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Ross or his employees. 0.23809523809524 23.8% [ 10 ]
The insect demon guy. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The obvious serial killer. 0.11904761904762 11.9% [ 5 ]
The pretty-obviously-a-vampire religious guy. 0.19047619047619 19.0% [ 8 ]
The dreadhead Atlantean. 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The wererat shaman. 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 2 ]
Someone else, the suspects are window dressing 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 7 ]
Daimonas through a patron. 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 4 ]
The People's Republic 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The Liberation Front 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 42 ]

...Did you just say you were in heat?"

My my. That brought new ideas to mind.

As for my name, its Nicholas Reichmann. But everyone has seem to taken to calling me Nic."

Nic would raise his glass a bit and finish off his scotch.

And yes, I'm talking about a date. I don't date much though."
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Eloquent Gawker

[OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!! I just finished listening to Cell Block Tango no joke!! I just rented that movie again so my sister could see it. I'm listening to 'Your Brains' now though...before that it was 'Still Alive' from Portal. I just had to make this statement cuz it was INSANE]
Daliah hugged him tighter and nodded,
Can we just leave Cal and Ana (I can't do the whole squiggle thing above the N. An I forgot the name of it too. Fricker!) to tending the bar? Lets go walking on the beach right now!
She whispered in his ear. Then she looked behind her at the patrons and turned her head back to resting on his shoulder.
[Haha, epic coincidence is epic.]
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Eloquent Gawker

Her entire face went red as a cherry as she realized what she'd just said. "Oh did I say that? Uh...well...yes I suppose I am aren't I?" She laughed nervously, she hated it when someone actually found out she was. Regaining her composure she nodded to his name and continued the conversation. "I don't date much either...I don't stay in one place for very long because I normally get bored. I like it here though. I would really enjoy a walk after dark though. Your idea sounds really fun! If you'd actually mind my company that is.....Nic" She purred a tad louder after saying his name. Her tail flickered and her ears were perked up in attention to him.
She smiled, "Thanks for the drink!"

She looked it it, it had been sitting there for by far too long considering she fell off into a dazz for a few moments thinking about all the "Love" that was in the air.

She'd never come by someone who'd ever flirt with her...I guess her presance didn't give off the most appealing sort of nature. Her skin was cold to touch, it was pale, everything else about her stuck out so much more because of this...her purple hair not just purple but a bright purple, her eyes not just dark...but as dark as night.
[Alt 164. And it's called a tilde, I think. If that doesn't work, just use "Anya" since it's pronounced the same.]

The idea of leaving the foxes in charge of the chicken coop was amusing, but, on the other hand, he did at least know Aña wouldn't get drunk. Cal... well, that was a lost cause a few years back. Expecting her not to get drunk when there was alcohol within a hundred miles miles was like performing a swan dive into a pit of lava and expecting first-degree burns.

"...yeah, of course. I'll bring more towels, though."

PUSHING ZE RED BUTTON again, he'd JAZZHANDS over a pair of towels, a bottle of wine from Cal's hands, and a machete, since... well, it was the ********' Black Sand and that meant violence could possibly occur. Or something.

"Aww, how cute. I think I like this new girlfriend of yours, Dad."

Rhoslyn just sighed, shook his head, then turned slightly so as to have a direction to go and a free hand for the wine. His other arm would just stay wrapped around Daliah's waist, and after laughing, he'd start walking with her.

Cal and Aña shrugged, then went to stand behind the bar.

"Alright, who's drinking what?"

Cal glanced at her younger sister, then looked around at the patrons.

"Eh. I say we all get drunk. Aside from you, Aña. Who likes tequila?"
She noticed another person walking up to the bar, her hands stiffened a little, people or creatures close to her made her a little jumpy, but you could never tell that she was frightened of anyone she put on that whole "stand-off-ish" look most of the time.
Duc grabbed the bottle of vodka that had been placed between himself and the other girl.

His cranberry and vodka was gone and he was willing to drink straight from the bottle.
"Mm, I wouldn't mind at all. Sounds like it would be an... interesting evening."

Course, the line of ideas he was thinking would eventually lead to an obvious subject. And then her being in heat would register in that line of thinking. Perhaps Nic would end up with kittens?

So, we can do the dinner and the walk here, but the movie might elude us. Unless Ross has had TVs installed in the tentcabins."

Nic simply grinned a bit. He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself.
The women glarred at the man who took the bottle of vodka from the middle of them, taking away her vodka was like taking away her life.

Hardly a drunk, or an alcoholic she still wanted to see her fair share of the booze. She sighed instead of saying anything and finished off what was left in her glass, sliding it slightly infront of her
Daliah smiled at Ross then turned to look back at Cal and Anya.
Thanks so much for taking over the bar.
She figured it'd be nice to thank them, hopefully it didn't offend in some way. Sometimes compliments offend people. When Ross started leading the walk she looked over at his other hand seeing the wine bottle,
Is that for us?
She asked, a slight jump in her tone. She couldn't wait for this walk to begin.
The women failed to take the path of conflict, her laziness would doom her in the end.

In the mean time while that future was a ways off still Duc enjoyed the vodka.
From the corner of her eye eh glanced at the bottle of vodka in the mans hand and then turned to him and snatched it like it was taking candy from a baby.

Slightly smiling with the bottle in her hand she poured some into her glass giggle a little bit.
She simple put it back in between the two of them "It's common knowledge to share things" an evil smirk grew across her face.
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Eloquent Gawker

Her mind then went to one thing and one thing only. Pushing every other thought aside she made her epic suggestion. "Can we watch Phantom of the Opera? Please? Pretty please?" She obviously really loved this movie. Any musical really but Phantom always put her in the best mood possible. She swooned over his voice and could often be caught singing songs from that movie. "When do you wanna do all this? I'm good any day you are Master Nic..oops! sorry...Nic." She was so used to addressing "Master Ross" that she had caused a mistake with names. "Sorry Sorry."

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