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Her smile gone, but a seriousness blazed in her eyes as the area began to just swell with heat. "Do it. Attack me. Think of killing me, Damion. Think of how Saryu was so weak and foolish to try and deny you of a glorious death. How she rather die than fight you anymore? How dare she! How dare she think you so weak! Attack me!!" She growled out as the life within at least thirty feet of them began to wilt of life. "NOW! ATTACK!"
Hearing her command him to 'attack' was all he needed. But it didn't hurt being reminded of Saryu's inability to give him the fight he wanted. And the failure of loosing her sword was riding hard on his shoulders. He wanted to impress Dark, to erase the stain on his honor by showing her something she didnt' expect. It was this desrie that pushed him farther than he intended to go with his spell.

These emotions worked together to shake McKlain out of his controled state. His vision was shaded with red and he was reduced to his most basic instincts. A yell escaped his lips as he fell back into a low stance and brougth his hands together at his right hip. The heat had grown more intense and, even though there was yet no fire in his hands, the amount of energy being gathered spiked sharply. The ring glowed like a beacon, allowing him something to focuss on and amplifying his abilities beyond what he could have achieved alone, but now no longer holding him back.

He threw his hands foward at her in an open-palm strike, the kind that would toss a human across a bar room in a fight. Only when he reached the apex of his thrust did the ball of heat transform into something more. An explosion rippled through the forest as his energy was converted into a high explosive blast. While protected by the heat and the shock of the explosion McKlain was nevertheless thown back. 210lbs of angry mercenary was sent flying ten feet throgh the air, stopping only after he maid contact with a sturdy looking tree.

The blast was stronger than he had intended, by a lot. It was as if a crate of grenades had went off all at once right in front of his hands. His vision blurred and his skin felt hot where the tree touched him.
She didn't move out of the way, but felt the full force of the blast impact her directly onto her torso. Dark's feet lifted from the ground as she flew backwards and she let out a muffled but loud howl. A burned circle charred itself onto her stomach as her body crashed lifelessly onto the ground. She lay still as a gasp was let out and her head rolled over to the side, smoke escaping her mouth.

The pain instantly raced to numb her senses as her eyes remained shut. Voices echoed in her darken mind as a memory played in her mind.

"Fear the mortals; they know not the power given to them." A child image of her curled onto the ground before a cloaked shadow that towered over her when she and Saryu were one.

"They made us this way. They should be our pawns. They should suffer because we suffered for them. We said 'no' and we were punished. I hate them. I wish them death and misery, Master." The child muttered out as the cloaked figure glanced down at her with pair of abyssal eyes.

"A better life for the mortals means that our downfall is forgotten, Sarka." He answered back.

"Don't call me that...I want a new name. Call me something else, anything but the name given to me by the ones that made us fall for the mortals."

"You will Lady Dark, child." The memory faded but Saryu's voice along with Dark's voice overlapped each other, "I'm not a child but a necessary causality of war."

Her fingers twitched but she still lay very lifelessly on the ground. The blood in her mouth tasted almost hot as she found it even hard to breath.
McKlain groaned. Images floated before him, blurred, and faded. He caughed. The images returned and he fought to hold onto them. What happened? He tried to move but pain lanced through his body. It felt as though somebody stabbed him in the stomach with a red-hot poker.


He clutched his abdomen and fell to his side. Bial burned at the back of his throat and he felt like throwing up. The pain was intense but he used it, latched onto it and rode the wave back to complete awairness. He was training. Dark had touched him and... Dark!

His eyes opened. The images were half fuzzy and half clear. Something slick and warm ran down his neck. He rubbed the back of his head and felt blood. Great. Somebody was on the ground some distance ahead of him.


It must be her. He gritted his teeth and, with one hand on his gut, pushed himself to his feet. It was an unsteady stance and it didn't help that his insides were on fire from agrivating his wound. Internal injuries were always trickey. Nevertheless he made his way over to where his master lay.

"Dark! Dark?"

He spoke her name in a loud, yet reasonably calm voice. One hand nudged her shoulder, trying to see if she was awake or unconcious.
He nudged her and she jerked a bit, the smoke still coming out of her mouth as she curled into an almost drunk smile. She weakly spoke as she tried to sit up, but fell back down. "That was a rush..." Her eyes drifted over to him as she began to laugh quietly, "...lesson one over. Lesson two will have to wait another day."
McKlain placed his hand on her shoulder to hold her down. He was worried about her.

"Stay down, Dark. Just relax. Feel anything odd? Pain anywhere?"

He was going through the motions of his training. Find out what was wrong and treat it as soon as possible. Looking down at the burn on her chest he cringed on the inside. Not because it made him squemish, but because he thought it was a bad wound. A wound that he had inflicted on Dark. He didn't have enough material left to dress her wound, that he knew. It didnt' seem to be bleeding though.

The smoke coming from her mouth was troubling, too. He also thought he saw blood stain her teeth. If she was lung shot then that would be bad indeed.

"Are you having trouble breathing?"

Despite his concern for her it was obvious that he too was hurting.
It hurt everywhere, but Dark only laughed some more. "Don't worry, Damion. This only means you did a really good job." The hand she used to release his magic, she lifted and pressed it over the wound. Between her wound and her hand, a blast of purplish flame ignited and coursed through her body. Her eyes widen as she suddenly sat up, the flames burning away the blood as tiny flames expelled from her mouth. Moving her hand and the wound had just scarred over as she drifted her eyes to delight looking at him. "Worry not about how badly I get hurt. Worry of yourself."
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I guess that figures he thought. I wonder if I am the only person who has to use bandages and pain killers in order to feel better? But that didn't matter. With the danger to Dark over with McKlain sat back, letting out a harsh sigh.

"Well, I guess you are right."

He had mixed feelings. One the one hand he enjoyed the praise from Dark about his performance. On the other hand he felt like s**t. It felt like he had a lump of molten wood in his gut and knew he would have to operate on himself again to stop the bleeding. As hard as he tried to hide it he was in pain.
((Ah, Shadow, I missed you!! *Squeals like annoyin' fangirl*))

Dark tilted her head to see his discomfort as she leaned forward a bit, placing her palm onto the spot of the wounds. "It only hurts a bit." Her lips inched near his own as she locked a kiss onto his lips. A burst of same purplish flames coursed through his wound and expelled out of the other fresh cuts. It singed as her tongue shoved through into his mouth, more of her spell overwhelming his physical pain and lust for battle into something comfortably numb. The flames died as she pulled away and gazed into his eyes. "Painfully refreshing, isn't it?" She whispered with a somewhat humble smirk.
McKlain had never been excited about healing magics. He did not understand them and did not trust them. But he did not resist Dark's attempt to heal him. For one, what self-respecting straight man would? Especially when applied like that?

He gasped, rocking back as she released him, his eyes wide. He couldn't believe it. It hurt, but it was different than being burned. The feeling was impossible to explain. After a while he was numb to it. Then the pain was gone. Not only that but all that remained of his wound was just another scar. He pealed back one of the plastiflesh patches on his neck and felt the skin. It was rough where the wound had healed, leaving only a scar.

"Impressive," he said breathlessly. "I wish we had combat medics like youin the Inner Sphere."

He licked his lips, savoring the taste, and leaned closer to her.

"I will get Saryu's sword back. If you desrie it I will bring you Lucien's head. Whatever you want, name it."
"Just get the sword back. She uttered, "I care not if you kill the fool who took it or not. I just want you to get the sword back. When you do, I'll give you lesson number two, okay?" She brushed her lips softly against his lips and before deluging in for another kiss, vanished like a puff of shadowy smoke leaving him hanging and desiring for more of what she offered in power to him.

Alright, basically he left after she did. Thanks, Saryu, for the RP!
(( Bad Saryu! ^^! You better miss me. I miss you too! -Fondles her.- ))

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