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Desirable Lunatic

Her head had moved back, gapping at it, her eyes wide as could be with still tears brimming her red rimmed eyes. At first she had wanted to snap back at his smart a** remark. But she had stopped when seeing what was going on. She only had one mark, a tattoo that was a kanji stating the word Dream. The others were Trygon's old dead mark, and the one kaji had tried to mark on her forehead for her katana reading 'Bliss.'

Petals...his scars...Her eyes moved up and down his arms just staring at them before she slightly turned to see the blood forming and rose petals around his katana. Quite confused on what was happening.
His slong silver hair drapped seemingly somehow from it's tie, which held it in the back, into falling onto his shoulders. The silver began showing a fade of black. Shadow focused heavily on preventing the reoccuring nitemare from playing through his mind. The black roses began to decay onto the wooden floor planks as two shadowed arms stretched out from the shadows. They began circuling above the roses and reaching for the hilt of the Katana. Shadow's eyes began to show an emmense amount of hatred. He neck muscles tightened as he widdened his eyes. He was staring at this haunting image before him, the roses and arms.

Ice crystals began forming onto the blade of the Katana. Lines of shadows began to paint an images on the floor, obscure for now as to what it is. His muscles and it's revealed arms were flexing and the vains stopped pumping. His oh so distinguishable pale gray eyes began to shift. It was unclear for what images they were reveavling. But the shades of black and red errupted like the fires of Hell in his eyes. Behind Shadow a figure began to reveal itself. It was a ShadowKnight. The creature had white eyes and was entirely composed of Shadows. It was bulk and huge in comparison to Shadow. It towered over Shadow with nine feet of height. It wore armor and that was of a light gray.

Shadow snapped his desperate look and confusion from his eyes. He was completely obliss to the Shadow creature behind him. Blood began to drip from his arms onto the floor. The katana began forming a new shape. Shadow softly whispered as a faint and uncruel crying out smile emerged from his lips.

"Out of sight, out of mind. Light up as if you never had a choice... I can't look at you..." He said turning his head to the right slightly. The shadow creature behind him revealed it's arms in a flash over shadows head with a katana, the blade facing Shadow's head.

"To say but a Dream, to say but a wish... To only be..." He spoke softly and clearly.
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Desirable Lunatic

She looked horrifyed, fully turning to face him, her eachoed and the scars through out her head that stay safely tucked under her massive amount of hair screamed in pain. But she ignored it for she was in a tance at looking at what was happening. Three shadows came forth in front of Dreamer. Their womanly figures standing in front of their master in defense to her. Her mind some how triggered them and then growled and stayed in a defensive mode.

Her eyes wandered up the shadow as she watched it form a katana over Shadow's head, and the blade straight down. "W-What are you...doing?" She was firstly afraid the shadow was about ready to impale Shadow with it's katana. She wanted to move and grab him out of the way, but at the same time she seemed glued to the floor, not sure of what he was doing.
He noticed the three shadow women infront of her. His eyes widdened even more as he turned to her direciton.

"There is six?" Right then, Shadow knew something was up. There is five Shadow figures in his clear view. His Dream... Six Six Six. It didn't pretain to the Devil in the since that it was his work, but to the fact that it is a replication of a bad meaning. He immediately turned aroun to see the Shadow Knight. He spreaded his arms out, shoulder length, and the blood began to pour onto the floor from his arms. He opened his hand's palms.

"I sing it one more time for you. Then we really have to go. You've been the only thing that's right." His words were confusing, even for himself. But feelt a since of being Home.

"Scars, Rozes... Tainted blood of a Nitemare. The Dream... Shadow's. Don't pretain. ******** do it!" Shadow shouted, testing the beatly creature before him. He clutched his fingers into forming fists. It was the connection, the Rozes were slowly fading away, all twelve. Six. Six. Six. The Katana began and has now completed shifting shapes. It now revealed Shadow's old well known used weapon of choice. His sword... Dream Shadows.
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Desirable Lunatic

((I g2g soon...This will be my ending post for the night but we'll pick up.))

All she could do was watch, all of this was confusing. Shadow was confusing, this was the second time he confused her this much. The three women in front snapped their arms out to make whips as they faced Shadow, narrowing their white eyes. Not liking his aura, and it around their master. But her head began to hurt more, her blurry vision focused on him, and she watched blood spill from him. "Shadow.." Eyes still wide she breathlessly spoke out.
"I am the Nightmare... You're the Dream!" He shouted as nine blurry figures began to appear behind the Shadow Knight.

(( Blah. Alright. Night night. ^_^ ))
((Rawr. I'mma think someone's in here.))

Quietly she entered and staggered towards the bar. Saryu seemed drunk but she was almost physically drained and her senses were completely off the chart from the rest of her body. Crashing to the floor, she felt weak and trembled on the middle of the floor. Voices haunted her, images spooked her as she raised her hands to her head and quietly muttering for them to 'go away.' Badly, she wanted to scream but something held her from ever saying anything to make them begone.

A cool wind tumbled across the slightly ajared door as she could barely lift her gaze in its direction. It seemed too far and her body seemed almost sapped of strength or something held her down. A burden, a will of darkness that made it seem almost impossible to break away from.
McKlain nudged the door open with the tip of his vibro-blade katana. The vicious weapon was currently "off" so instead of breaking apart in a spray of splinters the door merely creaked open. That was odd he thought the door never actually creeked before. Looks like this place has been niglected for some time. That was a shame, really. He always liked the Underworld. Not that he haden't moved on already.

Stepping inside he glances around. This place really is dead. Never seen it so empty before. Then his eyes fell over Saryu's haggared form laying on the floor. Well, I must have been a good boy this week. Kitsune for breakfast and fallen angel for dinner. I can not wait to see dissert!

His soft footfalls, for he was soft-footed, seemed louder than they were in the empty, quiet room. Save for the occasional petious noise from Saryu and the wind blowing in through the open door, it was the only noise in the room.

Gazing down at her McKlain could feel excitment in his stomach, for he was happy to see her. Just not for the usual, happy reasons. His finding of her meant he could still please his dark master.

"Well, Saryu. You are difficult quarry."

Despite his intentions there was pride in his voice. Even though she was his enemy he could not help but respect her skill and resiliance. Once he was close enough his left foot shot out in a lazy kick with enough force to roll her over and drive the air from her lungs. His sword was returned to its scabbard once he felt he was alone.
Rolling onto her back, she was now looking up at him as her vision focused more clearly. "You..." She sneered weakly as she rolled away to her side, coughing up some strange black material that seeped from the corners of her mouth, "...I hate..." She tried to get up, fell at first then threw her arms at him, mildly thrashing at him with little effect. "...I hate you..." Dark's face over shadowed his as she clawed at his face with her fingertips. She seemed weak and her voice shaky, as she pressed her forehead against his chest. "Hate you..." Her voice chanted and felt her senses begin to dull. Her body fell limp as she quieted herself down. A moment of awkwardness and silence as she leaned her head against his chest, listening to his beating heart.

Her eyes flared brightly an intense glow as an energy began to surge around her body.

The beating of your heart tells me that it is blood you thrive on... Her voice seem to echo around him. She lifted her gaze and her eyes possessed by an incredible power. But there is a darkness in that heart that feeds another. I see her in your mind...so close...so close... Her hands cupped his face as she leaned in closer, ...so close, Dark has left her mark on you...her magic has shrouded your judgment. Her head tilted to the side as she gazed into his eyes, mere inches from his face. I can see her in you and how soft at the lips of the devil that begs for the worlds end. Yet she placed a lock on a power that is beyond darkness or light...a lock of power, that she does not want you to control...isn't that right, Dark?

Saryu pressed her lips onto McKlain's and rush of power forced through their lips as if she were pulling out dark magic that Dark cast over it as if it were a physical entity. A shadow-like being Saryu held onto as she moved back away from McKlain's face and lips, unseen to him at first but the more she pulled away from him, the being of that of Dark's image. Her lips securely fasten onto the shadow's as it took more of Dark's physical form. Eyes wide and frighten from the shadow as Saryu seemed indulged of the lip lock-spell and suddenly the shadow began to be consumed by a silver fire. Quickly it vanished and a howl boomed through the skies making them tremble.

The glow fell from Saryu's eyes and her body began to dull again as she fell to the ground a few feet away from McKlain. She crumbled like a broken doll and suddenly her body jerked back and she cried out in pain. The darkness coursed through her like an illness as she felt her connection with Dark become balance again.

A few tears escaped her eyes as she shut them, praying that McKlain realized that he was not obligated to serve Dark, but the fact that she was trying to control him and hold him back like a lackey. Quietly, she sighed out in a weak tone and a soft tired smirk, "A kiss stole away my friend, a kiss has freed him from serving anyone...even her...do what you wish, McKlain...kill me or Dark, we both be dead anyway. I'll be easy to kill, yet if you seek a battle to the end, I suggest you fight it off with your mistress because she won't be happy that her errand boy is no longer hers."

She awaited him to react to her last attempt to save his soul from Dark's hold.
McKlain held himself as though he were somehow better than Saryu as he watched her pull herself up. Her declaration of hate left him somewhat surprised but he had expected her to break soon. Perhapse this was the moment that Dark had, unbeknown to him, been waiting for? Would she finally snap and give him the fight he wanted from her? Whatever she was up to he would let her do it. She seemed to be misera-

What in the name of the Father?

Her eyes flamed with an unnatural light and suddenly he was surrounded by her voice. For some time he could do nothing but gaze into those eyes as she spoke to him. He did not understand, nor did he understand it when she suddenly locked lips with him. It felt strange. He took a step back as he saw the spell leave - no, be drawn out of - his body. It took on a form very close to that of Dark's own body before it was burned away by an etheral flame. The sound that eminated from her a moment later seemed almost wealcome, as he understood it better than what he had just seen.

When she finished speaking McKlain was thoroughly confused. The show had thrown him off and her words held more weight than usual. Normally he would shrug off any idea that he was being subverted. But Saryu also had his undevided and, because Dark's presense no longer clouded his vision, complete attention.

"Savalshri...! What did you do to me?"

No, he didn't know. He was, after all, just a puppet.
(( -Toddles in and looks around for her companinon.- hmmn.. ))

This is a bar, so, we can go spar or have a nice RP and see what comes of it. Would you care to start us off or shall I?

This is a bar, so, we can go spar or have a nice RP and see what comes of it. Would you care to start us off or shall I?

(( A spar would do me lovely. Though if you wish we can be friendly, but not cozy. You may start. ))

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