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Then I have one last question. In McKlain's history, he is from a culture that takes bondsmen. This ammounts to a slave. But a bonsmen is bound not by shackels, but by honor. The only thing they have is a bond chord on some part of their body. Usually the wrist but, for girls, I see him moving toward making it a collar. He's an a*****e like that.

His bond chords are made from a durable, braided material that is terribly difficutl to destroy and has three braided strings that are gray, crimson, and black. So where do you want the bond chord?

(( Collar is fine. Lucianne wore one with her last master. ))

Then this will end in a more interesting way than I had ever planned.


McKlain brought one foot up to kick one of her legs out from under her, then forced her body back down with his own. He was, as it was apparent to her, enjoying her resistance against him. The feeling of over powering and bending another individual to your will. He had forgotten what that was like.

And yet, she was still a dangerous animal, half breed or not. If he lowered his guard around her then that could cost him more than a cut up fist. But there was one option... One that he had not exercised in... He could not remember if he had ever exercised this privledge.

He did, however, always have a couple on hand anyway.

McKlain leaned back enough to keep away from her teeth and grinned down at her in a less than nice expression. His was one who knew what was coming and was excited to see her reaction.

"I will offer you two options. You are obviously a danger to me and I am not sure if it will be safe to let you live now. I can either break you, take you away and chain you up and break your spirit and your body, or you can submit to me as a bondswoman. Bound to my will through honor, you will be my property. And you will wear this..."

He released her neck slowly, letting her breath easy, and reached into one of his pockets. When he withdrew the hand he held a crimson, black, and gray braided band. When he spoke again his voice was as deadly serious as his intent.

"Do you submit to me, or will I have to break you?"
She falls to the floor again and oves her othe foot from under her as it was uncomfortable. She looks up at him and bites her lips sweetly. HIs offer was one with no thinking to it. She would wear the damned collar rather than be broken. At least this way she could still be difficult. She looks at the band and just stares at it. She nods her head toward the band not wanting to verbally submit herself.
McKlain nodded back at her, his grin maintaining that whicked look. He held the chord over her head, letting it loom over her and giving her time to consider the gravity of her decision.

"There are two ways out of being a bondswoman. One is by me releasing you. The other way is if I allow you to commit suicide before accepting the chord. I am going to release your hands now. If you strike out at me, then I will kill you."

That was his way of offering her an out. It was not much, but that was it. After a pause he released her hands and lowered the bond chord to the side of her neck, ready to work it around her neck and clip it into place.
She watches him and thinks a bit more. She didn't like the idea of suicide. It wasn't honorable. She sighs and remains still as he releases her, she not so even moves her arms from their position.

After the bond chord snapped into place McKlain sat up with a smug look of satisfaction on his face. He did not completely trust her honor on this right now, but he was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. And more than willing to test it.

"Hmm... It suits you. Now, what is your name?"

As he spoke she would feel him run his hands from her shoulders down her body, exploring her curves and enjoying the feel of his new piece of property.
She lays there contemplating weather or not she should smack him for touching her curves. She growls at him and smacks his hand away from her body.


Her eyes twitch slightly as she becomes a bit distraught by her decision. Perhaps the breaking would have been better, or not. She bites her lip and gnaws on it.

Running out of time. I'ma give her a decision then I need to go soon for a shower. It has been a lot of fun so far.


McKlain reaches out to take her face in his hand after having it smacked away. He forces her to look at him as he lowers himself over her, again rubbing his core into hers an a most personal way.

"Lucianne, I am Damion Wolf. You now belong to me. And I do not take kindly to my property repremanding me."

He contemplated saying more then decided to give her one last choice.

"I will need to leave soon. I know who you are now and it will not be diffcult finding you again. Know that if you break your bond with me then you throw away your honor and become nothing more than a surat. And you will be slain as one."

When he spoke again she could feel his hand free hand once again on her body, feeling her up and paying special interest to properly exploring her.

"Either I can break you in now as my bonswoman, or I can let you go along your way and break you in later. Which would you perfer?"
(( Have fun then. ^_^ And thank you for letting me use Lucianne. She looks like the pic in my sig with the bloody hand prints.))

She growls at him as he rubs against her, she was not used to such physical contact. She glares at him as he speaks and goes to bite him but stops. She sighs and shakes her head.

You can break me later.. and you have my word I'll.. be loyal..
"I know," he said in that iritating, arrogant tone of his. He worked his body against hers a moment longer before. raising to his feet. Once on erect he offered her his hand. If she took it he would help her up. Either way his next move would be to collect his shotgun and a couple bottles of alcohol and depart.

On his way out he would say, "Take care, Lucianne. I do not want my property loosing its value before I get to exploit it."

And then, with that, he was out the door and making his way into the woods to God knows where.


It has been great. And Lucianne is beautiful. You also have no idea how big McKlain's ego is right now. Well, take care alright? I look forward to RPing with you again some time.
*legend walks in*

its been so long......
*legend walks in*

its been so long......
Killer walks in and looks around "Just like I remember it glad to see not a whole lot has changed."
(( -scuttles in.- o_O ))

Would you like to set the scene?

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