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This bar is a continuation of the covenant we've had for the past four (almost 11) years now, re made.
Our last thread, was sadly deleted.

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Current Weather conditions: Stormy, possible chance of snow.

I am currently: Online!: Time to start advertising again. heart

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*Old Discription:

*You travel down a narrow trodden path through a deep valley. Mountains enclose this arena from 4 sides, protecting its location. You travel down and through the path. You stop at the edge of a forest. The trees tower in front of you. You hear the calls of all sorts of animals in the distance. The tress rustle in the wind and you watch for a moment as they sway back and forth before finally stepping into it. To your delight the path continues. You cautiously continue down the path. Very little light reaches through the large limbs of the trees high above, causing shadows to be cast every where. You suddenly step straight into a clearing.
People have obviously once inhabited this place at one point. The grass and shrubbery has bee trodden ther is a large blackened fire pit. there are a few trees with huge claw marks on them . . .? bears you think, making a mental note to avoid them.

You tilt your head up and see hundreds of thousands of twinkling sparkling stars in the blackened night sky. The moon makes her luminous appearance known to you and bats fly across you vision, catching their dinner.
You continue walking on not wanting to meet up with any "bears". The forest closes around you once more. It is singing with life, a doe and her fawn bound across the path hurriedly. You continue on like this for what seems like ages, wondering how long you
have been walking, hours? Days perhaps? And then a horrible thought crosses your mind what if you're lost? You start to panic then in one of those glorious breaks in the forest you see something: smoke trailing across the night time sky. where there is smoke there is fire! you think and quicken your pace. Don't worry, something tells you that you won't be disappointed.

As you are jogging down the path something startles you. the forest is now GONE. You look behind you and see that it cut off completely and now your feet are scraping along a gravel path. Off in the distance you see the source of the smoke: a building! You start running, barely taking the time to notice where the path forks and runs down the valley to a clear crystalline lake. You reach the door o the building and nearly slam into it. You look about too see some carefully nurtured plants growing but your eyes are drawn to the sign at the door:
UNDERWORLD BAR AND INN it says. Ruins are etched into the door frame for all sorts of things, mostly you notice for protection . . . protection against all things, water, wind, earth, fire . . . this puzzles you slightly but you shrug it off. You knock politely on the door. Only to be left standing there with no answer. You knock again, harder this time. No answer. You pound the door with your fists and as you are nursing your throbbing hand it creaks open.

Set before you is a large room. It has hard wooden floors but old rugs have bee thrown here and there. To your left is a large coat rack where a number of different cloaks, jackets and hats have been hung.The room is toasty warm from the crackling fires lit in the various fireplaces. It has been lit up by an assortment of candles and oil lamps.Round tables are spread across the room surrounded by comfy looking cushioned straight back wooden chairs.You also see that overstuffed, warm arm chairs and couches are strewn about the room. A few people occupy these, and as you gaze upon them something strikes you these aren’t people at least not in the sense that you are thinking, they are . . . something else . . .

As this sinks into you, you stagger to the bar, falling up against the counter. The counter stretches all the way across the wall. Stools have been tucked underneath it. The wall parallel to the bar has full length mirrors and shelves hold the mixes for every drink on this planet and the next.

Your eyes catch on something. A stage has been set up to the side of the room, complete with all types of instruments and mics. In front of the stage is a lit dance floor.
You continue looking around the room. Rafters reach high up and in the corner there is a hatch leading to the roof. who could even reach that high? you wonder. Directly under the hatch on the floor level there is a stairwell. Your curiosity peaks and you tip toe as silently as you can up the stairs.

A narrow hallway stretches before you. On each side of the corridor there are doors. Each door has a brass number on it. You notice that one door is slightly ajar and with the tip of your shoe you open it and peek in. This room is clearly uninhabited. Heavy curtains have been drawn away form large windows.

A dresser and floor length mirror are backed against one empty wall. A huge canopied bed adorned the other wall, it had huge flowing comforters and sheets. Large fluffy pillows entice you to flop onto the bed and you are barely able to tear your self from the tempting bed but you do, turning away and walking back down the staircase. As you leave the stairwell you
You hear the clatter of kitchen dishes falling and peek around the corner and through a door less doorway. You catch a glimpse of a large, clean luxurious kitchen.

*we will be voting later on on making a new description, and taking ideas from other writers to create a collaborative picture of the new bar. Until then this is the original old description of the Underworld*

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Rooms may be rented, OR changed into a characters permanent room. No rooms shall be given out unless contacting the owner. If rented out it will say so, if owned it will have the person's name.

Floor 1

1. Kitty Wicked
2. Open
3. Open

Floor 2

16. Dreamer
20. Open
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1. No spamming
3. Be literate

I wakled thru teh drkness ninja-lke

She ambled stealthily through the forest, the moon light beating repetitively upon her bared skin. Smiling at the tug of branches as they scraped against her face. She whisked on, a perfect blend with the night, becoming even darkness itself.

4. And on that note. Be nice, a lot of people come here to learn to become literate, as long as they aren't hassling anyone, and truly are trying to get better, please be nice to them.

Be understanding of things like spelling and grammar errors, kindly point them out and help achieve literacy for all! 3nodding

5. No cybering, it's icky and against TOS. so don't do it.
6. Respect. This is a big issue. Respect the three owners, please back off when asked, and what not. If you feel you are being wrongly and prejudice treated pm kitty wicked and speak privately with them.
Also respect each other. We all know we're amazing and wonderful, so lets treat each other like it.
7. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pm kitty wicked with ANYTHING relating to the thread. Our personal accounts are our personal accounts.
9. Follow TOS
10. If you hold a job and or position here and are going to be gone for more then three days you need to inform the owners.
11. Absentees from a job for more then a week can result in being fired.

Rules change constantly. Deal with it.

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You get blacklisted by breaking the rules and or being asked to leave
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Jobs and job discriptions:

Kitty Wicked (Now Muled by Shadow_dreamer, but she was the original owner.)

We do a little bit of everything. Our biggest responsibility is to settle arguments that go past bouncers, organize everything, and blacklist I suppose. But more to the point is we do do everything, and you should be listening to us.

1. Lord Arrion

they run things when the owners aren't around, they basically keep things moving smoothly and keep order, they do have a lot of influence on the decisions made and will be consulted by the owners in different situations.
They are allowed to ask you to leave. They are not allowed to ban people with out consulting the owners.

OOC Bouncers:

1. [-Kami-]

They have the power to settle disputes ONLY in OOC. It is their sole job to do so. They are allowed to kick people out, and hand out warnings. They may ban things like some of the rule breaking, how ever when it pertains to regulars, or banning over fights and arguments, they must consult the owners first. Any banning is to be reported by PM to kitty wicked then they will be approved or overturned and the bouncer will be notified.

IC Bouncer:

The guards of the bar IC, have all authority to kick out, pull apart fights and the like but it is in IC.

*Waiters and Waitresses:

they. . . serve food and drinks. . .not exactly exciting. . .unless you make it that way.

1. Shadow_dreamer
They serve and mix drinks.

*only servers behind the bar and serving. unless none are present, then any other official position may take over.*

Band: (none yet. sad )

in charge of music and entertainment of all sorts.

Dancers: (none yet sad )

these ARE NOT strippers. They are dancers. Part of the entertainment, they do dance for people to watch but they are not sluts, hoes, or prostitutes of any kind.
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UPDATE!: We now have a small banner for whomever would like to use it in their signatures to link to the Underworld! Show your support and add one today! (More to come hopefully!) If you are another bar and would like to become an affiliate please contact me!

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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-commerce/the-bar-inn/t.18391861_1/][IMG]http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s169/HanyouAkumu/Shop signs/Underworld2.jpg[/IMG][/url]

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*reserves first post for a few things* heart
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>_< Damn you. <3
I want this block as mine space. Mine, all mine. *Claims* heart Lurve me, please.
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~walks in and looks around~

Not bad my friend... I was wondering if I could work as a Bartinder here?
i just came by for a drink.......
*sits down against the walk*
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6th post rules all of yours. mad
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((Ho! 7th the heaven! ))
((*envelops the thread and all who are associated with it in a huge hug* you guys make me giggle.))
Just wanted to say I had a post on the first page. By the way, isn't "moonlight" one word?
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~walks to a couch and sits down for awhile....sighs~ is anyone here??

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