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Lurker tightened up his katana's low slung strap to hang closer to hand, it's slick new sheath catching lingerings of moonlight and street flow along it's freshly polished shaft as he rode swiftly through the city streets. A light drizzle took to the air. It pattered his coal black motorcycle helmet like tears of a low Goddess, the rev of the killer engine under his a** pumping his blood to speed even faster, feel the sharp wind cut into his every fiber. The road took on a flickering sheen like the scales of a dripping viper, his body dipping low into a sharp right turn like the slumping of a pendulum. Even with the light rain It had been a warmer night then usual, and that was good. It meant he didn't need his armored riding jacket for tonight, his padded knee skidding the ground narrowly as the turn was completed, the bike righting itself, slowing...

He stopped before several alleyways that lead towards interlocking networks of cobblestone, his faceless gaze looking towards the shadowed store fronts and buzzing club scenes at his back. His weighted gloves stayed on for now, but his helmet was removed quietly, legs kicking up and over to one side of the bike as he worked a cigarette out of his front pocket.

From head to toe, Lurker was obviously a solid individual. His head was shaved, face like that of an apex predator or worse. It was a sharp visage, his nose like the point of a spear, lips thin yet full enough to speak boldly if need be. An enormous scar parted down from a solid crag on the top left of his skull to the nape of his throat. The scar split his lips leaving him with a permanent half scowl, his yellowed canines showing out like the ever waiting claws of a wild cat. His jacket floated off to reveal a segmented left arm, his flesh parted in half inch jagged rivets like scale mail all the way from the tip of his fingers to the curve of his inner tricep. Other then this oddity Lurker's body was for all purposes human enough, a visible heat trail heaving from one of the odd slits in the biker's mechanical arm. He lit his cigarette, taking in several drags as he sat back upon his motorcycle's seat cushion. He took a couple minutes to people watch. Finally finished, he flicked the cigarette's butt away, locking his helmet and jacket away into a latch compartment on the back of his bike. He had work to do...

He shouldered his katana and strode on towards the cobblestone road, having picked up a tip about a potential contamination at the Black Hound. His purple eyes found the way to the path and beyond, to a star soaked sky that promised eternity and yet was nothing, blackness swallowing blackness..


He pushed his way inside, and calmly made his way into the male restroom. There he tapped his katana around upon the walls. He even walked into the decently cleaned stalls, looking all around, sniffing here and there and everywhere in between. What was Lurker, looking for?

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Kalypso downs her shot of whiskey in a swift fluid motion. She keeps her head cocked back a while longer, closing her long lashes to savour the slight sting. She tries to remember how whiskey used to burn her throat and bring tears to her eyes when she was human, but the memories are foggy. Oh, the tragedy of being a vampire. The ancient woman would have to drink three bottles of the stuff to get even remotely drunk. So tragic. Bringing her head back down, Kalypso fixes her gold eyes on her customer and catches his witty retort about renting out her room. Her purple lips form an 'O' as she feigns offense at the obvious jab at her flirtatiousness. She gives a playful pout as she listens to the rest of what he has to say.

"Well, after you basically just called me a harlot, I'm not sure if I want your company at my tavern," Kalypso jokes, still giving a full-lipped frown. She can't help the chuckle that breaks up her act, and she shakes her head. "With how dead it's been, you could have threatened my life and I probably would still let you rent out a room," she confesses with a small shrug. The vampire leans forward on the counter and cocks her head to the side with a raised brow. "May I ask what your business in our cozy little rat den of a town is?" This man could honestly tell Kalypso that he's a human-trafficker or a drug lord and she wouldn't be surprised. The Black Hound has had it's fair share of infamous gangsters come and go.

Speaking of infamous gangsters, the sound of a motorcycle outside draws Kalypso's attention. She raises her golden gaze from the white-clad man to the front door where another peculiar character enters. Oh tonight is going to be so exciting! The vampire stands straight and gives the man a broad grin, which he very rudely ignores as he heads straight to the restrooms. Her eyes widen in surprise, and her smile falls. Quickly recovering, Kalypso furrows her brow and frowns bitterly. "Rude," she mumbles like a pathetic brat. Even after being in this world for hundreds of years, the immortal is still quite the child. Whether she just acts that way or is actually completely immature, no one may ever know.

i was looking for a вrєαȶң of ℓιғє..
a little ȶσυcң of ңєαѵєɳℓy ℓιɢңȶ ..


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Wait, no he didn't mean it like that. Oh she was teasing him right back! "Now why would I threaten your life?" The jinn stammered out as he tried to glide past over the faux pass. But now came the interesting part. As a new stranger came in and ignored the hostess the genie raised a brow as the vampire asked him what his business was. "I work in an export/import business and I'm here to see that a shipment bound west gets there." Was all he was willing to give towards the gracious stranger. Maybe she was used to having secrets whispered in hush tones but this man would certainly keep his trap shut.
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