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Her crimson eyes fell onto the tavern, as she smirked lightly. How easily she could just merely destroy it, but the building demise was what she had in mind, but the people who were in it. It didn't matter as of now, she waited and summoned him. He would come and all she had to do was will him to. Her being would be like a beacon and her will drew him closer. Waiting like a silent sentinel just yards away from the tavern, Dark waited for the soldier.
There was a flash of blinding, pure white light from the forest. Much of the light was obstructed by the trees. One such tree, right at the source of the light, burst into flames where the eye-searing glow touched it. With a crackle the tree toppled over, crashing through other tree imbs to rest on the forrest floor.

The light lasted for only seconds. When it died down a man was revealed. He was kneeling, with his eyes closed, as if concentrating. His eyes flickered open and he looked light headed. It had been a long time sense he had used that spell and part of him was worried about screwing it up. But he didn't. The spell had gone off without a hitch.

He stood to his feet, shakey from the energy needed from the spell and the wound to his body, and looked around. There was a person near the edge of the woods. He started walking toward her.
"Well, look at you. It appears someone gave you a hell of a fight. Was it fun?" She curled her smile more as she asked like a curious kid. Her arms crossed over her chest as she looked him over more carefully. "Damion, you didn't kill Saryu, did you?"
McKlain's blood pumped quicker as he realized who the lithe body at the edge of the woods belonged to. It was Dark. Seeing her in a good mood set him at ease. A sense of calm and well-being fell over him.

He marched up to her, a sly grin on his scared and patched face. His hands found their way around her waste as he pulled her body close to his.

"Last time I checked she was still alive, albeit rather exposed. And sense you are here I think it is safe to assume her heart still beats. As far as the fight goes; it was fun. She is still holding herself back. A nieve girl, your sister. She tried to get me to kill her. You should have seen the look on her face when I refused to cooperate."
"Always looking for a way out. But it appears, she did a number on you. She's naive, but determined. That's her dangerous trait. Her magic as well." She looked away and then pondered deeply for a few seconds, then snapped her gaze at him with a delightful grin.

"Damion, do you know why I chose you? To form this...relationship between us?"
McKlain quirked an arrogant, but relaxed, grin down at her. He leaned forward to rest his forhead against hers, a chill going through him at being so close to her, having her body against his. Even if the cantact was superficial he still enjoyed every moment of it.

"Because you wanted nothing but the best as your 'cats paw."

He sounded cockey. No, not cockey so much as completely confidant of himself.
"Not just the best, but the greatest. I see potential in you." Her hand lifted as she traced the new cut on his face. She didn't seem phased by how close he was to her, but she could get closer if she wanted. She took a step back but her eyes were locked onto his own gaze.

"You have magic just oozing to get out. But you are quite unfamiliar with your own power. Yes, you're gifted in many ways...but magic in this realm will be a trump card to any opponent you face. Won't you like it if I drew out that power in you?" She taunted him a bit with her seductive glance as she smiled some more at him.
McKlain blinked. He had forgotten about drawing out his power during his fight with Lucien. He had build up a sizable ready-supply of energy before breaking contact wtih Lucien. Much of it had been used when he teleported but more than enough remained for those who were sensative to that sort of thing to pick up on.

He inclins his head, giving her an odd look.

"Magic is one thing that I have had little luck with. It is true that my, ah, powers have helped me get out of some tight situations. I do find it useful."

The part about tight situations was evidant enough as he looked like he had just jumped through an especially thick wall of fire, legacy of one of Lucien's most recent attacks. Other oddities about his person would be the absence of his primary weapon, the shotgun. Remembering about the fight he looked away from Dark.

"Lucien has Saryu's sword. I was in the process of 'convincing' him to return it to me when I..."

Suddenly he blinked, looking up at her with a surprised espression. He had walked away from a fight. What's more, he had walked away from a fight with somebody who he respected as a warrior. That was not like him. Not at all. But why? Could she really have a spell on him?
"It's not focused properly. Come now, Damion...I freed you from living a life of conscience, isn't it enough that I free the magic also?" Dark pouted a bit and she closed her eyes after he revealed what had happened to Saryu's sword.

"What?" It was rather cold and almost angry as she opened her eyes again. Her usually nonchalant attitude seemed to be fading as she looked away. "Why does he have her sword?" It made sense where his wound came from as she looked him over again, "She cut didn't she?"

She could almost see the images of their battle between them, "She got you good. The sword pierced your abdomen, didn't it? Damion, tell me the truth. Her sword is magical. A gift from our father not just a reminder, but a dangerous extension. I am not pleased by this. Which more vital that you learn to focus on your magical ability that sleeps in you."
McKlain waved her concern away with a shrug. He didn't seem at all bothered by it. However, her overt displeasure at him loosing the sword and being wounded by her in the first place had his gut doing flips. It was his task in life to please Dark. Not to anger her.

"Lucien is a fool. He thinks the sword is yours. Chanses are he will return it to you when he next sees you. If not then I can always kill him and take it back that way."

He looked down at his ragged shirt. It was stained with blood in various places. Most of the blood was his; shed during his fights with Saryu and Lucien and while making love with a curious creature of darkness. The coller was torn and there was a red-rimmed hole over the abdomen. He would have to change soon.

"Saryu got a lucky shot on me. Nothing more than that. She stabbed me then gave up, assuming I would kill her. I broke her arm instead."

He started to say he didn't need fancey magical powers to get the job done but bit the words off. There was no way he could deny its potential. Yes, if he was able to better understand his power, then it could be an even more powerful weapon in his arsinal. He had a feeling, however, that any gains he would get from his magic would be long in coming.

"Alright, Dark. Let us see what you can do with my 'powers.'"
"Get the sword back." She growled lowly and let out a heavy sigh, staying silent for a moment. "But first..."

Her gaze narrowed at him as she stepped forward and locked her hand as the tips of her fingers brighten at the tips. She extended it forward and held it over the middle of his chest. It would feel like her hand extended toward his chest closer, but as an unseen limb reaching at the core of his body. Passed the non-organic parts and through various other organs. A dormant circle lay within him dimly pulsing as her magic focused on it to release the restrictions upon him.

Your body is more than capable of handling this; you just need to focus... Her voice raced through his mind.

Suddenly, her spirit jolted back in place as she let out a gasp for air for second. Her hand relaxed to her side as she stepped back further from him, "Now, attack me. But imagine on attacking me with your mind, the rest will do itself."
McKlain felt something within him release, as if a well of pint up something was now open. His right hand twitched and anybody capable of seeing such energy would see his ring glowing as if protesting Dark's intrusion. The ring bound his energy to his body, limiting him but also allowing him to focus. Without it he had an endless amount of energy to tap into, but he would be unable to focus it into anything tangible. But now...

He started toward he as she gasped but stopped when she spoke to him. Attack her? That he could defy her order never occored to him. He blinked, started forward, stopped, and frowned. Attack her with his mind? He could imagine doing all sorts of things to her but he couldn't see any tof them manifesting themselves just because he willed it. Pitty.

Attack. Attack... Attack damn it! He scratched his head, trying to think of something. Finally he got pissed off. Raising one hand, palm up, he decided to concentrate on creating a simple fireball. Energy gathered at the palm of his hand. At first it was as if a child were trying to scoop water into a pile. After a moment, however, the energy began to flow more smoothly as he got it under control.

Dark could see his energy shift first around his body. Then, after it settled around him, it took shape in his hand. A heat mirage could be seen just above his hand as the air heated up. Before long she would be able to feel it as though somebody had opened the door to a blast furnace. McKlain, being unable to sense his own energy, and apparently unable to feel the heat radiating from his hand, was oblivious to the fact that the fireball he was attempting to conger up was much bigger and much more powerful than he had anticipated.

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