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"Then you can fix me food. Make as much as you want, and when you're done - and if you are hungrey then - you can have what is left."

That should make her happy, he thought to himself. He had encountered the proud, defiant type before, but so far Lucianne had been a bit of a puzzelment to him. Whatever she was, he left her a perfectally good out in case she was just being indiferent for indiferents sake.

Not waiting for her reply he marched out of the room and made his way down the stairs. Seeing the body he grimased to himself. It would have to be moved, and preferably before it voided its bowels. Reaching down he hefted the body up by its belt loop with one hand, marched it to the door, and flung it outside in a spray of blood and gore. After that he went to the sink behind the bar to wash his hands.
She got up and growled at his back as he walked out of the room. She was a bit put out by her reaction to him touching her face. She didn't like it. Irritably she looks down at her shirt and finally deems it as filthy. She strips from the shirt and rummages around for a clean one. When she found none in his room she wondered down the hall, topless, to a different room. She found a shirt in there, though it was tight on her.

She shrugs and heads downstairs to prepare the meal he had so bluntly pushed on her. He could cook for himself if he offered to cook for her. She couldn't help but glare at his back as she walked off to the kitchen.

Once there though she began cooking serveal different dishes since she didn't know what he liked. she didn't have meat that was good so she stepped out back and hunted down a doe right quick. She knew how to fix it in less than an hour and took to it. The knife she had to use was a bit dull but it worked. The smell of raw meat made her mouth water and she quickly placed it on the stove to be cooked.

About an hour and a half later she came out carrying a tray with several different plates on it for McKlain to choose from. She wasn't picky on which ones she was left with but she would have a bit of the steak.
Damion spent the time getting cleaned up. For starters, he dumped some harsh, abrasive chemicals on the blood and gore on the floor of the tavern. He would mop it up later, or let it go steral and leave it there to dry. The place was abandoned as it is, so nobody would care. At leat it wouldnt' stink.

After that he stripped and cleaned his handgun, then went up stairs to take a quick shower. When he came back down he could smell the food being made and his mouth began to water. An hour and she has made all these nice smells?

"I can not wait to see what this smell is coming from." Twenty minutes later he found out as she carried out a series of plates with food piled ontop of them. "This is... prodigious," was all he could say at first. He did not expect this much food, but he was glad for it. "This might just be enough for me," he said with his signiture half grin.

He piled a side of steak and some other bits of food onto a plate of his own after she had set them out. Then he nodded to her to dig in herself. He didn't buy her answer earlier and assumed she was as hungrey as he was.
She smiles at him as he digs in and snickers a bit.

-Hungry are we?

She takes the tray back to the kitchen and sets it on the table after turning off the stove. She takes one last look to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything then walks back out to the bar where he sat eating. She watched him for a bit then took a plate she had made just for herself and began eating with more manners than she should have for being half lycan and mostly out in the woods. She didn't think anything about using the manners she had learned from a previous owner. It had become a habbit since it was required of her to do so.

After she was done she placed her dishes in the sink and washes them. After that simple task was done she made her way upstairs to take a shower of her own.
Damion continued grazing even after she got up to take a shower. He didn't know why shew as going upstairs, but part of him wished he haden't already taken a shower. And that he haden't eaten so much. As it was he was too full to do anything terribly active. And the food was damn good, especially with him being as hungrey as he was.

Oddly enough, it was only after she had left his field of vision when it hit him that she had changed her shirt. Huh. I do not think she was wearing a bra. Perhapse he would enjoy his rights with her tonight? Well, at least after the food settled.

We'll see how it goes.

By the time she was finished with her shower he would be done eating. His plate, along with whatever leftovers there were, would be left on the table.
Once done with grooming and such she came down in only a towel, she wanted to ask if he had any extra pants she could perhaps use. When she saw the mess still on the table she glares at him.

-Do you not know how to clean up after yourself?

her delicate brow rose at the question and she eyed him a bit like a mother or a school teacher would a misbehaving child. Her hands placed firmly on her hips and her weight to one side. The towel she had found was small and barely came to her mid thigh.
Damion turned at the sound of her voice. Seeing her wtih the towel on only, he shifted to better look at her. He didn't bother to hide the appeal in his expression for her.

"No, I do not."

He sat back in his chair and watched her intently.

"So would you like to join me or is there something you need?"
She quickly walks over and disposes of the left overs and the dirty dishes before they attracted flies and smelled of rot. She glares at him a bit for openly looking at her the way he did.

-Do you have an extra pair of pants?

When she was done cleaning up after him she wipes her wet hands on the towel and that pulled it a little loose though she didn't notice.

-I need something to wear other than a towel.. since you sleep like the dead.
"What does your nakedness have to do with my sleeping heavy? And what is wrong with what you are wearing right now?" He gives her a good looking over once more, admiring the extra slack in the towel, before letting out a sigh.

"Yes, I have extra clothes. But they may be big for you. In the closet upstairs in my room there is a duffel bag. Inside is an extra set of BDU pants and a t-shirt. You are wealcome to them if you like. Or you can join me as you are...?"

He held up one hand invitingly, seemingly unawair that what he was suggesting may be inapropreat.
She smirks at him and plays with the towel a bit. The bottom coming up ever farthur up her thighs.

-Ohh but of your sleeping and I'm walking about in a towel.. should another man come in.. lets just say I don't have much to cover with...

She walks over to him and takes his hand though not knowing why. For some strange reason she was compelled to tease him but she didn't think it would end well if she did.
"Well, I would not want somebody else to enjoy that which I own. At least before I get a chanse to try you out."

She takes his hand and he reaches to take her toher one so they are effectively holding eachother's hands. He pulls her toward him, working his knee between her thighs and hiking the towel up ever so slightly.

"Well, you saw what happened to the last guy who walked in here. I do not take kindly to interlopers."

Bringing her hands together so he could hold both of hers with just one of his, he moves his now free hand to caress her outter thigh, lightly running the tips of his fingers up and down her upper leg.
Luciannes eyes travel over him as she is pulled closer to him. She made no protests to his touches but she didn't like her wrists beging held the way they were.

-You won't get to try me out.. as you put it, if you keep demanding things of me.

Half of it was true as she would not submit if demanded to, but she was not so sure she wanted him "try her out" in the first place. No man had ever laid hands on her in such a way concidering no one was strong enough to place her on her back. She only moves closer to him and sits on his leg so that she didn't have to look down at him.
His confidant, almost cockey, grin stays unchanged as she speaks. Once she was seated on his knee he slides forward a bit and releases her hands. Placing one of his own hands on each side of her hips he slides her bodily up his leg toward him, fully awair of her scant 'clothing.'

"You do not seem to realize that I am within my rights to order you to bed with me." He let his sly grin linger for a moment longer. "But do not worry. I would rather have a willing partner. You should know that by now."

He kept his hands on her hips and it was evidant that he was enjoying her proximity.
She nods her head slowly and quirks a brow at him, he obviously had a large ego. Which she found oddly cute.

-May be within your rights.. but I can still hurt you..

She grins slyly and winks at him letting him know she would not hesitate to do so and that she was strong enough even though she was small. She stands up and backs away from him slowly so that his hands wouldn't rip away her towel.
As she backs away he lightly grabs the towel. It would either stop her or pull it from her. Either way would work with him.

"I know you are strong. That is why I gave you the honor of being my bondswoman."

He continues grinning at her with a self confidance that pissed people off for all the right reasons.

"Go, now. Go get dressed."

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