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She watches his expression slightly and narrows her eyes at his frown. Who was he to judge her like that. She crosses her arms in front of her chest and eyes the bottles, she wasn't mush of a drinker herself and she didn't find any of the drinks provided to be alluring. She shakes her head in reply and steps toward him, she was quite aggitated at the moment. This hunter must have something planned and she wanted to know what. She wanted to know what he was thinking and she wanted to know now. With a huff she quirks a brow as she thinks. Perhaps he was planning to get a close range shot so that there was no chance of a miss. That thought put her on edge and she remained where she stood. Her run in with hunters thus far was not pretty. She shifts her weight to one side and gazes at the gun still on the counter, her tounge running across her lips gently. How to get that damned thing away from him. She stood still at the ready despite her relaxed appearance, her feet sperated just slightly and her calf muscles tightened in case she should need to run or jump out of the way.
The woman was clearly agitated. She had a good poker face now, but it did not take any special talent to see her body tighten up and to trace her eyes. His shotgun, as it seemed, was giving her pause.

It also did not take much imagination to guess why.

She had to precieve him as a threat. Odd, sense she was sneaking up on him in the first place. But that had to be it. And now, sense she had been discovered, she was having a problem deciding what to do next. If she wanted to attack him then, at some point, he was sure she would. Considering she did not have a fire arm of some kind he was able to let his ego speak up. In short, he was feeling cockey.

McKlain straightened up and sat one hand on the shotgun. A subdued click was heard as he changed its setting. It was a good guess that she did not know much about the weapon, considering how new it was and the fact that few people had any practical knowledge aboutit even among his line of work.

Then, after that, he turned his back on her, the arrogant half grin on his face the entire time. He went over to the wall where the alcohol was stored and began looking through it once more. If this did not excite her to attack then she was not a danger at all.
She watches his hand move toward the weapon and emits a low growl at him. Upon hearing the click she narrows her eyes and curls her upper lip into a silent snarl. She wanted to slice into the damned hunter now. As his actions progressed she saw him turn his back to her. Was he a fool? No. She smirks. He was testing to see if she was dangerous. If she attacked then he would engae if she remained she was no threat to his well being. Well played too. She quickly switches her character to that of a sweet innocent by stander who was merely lost. She loosens her muscles and fidgets slightly with her skirts. Her eyes lowered to the floor and she bit her lip cutely. If anything she could knock him off gaurd, she was good at playing the innocent role, though how well it would work she didn't know. She had already shown herself to be stealthy and a bit sketchy around guns. Perhaps she could pass that off as instinct, being raised by.. oh hell she wouldn't be able to keep a story straight so she would talk as little as possible. Slowly and silently she reaches up and seemingly scratches her cleavage, though in truth she was checking to make sure her own firearm was still where she had placed it. Only a small pistol and only able to fire one shot at a time. She mostly used the thing for hunting but now it seemed it might com in handy. She lowers her hand to her side and "nervously" looks around.
McKlain paied her no mind for the time being. If he haden't been attacked by now then he wasn't going to be attacked, he decided. Therefor he missed the majority of her posturing.

Instead, with his back still to her, he sorted through the bottles on the wall. Taking one down then putting it back. Pretending to check for dates and brand names and other bits of info he arranged the bottles so a particularly fragile one was to his right, in the direction of the enterance to the work area.

Turning to his right suddenly his hand catches the bottle and knocks it off the counter, sending it to the floor where it shatters, spilling its contents and bits of glass everywhere. Standing back in surprise, he curses and kicks the mess wit his feet, spreadint it around that side of the work area.

With that area covered, he then turns to his left enough to cover his other flank. Finally he decided to speak directally to her, but he did not look at her as he did so.

"If you want something, then I should be able to find it for you."
Curiously she watches him knock the bottle over and tilts her head as he spreads it around with is feet. She found that a bit odd. Why spread something around when there was an old dusty towel on one of the shelves. She narrows her eyes again her brain warning her something was amiss. She smiles at him and shakes her head.

No. I'm fine, thank you.

She walks along the bar silently and peaksaround the corner of it to gaze at the floor and what was spread over it.

Would you like me to clean that up for you?
McKlain took his time turning to face her, a cryptic smile on his face. It looked as if he was grinning at a joke that he was not willing to share with her.

Oh yes, very cute he thought once more. And apparently house broken. This sent his grin striaght into a not-so-nice smile that did not touch his eyes, or the scarred right side of his face. His dull yellow mechanical right eye, in sharp contrast to his gray natural eye, was as dead and lifeless as a dolls eye.

He let out a sharp bark of laughter before turning his back on her yet again. This time he went further down the work area and grabbed a towel, then tossed it at her.

"Is that why you are here? To clean up after me? Heh, do what you like woman."

He was still waiting for the "final straw."
She watches him go for the towel tilting her head. When she sees the towel being thrown at her she merely lets it hit her in the face before falling to the ground. He had insulted her but she would let that slide. She kneels down and slides the towel across the floor to the smeared liquid. It was smears around him which was peculiar. No one smeared something around them unless it was for defensive purposes. She sniffs slightly and rubs her nose to make it look like she had a cold. She was checking for a smell of any kind to give off what the liquid was.
Well, his flanks were now secure at least. He busied himself by leaning against the wall near the corner so that nobody could get behind him without him seeing them. In doing so, however, he had left his shotgun near her. He was confidant in his ability to take her down before she figured out how to work the safety on the shotgun should she try and go for it.

Watching her clean was boring, however. Sense she did not appear to be a threat, nor did she appear to be a bounty hunter, he decided to push his luck. If she was a wonderer or something then she would continue to avoid conflict anyway. And the smell of the straight bourbon that had been spilled was getting him a bit anxious.

But one little bit of memmory kept coming back to him.

"Why are you here," he said, deciding to cut to the chase. As if to show it off he glanced to the wanted poster that he himself had put on the wall just to his right by the door. The ammount was significant, if not low, he thought.
She glances up at the shotgun and then at him as he speaks. She smiles at him as she sits back on her heels.


She stands up and steps over to the other side of the smear and begins to clean that as well. She was now only a few inches from the gun and she looks at the poster. He was wanted then. She smiles sweetly and finishes up her cleaning once done she stands again and places the towel on the counter right by the shotgun. She looks at the bottles and smiles.

Lovely collection you have..

She eyes him a bit and her mannerism changes. She no longer played sweet and innocent but instead picked up the gun. She had no intensions of firing it at him only ridding of it for now. She runs a finger along it and smirks.
McKlain seemed unphased by this. In fact, his expression did not change at all. However, the atmosphere did change. It had turned to a kind of tension that would make people uneasy had it settled into a crowded room.

She thought she was being cute. He was waiting for a reason.

But he took it in good grace. He had left the weapon there for a reason, after all, and there was no reason for him to be worried until she aimed it at him or attempted to undo the safety.

So, he spoke again, ignoring her last comment.

"Where to? Or has her mistress lost her way? Perhapse wondered unknowingly into the wolf's den?"
She watches him and shakes her head. She didn't have time for riddles. She tinkers with the shotgun for a bit and smiles.

The den is quite cozy..

After a bit she steps back and hops up onto the counter facing him, sitting there with the gun still in her hand. She aims it at him and pretends to pull the trigger.


She enjoyed this now. The cursed gun was in her hand, but she knew he had more. She narrows her eyes and looks over him.

Are you a hunter?
He would be able to tell if the safety had been disengaged. It was, after all, his weapon. Until then she was safe. And he still wanted to push his luck.

Pushing himself way from the counter he began calmly walking over to her with that annoying, justified arrogance that tended to piss people off for all the right reasons. As he went he began talking, closing the distance gradually and with no apparent sign of distress.

"I am a warrior. I am an outlaw. I am a heratic and a mercenary. I have been hunted, and I have been the hunter. But why would I be hunting you?"

His eyes narrowed dangerously as his lips held the form of the last sylable for a moment. Then a feral grin spread across the more mobile side of his face. Compared to his naturall eye, the dead, soulless bionic eye seemed inviting. He did not bother drawing attention to the katana on his left hip.

"Or would you mind being hunted just now? Perhapse you would settle as my quarry for today?"

By the time he stopped speaking he would have been very close to her.
She watches him draw closer and smirks. She watches his mannerism and laughs slightly. He was being an arrogant a**. Which was nothing new, she had seen it done again and again. When he ventures farthur in asking her to be his prey she taps her fingers on the gun lightly. He was now directly in front of her and if he so wanted he would either take the gun and shoot her or use his sword. Seeing as how she was sitting down it would take more effort on her part to defend. Also it would be more difficult to slip away. It might not have been a good idea to sit still as he came close to her. But whats done is done, she sighs and tosses the shotgun behinds her, hearing it land on the other side of the room. At least that thing was gone.

Becoming someone's prey doesn't sound inviting..

She smirks, allowing her fangs to be seen slightly. This would be interesting and something to tell later.
The tension didn't so much lift as change subtly as she threw the shotgun away. Instead of worrying about being killed by his own gun, now all he had to worry about was her and her short, but shapely, body. And arrogance though he was, he had a reason for it. And he liked showing it off.

"I can understand that. But at times being hunted can be exciting. Under the right conditions..."

He paused only slightly before moving still closer to her. His feral, wolfen grin only grew wider as he bared his own teeth at seeing her fangs. She was either a vampire or a lycan. Either way, she was something that could possibly be a danger to him. Something that could cost him his lif. And that danger was more than enough to entice him further.

McKlain moved to slip his hands under her skirt enough to take hold of her calfs and pull her legs apart enough for him to invide her personal space and get very close to her.

"Would you like to hear the rules?"
Lucianne watches him grab her calfs and pull her legs apart so that he could get closer. She arches a brow and looks down at his hands then at his face. Half tempted to slash into him with her claws or dagger she closes her eyes and speaks.

What are these rules and why would I play?

She cracks her knuckles boredly and plays around with her claws slightly. She didn't like him invading her space. Opening her eyes she gazes at him dangerously. She was not liking him this close to her. Her fangs glistening in the light she growls lowly.

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