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His mind raced with a few thoughts at some of the comments that she made towards, him, being a stranger she said and not being from around here; he wondered though how he had come to this place but suchs things were not pondered. If it wasn't important or if it didn't benifit him then he didn't dwell on such things like that; though sometimes he strayed from his thoughts to play games with others, some games many didn't like but himself. His purplemorbs stared at her as she spoke about a drink for him, his form mvoed forward the light tapping of his bare feet hit against his wood floor of the ship.

Slipping his lith toned figure into the stool she had showed to him his hair dropped down into his lap and some of it hung down behind his back covering some other tattoos that were inked into his back. The long tresses held towards his waist as he sat there staring still at her, blinking slightly as he did so; his hands came up resting now on his elbows as he sat in front of her. His mind raced with a drink though there were really only two choices that he could make, though he allowed such things to play around for a moment as his eyes moved from her face, slowly moving down her body for a moment before moving back up to her face. His pale lips aprted almost giving a chill from his body as he spoke to her. "Blood...."
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Her lips slowly spread thin as she smile and she leaned into him a little closer. At this distance one could smell her scent of jasmine. She had a few thoughts about his appearance when she saw him she spoke in a hushed tone and still maintained her eye contact "you'll have to do quite the leg work for a drink like that mate!" she then pulled back.
Her own black silken thigh length hair was pinned up in a way as to give her a spikey looking crown that sat at the back of her head. If anyone who was skilled at all with weapons, killing, hunting, thieving, could tell that though onyx was a diamond in the rough she was indeed rough. In two blinks she had the ability to be a deadly opponent and in the other the beautiful Goddess.

"Is there nothing else that i can get you that will satisfy the belly of a....beast?" she folded her arms to her chest which just made them push up even more. Thank goodness she was wearing a kimono.
Watching her as she stood before him and the leaned forward, his eyes stared into hers now as she moved closer, if she was trying to intimidate then she was going about it the wrong way; only one could do that too him. Though as she moved closer he looked at her move so, looking at her hair as she stopped before his face and then spoke to him in almost a whisper. "Walking....." he whispered to himself and then closed one eye, his left one; now only his right eye was left staring at her.

He wasn't here to start trouble though he could tell this one had been itching for a fight or at least some bloodlust; her eyes showed it even if she wouldn't admit it. It seemed like she was waiting for him to do something, something she didn't like though he didn't know what that could be. Though sighing somewhat from a chilled breath his eyes blinked for a moment, a few long strands fell down against and over his eyes while he sat there hearing her speak once more.

"No no...it's fine..." a cold voice though something indeed was beind held behind his innocent like voice; his body even showed by the form and the way he held himself. He'd done many wrong things within his life and many which he was actually very proud of. "I don't need blood anyways; I was merely looking to indulge myself..." he nodded staring back at her and then leaned in himself, his lips cracking at the edge of his lips showing a large fang to her. "What's wrong....why so....cautious?"
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This was hard for her. It always had been but her business, at least this one, was brand new. Like em or not vampires and demons were her least favorite and yet she had to serve. ******** she hated serving. Given her history it might make sense all this she couldnt voice really. How could she say: "hey bud im a hit for hire, cursed, i run with pirates, im this im that and above all else...no wait...she couldnt say that!"

Instead she scoffed "You think im really going to tell you that!? I dont even know your name. Im sorry I dont openly serve blood here. My kind dont drink it though i have friends that do...I just wanted to know what else you wanted. Your my first customer here aboard my baby", she shrugged.
Onyx would not openly admit to being brassy even though she knew full well that she was. She often didnt know her own strength, loved to rough house and a long list of other bla bla bla crap.

"All i will say is that caution runs in my veins", she nodded and kept her eyes to him.
She seemed worried about something, he couldn't tell though as she began to speak it almost sounded like she had a quiver in her voice, but she held it back rather well. Though shaking his head a bit from his through the jingle of the chain sounded once more within what seemed to be an inside cavern of the ship; his arms moved a bit as he placed his forearms on the edge of the bar. His eyes flared once hearing her speak, he hadn't meaned to come off as disrecpectful towards her, though it was something that he couldn't prevent now.

"My name....?" he spoke quietly towards himself; his eyes narrowed as his head tilted and his lips cracked into a small smile; the one fang begining to show to her once more. Now he turned slowly towards the left, his head turned and he pointed his right hand up; his claw that was held to his finger pointed to five chain links that were tied into the chain collar. It seemed something had bene scratched into the links letters, which read. 'M E T A L' on the collar. "You wanted my name..." he spoke out towards her.
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She looked at him a long moment. Down his arm back to his face and down his body. "Metal...I am onyx. Tell me...who are you bound to?" she smiled leaning back on the bar counter behind her.
Narrowing his eyes at her she spoke of his master, that was almot a forbidden taboo to speak of a slaves master against it's will, though she had not judged him for being something it seemed she did not like so at least she was alright. He had calmed himself slowly leaned back on the stool, wishing that there was a back to the seat, but it was fine. Reaching up with the same hand he gripped the few chain links that was hanging down against his bare toned chest; his eyes looked down and then slowly back up as a dark aura seemed to cover his face now. His lips parted now speaking out towards this pirate woman. "Onyx..., a rock and a peice of steel...." he grinned now finding a bit of humor in their names, though he shrugged it off. "My master, she's always watching me, her name...." He paused for a moment remembering the scars that had adorned his face before cause of punishment. "Nephilia."
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Onyx's main title was not pirate. She was an assassin however the pirates were heavily routed in her upbringing. She was proud actually. "hmm she lets her slave roam? Then again I let my demon roam too", she said with much thought.
"Well no matter, your here might as well enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can", she nodded and then took in a deep happy sigh as she looked around. She then began to make herself a jaggerbomb. She then shook her head and chuckled "rock...pftt..haha...and here i was hoping for at least semi precious!", she laughed before the rim of her pub glass before downing her drink in two gulps.
Sonny managed to find herself at the indoor lounge. She sighed and walked over to a far corner, sitting down. She closed her eyes as she recalled where everything was.
"Tch...fine then...." he raised his brow for a moment before crossing his arms over his pale chest, and then lowered his head as he stared up from hsi head being lowered. " A fine precious black jewel cold to the touch yet beautiful to the the eyes..." he nodded and then turned his head looking back. It seemed that the other person that had been there must have slipped out, was it cause of him, he didn't think so. So many these days had so much to do they couldn't simply sit down and talk or at least have a drink.

Turning his head back to her now his eyes were now narrowed a bit, his irises flared from a light purple to that of a deep color, almost black. Now he spoke to her once more. "Almost like a rose, beautiful to look at, but get too close and you get pricked....." he grinned now, a bit of a sadistic demeanor had cover over him as he listened to her speak about him roaming. "Yes...she lets me do that, yet I must do things for her..." he nodded, hopeing she didn't think he was a pleasure slave.
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[[Soon as I decide on a name for my character, I'll post. >_>;;]]
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(( falls over- kk ^^ ))

Onyx's eyes lowered to the counter and to his words they slowly blinked as she looked up to his face. She smiled "Am I that easy to read?", she said softly in her husked voice.
"i know im icy" she said with a sigh "but....", she grinned now "im not that cold to the touch!", she winked and then chuckled.

She noted his eyes, how lovely they were "Well i should hope she has you do things, you are a slave. I dont like to keep slaves. I dont treat any that are bound to me as such. I hope she treats you well Metal?"

Onyx then shifted her eyes to see Sonny "Oi! sonny you missed Li. He was here ya know?"
Sonny sighed, hearing Onyx.
"Of course I have."
She shook her head and waved in greeting to the man Onyx was speaking with.
Figures of all places Seth would wind up on this stupid ship filled with stupid pirates was the stupid crow's nest. In truth, nothing was stupid, Seth just didn't prefer pirates, much less anything dealing with them. Why he was here was questionable... He let out a little sigh, allowing some emotion to break through his constant apathetic demeanor on the occasion no one was around... No one but that annoying fairy, a ball of purely black light, swirling around him.
"Oh c'mon, Seth! Pirates aren't that bad... They best ninjas a lot... Like when's the last time you saw a ninja with wenches?"

Seth surveyed the deck, trying not to give the fairy much attention.
"When's the last time you saw a ninja?"

A laugh came from the orb of light as it swirled around him again.
"Aha! Touche'! Still..."

(( Strawberry, behindthename.com has a cool random generator, and lists of names from... A lot. 3nodding ))
(sorry I need to go)

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