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                    Port ~ Seven Sails Tavern on the Pier

                    "Well, either way I'm ahead."

                    "Haha WHAT!?" she squealed high pitched to his logic but softly as she was aiming to keep her voice down. Her body lurched forwards lightly.

                    Onyx picked up the last two shots from the tray she had ordered. Left hand knocked down the first shot followed by her right hand to down the second. Her nose curled up slightly as she swallowed that last one. Onyx's hand reached for the first shot on the new tray. She then tipped that back as well.

                    "Mnugh..." she turned her head to the side and then lowered it letting her chin slide back towards her chest. Her head bobbed slightly as she was chuckling.

                    "Christ it was so much better when I could cheat! It's sooo sad! I'm...over two hundred years old and this is my second drunk! I mean...second TIME BEING drunk..." she said leaning in to whisper quietly to him. She had ******** up her words and corrected herself.

                    She felt her head and that wooshing feeling. Her finger tips tingled and then waves of heat rushed her body. She started to fan herself with her hand.
                    'Is it hot in here?' she asked looking about her slightly giggling ... what the ******** was she giggling at!?

                    "I need potty to use the bathroom. " Her vocab was starting to lack.

                    Onyx slid out of her seat. The room swam. She blinked hard a few times and then tried her best to walk towards the bathroom. She did find enough with walking but depth of perception was going. Things that she thought were close to her weren't and vice versa. So once she reached the bathroom door and went to push it open...well it was further away than she thought. Onyx fell into the bathroom and landed inside of it on her hands and knees.

                    "OOF! Ho s**t" she went.

                    Onyx got to her feet quick enough and became much more cautious now as she made her way to a stall. Going pee was fun. Onyx looked like a blind lady trying to locate the toilet seat. She couldn't trust her depth of perception. She missed the flusher three times. Making her way to the sink she reached out, both hands for the sink. After washing she held onto it, both sides. She hung her head, closed her eye's. Onyx was 'feeling'. Her own blood was being pumped quicker, heart rate accelerated. Sugars on high, energy spiked. She opened her eye's and looked down at her right hand and arm. She was sure that anyone who could see her in this moment would think she was out of her mind on drugs. Looking into the mirror was a pretty good reality grounding trip for her. That was her. She was human. She was drunk. This was real. Metal was in fact waiting for her back out in the bar. This bar. Onyx made her way back out of the bathroom and back to her table.

                    Onyx had been gone for a good ten to fifteen minutes. Sitting back down her face looked like she went to the bathroom and got a phone call that told her of bad news. Her right hand came to to smear into her face.
                    "s**t faced. Almost...I am totally on that fine line."

                    She looked towards the tray of shots. Two more would make ten shots. Ten shots and Onyx was going to be pretty much done for. Should she stop now? Thin strong familiar fingers pinched the bridge of her nose. Onyx started to laugh. It started out like a tiny outburst almost like Metal had told a funny joke that she was trying to not laugh at. It then turned into a laugh that could bring a person to their knees and then roll around on the floor holding their guts. She covered her face with her hands to try and stunt that in which she didn't want to draw TOO much attention to. Some people surrounding them looked with clueless smiles of their own. Some men looked their way with a smile to Metal knowing that it was the type of perfect situation for any male to get lucky. Others looked upon them knowing full well she was drunk, tickled by the unknown possibilities of the nights outcome.

                    The waitress that was serving them for the night came around with a light giggle of her own.
                    "So! Everything going okay over here? Did you guys need anything else?"

                    Onyx removed her hands. Her eye's were watering, her face was red, she pressed her lips together to try and stop her laughter. Honey brown eye's looked upon the female.
                    'Oooh!' she breathed softly. Suddenly her expression changed! She went from stomach shredding laughter to that of epiphany.

                    Oni then looked to the half eaten steak on the table and then back to the waitress.
                    "Di'you make that steak? Ish very gud! You should gimmeh your recipe!"

                    The waitress giggled and then looked to Metal a moment and then back to Onyx.
                    "Oh? hee hee, should I now? I assume your a fabulous cook?"

                    "Am I!?" she said like a boast but then it faltered into a question. "Wait...am I?" oni snickered.
                    "I am. yes I am. Very good cook. Ye'should come back to me home wiff me and I will s-sh-show you!"

                    The waitress laughed a laugh that told you she felt Onyx rather charming, sweet, and harmless, particularly in her drunken state. She shifted a little closer to Onyx and placed her hand lightly upon her forearm. Her giggle now a little too thick and sweet.

                    "Maybe I should. Too bad I am working. You sure your husband would be okay with that?" she asked trying to instigate whether or not Onyx was available. Was she here with the man across from her as a friend? A lover? A brother? Her eye's moved from Onyx back to Metal to linger. She was trying to read him and this situation here.

                    Onyx' mood suddenly changed.
                    "Dun...hit on my...h-h-husbin! He's...veeery ... good loo-dun look at him!!! He's not here rate now." her left hand waved in Metals direction. Onyx then looped her arm through her arm and sort of...hugged it.

                    Ho. s**t.