did not seem to phase her at all. Her tiny size did not mean she didn't have any power behind her little body.
Anita was amazed that the girl new exactly how to make the drink, She nodded happily and watched her create her favorite beverage.
Duc had a lot of power; but it wasn't his entirely, he just commanded it, mutually.

"If you say so."

Still he wasn't entirely pleased with what was happening, at least the idiot he had tried to kill had shut up. Maybe he had succeeded in slitting her throat.

To help lighten his mood he started to gland Soft Snow and was near instantly put into a numb state. All the while ignoring the little girl.
She stared at him with a sly smile like she had some kinda something on the brain. Hearing him mention rum though made her face light up like fireworks on the fourth of july.
Why, I love Rum!
She hasn't drank it in a long time and that was because it got her really drunk, and when she gets drunk, she gets horny...that doesn't end well for her. Especially if she goes to a bar alone and guys check her out. Next thing ya know she wakes up in bed next to a stranger, with a migrain. Something you don't want.
She sighed, conversations wern't really her thing but she was bored and he looked like an easy target to either piss off, or wel....piss off. This she was good at doing, not on purpose of course it just generally happened where ever she went.

"Do you thrive on trying to start fights, or is it just a common thing for you to be an a*****e to a lady?" She smiled...this wasn't going to go anywhere fast.
"I'm ready to go tonight if you are. Not sure if there are TVs but I'm sure Ross did something about it. He did mention it a day or two ago I think. Not quite sure. But I can always check the boat and see."

Nic just grinned.

Master Nic eh? New title. I've been called Lord, and even Sir, but never Master. It sounds nice."

Nic looked around a bit. Things seemed to be settling down.

How about we have Aña whip us up something real quick, and we go eat over by the bonfire? Afterwards, if you're still up for the movie, we can walk over and check out what all is on the boat. If we're lucky we'll find a TV and a satellite box. From there it'd be more walking to the tentcabin, followed by the movie, and maybe a few other... activities, ones that shouldn't be mentioned in public."

Towards the end of the talking, Nic's voice had lowered. And had a few suggestive tones to it.

Duc chuckled a bit, no longer quite needing the vodka. Truly his culture was amazing in his feats and abilities.

"No, what I enjoy is conflict. I seek to spark it in all its variety."

And though he no longer needed the vodka he grabbed it and took a swig, this time placing it back between the two of them.
It wasn't an experience Rhoslyn had partaken in, but the idea about getting shitfaced was appealing.

"Yo ho, and a bottle of rum."

The wine would join the Emo Machete in the floating along behind parade, and would be quickly replaced by a bottle of rum that flew down from the bar to his hand. Holding it up and waggling the bottle a little, Rhoslyn started laughing, quite content indeed.

Cal, being ignored, would shrug and start packing a bowl, since a fight just wasn't a fight if she wasn't high and watching someone get beaten.

Aña would... well, just sit back and enjoy, because it was funny.
"Conflict, fights, arguements...All the same thing really when you think about it" She grabbed the bottle pouring more into her glass. She was lady like she would never take the bottle and place it to her lips, she was raised to be as lady like as possible in each situation she came across.
nekogirl776's avatar

Eloquent Gawker

She nodded to his suggestion with a smile. She was hungry after all. "Sounds like a plan, Master." She giggled softly, if he liked her calling him that then she'd continue until told otherwise. "I want shrimp for dinner. It's my favorite." She smiled excitedly. It really had been forever since she'd gone out on a date and this guy didn't seem boring in the least, making it even better. She blushed slightly at the tone of his voice. She also got a little embarrassed every time he grinned. Not that she didn't like it, there was just something about that grin and his voice that fueled her extra bit of purring that she couldn't quite seem to control.
"Ahh; but there are so many methods and means to invoke conflict and to carry it out. It is my greatest vanity."

Duc loved ladies, at least the ones smart enough to know how to manipulate a situation for their betterment. The back stabbing ones always provided him with a source of conflict unlike any other and even through the numbness Duc felt a rush of adrenaline and was mildly aroused.

Offering his hand Duc probably did the most polite gesture he'd done all evening.

"Duc Disraeli. And you are?"
Enjoying the little jingle Ross made and the wagging of the rum bottle taunted Daliah into snatching the rum from his hand.
Hand it over!
She said popping off the cap and taking a rather large drink. It felt good going down, and the warm feeling after it was something she rather enjoyed as well. She knew what might happen if he allows her to drink enough. She didn't care though, he atleast wasn't a stranger, and they were close enough...let's admit it...she kinda of want's it. She just doesn't want little bunnies running around, not now in her life as far as she's concerned.
Har pale cheeks turned a bright red color, extending her hand and placing it in his she smiled.

"Antia Blake." She said, her eyes slightly suggestive. The color left her face and all that was left was just a gentle smile.

"And true enough Duc, you make a very correct statement. Though you may find no conflict with me, or too much for you too handle"

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