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Kalare heard him slip onto a barstool close by. He was being vocal about it. Whatever he was trying to convince her to do, it wasn't working. But then she saw that bone tail come to try to wrap around her.

Uh, no. No, thank you.

That tail reminded her of things she'd rather not think about. It was unpleasant, unsightly, just a little bit terrifying. It made her uncomfortable. Kalare took a few steps back from it - just to walk into Melech's embrace.

Well, now she couldn't get out of it. She was pulled in. Kalare frowned at the movement, though her body seemed to instinctively relax against him.

He probably just wanted to steal her magic reserves from her like the last time.

She cast a glance at him behind her. She saw the mouthed words. He looked bloody. He smelled bloody. Yeah, he was totally okay. She did her best to avoid skimming the damage. She didn't want to know. But part of her was relieved. 'Okay,' she mouthed back with a roll of her eyes. The act seemed dismissive. Kalare turned to face Dreamer again, ostensibly intent on ignoring the Devil holding onto her. He'd just get a good look at her bare back instead.

That was all he was getting, though.

The topic of conversation finally registered. Wait, Dreamer got gifts and Kalare didn't?

What the ********? How did Melech even know her?

Kalare glanced only briefly at the katanas next to her on the counter. They were kind of pretty but not something that particularly caught her interest. Still, her lower lip formed a gentle pout.

Guess he liked Dreamer. Kalare wanted presents, too.

Melech then reached for her right hand. Kalare fidgeted slightly. He had noticed the bracelets. Sure, Kalare liked pretty things. What was he insinuating? Kalare became unnervingly self-aware as she felt him examining them. She quickly pulled her wrist from his grasp. "They're from a friend, okay?" she exclaimed curtly, as if she wanted to end the topic before it even started. The response sounded defensive. She hadn't even waited for him to ask.

Jumping the gun a little bit, wasn't she?

She was decidedly off her game now - but she was going to try to cover it up by changing the subject. Kalare tilted her head back to close the distance between Melech and herself slightly, that pout still on her lips, but her gaze stayed on Dreamer, who seemed to be staring back just as much. Kalare seemed genuinely perplexed. "Who's your friend?" she practically purred, but the question sounded starkly innocent. It was an abrupt change, but it'd catch his attention, she was sure.
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The way Kalare shied away from his tail made him starkly aware of that bone appendage. Of course, she wasn't used to it. The moment she stepped into his embrace, his tail mimicked her retreat, the bladed tip even lowering almost like a dog that had been scolded. With a twitch and a shudder, the tail shifted. Bone warped and shrank and within a few moments, it had returned to that long, leathery appendage with that notched spade tip. Testing the waters at first, the tail brushed against her arm as her attention had lowered to Melech examining her bracelets. It moved to wrap around her arm, but froze when the demoness snapped at its master.

Melech's brow arched further as she snapped at him, a look of amused confusion now present on his face. A friend hmm? It seemed a sore subject. Normally, the devil would push the matter, but something about Kalare seemed...off. Releasing her wrist as if it were something precious, his arm then rose into a gesture of surrender, his tail gently coiling around her forearm.

"Of course."

Rising back to a proper sitting position with her in front of him, he closed his eyes and leaned his head forward just as Kalare had leaned hers back, allowing his forehead to come to rest against her hair. A wave of fatigue washed over him for a brief moment, and then Dreamer spoke. Why? Why had he made her weapons shiny? He couldn't help but smirk weakly, turning his head as it rested against Kalares to allow him to look to Dreamer once more.

"Suspicious are we? They wont bite."

He almost purred.

"Go ahead, pick them up and find out. I promise you'll be more than satisfied."

His words carried an underlying tone of maliciousness, or was it just sick amusement. Hard to tell.

Shifting, he resisted the urge to nuzzle his nose into Kalare's hair as he rested against it. Blinking when she asked who his friend was, his head tilted ever so slightly to the side. Interesting. His eyes shifted briefly to the side to look at Dreamer, before shifting back to Kalare's hair. The arm around her hips shifted to allow his hand to gently slide into place over her stomach, giving her a light squeeze to pull her further back into him.

"Just another valued customer."

He spoke just loud enough for Dreamer to hear, his smirk as wide as ever. Pausing a moment, his eyes fell shut and his smile faded. They were closed for only an instant before opening once more, allowing him to turn his attention back to Dreamer, his smile returning

"Don't worry. I'll put it on your tab."

He chuckled, returning to the topic of her Katanas.
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Dreamer watched for a minute, she watched as Kalare went from 'don't touch me' to, 'who's that?' in an almost jealous girl tone. Somewhere that amused Dreamer, maybe because she was bitter. "Har--" For a moment she wanted to make a snide remark, but then her demeanor changed and her amusement returned. If she wanted to act like that, then Dreamer would treat her like a jealous girl.

"We're close." She snickered, knowing full well that Melech would either be amused with it, or shaking his head.

Though, she thought she was amused, apparently not as much as Melech, he almost dared her to pick up her weapons. Dreamer bit her lip, when he spoke of a tab she began to get nervous. What exactly did that mean? What would these things do for him?

If she didn't pick them up, some of her feared he would take that as her not accepting his 'gift.'

Dreamer inhaled and looked at him with a rather rattled face. Though, only he could really tell that, to Kalare she would just look like she was in a pissy mood like she had been. Dreamer shut her eyes and started walking casually over to the weapons. When she reached her destination her fingers hovered over them for a moment, still afraid to touch them. She suddenly gave them a determined grab.

Here goes nothing.


Just then a wave of pain came over her, she clenched her teeth and dropped to her knees, holding both of the swords in her hands. This pain was not the worst she had felt from him, but it certainly was a 9 on the scale. Her eyes stung, she closed them as tightly as she could. It felt like thorned vines were spreading crossed her body. Suddenly a mist of purple shot across her face, it began making markings along her jaw line, down her lips, her arms, torso and spreading to her exposed hips. "********.." She whispered.

A mist circled around her for a moment, her shadows were reacting to the new power that was welling, it stopped and sunk under her feet. They acted like scales as they crept up her feet, her clothes changing to an all back outfit. Boots, normal pants, belt, however the top crept up her torso and left a space between her breasts, those were covered by something that looked like armor. It crawled up her face until it covered her lips, lower cheek bones, and stopped over the first part of her nose, so only her eyes were visible.

When she did open her eyes finally, purple veins crawled out of the whites of her eyes, her color stayed silver. Dreamer breathed heavily, trying to drag herself up. Another shot of pain ran through her, the markings began glowing a soft purple to match Melech's aura. Her head burned, but she managed to get herself against the counter. Each hand was still holding a sword, she was dizzy for a moment. She looked back at Melech, "What is this?"

Dreamer looked over to one of the swords, her flipped her thumb to release the sword from it's sheath, revealing a black blade. Her shadows had fully synced with this new power, her dexterity began to return to her. It became easier to stand and hold the new weapons. Never before had she felt like this. Not that she knew how she felt before, but this was a whole new level of power. Dreamer didn't get ahead of herself and try to go for Melech, even though she wanted to for other reasons.

For now she just stood before him with a neutral gaze, as if she was a weapon ready for use. "Thanks for the present." She raised a brow and smirked under the mouth piece. "Still don't get the catch though, and I know you have one."

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Kalare watched his tail as it retreated with her, but in a manner almost as if it had been berated for its appearance, before it returned to the usual black, leathery appendage it always was. Only then did it dare to approach her again. Kalare still regarded it warily but was too soon distracted by his mention of her bracelets to make any real commentary about it. She let it wrap around her forearm without any further reaction from her.

Kalare was grateful that he didn't pry, not that he would have gotten much out of her anyway. But it wasn't a dance she wanted to do right now - and definitely not here. Besides, it wasn't like Aristides didn't constantly flatter her with gifts. This wasn't unusual.

It wasn't so much what Aristides gave her that bothered her.

She tensed slightly and had to withhold a growl, reprimanding herself. No, she wasn't going to follow that train of thought right now. Kalare moved on from the topic before it could physically manifest into an issue, forcing her body to relax. She knew Melech would notice, but it made her feel better if she at least tried to be subtle about it.

She then felt Melech lean against her back and frowned. Kalare had sensed the fatigue before. Now it was really showing. It was concerning. She hadn't seen him like this before.

Then again, the last time she had seen Melech fight, he had been thrown at her feet, unconscious. She supposed this was at least better than that.

Suddenly, Dreamer spoke to her. Oh, what was this? She was trying to explain her relationship with Melech? They were close? Kalare raised an eyebrow, clearly amused, the mildest hint of challenge in her eyes. Really now.

Sorry, honey, she wasn't that gullible. And Dreamer hadn't bothered established any kind of trust between them. Kalare wasn't going to take her word on much of anything until she could prove her worth.

Melech then encouraged Dreamer to play with the swords. Eh. Kalare had less interest in flashy weapons. And the flashy, though kind of strange, transformation sequence, or whatever that was. Melech. Flamboyance. Yeah, yeah, she got it. Her attention drifted until his returned to her, his hand gently pushing against her stomach so that she'd move closer to him. She complied. Then, an answer regarding who Dreamer was. A customer?

Hm, a soul transaction, perhaps? Melech only really dealt in one kind of affair. Kalare's gaze lingered on Dreamer. She wondered what the woman had gotten in return for it. Kalare quickly dismissed the thought; it wasn't terribly relevant.

She turned slightly at the waist to see him just a little better, her hand settling across his against her stomach. The first real gaze he had gotten from her all evening. "Well, if you're done with business, maybe you should go home," she suggested, more firmly than she normally would have. She seemed unamused. He looked exhausted. He also looked beaten up. Naturally. Kalare gave a fleeting glance to Dreamer, all dolled up in her new outfit and weaponry, before looking back at Melech. "I can meet you there."
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Melech rolled his eyes when Dreamer mentioned that they were 'close', and couldn't help but scoff. Yes of course they were close. The last time they had met he had even strangled her. Oh so close. Clearing his throat, he shook his head against the back of Kalares, nuzzling his forehead into her hair.

"Right... So very close."

The devil didn't seem to be phased as Dreamer fell to her knees in agony after she picked up the weapons. It was expected. However, when her own shadow magic began to intermingle with the enchantments he had placed upon the weapons, his curiosity was peeked ever so slightly. Tilting his eyes to the side, he examined the transformation taking place, and couldn't help but arch a brow. The change in clothing was revealing and rather unpractical. He sighed.

"Quit showing off, or I'll take them away and put you in time out, silly girl."

Kalare's movement stole his attention almost immediately. Leaning back, he allowed her room to rotate at the waist and look at him. Due to their positioning, the large, almost black bruising of his torso was easily seen in the gaps of his tattered shirt. He blinked however, when she suggested that he leave. His brow arched and his head shifted forward an inch rather suddenly, almost as if he were moving to rest against her, but he stopped himself. His eyes tilted to the side at Dreamer once more, then returned to Kalare. The hand on her stomach flexed, and his fingers spread as he resisted the urge to grab a light handful of the soft fabric.

"Not going to get rid of me that easily, sweetheart. Sorry."

He cooed to the pink haired demoness, his eyes sliding shut and he finally let his forehead come to rest against her temple. Moistening his lips, he sighed softly, his tail giving Kalare's arm a light squeeze before he tilted his gaze to the side to look at Dreamer without changing the position of his head.

"It looked like you could use all the help you could get. I like to protect my investments."
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Man these people were like haughty aristocrats; they never seemed to stop with there less then amused glances. Melech wasn’t even amused with the creation he made, if they were ever on the same level, she would give him a run for his money, with this power or not.

“At this point, why not.” She placed the swords on her sides and put her hands to her sides. There really was no point in talking to them, anything she said was dirt so why bother, she’d keep it short.

Dreamer glanced at Kalare, clearly she struck an annoyed string when she made the comment at her. The stab made her feel a little better at least. Especially the way she was acting, even offering to go home with him made her sick. That wasn’t the person she knew before. Her glace quickly fluttered to Melech, “I may be an investment, but am I a liability, or an asset?” If he didn’t know her, and he didn’t want to get to know her, then how did he know her worth? Why would he give her katanas that were upgraded? Maybe he did know something.

She sighed and pulled her mask down so that her nose and lips were visible again. From her nose to under her chin, two lines were drawn in from the purple markings.

Again she looked at Kalare for a second, and then to the side of her, trying not to make eye contact. Seemed she wasn’t welcomed to even that anymore. What a trade off, new power, new master of sorts, loss of a piece of her heart, a feeling of failure. Dreamer just shook her head, “Quite the day.”

“Melech do you need a drink or anything, Kalare?” Might as well do something instead of watching their little cute quarrel. She couldn’t watch for much longer anyways.

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When he loosened his hold so that she could turn to face him, Kalare took it. She paused for a moment, eyes trained on his. She had no intention of looking at the bruises through his tattered clothing.

She had no intention of looking at his bruises, period.

Instead, her hand gently slid against the arm holding her, stopping just below his elbow. Her tail slowly unwrapped from around her waist and barely skimmed the tip of his before swaying coyly behind her.

That arch of his brow was all Kalare needed to know. He wasn't going to leave without putting up a lot of resistance.

This wasn't something Kalare was going to play with him about.

Her neck stretched forward so that her lips could just barely graze his ear. Her next words came in the lowest whisper. "You look exhausted. I'd rather you go home and rest." She gave a gentle sigh, as if she were exasperated with something, and put a decent distance between them again, leaning back slightly against the arm holding her, as she gazed dismissively to the side.

"What, it's not like I'm going to shoot her or anything," Kalare commented offhandedly, rolling her eyes at him. Her voice had resumed its normal volume. She shot a glance at Dreamer and almost frowned when she realized Dreamer was averting her gaze. She looked back at Melech, seemingly unperturbed by Dreamer's avoidance. "I don't know what else you'd be protecting her from."

Wherever she was planning to go with that, it was lost when her thought process was interrupted by Dreamer asking if she wanted anything to drink. Huh. Kalare had forgotten the dirty martini she had gotten from Kat earlier. Wherever did that go? She glanced around for a moment as if she were lost before seeming to give up on whatever she was looking for.

Whatever, she could drink at home, too. She looked to Dreamer again, seeing if maybe she could make eye contact this time. "I think I'm good, thanks." Dreamer certainly had a lot of mood changes. It was hard to follow, but Kalare could go with it.
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The devil's body tensed ever so slightly when Kalare leaned forward and her lips brushed against his ear. Eyes fluttering closed, he savored the closeness the best he could for the time being. She was expressing concern for him. She was worried about his condition. Or she was trying to be rid of him. Something was off though. When she began to lean back to pull away, Melech shifted his torso forward and his free hand rose to cup the back of her neck, holding her in place. The hand on her stomach flexed once more, grabbing a small handful of her dress. Turning his head, he let his own lips brush against her ear, whispering in return.

"And you're off your game tonight. I'm not going anywhere."

Turning his head further to the side, he let his lips brush gently across her temple before letting his hand slide away from her beck, allowing her to lean away if she so chose. He rolled his eyes when Kalare made the comment about shooting Dreamer and for a moment, his shoulder burned just a bit. Probably from the beating given to him by Damio of course.

"Oh yes, you just love shooting people."

He smiled weakly.

"And who said I'm protecting her from anything? Maybe I just enjoy the place."

He bounced lightly on his stool, holding back a wince from the sudden movement with a forced smile.

"These stools are like sitting on a cloud."

They were actually hard as a rock. Turning his attention back to Dreamer as she asked about what type of investment she was, his smirk suddenly grew larger, however remained just as forced.

"I'll let you figure that out on your own, sweetheart."

She had sheathed her weapons, and yet that armor still remained upon her body. She then asked them if they wanted a drink. She was dressed as if to go to battle and she was playing bartender. Melech's face sank just a bit. Sighing, his free hand rose and with a snap of his fingers, the armor encasing Dreamer's form shattered into that thick purple mist. It swirled around her body a moment, before being absorbed into the twin weapons at her sides, leaving her in the clothing she was wearing before.

"I'm fine."

The devil lied. On one end, he was starving. Using his magic like he had during the fight with Damio left him with quite an apatite. While food wasn't required for his body to replenish itself, it did speed up the process. On the other end however, his insides felt they had just been thrown through a meat grinder, so any food or drink he -did- ingest probably wouldn't settle well at all.
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((Omg. So I hate to do this to the both of you, but I might not be replying tonight until Sunday night. I have been cleaning the house and doing HW since this morning BECAUSE it is my girlfriend's birthday, like all weekend. Tonight I will have people over so my HW needed to be done. Tomorrow I wake up and go quad riding with her family, stay with them til sunday and then go home. They live in a place where internet is scarce. So I'll have my phone, but nothing else to type to you guys. T__T I'm really sorry. I didn't anticipate it would be a cluster ******** this weekend. ))
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Again she was left to stand there wondering what to do. Honestly, these two were infuriating, simply because she didn't know what they wanted. Then again, she did, Melech wanted Kalare, and the more she watched, the more she saw that Kalare wanted nothing to do with him. She cooed softly to try and get him to go home, at first she thought that Kalare wanted to go with him. The more she watched the more she came to that realization, it made her smirk slightly. No matter how much he erased her memory, she still seemed to have no interest in him. Dreamer didn't know the half of it. Though she couldn't recall when she met Melech, and she couldn't recall how Kalare and he knew each other, she could tell that much about her. Perhaps Kalare was a toy to Melech, or something he wanted, he seemed to not want to loose sight of her.

He dismissed her powers after seeming annoyed that she wasn't going outside to frolic about. Dreamer did noticed that she still had control of her shadows, so that kept her some comfort that he didn't have full control over that.

Shooting people? Dreamer's eye brows rose as if amused to hear such things. Though by his annoyance, she either shot someone he knew, or himself. Although she was amused that Kalare mentioned something about shooting her, that roused her a little, she'd gladly take the hit and punish her. At this point that wasn't going to happen, so she just sighed.

"If you expect her to figure it out for herself, she won't.
A soft voice rang through the tavern.

There stood a very angelic looking woman, her long vanilla hair sprawled around her shoulders and back. Blue crystal eyes watched the scene before her, seems as though Melech was up to no good. He expected Dreamer to know what to do with such abilities when she barely knew herself or what was going on. Trinity was dressed in a long cream looking dress with a sweetheart top that covered her breasts. Over the silk was a long sleeved lacy top that exposed her shoulders.

"I have an idea that might help her understand her position better."

Dreamer hadn't seen Trinity since she had 'woke up.' She looked from her to Melech, well it seemed Aythra and Trinity knew what they were suppose to do. Melech must like to play with her head. A small frown appeared on her lips, rude.

Trinity looked at Melech, wondering if he would accept the thing. She didn't like this business, but she decided it was the best move for her if she wanted to at least try and do some good. Lately the princess had take up position in a hospital, she could help people, but she knew that came with a price. She worked to aliviate her anxiety by only taking the souls of those whom she knew were forever doomed to be evil. She acted as her own judge to take the criminals souls. One evening while tending to one, he decided it would be a good idea to try and rape her. Unfortunately for him he didn't know who she was, or what she was.

Trinity pulled out a silk pouch that lay to her side, she unhooked it and opened the bag. Within it she lifted out a red glowing orb with some black mist around it. "You look like you could use one, I figured I would bring it by. He deserves the worst place this world has to offer." Trinity's eyes wandered to Kalare, and then Dreamer.

Dreamer's mouth fell open a little, that's why he gave her powers, she's be a tank against normal people. In fact, she's be a tank against plenty of people this side of Gaia. She was a soul collector for Melech, a soul reaper. That's how he regenerated, maybe fresh souls worked faster? Maybe he lost souls in a fight? Dreamer wasn't sure of those mechanics, but Trinity seemed clear about what she was suppose to do.

"If you don't accept it, then so be it, I'll deal with it some other way. You can continue to toy with your.." Trinity looked at Kalare, she looked at her horns and tail, "Other, toy." She didn't say it with disgust, rather a neutral tone.

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Kalare had immediately moved her gaze to the floor demurely when Melech caught her as she tried to pull away. She refused to cave to the feeling of his hand against the back of her neck, alongside the hand that felt at the fabric of her dress. It was distracting but she wouldn't let it distract her.

His words were enough to divert her attention. Kalare gave a gentle scoff, purposefully adding weight against his arm for a second; the discussion had been closed. The movement was supposed to have been ephemeral, fluid, inconspicuous.

Kalare was always skillful at her work. She had no idea what he was talking about.

His smiles seemed strained as he spoke to her. They made Kalare want to wince, especially when she felt him physically move upwards on the barstool. Why so insistent on staying around? He clearly was having a hard time.

But he already told her he wasn't leaving. Okay, she could play with that. Time to give up.

"Well," she purred almost a little too loudly, glancing innocently to the side at nothing in particular. "You can stay here if you really like it that much. With your cloud-stools and..." Her eyes momentarily flitted to Dreamer, the smallest smirk at the side of her lips. "New client. I'm sure they'll manage to keep you good company." She gave a dismissive shrug, turning her eyes to the door and half-turning her body in that direction. "I'm going home."

But different words seemed to whisper themselves quietly in Melech's ears, hovering teasingly against his mind, as the back of her head faced him. "Calling your bluff, pretty-boy. You sure you want to stay here?"

And just before she could get any farther, someone interrupted. Kalare's gaze shifted. A woman. Looked like she was trying to pull off the whole goodly ethereal princess look. There was a distinctly unnerving darkness about her, though, coated in naivety; the flavor fell a little flat. Perhaps a dormant part just waiting to be awakened.

Hm. Interesting.

There was another presence too, though. A more incorporeal one. Kalare watched skeptically as Trinity withdrew a soul from her pouch. Since when did Trinity gain soul-capturing abilities?

Since when did they make pouches that held souls? Jesus, there were so many people who would want one of those.

Kalare glanced to Melech with an arched brow. She was somewhere caught between entertained and quizzical. He could take care of this one. Kalare wasn't touching it.

But when Trinity made the comment about Kalare being a toy, she couldn't pass the opportunity up to say something. She gave barely a glance in Trinity's direction before looking to the door again, an expression of dismissal. "Trinity, darling, if I'm Melech's toy, what are you? His slave?" Her voice was as condescending as her implications. A purposeful move.

Kalare rolled her eyes at her own comment, as if she were tired of all of this already. Yeah, she'd had enough of this bullshit. And with that, she attempted to pry Melech's arms off of her; she had already anticipated that he'd tense at the movement, so she put more strength into her action at the onset in hopes of catching him off-guard. He could deal with this. Kalare was going home.

Are you guys wrapping this up? I was hoping to jump in and start some trouble. If that'll hold things back then I'll stay out of it.
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The devil resisted the urge to frown as Kalare averted her gaze, the lack of eye contact slightly unsettling. The way she shifted her weight more so against his grip, as if she were fighting to get away. For a brief moment, his lips flared into a light sneer that one could easily mistake for anger. Of course, the real reason was due to the strain that backward movement against his grip put on his bicep, shoulder, and pectoral muscles. It did paint a pretty menacing picture though.

As Kalare turned away, Melech's gaze shifted to the side, his eyes slightly narrowed and that light sneer returning. His chest heaved as he let himself fall back to rest against the bar counter. At first glance it would honestly look as if Melech were angry, however Kalare would know otherwise.

And then he heard the third voice.

Narrowed brows narrowed further as he lifted his gaze and leaned slightly to the side to look around Kalare at the blonde now present. She seemed familiar, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. His gaze shifted to the side to look at Dreamer. She wouldn't be able to figure it out herself? He highly doubted Dreamer was -that- stupid. Maybe the blonde was just trying to be insulting. She then approached and spoke of making Dreamers situation easier to understand, then proceeded to withdraw a soul from a pouch at her hip.

Well s**t.

Melech's entire body began to react. Goosebumps exploded across his flesh and, without hesitation that wave of pressure erupted forth from his body, causing his grip on Kalare to tighten, the hand that had been on her neck now wrapping around her waist, almost as if he were clutching her too him. That warmth filled the air around him as his tattoos were aglow once more and those dark eyes blinked, and their pupils faded. Lips now positioned near the pink haired female's ear, he exhaled slowly, sending forth that oh so familiar cloud of purple miasma just as the same substance began to bellow forth from his eyes.


His tone had changed only slightly, pain still an underlying tone. The devil didn't bother giving the blonde his usual once over glance - she was far too bland for his tastes. Those glowing eyes making contact with her own as she extended the soul and spoke of him looking as if he had needed it. His brow arched. Oh so she was doing him a favor? A low growl rumbled within his throat.

"Just kill the b***h and take it."

"Two for the price of one. Easy."

His head suddenly twitched to the side, almost as if he had fidgeted when she mentioned Kalare being a toy. Moistening his lips, he parted his lips to speak, only to pause as Kalare began to speak in her own defense. Oh right, her name was trinity. The comment about the blonde woman - Trinity - being his slave, brought forth a dark chuckle. His arms shifted around Kalare's waist, his hands gently running across her stomach just before she tensed and tried to pry herself free. With another low rumble in his chest, his arms tightened around her waist, and his tail squeezed her rather tightly.

"Just hold on a minute..."

His head had turned, allowing him to hiss a whisper into her ear through clenched teeth. Turning his gaze back to Trinity, his eye lowered to the extended soul for a moment, before rising to catch her gaze once more.

"Do I detect a hint of jealousy, Trinity? I don't think that green would be a very good color on you."

Tilting his gaze back down to the soul once more, he drew a slow breath, his chest heaving lightly against Kalare's back. The glow of his tattoos flickered a moment, maybe from strain, maybe from some sort of ambient effect. This seemed...fishy. He had not made his intentions known for the trio of women, and one of them just so happened to show up with just what he was going to ask of them. Maybe she was more perceptive of his desires than he had thought. Maybe she was just smarter than he had given her credit for.

"Excuse me if I seem...hesitant."

Maybe there was another motive in the air.

"But, think about it for a second, sweetheart. Someone walks up to you and offers you a soul, free of charge. When something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Whats the catch...?"

"Take it."

"...Feed us."

Are you guys wrapping this up? I was hoping to jump in and start some trouble. If that'll hold things back then I'll stay out of it.

(( Kalare's heading out basically in the next couple posts (hopefully; it looks like Melech's holding onto her pretty tightly D: ), so my part, at least, is wrapping up. xD

Feel free to start trouble after~. <3 ))

Are you guys wrapping this up? I was hoping to jump in and start some trouble. If that'll hold things back then I'll stay out of it.

(( Kalare's heading out basically in the next couple posts (hopefully; it looks like Melech's holding onto her pretty tightly D: ), so my part, at least, is wrapping up. xD

Feel free to start trouble after~. <3 ))
[ Melech is probably going to be following her to mend. But we can see what happens. *shrugs* ]

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