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<< Mainland - On horseback NW of Port Thume >>

                                            Jenica had heard and took in the words Ailsa had spoken. It was her truth. Who was Jenica to argue with it? She had given her a smile before nodding her head then to Ailsa's agreement.

                                            "Great. You ready to jet then? Question: You okay with horseback?" she asked as her body movements slowly motioned towards the door to leave.

                                            Regardless of Ailsa's answer, when/if she had her things together, the two would leave. They would take a boat ride Northwest to main land and from there make their way to the closest stables. They were usually found by the various gates and entry ways of any given suburban city or township. If Ailsa was no good with horses then the two would take one horse. She would saddle up behind Jenica and from there they'd head out. If she was okay with riding on her own then the two would pony up for themselves and ride. As they crossed the open field heading towards forest lands Jenica spoke out to Ailsa in somewhat of a yell.

                                            "We need to get to a place called Milcroft by sun down. Oni said it's a smaller community but kind of rowdy so, we should watch ourselves." there came a pause "Did you bring any weapons?"
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arrow Mainland - On horseback NW of Port Thume

Ailsa Graystone // Wearing //

Ailsa gave a slight nod. "I am okay with horse back but I am not the best to be honest."

Ailsa gathered her things together, mostly just her sword and her jacket (anything else she could get from her pocket plane) and headed out with Jenica. The horse ride was a bit difficult. Ailsa didn't have the training that her brother did when it came to horse ridding but she was at least able to ride a horse without falling off the saddle. Ailsa slowed down when Jenica began to talk and watched her.

"Yeah, I have my sword!" Ailsa yelled back at her and patted her sheath.

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